Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/03/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 486

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/03/2017 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 486

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 01-02-2017 – Release Date 01-03-2017

Production Number #486 – Cross Diddling

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Adam and Drew open the show with a solid start to a new year, Happy New Year!

Adam updates listeners on how he and Drew saw each other over the break, Drew talks about running into Phil who Adam now just calls “Cheese” and how he has taken to chewing on Drew’s arm.

Adam is joking about the family proclaiming that someone, somewhere should train Phil, Adam is accepting reality on reality’s terms and not going to care about it, he’s got too many jobs to care.


Drew asks Adam about his new Spike show, beginning sometime around the middle or end of February.

Drew says they need to work on his pool house, it’s caving in and Drew says that Phil jumping in the pool and hanging with his dog Rex gave him the day of his life, he loved it.

Drew observes the character traits similar among Phil, Rex ‘Honey badger’ and Natalia.


Adam is now having Drew let Phil out as he chews the acoustic foam off the studio door, Adam tells Drew to kick him in the ribs for him.

Drew is asking about what Lynette and the kids are doing in Chicago, Adam says he was home alone and tells Drew about his reflective experience over the New Year changing, contemplation and organizing.

Adam tells Drew about organizing the freezer at home and jokes about saving the freezer for the shop for later in the week, you know for a little treat, Drew doesn’t react nor seem to indicate he knows it was a joke.


Adam is now talking about leftover stuff in fridges and freezers that people aren’t going to eat, he comments on his wife’s friend Jodi observing they only had the single fridge and freezer.

Adam thought he could bring the 2nd fridge over from the shop, he then deiced not to do it as he knew it would just get overrun with lots of empty boxes, Drew suggests we all downsize our cooling apparatuses and what that could do for global warming prevention.

Adam explains that Spike TV sent him a box full of high end meat and he tried to freeze it only to be met with a stuffed full fridge with stuff Vinnie Tortorich told them to never buy again.

Adam is commenting on the freeze dried mini pancakes that were stuffing the freezer, he shares how he labeled everything and had Rob help him organize and restock his fridge and freezer, Adam says at some point his family will come home and be slightly annoyed asking him what he did with the premade taquitos, he relishes that irony.


True CarAdam is going to do it soon, he’s thinking about an SUV, the I-PACE.


Adam wants an over under on when someone will start a fight at his house over him cleaning out the froze crap nobody wants and replacing it with high end protein selections.

Drew jokes with him and they move on to the calls.


1st Caller Danny, his son was recently playing with a friend and he discovered a picture of a kid’s butt on their iPad after his son peculiarly had his pants down, he wants to know what to think about this.

Adam says he and Drew have always had wildly differing takes on childhood experimentation, Adam clarifies not documenting child pornography and Drew agrees this is right up the alley of normal exploration.

Adam says we need to have a conversation with our kids about digital recordings like NFL rookies need to be told about the dangers of people coming after their multimillion dollar salaries.


Drew is talking about underage sexting and the realities of the legalities involved with even underage peers exchanging said materials.

Adam is talking about registering as a sex offender and how it ruins someone’s life, Drew is now commenting on the implications that should be discussed here.

Drew agrees and they need to be on top of this stuff as parents and they move on.


2nd Caller Michael, he has a question about “The Happies” (herpes) and tells them about a tinder date that ended with some “Cross-Diddling” and his fears for his hand acting as a fomite to transmit the STD from her genitals to his.

Drew has some realistic stats and brings up the herpes blood tests he’s been saying are relatively worthless for over 20 years, a recent JAMA article has vindicated him and Adam is now riffing about his arrival at heaven, his first three months behind the pearly gates will be people just apologize him, Adam says it would eventually get old and he would want to move on with his life (afterlife) and he jokes about the lack of kettle drums in heaven.


Adam is riffing about famous rock musicians trying to rock out on harps and Drew brings up the Lyre and how seemingly only centaurs can use them.

Drew shares his thoughts about finding the right string and notes when playing a harp, Chris explains how harps work to the guys and Drew asks about the precision and if he knows what he means, Chris of course does as he also speaks music like Drew.

Drew says he was taken to a concert by his son which featured two harps at one point.


3rd Caller Tom, he’s been having trouble reaching and maintaining an erection, Drew asks about the various contributing factors that could be at play.

Tom is asking if it’s possibly all mental, Drew suggests a medical evaluation and he says he doesn’t object to people trying erection medication to cure this problem, like Viagra.


Life LockYahoo announced a 1 billion account data breach


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show, Drew plugs Adam on his ‘This Life’ Podcast which I highly recommend!