Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/02/2013 – 2012 Ace Awards

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/02/2013 – 2012 Ace Awards

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Recorded 12-17-2012 – Release Date 01-02-2013

Dawson has a very slick intro on this one, nice work!

Adam and Bryan agree this is their favorite show of the year, Alison is joking about spending all day in hair and make up for the show.

They’re jumping right into the awards now.

1st award “Best Reenactment” nominees include “Adam and TJ Miller”, “Adam and Dag” and “Adam and Pete Holmes”

They’re back from the clips and everyone seems to think DAG is a shoe in, very interesting result!


2nd award “Best Fight” nominees include “Adam and Ray”, “Adam and Dr. Bruce” and “Adam and Bryan”

They’re back from the clips and Adam is wondering if his kids can hear these clips in the next room, they’re announcing the winner and Adam is apologizing or sounding like a lunatic.

Adam is explaining how to avoid having him yell at you, Alison has a funny comment about greasing up fire poles and now Adam is running with it, gold!


“Rant Of the Year” nominee “Alisyne”


3rd award “Best Impression” nominees include “Key and Peele”,  “Mark from Schmoes Know”, “Jay Mohr”,  “Dave Dameshek” and Kevin Pollak.

They’re back from the nominees and they’re discussing how truly funny the impressions were.


“Rant Of the Year” nominee “Chicken Shit Tickets”


4th award “Most Uncomfortable Moment” nominees include “Adam and Greg Fitzsimmons”, “Adam and Wyatt Cenac” and “Adam and Kevin Smith”

They’re back from the clips and now Adam and Alison are breaking down the Kevin Smith argument. Lynch is now on Mic to mention some “also rans” that were just too late in the year to make the cut, he’s citing the “Todd Glass” and “Wayne Federman” episodes.

Adam is now explaining how he kept getting stuck with the same thing when talking to Wayne, the gang is agreeing and Adam is now giving an analogy for what Wayne was doing on stage.


5th award “Caller of the Year” nominees include “Sheri the death row Madame”, “John the Taboo II guitarist” and “Jon Stewart”

Adam has some thoughts on John going to the premier of “Taboo II” with his mother; Alison has a very funny one liner and a great observation about the hypocrisy of their disgust at the notion of him at the premier with his mom.

Adam is now explaining how when someone claims they were married to someone famous if they have to explain who the person is in great detail, they’re not actually famous.


“Rant of the Year” nominee “Rutgers”

Adam is now commenting on this epic rant from earlier in the year, he’s explaining there are teachable moments after tragedies and if we choose to skate past them we’re doing ourselves a disservice. Alison has a great point about the nurse suicide story and Adam is giving a great analogy pertaining to aviation.


6th award “Best Guest” nominees include “Patton Oswalt”, “Dale Dye”, “Frank Stallone”, “John Popper” and “Michael Madsen”.

Sonny and Natalia are now in studio, Sonny has a complaint and Adam seems to be enjoying it. Adam is riffing with the kids and it’s great.


Daytime Ace Awards

“Best Children’s Song” – Key and Peele with “Everybody’s on your team”

“Best DVD Commentary” – Adam and Huell Howser for Showgirls

“Most Homoerotic Argument” – Adam and Greg Fitzsimmons

“Best Duet” – Adam and Debbie Gibson

“Least Accurate Historical Reference” – Adam Carolla

“Worst Reenactment” – Harper Valley PTA recording session with Mike Dawson


“Best Definitely Not a Jew of the Year” and now the gang is back to finish up the show.
Adam is once again thanking the audience and some sponsors for all the support.


“Rant Of the Year” nominee “Black Graduation Rate”

They’re back and Adam is throwing it to the next category.

7th award “Best Live Read” nominees include “DAG”, “Chris Elliot” and “Arsenio Hall”

They announced the winner and now Adam is admiring how you couldn’t do this stuff anywhere else, and upon hearing it back he’s thankful that all these great talents come in and guest on the show.


8th award “Best One on One” nominees include “Wyclef Jean”, “Judd Apatow” and “Bill Maher”.

Adam is now talking about how wily Bill Maher can be when it comes to how you feel about him, Lynch is now on mic throwing in an honorable mention for Jeff Lynne and Adam is thanking David Wild for booking all these rare musician guests.


The Technical and Creative Arts Aces

“Whitest Black Guy” – Donald Faison

“Blackest White Guy” – Billy Vera

“Best Acoustic Performance” – Josh Gardner

“Best Interruption” – Dr. Drew tied with Ray

“Best Animal Sound” – Harland Williams

“Best Social Program” – Scared Straight for Gays

“Best Fill in Pianist” – Chris Maxipada

“David Wild award for Excellence in Name Dropping” – Adam Carolla

Ray is now in studio and Adam is asking him about the time he violated “Louis C.K.” at the skating rink.


“Rant of the Year” Final nominee “Terrorists”

They’re back and Adam is giving some quick thoughts on that Rant and setting up the next category.

9th award “Song of the Year” nominees include “He’s in there Shitting”, “The David Wild Intro Song” and “In Lasagna”.

They’re back from the clips and now Adam is having Alison help him explain the context of “In Lasagna”.


10th award “Best Drop from a Guest” “Dag”, “Sonny Carolla”, “Dr. Bruce”, “Joe Walsh” and “Larry Miller”.

Sonny is now in studio to help announce the winner, Adam is having him give 3 new takes on “That’s Just a Waste Of My Time” and he has a hilarious and adorable reply to Adam.

Natalia wants to do her own drop; Adam is now having her give 3 unique “Daddy Stop Talking” reads and a bonus drop to close it out.


11th award “Best Drop from Alison” (Must Listen, Gold!)

12th award “Best Drop from Adam” (Same!)

Rant of the Year is announced; Adam gives some thanks to the staff and the audience and has a very funny self-deprecating comment.

Dawson’s Outro contains some huge news for 2013 as well some hints about what’s to come for the show.