Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2018 – Brian Koppelman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 01/08/2018 – Brian Koppelman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brian Koppelman

Recorded 01-07-2018 – Release Date 01-08-2018

Production Number #2233

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Adam opens the show after Dawson’s first #Toolbox Talk-Up  of 2018, Mike Dawson and Lynch have a funny “very stable genius” intro joke before Adam welcomes the gang to the show and thanks some sponsors.

Adam shares some love for and BB plays the new “I’ll share it with the world, I’m a puss” from the last episode as today’s #TopDrop.

Brian Koppelman is in studio making his 3rd appearance on the ACS, he also was the guest for Take a Knee #76, a real sleeper classic guest!


Adam plugs ‘Billions’ and shares his wife’s love for the series, he transitions to Brian’s podcast ‘The Moment’ and mentions he’ll be an upcoming guest along with Bon Jovi who also recently did an episode.

Adam was reading about Brian last night and he learned that he discovered Tracy Chapman, Adam makes a point about loving her song ‘Talkin’ ’bout a Revolution’ which never gets airplay but Meredith Brooks ‘Bitch’ does.

Brian doesn’t want to talk over the song as they all listen to it, it’s incredible.


Brian is saying he’s emphatic to be in studio and he explains that the story of him finding Tracy is hitting all of these pinpoints, he says Adam loves her song but he disagrees with all of her political ideas and the premise of the song, he’s not for that kind of revolution according to Brian.

Brian is sharing how he was involved in campus politics while in college, Adam jokes about cancelling his Sun City gig in reply to what Brian is telling him.

Brian explains how he first saw Tracy play live, Brian thought her music was going to change the world when most listeners just like the sound.


Adam talks about dancing his ass off to ‘Fergalicious’ and the song ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ and how nobody knew what the song was even about as he makes a larger point about feeling the spirit of music over knowing every word of the lyrics.

Adam is asking Brian about the David Axelrod character on the show, wondering who he was based on in real life.

Adam makes a point about appreciating motivated people and he tells them about inviting Natalia to join them for football Sunday so she could be at the studio with him and Sonny all day.


Adam is sharing how Natalia might have a crush on Archie, Cousin Sal’s son and he thought about how Natalia might be motivated by her crush.

Adam is making a point about motivation and how people can rally when there is something they want, Natalia sleeps until noon in a bed filled with rogue Nilla wafers but on the day Archie is going to be there, she can wake up bright and early.

Brian is telling people to let Natalia and Archie have their own relationship, don’t get involved and try to pair them up or comment on this.


Adam brings up the legal warning in commercials and the smoke detector rules regarding tampering posted inside of planes, he says that when they have beer and alcohol commercials they can’t show people sipping the beer.

Adam is talking about watching commercials without sound, he was at the gym and he was watching a commercial of a guy firing round after round from his machine gun, which was followed by a Modelo Especial commercial where the father and son couldn’t be seen drinking beer.

Adam is now asking for the Marines commercial, Adam is now teasing Made Up Movie and he tries to clue Maxipada into what he’s looking for.


Adam jokes about a Marine commercial showing them going out whoring and getting tattoos would be more appealing. – Dazzling HD video, up to 25 people on screen at once in HD Edition


They have a Marines advertisement Gina brings up Call of Duty and Adam jokes about the marine crawling through some doody.

Adam wants to know why it’s ok to show a solider firing a weapon to kill enemies while we can’t show drinking booze, BB makes a solid point and they move on.


Made Up Movie

Adam is asking Brian about the ‘Walking Tall’ remake, Brian says they were asked to make the stick The Rock carries have its own personality.

Brian explains this is why he and his writing partner don’t do big budget Hollywood action movie rewrites.

Brian explains what he thought of The Rock in their limited interaction and transitions into a story about the production of ‘Knockaround Guys’ and shooting with Seth Green.


Brian explains how Vin drifted off in the night, he wanted to feel what it was like to be alone before he blew up with fame, Adam says that sounds a lot like what he’s heard about the man, forgetting he guested on Loveline for 2hrs right around the same time of this story.

Brian shares his love for the movie ‘Multifacial’ and how Vin knew he was going to become something else and was able to almost manifest his success.


1st Caller Rudy, he suggests the movie title ‘After Further Review’ and Adam pitches Ed O’Neil playing an aging NFL referee, getting a little long in the tooth with early onset glaucoma, trying to finish a final season to ensure his pension.

Adam is going over the main crux of the plot and the inciting incident that results him bring pelted with snowballs on the field, now he must find redemption and love.

Adam is now adding a football coach for a blind academy ending.


Brian is now pitching his own variant of the plot, where the wrong team won a gam 20 years ago that they recreate to see if justice can finally be served.

Brian goes in depth on the forensic process of reviewing the game and Stallone’s role in the picture.


Adam is recalling the movie ‘The Best of Times’ that nobody else seems to recall, it was from 1986 with Robin Williams and Kurt Russell.

Adam mentions Polk High, the school that Ed O’Neil’s character Al Bundy attended in the show ‘Married with Children’ before they go back to the next caller.


2nd Caller Mark, he suggests ‘Snow Day’ and BB takes the lead, with Paul Giamatti in the lead in a movie akin to ‘The Super’ where a judge rules for Paul’s character to have an unusual sentencing.

Brian says it’s like the movie ‘The Message’ and then jumps in to take his own shot at this title, hilarious comment from Adam about going to dinner with Brian and impression of him taking over the ordering for the table.

Brian asks Bryan to pick the cast, Brian tells them about Bill Gates arrangement with his wife where he was allowed to take an annual trip with an ex once a year.


Brian asks Adam to cast the female lead, they go with Sandra Bullock and he has her playing the ex-girlfriend along with this Bill Gates type who is being tracked by a team of kidnappers about to lay siege on their hideout after an emergency landing en route.

Adam likes it and he tells BB to stick to pushing buttons and dropping drops.


Adam wants to know about Bill Gates and how this stuff actually works where he gets to go on an annual excursion with his ex, Adam is saying there needs to be payola to convince the wife character to go along with one of these trips.

Adam talks about how he thinks if you got any of his exes together with Lynette it would be minutes before they were competing to see who could paint Adam as the bigger douchebag.

Adam is now pitching Brian on his special needs son excuse for getting out of work, Brian is back to Bill Gates and they wrap up the segment.


Adam plugs the upcoming live Cobra BCC.

Adam gives out the plugs for Brian and they take a break.


Good Sports

Dave opens the segment asking Adam about the NFL playoffs that are upon us, Adam brings up Jon Stewart and how he was in the running to be the guy following David Letterman.

Adam explains why David ultimately allowed Craig Kilborn to follow his show, instead of Jon.

Adam is making a point about protecting one’s job and position by filling the roster with lesser talent.


Dave addresses the vanity element of that, Adam discusses the financial motivation.

Dave is making a point about Matt Cassel and his role with the Patriots and what it must have done to Tom Brady’s mindset.

Adam brings up Joe Montana and how he treated Steve Young, he makes a point about QB’s being able to identify other talented QB’s.


Dave is ranting about being notified of Dave’s fruit of the year, they go back to the accusations that Tom Brady was involved in getting rid of the guy who would eventually take over for him.

Adam is making a point about this putting Bill Belichick in the bad position of needing to protect the team post Brady at the same time of having to work with him in the present.


Little Caesar’sThe extra most bestest, Adam ate little Caesar’s every single day while building ACME Edition

They’re holding Dave’s outrage about Adam disagreeing with him about the fruit of the year for the next installment.

Dave closes the segment.


They’re back from break with a hilarious RCS: Restless Cock Syndrome PSA

The production values are insane, this is amazing!

Dr. Drew is part of the PSA, this is wonderful.


Adam further encouragers Spacey’s Weinstein’s attorneys should get behind this RCS defense idea.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Time’s Up Pin, that’s the accessory of the evening for the Golden Globes ceremony.

Adam jokes about his RCS beer cozy, Gina goes for the vulgar design and is shot down by Adam pretending to have chosen a modest/normal design.

Brian is now joining in, he didn’t take off yet.

Brian is sharing his POV on this Time’s Up campaign, he makes a point about the lack of legal proceedings and Brian tells them about working with Harvey Weinstein while he was making the movie ‘Rounders’ and he describes what Annabella Sciorra says Harvey did to her.


Brian is making some great points about sexual assault and women having to worry about being abused in the workplace.

Adam says he agrees with Brian and shares what Mark Geragos said regarding the Harvey Weinstein case, Adam shares how Geragos’ daughter works for the law firm defending Harvey.

Adam totally agrees with Mark about women having to expend energy worrying about assault in the workplace, Brian makes a point about the gauntlet women must work their way through to avoid this.


Gina makes a point about women having to manage situations and how they can’t just tell men to fuck off without repercussions, she makes a point about them joking about the pins and how symbols often don’t lead to any real change nor affect things in the way they’re intended to.

Adam is making a point about victimhood, Brian is sharing how the agents and representatives wouldn’t protect nor inform these actresses of what was going on.

Brian says perhaps these people wouldn’t feel like victims once they get some retribution or justice, Adam shares a victim vs. survivor bit of logic that he prefers now, but he doesn’t want people suffering from the actions of criminals beyond the crime and events that unfolded.

Brian is misguided thinking that he and Adam disagree about this.


2nd Story is on Phillip Morris changing course and leaving the cigarette industry, Adam wants a class action lawsuit against the companies that sell chewing tobacco.

Adam is now describing dip cups and how people who chew spit into open cans and bottles, he goes over all of the way it’s annoying and gross and hurts his quality of life.

Adam wants the people in charge of these companies to be killed, Adam wants a dip hood, he says people who dip should experience the same shame you should feel as a young mother as Gian described.


3rd Story is on the Powerball and Mega Millions winners, Gina has all of the details and Adam teases his thoughts.

Adam thanks LifeLock and TrueCar, the sponsors of the news.

Adam is now sharing his thoughts on the lottery, he says this is a dad smoking and lecturing his daughter on health.


Adam talks about the lottery winnings that pay out 5k per month, he’s thinking of the “lucky for life” tickets that provide 5k per week for life.

Adam is now joking about Cousin Sal and Daniel Kellison driving with him back from a restaurant in Maui, they got stopped at a DUI checkpoint.

Daniel had one Mai Tai over his 2hr dinner, the cop was screaming in his face and gave him the option of taking an Uber home or a breathalyzer.


Adam says he has lots of thoughts on this asshole Hawaiian cop, I can’t wait to hear them.

Adam shares how Daniel forgot his keys to retrieve the rental the next day, Adam didn’t say a goddamn word as there was nothing he could say to make Daniel feel worse about leaving his keys in the hotel room.

Adam shares Daniel Kellison’s rule for playing the lottery, he only spends the money and buys a ticket when it gets over 200 million.


Brian is sharing the mathematic rule for when it makes sense to spend the dollar ($2 Dollars) to buy a ticket, he doesn’t know the amount but he does know that there is a mathematical concept proving it.


LifeLock – The industry standard, standard read Edition


4th Story is on United Airlines flight 895 that had to be rerouted to Alaska after a man smeared feces around the bathrooms.

Adam is back to his idea to have a cage for all international flights, BB loves the use of befouled in the reporting and Adam jokes about the FBI unit assigned to investigating this.

Adam is now doing an improv scene with Gina, Gina reads the remaining details and explains the man had a one-way ticket to Vietnam.

Adam says air travel is too cheap and inspires these crazy assholes to shit up the flight, Brian makes a point about Adam choosing to fly coach and inflicting this suffering on himself.

Adam is riffing about swift boats and the lack of “slow boats” and he then shares his local jewel thief and being one of the better 2nd story men in the business and a decent man of disguise, not a master but maybe in the top 20.


Adam is further riffing through these theatrical action movie clichés, Brian has a great addition and Gina wraps the news. BB doesn’t have a drop ready and gets an “alright” as they move on.


True CarAlways competitive, go to the site, find your car and lock it in Edition


Adam plugs the upcoming cruise in September, Brian’s podcast and show ‘Billions’ and BB plays the drop of Adam saying “Free Nelson Mandela” incorrectly from the Tracy Chapman discussion.

Dawson closes the show.