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Part 1: 2020 Election, The Self-Esteem Movement, and The News (ACS Nov 4)




Part 2: Dr. Drew on Coronavirus Lockdowns, Political Division, and a Possible Vaccine (ACS Nov 4)



Show Summary

Adam opens today’s podcast giving hardware tips on the eve of potential post-election riots. They go on to talk about how the self-esteem movement is affecting voters, and Adam plays a clip from Little Miss Sunshine that suggests our society has gone completely off the rails. Later, the gang talks about how their mothers impacted their self-esteem, and Adam also questions the way the media distorts information and why people are against school choice.  Before the break, Gina reads news stories about the election becoming the biggest betting event ever, research on how stressed people get by the election, YouTube’s most watched video of all time, a crazy train accident saved by a whale sculpture, eSport injuries, and a guy with a record-breaking amount of body modifications.

Dr. Drew is on the line to talk with Adam about continued Coronavirus lockdowns around the world. They also talk about shifting the way we think about battling the virus, possible release dates for a vaccine, and how politicians continue to divide us into groups. As the conversation wraps up, Adam and Dr. Drew discuss whether or not there’s a path to becoming a more unified nation in the future.

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Producers: Mike August, Mike Lynch, and Mike Dawson
Co-Producers: Chris Laxamana, Gary Smith, Matt Fondiler, and Caelan Biehn
Newsgirl: Gina Grad
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop