Dolph Lundgren and Harland Williams

Dolph Lundgren and Harland Williams



Harland Williams on Fainting & Dognapping + Dolph Lundgren on His Career & New Marriage



Harland Williams and Adam share a few thoughts about domestic flights and giving blood.  Harland questions Adam’s hygienic practices and the guys talk about homeless people’s hair, vaping, and acid rain. Next, Chris reports news stories about a woman clinging to a moving car’s hood after a dognapping and Alyssa Milano asking for donations to help her son’s baseball team.


Next, Dolph Lundgren joins and talks about acting in, directing, and writing his latest film, Wanted Man. The guys also chat about Dolph’s upbringing and his abusive father. Dolph explains how he channeled those memories in recent roles and also shares some stories about acting in Rocky IV. The guys also discuss parenting and Sweden. Dolph also gives an update on his health after being diagnosed with kidney cancer, his new marriage, and Amber Heard being edited out in the latest Aquaman movie.


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