Deaf Frat Guy and Fred Weintraub

Deaf Frat Guy and Fred Weintraub

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Adam opens the show discussing the Celebrity Apprentice producers’ reactions to his comments about how Sunday night’s show was edited. He also complains about someone in the studio leaving a bag of chips open, the shitty music at Burbank airport, and the horrible snack mix on the plane. Later, Deaf Frat Guy joins the studio, very upset about the way Adam treated Lou Ferrigno on Apprentice.

Today’s other guest is author Fred Weintraub, who’s recently released a memoir called, ‘Bruce Lee, Woodstock and Me.’ Adam talks with him about founding the legendary night club ‘The Bitter End,’ and the guys discuss all the great comedians that came out of that place. Fred also talks about his experiences working with Bruce Lee, Marlon Brando, and Steve McQueen, and tells the story of how he became an executive at Warner Brothers.

In the news today, Alison brings up the Westboro Baptist Church’s decision to boycott Adam’s upcoming Kansas City performance. Alison also reads a Germany or Florida story, and the guys talk about Raquel Welch’s comments about a nation of sex addicts. Also in the news, Aubrey O’Day let her dogs sit on the table of a popular LA restaurant, and now health groups are up in arms. As the show wraps up, Fred talks about the experience of trying to release the film ‘Woodstock,’ and Adam comments on a controversial photo of Trump’s kids.

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