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Darren Carter + Nick Blood




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Comedian Darren Carter joins Adam and tells the story of being raised in a foster home due to his mother being in and out of prison and his father being a member of the Hells Angel. They get into Robbie Knievel passing, the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle toy, the M&M redesign, and the musings of Congressman Hank Johnson. Next, Darren talks about how his impression of Snoop Dogg led to him performing it at Snoop’s family reunion.

Darren Carter sticks around as Adam talks to actor Nick Blood about his new movie, ‘The Offering’. Nick shares his experience learning bass guitar to play the role of the infamous “5th Beatle” Stu Sutcliffe and talks to them about the urinals in Soho Square and how he researches roles. Finally, Chris shows some new bodycam footage showing Odell Beckham Jr. getting escorted off of a plane and footage of a woman throwing a tantrum at Miami airport.

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