Dani Klein Modisett

Dani Klein Modisett


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Adam opens the show talking about being a dad and how parenting has changed from one generation to the next. Adam then chats with the Porcelain Punisher about his 4th of July weekend, and rants people who do long drives in horrible cars. Phone calls today deal with a new documentary about a Superman movie with Nicolas Cage that never got made, building a gazebo, and Adam’s thoughts on if someone made a biopic about him. Bald Bryan then reviews ‘Ted 2’ for this week’s Baldywood.

Dani Klein Modisett is in studio next, and she talks with Adam how the rules of improv and comedy will benefit your marriage. Dani then talks about the different couples she interviewed, and Adam relives an argument he had with Lynette over the TV equipment. Dani also asks Adam about the most surprising thing he ever did for his spouse, and also about the excitement he gets from spending time with his kids. Later, Gina starts the news with video of a crazy accident from the final lap of a NASCAR race. They also discuss a criminal who had a heartfelt moment with a judge who attended middle school with him, and a new statistic about women keeping their last names after marriage. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about inappropriate crowdfunding.



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Judge and Criminal Met in Middle School
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