Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Finoia

Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Finoia



Cedric the Entertainer on Kings of Comedy & Michael Jordan + Mike Finoia on new Beatles & Rolling Stones releases



Comedian Mike Finoia joins the show and details his love for The Grateful Dead and Phish. He and Adam then talk about statutory rock songs and the lost art of driving a car with a manual transmission. Mike then talks about his dog doing commercials and Adam complains about a dog that was on set while filming his movie Road Hard. Chris then shares some stories about The Beatles and The Rolling Stones releasing new music.


Cedric the Entertainer comes in next and talks about growing up in Missouri and taking typing class in high school. He then explains why he cut off a $25,000 fund he used to set up for his family every year. Adam and Chris ask him about The Kings of Comedy tour and what it was like to perform at Michael Jordan’s parties. Lastly, Cedric comments on Tracy Morgan’s aquarium collection and DJ Khaled’s golf game.



For more with Mike Finoia:

  • Watch his new comedy special “Don’t Let Me Down” on YouTube starting this Thursday!
  • Website: http://MikeFinoia.com


For more with Cedric the Entertainer:

  • His novel, Flipping Boxcars, is available now!
  • The documentary Meme Gods will be out soon.
  • Website: http://IAmCedric.com


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