Brad Upton and Candace Owens

Brad Upton and Candace Owens


Candace Owens Ascribes Society Today as Living in a Matriarchy & Comedian Brad Upton on Millennials + News That Japan is Now a UFO Hotspot



Adam welcomes comedian Brad Upton where they discuss Brad’s famous millennial clip that went viral.  They also explore Brad’s early days in comedy where he happened to do stand-up with Bill Nye the Science Guy.  Chris has a variety of news to share starting with the Canadian government warning travelers about some dangers for the LGBTQ community when visiting  certain US states.  Also, the Great Wall of China was recently damaged by construction workers carving a shortcut, and Air New Zealand wants to start weighing passengers before flying.

Next, Adam welcomes commentator Candace Owens for some lively discussions on a variety of topics from race, to gender, politics and her new docuseries ‘Convicting A Murderer’.  She says we’re currently living in a matriarchy, and she and Adam partake in some satire,  imagining what her life would be like if she had joined the liberal side of the aisle.


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