Bob Guccione Jr. & Daniel Kohn

Bob Guccione Jr. & Daniel Kohn




Part 1: Bob Guccione Jr., Daniel Kohn, and Dan Dunn (ACS June 18)




Show Summary

At the top of the pod, Adam celebrates the success of his latest book, ‘I’m Your Emotional Support Animal’. He talks a little about the process of writing the book, getting it published, and sticking it to everyone who thought there wasn’t an audience for him. They also take a call about Killer Mike’s recent appearance on Bill Maher, and then the guys talk with Dan Dunn for a Whiskey Taste Test. After a quick break, Bob Guccione Jr. and Daniel Kohn join the pod. The guys talk about the history of Spin Magazine, Bob’s dad’s experience publishing Penthouse, and the social issues currently happening around the globe. Later they discuss ‘panic porn’, mistrusting the media, and Spin’s focus on journalistic integrity.

Part 2 of today’s show opens with a news story about how CHAZ (now CHOP) is evolving in Seattle. They also talk about John Bolton’s incendiary new book, some outdated logos getting updated, and reports that Coronavirus cases are still on the rise in several states. Other stories include changes to airline travel, and rape charges against Danny Masterson. As the show wraps up, enjoy the latest Good Sports segment featuring Adam and Dave Dameshek.  

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