Dana Gould and RJ Bell
Dana Gould talks with Adam about the difficulty of doing extended performances while in character, and then proceeds to knock it out of the park during Huell’s Jewels. RJ Bell also calls in to comment on March Madness, and the Sweet 16 of Banks Bracket Madness. 2019-03-28
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Mark Geragos, S. Craig Zahler, and Jeff Cesario

Mark Geragos gives an update on Jussie Smollett, and CNN cutting him from their network. Director S. Craig Zahler also chats with Adam about the violence in his films, and Jeff Cesario is in studio for Banks Bracket Madness and the Waterhouse Update. 2019-03-27

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Christie Bishop and Jordan Harbinger
Christie Bishop returns to shares her scores for Commercial Grade. Jordan Harbinger also calls in for this week’s ‘Harbinger of Success’, and the gang listens to the next round of Banks Bracket Madness. 2019-03-26
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Rotten Tomatoes and Banks Bracket Madness

Adam, Gina and Bryan play an Extreme Weather themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game, and enjoy the next round of Banks Bracket Madness. They also respond to news stories about Roseanne, anti-vaxxers, and Cam Newton. 2019-03-25

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Patrick Dempsey, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and RJ Bell
Patrick Dempsey chats with Adam about the life of racer Hurley Haywood, as well as what it takes to put a team together, qualify, and win Le Mans.  RJ Bell also calls in to talk March Madness, and Adam plays an extended interview he and Dr. Drew had with Neil deGrasse Tyson. 2019-03-22
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Martin Kove, Jon Hurwitz, and Vinnie Tortorich
Martin Kove and Jon Hurwitz discuss ‘Cobra Kai’, the ‘Karate Kid’ legacy, and Martin’s experiences working on the new Quentin Tarantino movie. Vinnie Tortorich also responds to demands from a recent sit-in at Sarah Lawrence College, as well as the next round of Banks Bracket Madness. 2019-03-21
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Nick Hexum, Jordan Harbinger, and Banks Bracket Madness

311 lead singer Nick Hexum stops by to talk about a new documentary, touring, and delivering his daughter at home. Also the next round of Banks Bracket Madness and Jordan Harbinger calls in to discuss the importance of hard work. 2019-03-20

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Rob Riggle and Matt Richtel and Banks Bracket Madness

Rob Riggle returns for a podcast about ‘Salute the Troops’, Michael Jackson’s legacy, and the next round of Banks Bracket Madness. Plus, Pulitzer Prize winning author Matt Richtel talks about misconceptions surrounding the immune system, and the history of humans battling bacteria. 2019-03-19

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Tia Carrere, Rotten Tomatoes, and Banks Bracket Madness
Tia Carrere chats with the gang about being discovered in a grocery store, navigating creepy dudes in Hollywood, and her new Netflix series. The guys also play a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game, and ‘Banks Bracket Madness’ tips off! 2019-03-18
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Carolla Classics: Meter Maid Ninja with Jo Koy, Live with Greg Fitzsimmons, and Dawson's Flask
Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show:
1. Meter Maid Ninja with Jo Koy
2. Settling the Cobra debate
3. Windbreaker rankings
4. Adam catches Dawson nipping from a flask
5. P. Lips drop origin
6. Bung Lu Su sings Joan Osbourne
7. Adam peer pressures Greg Fitzsimmons again
8. Live in Las Vegas with Jo Koy
9. Pillow Shoes
Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Superfan Giovanni.
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Fight Stories, Spence vs Garcia, and Ray Mancini at AT&T Stadium
Adam, Mike August, and Chris Laxamana sit down for a podcast at AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas. They talk to Ray Mancini, Errol Spence Jr. and Mikey Garcia about boxing and tomorrow's big fight. The guys also share a few personal fight stories of their own. 2019-03-15
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Joey Logano and Michael Loftus
Joey Logano talks about the thrills of racing NASCAR, harnessing the science of lift, and driving a haunted car. Plus- Comedian Michael Loftus comments on trying to make it as a comedian when you have conservative-leaning views, and Gina gives an update on the college entrance cheating scandal. 2019-03-14
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Adam Ray and Jordan Harbinger

Adam Ray returns to discuss playing in the NBA All Star Celebrity game. ‘Tony Danza’ also pays tribute to a fallen co-star, and shares his thoughts on Alyssa Milano. Plus, Jordan Harbinger calls in to discuss why being authentic is bad advice. 2019-03-13

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Time Change, Jaguar Attacks, and the Rotten Tomatoes Game

The gang talks further about the very successful event at the Petersen Automotive Museum on Sunday, and plays a round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game. They also discuss Jussie Smollet’s indictment, a huge cocaine seizure at a port in New Jersey, and the rise of selfie-related deaths. 2019-03-12

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Jimmy Kimmel and Kyle Dunnigan, Live at the Petersen Automotive Museum
Jimmy Kimmel helps Adam celebrate 10 years of podcasting at the Petersen Automotive Museum. Kyle Dunnigan also joins as ‘Bill Maher’ & ‘President Trump’, and Adam does a round of Unprepared with the bingo hopper. 2019-03-11
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A Gin Taste Test and News
Adam, Bryan and Gina attempt a gin taste test, and discuss temporary dealer plates being banned in CA, as well as the latest on Mario Batali. 2019-03-08
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Dr. Warren Farrell
Dr. Warren Farrell talks to Adam about ‘The Boy Crisis’, the importance of roughhousing, and the benefits of ‘checks and balances’ parenting. Adam also gives an update on the KROQ doc, and reacts to news that Bean of ‘Kevin and Bean’ is moving to the UK. 2019-03-07
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Jeff Ross and Jordan Harbinger
Jeff Ross is in studio to talk about ‘Bumping Mics’, his very first time doing standup, and the challenges of performing a One Man Show. Plus, Jordan Harbinger calls in to discuss ignoring emails for this week’s ‘Harbinger of Success’. 2019-03-06
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