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[singlepic id=7316 w=150 float=left] Adam opens the show talking about a full day’s work on a Saturday. He also breaks down an argument he witnessed at a local gas station, and talks about forcing Sonny to do karate when he’s clearly not interested. Dr. Spaz is also in studio, and helps Adam respond to a couple listener phone calls and a bit of Healthwatch News. [singlepic id=7317 w=150 float=right] Vinny Guadagnino comes in next, and talks with Adam about buying his mom a new truck. The guys also chat about going from law school to the Jersey Shore. Adam asks him about the audition process, and how the role has affected his career. Alison also asks Vinny about the controversial Ronnie/Sammy fights, and how crazy the club scenes really are. [singlepic id=7321 w=100 float=right] In the final part of the show, Alison opens the news with a discussion of the back-to-back Republican debates this weekend. It’s also been one year since the Arizona shooting, and the guys talk about an 18-year old widow who was forced to shoot an intruder. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby, buzz words to remove from your resume, and a bizarrely sexual movie Vinny watched as a kid. Watch Jersey Shore, Thursdays at 10pm on MTV.

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