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[singlepic id=8068 w=150 float=right] As the show opens up, Adam talks about a fan he met with a micro-pierced earring, which he found very bizarre. Penn Jillette then calls in, and chats with Adam and the gang about getting fired from Celebrity Apprentice. Adam also discusses a melt down that Sonny’s teacher had, and why he’s glad that the teacher yelled at everyone. [singlepic id=8069 w=150 float=left] Teresa Strasser joins the studio next, and her pregnancy reminds Adam of the terrible pregnancy makeup used in The Fast and the Furious. Teresa agrees, and says that at least Jessica Simpson looks very pregnant. Teresa also brings in some stories about terrible parents, and Adam explains the importance of not appeasing your kids. [singlepic id=8072 w=150 float=right] Alison jumps in with the news, discussing a couple updates in the Zimmerman/Martin trial. The guys discuss Spike Lee’s racism, and joke about police officers and coal miners getting fired and paid out. Adam also recalls getting suspended from school, and the show wraps up as the guys laugh about the terrible commercials used to convince you to go to school.


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