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[singlepic id=6534 w=150 float=left] As the show opens up, Adam’s wife Lynette and her co-host Stefanie Wilder Taylor discuss their new podcast, ‘For Crying Out Loud.’ Adam also talks about his experience getting a massage earlier in the day, and rehashes the infamous coffee mug argument. Later, he talks with Stefanie about whether or not people can change, and Alison reads a news story about South Floridians banning leaf blowers. [singlepic id=6540 w=150 float=right] Comedian Kathleen Madigan joins the show next, and based on a bit from her stand up routine, the group begins discussing Oprah’s narcissism. Adam also asks Kathleen about her experience on the USO tour in Afghanistan, and she shares her thoughts about the condition of the country, and why she couldn’t get good KFC overseas. [singlepic id=6544 w=150 float=left] Alison then reopens the news with updates on Amanda Knox’s appeal to the charges of her murdering her roommate. The guys all discuss how difficult it is to tell if someone is lying, and Adam is surprised there isn’t a better way of tracking this in our judicial system. They also talk about some of the updates on the Conrad Murray trial, and the show wraps up with the group discussing the troubled life of Michael Jackson.


Purchase ‘Gone Madigan’ off of Amazon, and be sure to visit Also stay tuned for ‘For Crying Out Loud,’ premiering Monday October 17th on the ACE Broadcasting network. VIDEO LINKS: Jackson Interview

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