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[singlepic id=6681 w=150 float=left] Adam opens the show talking about August’s wedding this weekend. He also talks about his red eye flight back from New York, and the craziness of being awake for 24 hours. [singlepic id=6685 w=150 float=right] Alison then starts the news discussing the celebration in Libya after Gaddafi’s death. Adam comments on the 50 animals killed in Ohio, and hears about another scolding of Lindsay Lohan for violating her probation. Later, Bald Bryan recognizes himself in one of our sponsors. [singlepic id=6687 w=150 float=left] David Alan Grier arrives in studio and Adam recalls the times when DAG would fall asleep during Teresa’s news. DAG and Adam also exchange stories of drunk girls interrupting their acts, and discuss how to figure out what type of drunk person you are. Alison then brings up the recent video of Shia LaBeouf’s bar fight, and as she wraps up the news, the guys discuss DAG’s dating life.


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