Billy West

Billy West

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Adam opens the show talking about how he dislikes being the boss man. He rants about his maid not cleaning the right room first, and also addresses an apology from Wendy Williams for her post-show comments. Adam also gives an update on Larry Miller, and talks about his race weekend in Fontana. Dr. Spazz is also in studio, and talks about bath salts, kids swallowing magnets, and how smoking affects sperm count.

Billy West enters the studio next, and talks with Adam about being his complaining idol. The guys pitch a new reality TV contest, and complain about how there are too many kids’ shows out there. Billy also reads part of Adam’s Tijuana chapter, and the guys exchange stories about the lawlessness of Mexico and puking in icemakers.

Alison opens the news discussing the harassment of 60-year-old bus monitor Karen Kline. Adam tries to explain why young teens are such douchebags, and also comments on his own cyber bullying. Later the guys discuss the Jerry Sandusky trial and whether or not Penn State is liable for what happened. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about the daytime Emmy awards, Alex Trebek, and why being a nerd is suddenly cool.


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Karen Kline Bullying
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