Ben Schwartz

Ben Schwartz

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Show Summary

Adam talks about going on a diet, only to be surrounded by delicious food. He also mentions the upcoming release of his new book, ‘Not Taco Bell Material,’ and emphasizes the importance of working hard and working for free. The guys then watch clips from a 20/20 update of the Rutger’s Webcam Scandal, and Adam rants about the lack of real journalism in the media.

Ben Schwartz joins the show next, and talks about working with Don Cheadle and the rest of the cast of ‘House of Lies’. He talks about his experience faxing in freelance jokes for David Letterman, as well as for Saturday Night Live. The guys also have some fun with Virtual Adam and Isaac Hayes.

Alison starts up the news talking about the largest Lotto prize in history, and Adam discusses how the lottery goes against everything this country should stand for. The guys also revisit the argument of whether or not dogs like to eat pie, and talk to a caller who refused to go to his company’s sexual harassment training. As the show wraps up, the group comments on weird words banned from state tests, and James Cameron’s journey to the bottom of the ocean.


Catch the season finale of House of Lies, Sunday April 1st on Showtime. Also find out more about Ben at

20/20 Rutger’s Webcam Scandal (available for limited time only)

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