Adam Ray and Illeana Douglas

Adam Ray and Illeana Douglas



Illeana Douglas on Best Actress Odds and Connecticut Living + Adam Ray on Butts vs. Boobs



Illeana Douglas joins Adam and Chris from the brand new PodcastOne Studio in Beverly Hills. They talk about Connecticut in films, dealing with contractors, and Illeana’s grandfather, Melvyn Douglas. Adam also talks about the Vegas odds for Best Actress and they play a round of The Rotten Tomatoes Game- using films from Illeana’s career. Next, Adam Ray joins the guys and hears about an awkward encounter at a Sacramento airport. The group then chats about Uber drivers with customized interiors, butt vs boob guys, and some surprisingly popular porn genres. Lastly, Chris shares news stories about Tinhorn Flats having its case dismissed, a lottery winner suing after his identity was revealed, and Argentina’s controversial new President-elect, Javier Milei.



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