Adam is pleased to welcome Vinnie Tortorich back to the studio at the top of Part 1. Adam provides an answer to his question earlier this week about finding piss bottles everywhere, and Vinnie chimes in about long-distance biking, and building his own kayak from scratch. They also discuss the rise of fake foods, cauliflower pizza, and the Mediterranean Diet. Before the break, Gina reads news stories about Russia and Ukraine, Tony Hawk’s broken leg, Kelly Clarkson’s divorce, Phil Collin’s decline, reactions to the ‘Pam & Tommy’ TV series, and finding Ernest Shackleton’s long list ship.

Adam opens today’s live podcast talking about a shooting at a funeral in Chicago, how Coronavirus has affected first class air travel, and sales people not knowing enough information about what they’re trying to sell you. Bryan and Dawson then join the show and Adam comes up with a new metric on how to measure if someone’s lived a full life. After that, Jo Koy comes in and grills Adam about the time he got drunk and ordered too much food on a comp tab at Jo’s restaurant in Las Vegas. Mike Dawson fills in for Gina Grad on the news and the gang talks about: Drive through strip clubs in Texas, Mike Tyson fighting again, the Washington Redskins new name, and a man getting caught on security cameras stealing a 50lb dildo. As the show wraps, Adam takes suggestions for a round of ‘Adam Carolla is Unprepared’.

Adam, Bryan and Gina react to more Coronavirus updates from around the world. Adam then talks about which mildly racist headlines are getting the most coverage, and the guys chat with a fan who lives in Sweden to talk about what’s going on over there. They also discuss how COVID-19 will impact the European Union, and how social media and politics continue to be linked. Adam then thanks Jo Koy for the incredible Forum experience they shared together recently. Jo also talks about how Coronavirus has impacted his tour, and the community of fans he’s helped bring together. Before the break, the guys improvise a scene with the PF Chang’s host.

Adam tells Bryan and Gina about his weekend performing on a stag cruise and also enjoying a day in Napa. The guys also take calls about horror movies and garage sales, and Gina reads news stories about Vontaze Burfict, the Fair Pay to Play Act, and The Bagel Boss.

Jo Koy talks about race and comedy in 2019, his Las Vegas restaurant, and problems with public bathrooms. Plus, comedian Mike Finoia talks about the success of the show ‘Impractical Jokers’, and the guys watch Bald Bryan’s first ever standup set.

Jo Koy returns as ‘Kobayashi’ to settle his feud with Joey Chestnut. Adam also talks about avoiding a fear-based lifestyle, and the guys react to news stories about Al Franken, A.O.C., and another fight on a plane.

Jo Koy returns in studio to talk about his hilarious new standup special, going under twilight anesthesia, and thoughts on a Speed Racer Reboot. Chris Bishop also calls in to discuss the sold out Taco Bell Hotel, and the gang reacts to news stories about Trump’s visit to North Korea, and the biggest cheater cities. 2019-07-02

Highlights from the history of The Adam Carolla Show: 1. Meter Maid Ninja with Jo Koy 2. Settling the Cobra debate 3. Windbreaker rankings 4. Adam catches Dawson nipping from a flask 5. P. Lips drop origin 6. Bung Lu Su sings Joan Osbourne 7. Adam peer pressures Greg Fitzsimmons again 8. Live in Las Vegas with Jo Koy 9. Pillow Shoes Hosted by Chris Laxamana and Superfan Giovanni. Website: Apple Podcasts:

Van Lathan talks to Adam about behind the scenes of TMZ, the existence of Black Twitter, and making a lifestyle change when he weighed 370 pounds. Jo Koy is also in studio to discuss securing music rights for his new standup special. 2019-02-20