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Adam opens the show with Wyatt Cenac and the rest of the gang, talking with an audience member about why he’d be a terrible court stenographer. Alison also talks about seeing her therapist for the first time in a year, and Adam discusses how he messed up the relationship with his own. Later they talk about guns with an off-duty cop sitting in the audience, and the guys play a round of Nerdwalking.

Alison opens the news discussing Aretha Franklin leaving an expensive Obama fundraiser very early on. The guys also talk about the problems with a Blue Man Group school in New York, and pills that make your poop sparkle. Also in the news is a scandal involving a fake head used in ‘Game of Thrones’, and Adam rants about period pieces and Medieval Times. As the show wraps up, the guys discuss a new fine for swearing in Massachusetts, and why Pop Warner Football was worth all the injuries.


Check out http://WyattCenac.com for more info on today’s guest.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Connard

    Other than the odd nervous titter, does anyone actually laugh at Adam’s inappropriate race-based ‘humor’?

    • reb

      What’s “inappropriate”?

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle06-20-2012

        Connard will know it when he hears it.

    • swingset

      I laugh like a fucking hyena at every word. Fuck your political correctness.

    • cg


    • Chuck


    • Huck

      <This guy. I laugh out loud at work most of the time.

    • dholl

      you mean like nearly every other black comic? get over it–he’s trying to be funny, not offensive

      • Spooge Mcduck
        Spooge Mcduck06-20-2012

        nearly every black but ever mexican comic…

    • ric


    • bored fan
      bored fan06-20-2012

      adam is very funny and a quick wit but so limited. the live events showcase this. stuck in fake lame rants, stuck in stereotypical thinking. hey it’s straight shooting! unable to collaborate – a constant pointing out that the guest is female, jewish, or black rather than improvising with them on whatever the topic is. he’s becoming more and more fox news, rich guy appealing to the blue collar fan base– LA version of git-er-done schtick.

    • Sig

      I have to admit, Adam is really just starting to sound truly racist. It’s to the point where people really just think he’s a racist. It’s one thing to make a lighthearted joke or a little jab, but at some point, this stuff is just pretty mean spirited and uncomfortable.

      • Jenn

        Have to agree with the above two commenters–Adam’s “off-color” humor is really getting out of hand. The clan joke on the Wendy Williams was embarrassing. And I’m not harping on this in this forum to be a jerk…I’m saying this as a genuinely concerned long-time fan.

    • kathy

      jeez!!! lighten up! yes we laugh at it, just like your brother with the big nose or grampas false teeth – we can mek fun of ourselves – quit being so uptight! you think he should curb his thoughts for YOU ? dont listen!!

    • Hugh Gashol
      Hugh Gashol06-26-2012

      Ha ha he said titter.

    • jen

      Yes, this one was cringe worthy.

    • Gavin

      It’s okay, David Alan Grier is a good friend of Adam’s.

  2. Buster Nuts
    Buster Nuts06-19-2012

    Boo ya

  3. Stacey E
    Stacey E06-19-2012

    The family picture is adorable. A Brady kid surrounded by a batch of unhappy hippies. Groovy outfits, though.

  4. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III06-19-2012

    Is the last day of the live shows….I hope so….they’re a bit like live albums to me…not a fan.

  5. chip

    Looking forward to the end of these live shows. Yeah, I know it’s free, I appreciate that and it’s better than nothing, but the studio ones are so much better. A lot less shouting. Artie Lange had a pretty good live presence though. Alison seems bad and even disruptive live. And while I’m as big a potty humor fan as the next guy, somehow these shows get so much creepier; I don’t know what that is. Making sculptures out of pasty dried talcum powder mixed with ball sweat and moving it around the hotel room? Yeesh

  6. Bob

    ENOUGH of these horrible live shows! All the forced yelling and obscene talk, horrible.

  7. Headley

    Wow. Didn’t think I’d ever say this, but Ace may have crossed the line being racist. There were a couple times that it was a bit uncomfortable listening. Prob b/c of too many beers.

    • Gregers

      Yes. It was a little too much. You could tell Wyatt was pissed, though he did a decent job of soldiering through the rest of the show.

      • matt

        I have to agree. I like wyatt and i felt uncomfortable listening at times. The aceman already brings it hard in the studio and maybe goes over the line a little in front of the crowd.

  8. Anchor baby
    Anchor baby06-19-2012

    Reading yesterdays comments is interesting. Apparently, expecting the POTUS to uphold the laws of the land which he took an oath to do, makes some retards call you a bigoted xenophobe. Breaking his oath to curry favor along ethnic lines makes him unfit to lead. Pretending that’s not the case makes you a moron.

    • reb

      The executive branch enforces some laws and doesn’t enforce others; it’s been that way forever.

    • tgs

      I think they were more likely commenting towards the type of person who becomes openly disappointed/outraged when somebody passes up an opportunity to publicly rant about illegals for (yet another) 20 minutes during a comedy show.

  9. Hillbilly Bill
    Hillbilly Bill06-19-2012

    These live shows stink. Poor audio, bad rants and Adam sounds like he is yelling or trying to take a shit while he is talking. Sometimes “winging it” doesn’t work.

    • Ken

      This is why they make non-alcoholic beers for just such public outings. The only ones that think the show was good was the ones drinking. Which is why they have drink specials at comedy clubs.

      Slurring of the words of all of Adam’s posse shows that they forgot they were at their jobs.

      My girlfriend noticed this same performance at one of the shows in Tempe, AZ. She commented that Adam appeared inebriated. I did not pick up on it though.

      Keep your chins up and take your audiences comments with a bit of “helping right the Pirate Ship”.

      Wishing you all the success.
      Peace Out.

    • Houndstoothchick

      He needs to be more generous to his guests, and to Allison. She has good instincts. All Adam, All The Time, gets old. That’s why there is BB and Allison.

  10. Ross

    More live shows! These are the best ever

    • Hillbilly Bill
      Hillbilly Bill06-19-2012

      that’s awesome

  11. Harry Seward
    Harry Seward06-19-2012

    Did Adam try some bath salts before he went on stage?

  12. Brybri

    Ugh…another live one?

  13. midwest

    This might be the most racist episode I’ve heard yet.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-20-2012

      This might be the most entertaining episode I’ve heard yet.

  14. none


  15. Potsie

    Looks like your grandma is having a stroke, and your sister is doing the Angelina Jolie Oscar pose.

    • Ken

      Hey what is Adam complaining about?
      His family has a Mercedes in the carport and two front french doors on his house with Greek columns!

      Also his step-dad shows his love by standing with his hands on Adam’s and his sister’s shoulders is touching and very revealing. This picture is worth 1000 words. Hat’s off to his step-dad.

      • May Kadoode
        May Kadoode06-20-2012

        The Mercedes is Grandma’s Puegot, French Doors have glass but who’s counting, the columns are fake and that’s Pops Carolla in his 70’s Hippie all Fro’d out glory…

  16. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent06-19-2012

    Got it wrong Adam (No, I’m not calling you Ace Man…too gay!), Wyatt Cenac is actually an African American Dave Grohl.

  17. Aaron

    Is it just me or was this a really terrible episode? And I like Wyatt Cenac too.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-20-2012

      Just you.

  18. jpg

    Great show. I love Wyatt Cenac, though I have to feel like he was the consolation guest because Jon Stewart and Colbert are too big for James “Baby Doll” Dixon to send down to the podcast show…

  19. Jimbo

    Adam, many of your audience is packin heat. Here in Oregon it’s easy to legally pack heat. I was legally packin’ when I shook your hand and had a picture with you. I had to ride public transportation to see you, that’s the reason why.

  20. Bartenational

    allison, your a babe!

  21. DonnySac

    Why don’t they have pills to make our s*** smell like lilacs? Seems like it should be doo-able.

  22. Tracy

    Aceman, your body language in the family photo says all there is to say.

  23. jorm_valadez

    Not a fan of these live podcasts either.

  24. q

    Am I the only one who thinks these live show podcasts suck?

    • Shea

      No, they suck! No material so they just fill it on nonsense from the audience

  25. jo ke
    jo ke06-19-2012

    great show

  26. Mo

    Yeah, that was painfully awkward.

  27. Marv

    Old… but still funny Onion article on Carolla… http://www.theonion.com/articles/parasite-regrets-choosing-adam-carolla-as-host,2032/

  28. Craig

    There are risks to Adam’s advice. There was a teacher where I went to high school who dislocated his sholder playing football. It ended up paralyzing his arm. I think it pulled the nerve out of his spine.

  29. Matt

    Adam says much of what he says to get laughs and while doing so reveals a staggering amount of truth about our society. He stands behind what he says and in this unfortunate PC era in which the majority of us have become slaves of I personally believe it should be applauded. You may not agree with all of what he says but how many people do each of us know that we agree with their view on every subject? Why not just be an old fashioned adult and not look to create all this fake rage about 1 or 2 of his comments you personally don’t enjoy during the 90 minutes of his podcast and just get the hell over it, and if you’re that offended then simply don’t download and move your weak minded sensitive ass down the road. Disagreement is one thing, but trying to silence anyone for spoken words is never the solution.

  30. Matt

    My previous post was directed toward his recent interview that too many fake media outlets found a way to be offended by and his race laced jokes here and there. Get over it all of you people with the fake outrage. Try graduating high school, you can’t tell on Adam to your teacher like you once would have.

  31. Racesterbaiter

    Ill keep warning you Ace, be careful with the racist stuff. You keep pushing it dude and eventually its going to go over a line that you wont be able to get back. Its hacky and stale too. Wyatt obviously was uncomfortable with it at the end and just wanted to get out of there……you’ve worked too hard to lose it all. You are a funny guy but its getting old

  32. Joe

    I feel like these live shows bring out the worst in Adam. Like with the audience right there in front of him he feels like he can’t relax, and that leads to stuff like all the easy, lame race jokes. I really like Wyatt Cenac and I hope they have him in studio some time, because Adam didn’t really talk to him at all, instead just used him as a jumping off point for the tired black guy jokes that he’s used a million times before. Wyatt was generally a good sport about it (the James Boyd rushing title thing was funny) but you could tell he was a little annoyed with it.

  33. claudio

    over the line with the racist jokes.

    • GOD

      then don’t listen… go wash your pussy.

  34. joegagan

    i like the live shows. since when did everyone turn into whiners?

  35. BEATnick

    adam’s dad always looks like a south park character.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-21-2012

      Good stuff.

  36. ib

    I can barely tell which ones his mom

  37. J

    This was one of the funniest live shows in a while

  38. AWM

    I generally love the podcast, but in this show, everyone seemed to just be forcing their way through it in an attempt to reach the end. Not a high point, but hey, they can’t all be gems.

    • holly o
      holly o06-20-2012

      here here!

  39. MC White
    MC White06-19-2012

    The more drunk he becomes, the more racist. Tone it down Aceman!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-21-2012

      Alcohol intensifies your personality.

  40. Spooge Mcduck
    Spooge Mcduck06-20-2012

    I have funny complaints, please laugh at how witty they are…

  41. JoeMoeTokyo

    I liked the first 2 live shows but this one fell flat and Adam bombed in front of the audience with the racial humor. I’m not PC and I like some of his racial material, but when he swings and misses, it’s ugly.

    Too bad he’s incapable of reeling it in because he doesn’t want to be seen as pussing out or caving in to pressure – a comedian has to be “edgy”. He also sounded drunk, and admitted he was.

  42. Prawn of my Loins
    Prawn of my Loins06-20-2012

    How dare you,? HOW DARE YOU?! Criticizing jugglers as show offs. YOU RIDE A VEHICLE THAT IS ONE WHEEL AWAY FROM LEVITATION! I think you are the one who is the real show off. TAKE YOUR ONEICYCLE AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ARSE!

  43. Zyzz

    The racial jokes were gold

  44. Danielle

    Adam, I love you! Please stop with the horrible racist rants! I love Wyatt and I wanted to crawl out of my skin when you started up!

    • EileenMannheim

      I agree!!!

  45. Robert

    I love Ace, but the live shows are a poor substitution for the studio shows. That guest sucked too.

  46. Meh

    The race stuff is good in moderation………after the 80th joke it starts to get uncomfortable and revealing. You can’t just hide behind the guise of comedy all the time. Make your 1-3 barbs like you do with DAG or Alonzo Bodden and then keep it moving.

  47. holly o
    holly o06-20-2012

    aceman’s not so funny 8 beers in, i prefer the studio shows!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-21-2012

      Studio shows he’s only 5 or 6 beers in.

  48. LouE

    I’d love to hear what DAG has to say about this but they already recorded his episode and won’t be able to comment on this and the trending Adam had regarding women not being funny.

  49. andy

    all you people complaining, it wasn’t that bad! maybe you should stop listening to this and only listen to NPR.

  50. Bossbuilt

    To the complainers…..FUCK OFF. ……..Some times in life things don’t work out to your liking. You don’t like a show,move on….You like a show, enjoy!…You listen because you love him, so quit being a bunch of bitches.. He is human and a very funny one at that! Rock on Adam, keep doing what you’re doing.

    • kathy

      agreed! defiently dont listen to Tosh.O if you cant hang with Adam!

  51. RoyalDryness

    They mentioned a few times that this was the second show that night and I think that it showed. Adam sounded drunk and it was clear that he wasn’t thinking right. The race stuff can be funny, at a certain point it gets uncomfortable. Clearly, Wyatt was trying to move on from stuff that he didn’t want to talk about and knew wasn’t funny. Quick jabs with race is funny. Haymakers of race jokes is just racism and ruins the joke.

  52. Tom

    Wyatt Cenac seemed like a thin-skinned liberal douche…oh wait a minute, he works for the Daily Show!

    • ToneItDownAdam

      Tom is the Adam fan who thinks the racist stuff is funny. Maybe one day soon it will be all guys like Tom here. I hear conservatives don’t like Obama because … what.. wait… he’s black?

  53. Bobo From Hoboken
    Bobo From Hoboken06-21-2012

    And if hes sticking it to the man by not being politically correct then why did he backpedal like a pussy when he was talking shit about manny paquiao? Stand your fucking ground if you believe in something, dont give us this half assed apology like john and ken.

  54. Davey V
    Davey V06-21-2012

    This has nothing to do with political correctness. Adam might be the funniest man alive right now. I listen to Ace every day. Those who listen every day know his brand of humor. The show wasn’t as funny as it could have been. The critical comments have very little to do with political correctness and more to do with his presentation. You think a bunch of soccer moms and black panthers happened to have stumbled upon this podcast and were offended. Guest Wyatt Cenac’s comedy is closer to hipster than hip-hop and would play Park Slope better than Harlem. I like Wyatt and he played it well. A Tracy Morgan would have played it differently. And on Tracy Morgan, when asked about the comedian’s “anti-gay” performance, Adam correctly said that the audience will decide if it is funny or not. In this case, the audiene, his loyal, cult audience, of which I am a member, has decided. People were offended bc it wasn’t funny.

  55. Drew

    The live shows are the BEST.

  56. SJ

    I agree with a lot of the comments about the racial comments. I think Adam’s issue is he often doesn’t read his guests and keeps pushing things too far. Cenac is on the daily show, clearly left leaning and he clearly doesn’t fit any of the black stereotypes. He did a great job staying cool with the racist comments. The comments themselves I actually thought were pretty funny as they usually are but when the guest obviously isn’t cool with it it’s really awkward and makes for poor entertainment. If it’s DAG who would laugh along and appreciate it it works, but don’t try it with a guy like this it makes you look like an a-hole.

  57. Seattleite

    Adam’s dad looks like Bob Ross.

  58. ToneItDownAdam

    Wyatt gets bummed at the racist “humor” – for GOOD REASON –

  59. EileenMannheim

    Alison is amazing.

  60. DNath

    If you give all of the homeless people cop uniforms, you run the risk of having a bunch of homeless dudes standing in front of reflective surfaces with their hands up

    • Jared

      That made it worth reading through the 94 comments! Funny shit mister!

  61. atticus finch
    atticus finch06-26-2012

    love adam. live shows suck though. if i hear the dislocated shoulder bit one more time i will lay down and die

  62. An Onny
    An Onny07-16-2012

    Adam’s sister’s sneering expression makes her look EXACTLY like Adam!

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