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Adam opens the show complaining about not knowing when his performances start. He also relives a stressful experience from Houston, and talks about playing the House of Blues with Dennis Prager. David Wild is also in studio, and he and Adam exchange songs for the week. Later, Adam invites Alec Baldwin’s teamster, Freddy, to the show, and takes a couple listener calls about therapy, aliens, and rental properties.

Today’s guests are two of the stars of Comedy Central’s ‘Workaholics.’ Adam talks with them about getting their show picked up so easily, and the importance of holding everyone’s attention with great episodes. Alison then starts up the news with footage of a crazy interview between Robert Blake and Piers Morgan. Other news stories involve the Tour de France, Sarah Silverman, and an in-car espresso maker. As the show wraps up, Adam rants about taking pictures with bizarre fans.


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You can also follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.


Robert Blake

Love Boat/Fantasy Island

Sarah Silverman

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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. THE PIG
    THE PIG07-16-2012

    Sarah silverman you stupid twat. I could almost forgive you for stumping for obummer back in 08 when we did not know how stupid he was. But now we have had 3 1/2 years of president dipstick and you are still in his corner? You have your right to free speech but i also have mine. I was a fan of yours but now i will never go to your shows, buy your CDs, and if you happen to get in a movie i will never watch it. I will never do anything that leads to you getting a penny from me. You and any other celebutard that tells me to vote for the magic chocolate jesus are on my “no-buy list”.

    • Obama-nator

      Right back at you SLICK!

      kale sonnen got his A$$ beat, just like I will do to willard. Tax returns ? You don’t need to see all my tax returns ! Offshore bank accounts is the American way! 6 Billion dollar man pays 15% in Federal Income tax and shits his pants like ted ‘ I’m a kitty’ nudge-ent to get out of fighting in wars. Go spill your cheap a$$ blood for me. I paid only 15%, the rest of you are suckers! Suckers I say!

      Guess who is being investigated for fraud abroad ? Can you say Sheldon Adelson ? Crooked rich guy, using money to buy influence in government, how American!

    • Mike

      I’m sure she’ll be all torn up over this.

    • THE PiG
      THE PiG07-17-2012

      We survived Bush. You will survive Obama. Ask yourself honestly who is really responsible for your problems.

      • Steve

        not so sure about that…. country is changing drastically.

    • mnoswad1

      The only thing I got from that video was………Spank Bank.

    • Rob

      I’m sure she will be devastated to hear this

    • Jesus farted
      Jesus farted07-17-2012

      dude, you sound fun – we should totally party

    • Vegas

      Let’s go back to the republicans who spent a trillion dollars looking for WMDs in Iraq and drove the economy into a ditch. The only complaint against Obama is why aren’t you getting out of the hole we dug faster?

    • Yog-Sothoth

      I’m sure Sarah Silverman is deeply invested in the political insights of some colossal jackass who uses the term “Obummer”. Nobody with valid and legitimate criticism has ever resorted to pathetic childish name-mockery. Seeing how the only points you’ve made are “he’s stupid” and…well, that’s pretty much it, leads me to believe that you have no opinions of your own, and you are probably slurping Limbaugh’s knob at this very moment.

      • >ings+1

        Obama should have worked on making jobs not screwing up health care what a bunch of mums who disagree…. why don’t you tell me what went wrong.
        uniting conservatives And liberals in hatred since 1998 ….

    • Devbo

      Are you Jimmy Kimmel?

    • TonyMonerey

      Are we still pretending there is any real difference between the two parties? I am willing to bet in 20 years Smart hard working people will still be better off in 20 years than the people who look at everything through what team they root for.

      Silverman is a cheerleader for the Democrats, Nugent is a Cheerleader for the Republicans… And they both alienate 50% of their potential audience every time they cheer lead. I hope Adam continues to talk with the politically correct filter ripped off and continues to offend both groups.

      Seems like they are digging up the same old D-listers to spout the same old crap only because they want to be invited to the Hollywood fund raisers for Obama and rub elbows with Spielberg and other rich producers. It got real old, real quick in 2008. Especially when people who call themselves entertainers pick a side.

      • Brian

        TonyMonerey seriously just had the smartest comment, you can all stop commenting now, it’s over. When will people realize that they’re in charge of 99% of what happens in their life, not some figurehead for the country?

    • Steve

      Plus isn’t Silverman Jewish? Obama is the most anti Israel president we have had ever and somehow he still get Jewish votes…. mostly from the Jews who don’t care or know whats going on.

  2. Marko

    Nice. I always enjoy the Workaholics guys every time they’re on the show.

    • Tiny Tyrant
      Tiny Tyrant07-18-2012

      Workaholics – one of the fresher and funnier shows on at the moment. nice one.

      would like to have listened to them a bit more, especially talk about their experience with creating a show and how they got to where they are now.

      show was a little out of balance. I pictured Adam and Blake leaving and saying to each other, “the fuck was that Go To My PC bullshit about?”

      oh, and I skip past David Wild’s segments now, though I did listen up until Ben Lee. Ben Lee? you fuckin’ kiddin’ me? please sir, give yourself an uppercut.

  3. Ricotastic

    Great, more David Wild. Hopefully we’ll hear about how many more twitter followers he needs in order to pass Rick Springfield.

  4. Takeda

    I appreciate the snare work on that Deep Purple song, but what about the cymbal work of Sib Hashian of Boston on Long Time/Foreplay?

  5. j3

    Used to hate David Wild…but I’m liking him more and more.

    I thought he was a douchebag asskissing name dropper – in fact – just a really nice guy who is genuinely enthusiastic about stuff. Go fig.

    • Whatthewhat

      Look at all these ‘David Wilde is great’ posts one right after the other….coincidence? LOL

    • reb

      He’s far, far better than the average guest. And whether he’s a “namedropper,” he has lots of first-hand stories about interesting people; beats listening to the funny-voice gag on TMZ

    • spence

      I find David Wylde to be more of a nice guy who is an ass-kissing name dropper

    • Steve

      still wildly uninterested

  6. Wes Kanaloa
    Wes Kanaloa07-17-2012

    But what about … Ancient Aliens?!

  7. Marc Kalina
    Marc Kalina07-17-2012

    David Wild is consistently funny. Good stuff.

    • reb

      Except for the lame Rick springfield running joke. He comes on the show; expresses mock outrage at Rick Springfield’s number of followers; everyone joins Alison in her standard fake laugh; and they move on. not great comic material.

  8. david

    The beginning of listening to Wild’s song was literally the longest that Adam has ever remained silent on this show. It was very odd…almost felt like we were honoring fallen soldiers or a silent moment of prayer.

  9. jg323

    ha…look at Bald Brian in his flipflops…

  10. HH

    Why doesn’t bald have a chair?

  11. joe

    Listening to the audio book. I probablly missed it, but what happened to the Weez?

  12. PB

    I do not understand Adam’s obsession with Baldwin. The man is a colossal, arrogant, ignorant Dushbag . Yes obviously solid at his craft of pretending to be other people, but clearly serious disconnected reality and missing the ability to string together a logical thought.
    Oh well everyone has their own opinion.

    • Brother P-Touch
      Brother P-Touch07-18-2012

      He’s not really obsessed with Baldwin. He’s obsessed with telling people that a guy as famous as Alec Baldwin likes him. Much like Dennis Prager – my guess is if those guys didn’t compliment him, Adam wouldn’t consider them geniuses. Call it a hunch…

    • tomandyourmom

      Wow, I’m sure he’s torn up that you think he’s a “dushbag”. And the irony of your absolutely abortion of a 3rd sentence. Nice work. Keep firing, assholes!

  13. Joe Paterno
    Joe Paterno07-17-2012

    Just because David Wild is aware of his constant name-dropping, doesn’t make it any better.

  14. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle07-17-2012

    Burn has always been one of my favorites since my knucklehead high school days.

  15. BostonGeorge

    I first heard about these guys from this show. Since then a huge fan, their show is amazing

    • reb

      they didn’t seem at all funny or interesting; but i’ll check out their own show on your recommendation. that said, there are some pretty divergent tastes here. some people truly like dave damasheck; others loathe him. same with dave wilde

      • Thomas Hickey
        Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

        They didn’t seem at all funny or interesting because Adam never gave them a chance to talk. He’s gotten worse in the past couple weeks; legitimately he wastes all his time with Bruce or Wild or Dameshek, then does a quick 10 minutes with the workaholics guys on how they got started (which was all covered 2 years ago on the podcast), then goes to the news. God, I love Adam, but he needs to either cut down time with Dameshek and the regulars, cut down time with the news, or make the podcast 30 minutes longer. I miss interviews where he is actually interested in what the guests have to say.

  16. Stan Marsh
    Stan Marsh07-17-2012

    Adam and Blake? This episode is going to be tight butthole.

  17. dog balls
    dog balls07-17-2012

    SHIT! Every effing week…damn…

  18. khawthorn

    Thanks for the notification about Jon Lord. Not sure I would have found out otherwise.

    In case it’s not in your vocabulary, listen to Speed King (from Deep Purple In Rock) sometime. With the previous Deep Purple line up including Ian Gillan on vocals and Roger Glover on bass.

  19. jeff

    David Wild is a bootlicking boob who likes crap. FIRE HIM, HE SUCKS.

  20. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson07-17-2012

    “Pulling you straight”

    I’m going to use this for when I beat off.

    “I can’t come down for dinner yet, Ma! I’m pulling myself straight!”


    “It means I’m beating off! To a woman! Hence the straight part!”

  21. Social Bobcat
    Social Bobcat07-17-2012

    I suspect Alison’s angle on tennis players typically having one very large arm is being informed by her previously mentioned in-progress reading of Infinite Jest.

    The author was a former youth tennis star so the facts are probably on his / Alison’s side and not Adam ” Skinny Tennis Arms” Carolla’s. sorry Aceman

    • reb

      it seemed more informed buy the desire to say something, anything

  22. Will

    Re: Rafael Nadal

    Rafa is right-handed, but plays left-handed, and it is his left arm that is much larger.

    Get it on!

  23. Brian M.
    Brian M.07-17-2012

    I love Blake and Adam. So glad you had them on.

  24. TheManIsHere

    Too many live reads. Charge your advertisers more so there can be fewer live reads. Thanks!!!

  25. reb

    i’d love to bone sarah silverman

  26. paddym

    Brian (or anyone ) PLEASE MOVE THE SHOW THE FUCK ON when there is some idiotic , go-nowhere banter about tennis player arm-size or the name of Sarah’s dog. The show has been ground to a halt over nothing-speak a few times of late.

    • Thomas Hickey
      Thomas Hickey07-18-2012

      He has. He does the soundbite about this being boring as hell for this whole week. Honestly it’s getting old.

  27. Mark

    These dudes are always great guests on the podcast.

  28. pete

    The David Wild music segment is garbage. Glad we can fast-forward past it.

  29. Ian

    god…David Wild likes some hay-ass music…..and Adam just goes along with it to be a good sport.

  30. nate

    Bummer. I was interested in this guest and there was a 5 minute – shallow – interview.

    Lost opportunity. I find myself listening less and less to this program for this exact reason.

    • Nolan

      Exactly! Why would you invite on two popular young comedians to have a nothing interview about something that was already discussed last time they were on the show.

      Adam always complains about morning radio “10 after the hour, get out to traffic, weather, weather, traffic” but this show is becoming just as predictable: Ad, rant, complain some more, news, live read, talk to guest for 30 seconds, rant, live read, news, rant, mahalo.

  31. Doug


  32. A. TERMAIN
    A. TERMAIN07-17-2012


    Is there a way to get a list of all the songs Adam and David talk about. A break-out specifically.
    I’m sure there’s a bunch of us who are listening to these great songs while we’re driving, running etc… and can’t write them down.

    Thanks – love the show. Been following since day 1. Got to see Adam twice here in Colorado. You need to come back and do a show in Colorado Springs.

  33. Shaley

    Poop dollar!!

  34. Ace Man
    Ace Man07-17-2012

    Great Show ! You guys are the best !

  35. Wingedfruit

    Dude, $75 for the show in Carmel? I realize it is probably Concours week, but yikes! That’s a lot of scratch for us serfs.

  36. Obama


  37. Obama


  38. PassTheBubbly

    They should invent an app that filters out all of David Wild’s name dropping. If you have to tell people to follow you on twitter, you probably aren’t worth following. ughhhghghhghgh

  39. Dave

    Ace, I am addicted to the podcast and brag about it openly but the show today almost put me to sleep on the way to work. Wild’s segments are boring, and the audio is TERRIBLE on the music to boot!

    • reb

      It’s starting to look as if a podcast with the same people, only one of whom really generates material, and premised on nearly having statement that everyone says having to be funny or ironic, just isn’t sustainable if you don’t have a taste for redundancy. One person can’t create 90 minutes of original material five days a week, especially when his primary sidekick’s typical contribution is “yeah, i know” or a fake laugh.

      • Jenn

        except now shows are going closer to 110 minutes. I think they should cut back to 90 — the quality decreases and I’m less apt to keep with the pod (unacceptable).

  40. @thaChrisCraig

    Loved the show! Love Workaholics, and obvoiusly Adam and the gang so it was a treat. get it on.

  41. pleasenomoredavidwild

    Please, for the love of God, no more David Wild and no more music segments. They are consistently awful, and the only segments I always fast forward. There are so many other better guests to have (on that note, we haven’t heard from Dr. Alter in a while — he’s always an entertaining guest, and so is Dr. Bruce).

  42. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll07-17-2012

    Awesome episode, both Carolla and Alison seemed flustered by the guys from Workaholics. Neither of them found an easy groove around them. Adam put on his try hard pants and it showed; they are looking worn. I love this show for the subtext of tragedy in every uneven episode.

  43. derrick

    Bring on Jakob Dylan and the Wallflower!!!

  44. D

    This article about adult strollers seems like Adam’s kind of thing… from the AWL http://www.theawl.com/2012/07/me-and-my-adult-stroller

  45. tate

    Adam, you talked to adam & blake maybe 15 mins then went to news then closed shop. next time when you have guests exponentially funnier than you, let them talk.

    And no, the amount you have in the band does not indicate the amount of comedic talent you have.

  46. john the mailman
    john the mailman07-17-2012

    I wonder if sarah silverman wasn’t attractive if she would even be known at all as a comedian or celebrity or if anyone would give a crap what she thinks. She’s an idiot if she doesn’t think billionaires aren’t already giving to obama as well, but I digress.

    Love the show but I was a bit disappointed in the short interview given to blake and adam. It does seem the interview portion of the show has shrunk of late, and that is when the Aceman is at his best when he interviews guests

  47. Wally

    Adam has become his Father. No one cares what music you like. We don’t want to hear it and especially 3 times a week.

  48. Matt

    Love David Wild. Miss Larry Miller.

  49. Leonard Washington
    Leonard Washington07-17-2012

    It sounds boring as hell but go ahead.

  50. Braman

    Scissor me timbers

  51. WILDly dissapointed
    WILDly dissapointed07-18-2012

    For someone who claims to have his finger on the pulse of musicality, David Wild is clueless.

  52. Sluggh

    Alison was thinking of tennis player Rod Laver.

  53. Mean Dean
    Mean Dean07-18-2012

    Ben Lee rules. Check out “love me like the world is ending” or his cover of Kids by MGMT

  54. Mean Dean
    Mean Dean07-18-2012

    Travis Barker from Blink 182 could play that Deep Purple song.

    • tomandyourmom

      wow. is it 2004 again? didn’t know travis was still the name to drop if you’re clueless about what real drummers are like.

  55. Bret

    I like the new logo. But the lens flare is too much and makes it look dated. I would have the white ace symbol just knockout to the background.

  56. Maveriq

    The show is becoming dangerously over-produced. Fuck the news, why not let these guys talk a little bit? They have one of the funniest shows on t.v and they get a handful of words in during the interview. I’m not usually one to complain, but Aceman needs to button up and let the guests get a little in edgewise or they’re just going to stop doing the show.

  57. TERRI

    The picture of the studio with the Workaholics’ is great

  58. Tom

    Trucker’s Atlas by Modest Mouse off of The Lonesome Crowded West. Best Drum Track ever.

  59. ACog

    Wow – Freedy Johnston – The Aceman surprises! ‘This Perfect World’ is a great album – Listen to the title track, ‘Delores’ and ‘I can hear the laugh’…

    Nice one Ace – GET IT ON!

  60. Andy90

    Back in the day of wooden racquets, all top tennis players had one big arm – especially the forearm, which they would work on with those spring-based compressors that could be held in your hand.

    These days, leg strength is more important. Look at Andy Murray’s tree-trunks – and he’s 6-3. Federer may be a thin guy, but everyone else – even the top women – have heavily-muscled legs.

  61. Alex

    Oh wow Aceman, don’t preach anymore about people and their agendas. You had an agenda when discussing Johnny Depp. You wanted to hear that he was a complete and total asshole. But when David Wild said otherwise, Ace of course checked out. You see this everytime, Adam checks out when he hears disagreement or something he doesn’t want to hear and just goes on saying “yeah” and “uh huh” until the story can be turned towards another re-hashed story

    • Rork

      I don’t necessarily agree with you here, but it reminded me that every time adam asks “Is John Mayer a douchebag”, I think back to the night Mayer was on Loveline and he and Adam really seemed to get along and like each other. I wonder if he remembers that. There was one moment where he semi-jokingly asks Mayer to get him backstage and Mayer semi-jokingly waves him off. Maybe that’s where it comes from.

      • Rork

        Ooo Ooo one more thing: On that Loveline episode, Dr. Bruce is sitting in for Drew, and Mayer remarks that he looks, “like an aging child star” which I think is just a very hilarious and spot-on observation. Check out the picture of him in the recent podcast episodes.

  62. Jeremiah

    Not to be a name dropper like mr. Wild but …. my brother is actually the drummer of Drunk Horse, the unflappable Cripe Jergensen.

  63. Rork

    HAVE these guys been on the show before? I remember one episode where ‘Ders came on solo, probably during Workaholics 1st season, but that’s it. I also remember the ‘Ders being a LOT more involved in the show, going into pretty good detail about how he used to be Letterman’s assistant, etc. WAS it just a different show back then?

  64. andy

    Good show. I dig David Wild.

    “It sounds boring as hell, but go ahead.”

  65. Chuck

    I miss the orange couch

  66. Jude

    Can we let Alison and Bryan pick some songs every now and then?

  67. Jude

    More Workaholics!! Also, prefer me some Ray or Josh Gardner visits over Wild and Dameshek. Not hatin’, just sayin’.

  68. GetaHandIn

    I love the Workaholics Guys!

  69. ArrestedDeveloper

    They don’t dedicate enough time to guests anymore. We get 4 sentences about what they’re working on and then it’s on to the news.

  70. Riggz

    Sarah Silverman isn’t hot. Adam has to say that so he doesn’t offend Jimmy, but let’s be truthful, she’s very odd looking in the facial region. On top of that she is a complete idiot too. I’m no Republican, but her political views are absurd? I think she is just trying to prove how liberal and accepting she is. If the guy wasn’t black, then I doubt she would go to those extremes.

  71. Fritz Furburberber
    Fritz Furburberber07-26-2012

    Sarah sure is a classy dame.

  72. Aceman

    Why does the main photo above look like someone busted into the studio and flashed his dong?

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