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As the show opens up, Adam talks about the differences between Americans and Europeans in terms of talent and drive. He also gives some updates on Larry Miller, and talks about the kids running into Jay Leno. Alison then starts up the news discussing the Mel Gibson rant toward screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, and the death of The Band’s lead singer, Levon Helm.

Heavyweight champ Wladimir Klitschko steps into the studio next, and Adam asks him about his journey as a boxer. Adam also talks with him about how to fight a southpaw, and even demonstrates some of his own moves. Later, the guys chat about Wladimir’s relationship with his brother, other boxers he admires, and the differences between fighting indoors vs. outdoors.

Alison then returns to the news with a story about how salty American food is, compared to everywhere else. Adam then talks more about Europeans being smarter than Americans. Other news stories include a penmanship award dedicated to a first grader without hands, Starbucks adjusting their ingredients, and IKEA’s latest device. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about why technology never works when it needs to.


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Gibson Rant


IKEA Furniture

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Connard

    Funny, Joe Rogan was just talking about Wlad the other day on his substandard podcast.

    • Zach

      Rogan’s podcast is every bit as god as Carolla’s. They are both really good. Joe’s is just less produced and less focused comedy.

      • ZekeG

        Why can’t people just enjoy both podcasts. It’s not like radio where you have competing stations. It’s the inernet, and you can download any show at any time. It’s fucking awesome!

  2. halo909

    and his right hand arrived 3 days later.

  3. Mike

    Just wanted to be the first one to write something about the pod. GET IT ON

    • Fail

      You fail it.

  4. duff man
    duff man04-20-2012

    when kids see that if u’re good at a sport that’s a major 4 and u can make millions and have a huge house, all these cars, etc., then there’s really no point of advising otherwise. if this country didn’t have athletes making so much money, then kids would grow up seeking other careers, most probably requiring education.

    *Get well Larry Miller*

  5. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III04-20-2012

    Was Adam really showing and lecturing to Klitschko about boxing?

    • Enema?

      What show were you listening to? Must be different from the one I heard. I heard Adam and Wladimir having a discussion about left-handed boxers. I didn’t hear any lecturing during that discussion. Perhaps you should remove your cranium from your rectal cavity while listening to the show.

  6. Andrew Clapp
    Andrew Clapp04-20-2012

    Hey Brian,

    I hope you caught that drop from Wladimir….”I will make the story short” I think you could get some use out of that.

  7. MoneyLendingArab

    Awesome get… VIVA UKRAINE!

  8. Chris

    Why are we surprised that Mel Gibson is crazy? He was a crazy man in Road warrior movies, a crazy ass in Lethal weapon movies, crazy man from australia isn’t surprising. If he were a mild mannered, boring douche, we’d be surprised he hadn’t gone crazy. keep it up Mel, its what we want our old action heroes to be, crazy.

  9. Chris

    When you going to have Michele Rodriguez on Adam? She’s awesome and a very interesting hot mamma. Plus she’s funny. Get her on show and have Sonny tell her how good he is at baseball.

    • Scott

      I’d rather have a hot cup of Jill than that untalented manshe

  10. Jack Sunday
    Jack Sunday04-20-2012

    Wlad was a fantastic guest! Great show.

  11. David

    That’s crazy, I was just thinking “I wonder how Larry’s doing” and boom, there it is.

  12. Whitney

    Yay Wladamir Klitschko! Should be good pod! 🙂

  13. DionRidesBikes

    Adam Carolla is not short, and Wladimir Klitschko is dwarfing him in that pic.

  14. Joel P
    Joel P04-20-2012

    Great show. I’ve never heard Adam so smitten.

  15. jeffiba

    “it’s just a waste of my time” HA

  16. Sean

    Adam Carolla Show drinking game: Take a shot every time Alison and Adam say “I Feel…”

    • Scott

      Drunk, i’m drunk!

  17. Gregers

    Adam’s been reading the comments here. He mentioned the complaints about the Sonny drop and he’s stopped saying “Steven Jobs.”

    …Sup Adam.

    • LOL!

      Ha! Adam… reading…

  18. Ross

    One pump dumb caboose! hahaha. Good name for A’s D.

  19. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis04-20-2012

    Alison is the only woman I’ve ever heard speak positively about Married… with Children. I knew one was out there somewhere. That was probably the last sitcom that tried to add a small child as a new character, only to, of course, have him disappear unexplained in later episodes. I miss the suddenly appeared and as suddenly disappeared sitcom character.

    And here’s a Do Yourself A Favor, for Adam, when he’s in Minnesota for his upcoming shows: have somebody pick up some Surly Furious beer; it’s the best damned stuff out there.

  20. Bobby

    An unfortunate low for the show was Adam & Alison grossly generalizing over 300 million of their fellow citizens, as if all Americans are the self absorbed dumb asses that disproportionately reside in Hollywood. Ace is sharp so it’s disappointing to hear his occasional sweeping moronic statements. These horrid, shallow, stupid people in America that you disparage have managed to give more blood and treasure to help the suffering & poverty stricken around the world than all other nations in human history….combined. Remember that the majority of people outside of the U.S. (whom they just as ludicrously generalized as brilliant, well rounded, & wonderful) would still give their eye teeth (and many risk their lives every day) to get into this nation….Adam gets it right when he proudly talks about the greatness and freedom and capitalism and opportunity available in his great nation, well, any nation is only as great as its people. Come on Ace…..you’ve got a great mind but refine some of those keen insights & observations.

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa04-23-2012

      I stopped reading when I saw you were going on a diatribe about not being self absorbed … which looks like a decent block of 125-200 words.

      Good luck with that.

    • ZekeG

      Whah? Are you running for office?

  21. Matt

    In Klitschko’s club he will splash the put whenever the fuck he pleases.

    • Sam

      Just like a young man in for a quickie: you leave me so unsatisfied.

  22. phil theejoo
    phil theejoo04-20-2012

    I think the guy with assless chaps from the road warrior movie stole mel gibsons brain.

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks04-23-2012

      Saying assless chaps is redundant.

  23. Jose

    Love the Bald Bryan photobomb

  24. matt

    I am going to have to skip a podcast because this is going to be good. Sorry Nealon.

    • ciga-Rhett

      Do yourself a favor, and don’t skip Nealon, his episode was good. A solid 2 hours. Everyone was analyzing what’s wrong with Adam. Good stuff.

  25. dingo

    Do yourself a favor and download We Can Talk and Caledonia Mission by the Band. Levon was just so good.

  26. CaptainKidd

    Good podcast!

  27. Cody

    Wladimir Klitschko was a great get and a better guest!

  28. Eggie Weggies
    Eggie Weggies04-20-2012

    Uhhh Mike Tyson once did the show before so I don’t think this is the first time that Adam has been the second best boxer in the room haha.

    • Erwin

      Klitschko is the first pro boxer in the new studio.

  29. dingo

    And while you are at it go buy The Last Waltz. Greatest concert film of all time. Come for the Levon and stay for Van Morrison’s antics and Paul Butterfields harmonica. You will love it.

    And not to “Yes, but” you Bald Brian but my 3 kids, all under the age of 10, love The Band. Granted it was because I made them listen to it, but it’s no different than Adam forcing people to listen to John Hyatt. Doesn’t matter how they were exposed to it.

  30. Alexander Marriott
    Alexander Marriott04-20-2012

    14 pounds to a stone, Adam. Max Baer, Jr, and Buddy Baer–boxing brothers!

  31. CACAHD

    at the end of the podcast Adam asks Klitschko if he plays an instrument

    amd he replies a little guitar and a little drums. I bet when he mentions

    the drums Alison got a little moist

  32. DonnySac

    Adam is not the douchiest douche to have ever douched – that title goes to Robbie Robertson, check out “The Last Waltz” and I’m sure you’ll agree.

    RIP Levon.

  33. Tdogg

    Love it!!!!!

    These sports guys really bring it. Chris Jericho now Wladamir, you need to get Bas Rutten!

  34. robert_r

    Good interview. Wladimir has got his side of the interview down pat.

  35. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese04-20-2012

    It probably reflects poorly on me that I didn’t expect Wladimir to be so well-spoken (I guess that’s the negative stereotype with boxers), but I was really impressed with how intelligent and level-headed the guy is.

    There are so many athletes who would just flat out deny that they’ve ever done anything wrong or were ever not at their best, but kudos to Klitschko for just admitting that he lost focus and that the early success went to his head. Obviously the fact that he’s 36 means he’s more mature than he was at 24, but I was still very impressed with this guy.

    Great guest.

  36. Alison Rosen is my new best Friend
    Alison Rosen is my new best Friend04-20-2012

    The “Oven Dodgers”; worst baseball team ever.

  37. Sam

    Great podcast episode. Did Wladimir do a little Borat there at the end when he said, “I hope did understand my accent”?

  38. KATHY

    I have to say I am not a big boxing fan but I really enjoyed the interview with Wladimir. Keep up the great work ACE crew thanks for making my days a little easier.

  39. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese04-20-2012

    Ironic that Wladimir Klitschko has lived in Germany AND Florida. Somehow he made it out with his sanity intact.

  40. m szczerba
    m szczerba04-20-2012

    most boring conservative boxer ever. takes 10-12 rounds to ko opponents that wouldn’t last more than 3 rounds with tyson.

  41. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese04-20-2012

    Wladimir Klitschko is seriously way too humble and polite for such a great boxer (based on our own American standards of all the pompous ass athletes we have). What a good dude. I think I have a man-crush.

  42. Pedro

    You need to cut your euro-trash love shit out Carolla. There is no “we” in your statements. I think you mean you/Californians (the people you surround yourself with) are the dumb-asses.

    When Canada/England/Etc/Etc get a space program/etc/etc then we can talk.

  43. Marc

    Where’s the video of Adam boxing?

  44. Bo B
    Bo B04-20-2012

    BB, please create a drop using his voice and DRAGO together?

  45. Big B
    Big B04-20-2012

    Of course Ali is throwing out all kinds of gibberish about Mel Gibson. He’s said one thing about jews and he was being arrested by one. But that’s how they operate: they will never give up. They’re shaming is never ending. He was pissed off about a script and she contended it was anti-jews.

    Ladies and gentlemen, you never want to go against those folks. If you do, you’ll never survive their wrath.

  46. Serena

    Favorite episode yet! Klitschko was an awesome guest and I loved his back and forth with Adam. A+ all around.

  47. Mike P
    Mike P04-20-2012

    Thought Wlad might be WASTEA MAH TIME as a guest, he totally proved me wrong. Europeans are so much better then us at being on podcasts.

  48. Xorn

    we need more video clips from these podcast. Not entire show visuals for free, but the bits like when Adam shows Wladamir a boxing demonstration. That would be nice, just small clips that enhance this great podcast.

  49. RoyalDryness

    Didn’t really know what to expect from Klitschko but overall not a bad guest. Not a ton of personality but definitely contributed to the show and had some interesting things to say. Kind of would have liked to hear a longer version of that story of where he came from an the different countries he lived in as a kid.

  50. Tom Baumgartner
    Tom Baumgartner04-20-2012


  51. Silent Running
    Silent Running04-21-2012

    Wladimir might be the most intelligent boxer on the planet. Great episode and a great guest.

  52. Jeff

    What makes the Aceman great? It’s that he simultaneously fills all of these different roles –

    1. Ace the Comedian – let’s face it, touchdown poop celebrations are funny.

    2. Ace the Cool Virtual Buddy – whether it’s hearing about watching the fight at Harland William’s house or hanging out with Leno, it’s like you’re there too.

    3. Ace the Social Commentator – whether you agree with him or not, it’s interesting to hear his points on society.

    4. Ace the Educator – I have to admit that I now know more about carpentry, cars, and boxing than I did before.

    5. Ace the Life Coach – the guy is motivating! His gems of wisdom are simple yet powerful – get to work, be good at what you do, take care of your family

    6. Ace the Worker – they guy is always producing something new. There’s always a new podcast, a new interview, a new book, a new show, etc. Nothing ever gets stale.

    • Ken Miller
      Ken Miller04-22-2012

      Very insightful…you capture exactly why this is the best podcast !

  53. Andrew

    Trainers switch left to right and not right to left because in general all left handed people are naturally more ambidextrous and it is much easier for them.

  54. jason


    just searching net flicks and found a movie called the hammer, and its about a deaf wrestler. BTW releases in 2010.

  55. OvieTheGr8

    Will someone please explain to Adam that the reason Europeans are “more educated” than us (and that is a huge generalization that I definitely don’t agree with) is because they get the shit taxed out of them to pay for social services such as free tuition to college whereas in the US, the “easiest” way to get school paid for is through an athletic scholarship?

    • Silent Running
      Silent Running04-21-2012

      They also have trade schools and many other paths to education besides “college.” Here it’s “go to college or you’re a loser. How much are you saving for college? When are you going to college? What will you study in college?”

      I wonder what that economy looks like, by the way. The economy where there are no janitors, no garbagemen, no longshoremen, no one running cable, no one ensuring proper function, literally no one keeping the power on. An economy of nothing but suits making $80,000 a year. I’m sure it will be a utopia.

  56. Claudio

    Great pod, couldn’t stop listening. Can we see a video of Adam shadow boxing?

  57. Rolando

    Ya know what else Germany, Japan, Canada, and 1st World Countries have that the USA and Mexico and Brazil don’t have? National Health Care!

    • Donewithidiots

      All the libs out there want to conveniently forget about the military we must keep strong to defend our mostly fat asses. And don’t forget about the medical break throughs that usually come from our system as well. Ask a englishman about his nuke, or space program. oooopppps.

  58. Mo

    I have listened to every podcast since moving from terrestrial radio and I firmly believe this was the best week you put on the air; great entertaining and interesting guests. Get it on. David Wilde is a great regular who brings it. I have grown to enjoy Allison witty quips but Teresa is a remarkably funny and talented women. Please keep her on.
    Prayers to Larry, he is always a fun part of the week!!

  59. Donewithidiots


  60. Ryan II
    Ryan II04-22-2012

    Was Ace throwing Bob Seger into his ever deepening pool of shitty musicians? Better not be.

  61. Jason

    Instead of “what can’t Adam complain about”, how about EVIL ADAM? I miss that terribly. PLEASE ACE> I need to hear another side of the story…..

  62. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese04-23-2012

    I really enjoyed Wladimir’s appearance on the podcast. He was able to go with the jokes, while being honest and a good interview. Also, he disputed Adam’s “Americans are so stupid” claim, which was nice to hear since Bryan and Alison can’t disagree with Adam or else they’ll be called out as “shitting on his point.”

  63. sloozen1

    Adam why not try to make the world a better place by pressuring the idea of giving male nurses a new name. There needs to be a name for a guy who are nurses. Self centered bitched are not going to do that job anymore. I hope you start having more boxing stuff on here. You know cool facts and stuff. South America is now almost as obese as the US. Even though we would still fuck if we met them. Maybe Mel Gibson was doing some kind of acting at his house and somebody taped it. They might have been brainstorming a part while drunk.

    BTW Why not make an icon on this page where I can throw it up on my Facebook wall to tell oters.

  64. Brett

    Interesting that ACE says the US in general is dumber than Europe and Canada. If someone else would say this – ACE would say they just “hate our country”.

  65. Seattle Javi
    Seattle Javi04-23-2012

    Awesome guest! Wladimir definitely ‘brought it’. He was able to keep up with Adam throughout the entire show.

  66. Yossarian

    Agree – awesome guest!! Wladimir is one of the most intelligent guests that’s ever been on this show, and a cool, FUNNY dude! Liked when Adam started shadow boxing and BB said, “Oh please! Let Wladimir sit here…” and next southpaw sparring partner, Adam Carolla. Heh

    Why no video of Adam shadow boxing? Bring back one or both of the Klitschkos!!!

  67. moviejunkie

    This was a great podcast. I am not into boxing, so I almost skipped it, but am glad I didn’t. I think Adam was possessed by his Euro-trash grandma though. Adam, imported cigarettes next? Will we be seeing you around town in your Citroen or Peugeot?

  68. Erick

    Adams son sounds demented.

  69. Jim

    Me too, almost didn’t listen since I”m not really into boxing.

    Glad I listened.

    And best to Larry Miller.


  70. Grape Ape
    Grape Ape04-25-2012

    This was great podcast. Please book more PhD guests.

  71. cristo

    the hammer was a great movie. wish it was on cable more. aside from “not being satisfying”, did adam ever compete much or win tournaments? has he ever wrestled alison? also, don’t see where the link is to vote for the facebook thing.

  72. Kurtis

    Great episode and really really cool guest!

  73. Craig

    The thing about this “Europe is so much smarter” is that in Europe pop culture is kind of become Americanized. German tv consists of mostly American comedies, dubbed in German.

  74. Craig

    Where Adam is off regarding education is the following.
    1-12 grade education isn’t very good. One can graduate without learning much at all. But the university system is the greatest in the world. Just look up the number of scientific publications by country. Thus the US high tech industries dominate the rest.

  75. Elle

    I’m sorry, but I’d really like to see the actual handwriting of that kid…. I’ll be the judge of whether it’s good or not.

  76. Ron Miller
    Ron Miller05-03-2012

    Great podcast, great guest………….

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