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At the top of the show, Adam welcomes his dad and buddy Ray to the show. He talks with his dad about the infamous ‘hell yeah’ drop, and the guys discuss why their podcast needs donations. Jim also discusses the themes behind ‘Life Lessons,’ and Ray’s contributions to the show. Later, Adam rants about his audio book, and explains why people’s behavior is consistent, whether it’s good or bad.

Will Sasso joins the podcast next, and Adam congratulates him on his role in the new Three Stooges movie. Will talks about working with the Farrelly Brothers, and the research that went into playing Curly. Lynch chimes in with some sad backstories on the original stooges. Will then discusses how he got the part, and flashes back to growing up in Canada and playing junior football.

In the news, several members of the TSA got busted for taking bribes to allow drugs to get through. The guy’s also watch the music video for Smuggler’s Blues, and Alison tells a story about her own bribe-gone-wrong. Other news stories include Obama’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show, Sofia Vergara getting carded without ID, and the annual list of People’s Most Beautiful. As the show wraps up, the guys briefly discuss the popularity of hockey.


Visit http://HamFatter.com for more info on Will Sasso, and be sure to check out The Three Stooges, in theaters now.

Also, donate to Life Lessons with Jim Carolla by visiting http://AceJimCarolla.com


Smuggler’s Blues

Key & Peele Obama

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Travis

    Sasso and his crazy calves…

    • Travis Beta
      Travis Beta04-27-2012

      I know right? I have bigger calves than most myself, but those are ridiculous. Look like carved granite.

  2. Con

    That box talk was seriously freakin brilliant. That’s why he’s the aceman.

  3. Togabot

    OMG its the gay morning zoo!

  4. Katie


    MIke and Ike have nothing on this breakup



  5. Juicefactory3000

    Right on! Huge Sasso fan and I like that, when pushed past ‘from near Vancouver’ he safely goes with ‘Ladner ‘so he won’t have to explain or spell or debate what a Tsawwassen is 😉 I have to believe LA must be entirely obnoxious if Adam does think Vancouverites are that friendly and easy-going. In fact, Sasso is right on – you move out here in the prairies to get the hell away from the obnoxious show-boats and attitude queens in pretentious Vancouver. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfies are the real friendly down-to-earth people of Canada. Anyways – huge fan of Sasso and I insist that Kenny Roger’s Punk’d prank on Clay Aiken is quite possibly one of the funniest effing things I have EVER seen… actually fell off my chair with real tears laughing. GOOD Will gets a big money hit! he deserves that!

    • Connard

      whoooooooooooooo cares?

    • Poochie's Aunt
      Poochie's Aunt04-28-2012

      Do you happen to live in Regina, Saskatchewan?

  6. Levi

    Will Sasso would be perfect to play Dennis Hof in a movie about the bunny ranch.

  7. DonnySac

    Is Adam sitting on Will’s lap?

  8. AngelAdamFan

    I know that is a complisult.

  9. jay

    Adam and The Sass, in the morning. Get. It. On.

  10. McMichael

    Oh man, passive aggressive behavior, or what?
    First, Dad’s lease car is taken away because it wasn’t being used to Adam’s standards. Now, Pop just isn’t gettin’ done for the the podcast.

  11. toorude89

    Such a great guest.

  12. stnuntrnd

    To avoid the confusion with “well kept”, suggest this edit:
    ” … the hot tub . That was always well maintained.”

  13. FilipinoSpoonFighting

    WIll Sasso’s a Canuck?!?!! Maybe that’s why I’ve loved him for so long.. and The Stooges movie may be stupid but I howled at it (just like their old stuff).
    The three principles are PERFECT as Moe, Larry, Curly. I mean you could sense Sasso was ideal for playing Curly 15 years ago, but Diamantopoulos and Hayes pleasantly surprised me.
    Also does this film count as Canadian-Content?

  14. Eric

    The “Hell Yeah” has always sounded like Cousin Sal to me.

  15. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-26-2012

    Great Calves

  16. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee04-26-2012

    Howard Stern, a 3 Stooges fan and a “Judge” confessed to liking the new Stooges Movie… just saying

  17. Andrew

    It’s “well KEMPT” not “well kept”

    • Andrew

      Actually both work but kempt removes room for misinterpretation

  18. Connard

    Sasso was a great guest. I wish he could have worked his Hulk Hogan impression into the mix but still kick ass.

  19. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks04-26-2012

    That is a lame ass video for smugglers blues but Adam can’t make me hate the song. It’s probably the best Glenn Frey song there is (that’s not saying much). Great episode with the Leykis drops and dolphin suit.

  20. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis04-26-2012

    Regarding the “well kept” versus the “well kept secret”: most book editors are people who do not understand colloquialisms pertaining to anything having to do with maintenance or physical labor. Saying that you have a well kept hot tub does not compute for them. Saying that you have a well maintained hot tub might make more sense to them. It is a disconnect of a social nature. A well kept lawn, or engine, or workshop, or hot tub are phrases that simply have no meaning in many people’s lives, anymore. Having a well kept website or blog? Maybe.

    This is my cynical theory on the subject, anyway.

    • Clive Bixby
      Clive Bixby04-26-2012

      Obvious solution: Track Changes feature on Word. If real book editors aren’t using it, this world no longer makes sense to me.

  21. Devbo

    Yes Will Sasso and his badass calves.

  22. Bo B
    Bo B04-26-2012

    The Tom Leykis/Will Sasso creepy laugh off had me crying.

  23. Ilynh

    Maybe if you didn’t constantly badmouth your Dad people would be more open to supporting him. Just a thought.

  24. Nathan Clark
    Nathan Clark04-26-2012

    The calves of a god…

  25. Eggie Weggies
    Eggie Weggies04-26-2012

    5$ a month for the “Jim Carolla Experience”?? Love Adam, but his presumption that people should pay for his dad’s crackpot musings is pretty ridiculous. Get sponsors or cut it lose! Times are tough.

    • stnuntrnd

      this is a switch! not the usual “loosing it” for “losing it”, but “cut it lose” for “cut it loose”.

  26. Dzhjon

    Love Jim and Ray. I gotta start listening to Jim’s show. Such a nice guy qnd a shame that Adam gives him such a rough time. Seriously though; it doesn’t seem like Ace’s normal crowd would go for Jim’s show. Here’s hoping it stays up.

  27. Jo ke
    Jo ke04-26-2012

    Sasso you make the Dominion proud.

  28. Asian Carolla
    Asian Carolla04-26-2012

    Finally someone who shares my fantasy of Hayden Penetierre in a dolphin outfit.

  29. Terri

    Will was a great guest. His laugh is priceless…bring back often.

  30. JessMan

    woah woah woah, did alison just school adam on a carpentry term?

  31. Listener

    That’s hot box talk.

  32. setlasmon

    “jog home on the balls of your feet…”


    nice one, Aceman!

  33. Brem

    Choose Meadow Soprano with the Dolphin/Klan Suit— Call me James Klandolphini

  34. JessMan

    hot hockey talk at the end there!

  35. Scott

    Sasso was a great guest. Compliments the AC Man’s style really well.
    Get It On.

  36. MikeA

    Oh man this was a great episode. Sooo funny

  37. Zach

    Funniest show Ive heard

  38. Dick Pound
    Dick Pound04-26-2012

    Where’s the round of Made Up Movie?

  39. I have a squeegee in the shower
    I have a squeegee in the shower04-26-2012

    I think there’s a disconnect between you guys and the publisher on the difference between kept and kempt. Just sayin’.

  40. Ace

    Hey Chris or Gary are you guys aware of these great, hilarious drawings about bits in the show that this girl Katie is doing? Adam has never mentioned her and the other posters rarely comment on her work, and it’s damned good! She’s consolidated everything here: http://katie-acepodcast-drawings.blogspot.com/ Please check it out and show some to the Aceman. Thank you.

    • garysmith

      Ya thanks for the heads up, I’ve actually emailed Katie to let her know how great they are and I’ve shown everyone around ABN as well. Thanks

      • Katie

        Your email got lost in all my junk! Thank you so much, I would have never found it had I not just read this. You guys are awesome! I live to draw another day.

  41. Sal

    Boobs!!! mwhahahaaa

    Amazing stuff. You should have Brian Whitman come/call in and let Bald Bryan harvest some more drops.

  42. Joe

    Sasso’s got a funny laugh. Seems like a good dude too. I never really liked his work though on Mad TV, must have been the shitty producers. Glad to get a taste of the real deal. Get it on!

  43. CACAHD

    Sasso has an infectious laugh. I’d love to hear him and Bert Kreischer

    cracking up then throw in Maria Menounos

  44. ILLWiLL

    Please adjust low pass filter in DSP. This may get rid of breathing on Air.

  45. ben

    everytime i hear sonny saying…’just a waste of my time” i repeat it in my best impression… funny !

  46. Dan

    Love me some Sasso. Though I wish they had talked to him about “Ski School 2.”

  47. Dude from Vancouver
    Dude from Vancouver04-26-2012

    LA must be horrible, because Vancouver is full of shallow superficial people and some of the most horrible standoffish women in Canada.

    • Poochie's Aunt
      Poochie's Aunt04-28-2012

      Perhaps something YOU are doing is making them stand-offish????
      But, doubt you have any insight into this, obviously.

  48. Balky

    Will Sasso may be the perfect guest: he’s a fan of the show, totally game, starring in a current top 5 box office movie, but not too big a star to seem “above it”, and he’s a great laugher. It’s enough of a change from Joe Walsh to give you the bends…

  49. Ivan

    Adam’s dad NEVER gives a straight answer to Adam’s questions.

  50. edgar

    Sasso is such a cool ass guest. I have truly enjoyed everytime he is on. Please bring him on more often. Always the sport and flawlessly integrates with the crew.

  51. Susie-Q

    Will Sasso, great guest, great calves and an infectious laugh! Bonus that he’s also a fan of the podcast, Love that!! He was very funny……

  52. Susie-Q

    I also love it when Alison gets schooled by Adam about her “liberal progressive mind”. Go Adam!

  53. dickda1

    Box riff was great. The show would not be half as good without Alison and Brian.

  54. crowTrobot

    brilliant episode. funny throughout

  55. TS

    Katie- you are, to paraphrase Carolla, “doing the Lord’s work.”

  56. dave

    when sasso and adam started riffing on the cop pulling him over to check out his calves I straight lost it on the subway. great stuff

  57. Mikeman

    Whatever happened to Donny?

  58. kid_ugly

    this episode should rank amongst the best

  59. Yancy Yeater
    Yancy Yeater04-27-2012

    Sasso’s best impression was his Kenny Rogers. So funny. Great episode

  60. Laura Keplinger
    Laura Keplinger04-27-2012

    Speaking of douchiest douche whoever douched, Adam can’t let his father record a podcast without generating revenue? Wow. He has a studio, it’s not booked 24/7. What’s the extra expense, an hour of
    an engineer’s time?

    • Heull Howser' editor
      Heull Howser' editor04-30-2012

      The expense is bandwidth, not studio time.

  61. Zeke

    I just started the episode… not sure how the gang is going to handle commentary on the 3 Stooges with Sasso. There is no possible way that movie can be complimented in any way.

  62. Willem

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying that Cameron Diaz is overrated.I’ve been thinking that for 15 years now.

  63. donewithidiots

    Excellent material. Exchange with Will Sasso was hilarious. The following Key and Peele was funny as hell.

  64. Eddie

    Wow, check out those veins Sasso’s packing. What’s up with The Rock’s arms? They fucking lubed the shit out of them!

  65. Bucketerium

    Can we please put a limit to the amount of times bald Bryan can use a sound effect per episode/week/ever? He’s funny when he speaks & his drops are generally tolerable, occasionally verging on amusing. But when he plays the same sound we’ve heard a thousand times already over a man who sounds painfully feeble & is barely intelligible, not only is it childish & hard to listen to but it’s a real dick move towards your boss’s father. Was pathetic to hear someone stoop that low.

  66. zero1media

    These type of shows are always the best: when the guest has heard of and likes Adam, and when Adam leaves them in stitches. Add Will Sasso to the list of great guests:

    Lisa Lampanelli
    Chris Jericho
    Frank Stallone
    Artie Lange & Nick diPaolo
    Ben Schwartz
    Kate Flannery
    Adam’s old high school buddies (bring those guys back, btw!)

  67. Sarah

    I just listened to life lessons with old man Carolla, I LOVED IT, I will give money when I can, but c’mon adam…….it can’t be that expensive

  68. Craig

    I think it’s customs that’s really responsible for screening for smugling. The TSA screens passengers for boarding the planes. Although, I’m sure if they found a kilo of coke in your suitcase they would hand you over to a homeland security cop.

  69. cody

    Adam has been talking about sasso’s calves forever and I got to say I am not that impressed. I was waiting to see legs bigger than mine and now I’m disapointed. Still a Big sasso fan guy is hilarious. get it on!

  70. Jim

    Those are not natural calves. Sasso’s juicin. You can also hear his beefed up larynx when he does the Lycas laugh. This is not a waste of my time. Sonnys crazy, musta got a little of Pops’ genes. Thanks for another great show guys.

  71. Glen

    Sasso is a great guest. It’s always fun when the guest is a fan of the show, like Sasso or John Cho.

  72. Jeanette

    Great show! Will Sasso is an awesome guest. Love that contagious laugh of his! Bring him back early and often.

  73. TexasFan

    Lay off your Dad Adam! His podcast is great – totally different and enlightening…and YES I made a donation. Keep his ship afloat Adam – you can afford it! Be the change you wish to see in others!!!!

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