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Show Summary

Will Durst joins Adam and the gang, live from the Irvine Improv. Adam talks about the twins’ birthday, and why he’s simultaneously the greatest and worst dad in the world. He also talks about the cops showing up at his house at 1:30am, and why he’s constantly tempted to eat In’N’Out. Later Adam talks to an audience member celebrating her 21st birthday, and recalls his own experience.

Alison starts up the news discussing a poll which asked who should write a new national anthem. She also brings up a naked bike ride in LA, and Charlie Sheen arguing with a security guard outside the LA Kings’ game. Adam then discusses high school senior pranks, and rants about deputized assholes. Later the guys chat about gay superheroes, annoying restaurant practices, and why Adam loves bread bowls.


Visit http://WillDurst.com, and follow him on Twitter @WillDurst.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. dan

    wow was he wasted or something?

    • jundokungfu

      god i haven’t hear from Will all nite or little i feel for Will..and its 6/14/2012

  2. Kevin

    Your dad looks like a cartoon old man (grandpa) jumped from cartoon land into reality… Perfect Cartoon old man, does he get paid royalties?

  3. Mary

    What exactly was the point of having Will Durst on? Adam didn’t ask him a single question. We didn’t get to hear one word about Durst’s leftist views (I’m assuming he still has them?). I felt bad for him.

    • mnoswad1

      Someone needs to get Adam back on track. Either do the Adam schtick or include the guest………this was downright rude to have a guest on stage and not even ask him one question.

      • e40

        Totally agree. I came here to say just this. Someone, please tell Adam he was a total douche to Will.

  4. Kain

    Happy Friday Ace and team; just cleared cookies/temp files clicked on Amazon banner; pre-ordered new book, saw the book promotion on Jimmy funny stuff. Wish you two would do another man show.

  5. FilipinoSpoonFighting

    I’m so jealous of that damn bouncy castle. WHY COULDN’T YOU BE RICH DAD?!? Just for one damn week in the late 80s?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol06-08-2012

    We just set one of those up at Palm Springs public pool for the senior swim party. I wish we had gone to Home Depot to hire half a dozen fine and friendly latino gentlemen to help in the setting up and moving of this behemoth. We had the hose out to spray down the slide so the extra water made it that much heavier and harder to fold up and move.

  7. Dean

    We are no longer the tallest people in the world NOT because I ate McDonalds the other day…its about the demo change. Our newfound shortness comes from people south of the border moving here in droves.

  8. Butt_Secks

    Will Durst . . . He did it all for the nookie!

  9. Paul C.
    Paul C.06-08-2012

    Wow, a comic tour de force from the Ace Man! He really brought it in this show.

  10. Dick Face
    Dick Face06-08-2012

    The bouncy castle in the pool is the greatest idea in the world and looks so god damn fun!!! I could play on that for weeks…in fact i would move in and live in it!

  11. kebin

    Adam you didn’t even let Will Durst speak. You are becoming a horrible Dick.

    • TheMidsizeLebowski

      Wait, what? Durst is a comedian, it was his job to jump in and be entertaining…he just didn’t do it. Adam never interviews guests during live shows. He brings comedians and expects them to perform.

      • stnuntrnd

        didn’t he ask questions of Ira Glass at Carolines?

      • e40

        Did you hear how fast Adam was talking the entire episode? It was like he was on speed. That probably had something to do with Will not being able to jump in.

    • Eric

      I’ve never heard of Will Durst, but I felt bad for him. Maybe Adam was drunk. It really seemed classless. I would say he deserves an apology, but I have a feeling an apology from Adam would be more of an insulting rant than an apology.

  12. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron06-08-2012

    Good show. They should have talked to Will Durst a little more considering a lot of us probably have no clue who he is…and still don’t!

  13. Hood

    Alison are you sure it wasn’t a bogus email to get you to sign into your Paypal account so they could really steal your money?…Cause that sort of thing is happening.

    • MC White
      MC White06-10-2012

      I agree. This $86.00 charge sounds like just a ruse. Trust me, they want a lot more than $86. I suspect Allison didn’t explain it right, didn’t understand it, or something else. Sorry, $86 is nothing to these Nigerian scam artists!

  14. Lauren

    Was Will Durst really on the show?

  15. Dan

    Carolla! Patent the floating bouncy castle. Email me if you’re interested.

  16. goatfucker

    great show & stories today

  17. Yarms Bakersontonmantino
    Yarms Bakersontonmantino06-08-2012

    I’m a bit surprised and impressed that Adam actually remembered the name “Lando Calrissian.”

  18. Meh

    Great response to the Carolla/Prager episode…………… http://bigromey.wordpress.com/2012/06/08/the-inconvenient-side-of-probability/

  19. evan

    will durst barely said anything lol

  20. goatfucker

    i guess will durst spent the show looking for a parking space?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-11-2012

      It’s hard to get a word in when the Aceman is on a roll.

  21. Gottagetiton

    Love Adams genius, but honestly prefer Adams usual one on one podcasts to the live shows… I think Adam is at his best in the comfort of his own studio… Though, I understand he’s gotta the pay the bills and I shouldn’t be complaining about a free podcast..

    Otherwise, anyone else feel Adam should be booking more relevant guests? feel like there are a million celebrities past and present that would make for an interesting interview.

    What happened to David Wilde’s celebrity connections he was gunna bring in? He was supposed to bring in Bob Dylan..?!!!

    Best formula for this podcast: Find a celeb that Adam takes a personal interest in, respects in some way or actually has questions for and you get the most awesome interview with Adam asking what no other interviewer will ask, otherwise you get him asking his guest one or two questions, not listening to the answer and then going off on his own rants for the rest of the show.

    Are a lot of celebs afraid to come on his show?

  22. Les

    Ace Man,
    Construction workers on CA school jobs are now subject to Live Scan.

    Get it on.

  23. thedecade

    Was there a guest today? I didn’t hear him until the end in which he said it was like being on a roller-coaster but sitting in the back car.

  24. Andrew

    Who gave less on the pod, Christian Madsen or Will Durst?

    • Matt

      Funny observation… I think Madsen was actually just in awe of Adam and could not spit the words from his mouth. But his pops doing Nolte was good.

  25. Aaron

    I like that the 21 year old never actually got to ask her question.

    • Jeb

      Yeah!! I thought I was the only one to notice.

  26. sean

    Will Durst…..a comedian….??? Dude was horrible to listen to

  27. OC

    Allison – sounds like you received a phishing email (ie., Paypal or eBay). If it was a paypal email, just go into your paypal account and see if there is an actual transaction. I get these types of emails all the time. It’s really just a way to pass system virus’s.

  28. heapoftears

    looking good with the coffin nail and the Persol shades, Ace Man.

    • Just Me
      Just Me06-10-2012

      That’s Sheen!

  29. Jeff

    The bike slang term for the split saddle is a “nut rut”.

  30. the point man
    the point man06-08-2012

    Will Durst was out of his league…

  31. Steve

    He didn’t say much but he didn’t detract from the show either, which is all I really care about. Listen to the episode with Vince from Entourage and his jerkoff friend to hear what happens when someone with nothing interesting to say won’t shut up.

    • stnuntrnd

      as said on this episode, quote: “Lots of details …, and no humor.”

  32. BEATnick

    the same paypal hack happened to me. noticed over $800 in postage going to russia 2 years ago. Turns out it happens a lot.

  33. Alan 'Lucite' Corolla
    Alan 'Lucite' Corolla06-08-2012

    Will Durst seems a little meek.

  34. DonnySac

    A new National Anthem is something Albert Brooks came up with a long time ago.

  35. Jason

    Will Durst didn’t say anything, but that’s not the Aceman’s fault. Maybe he isn’t used to improvising. Carolla was on fire that night. I’m starting to think he is an improv savant or something. And I prefer the live shows. Hilarious podcast!

  36. Dan

    You sure the cops didn’t just show up for your 911 about the drunk driver?? At least now you know how to get them to come out there… Make someone else call.

  37. stnuntrnd

    Let’s move Will Durst to the front seat of the roller coaster, have him back for a one-on-one with Adam.

  38. Moonie

    I was at this show and Will Durst looked and acted like a spare prick the entire time. Adam and the crew were fantastic,however, and the show was excellent.

  39. Lawn Chair
    Lawn Chair06-09-2012

    In you look closely it says ‘On lighting: Will Durst’

    Rampart?…That’s your penis…and speaking of low hanging fruit…how many quarts of blood in Adam’s penis story?…12? The human body has 6 on average…that’s not 1 per inch that’s the whole human body…it’d be like 2 segments of the Human Centipede grafted to your crotch. You could call yourself the human T-boner.

  40. Lawn Chair
    Lawn Chair06-09-2012

    Adam greets the cop and he’s semi- aroused…at least his body is honest 🙂

    “Look out he’s got a gun!”
    “Look out he’s got a Pee shooter!”
    “Look out he’s got a P Azadora!”
    “Look out he’s got a David at an Borrough!”

  41. Kathy

    Why didn’t Adam try to include Will Durst in any of the conversations? It was as if Adam was purposely leaving him out. Adam is normlly more considerate toward his guests. Weird.

  42. Olga

    Holy Hell, I would jump from that window into the jumpcastle SO HARD

  43. chickenandwaffles

    Who cares about will durst… I’m glad I didn’t have to listen to him speak.

  44. set

    he seemed drinky; and whats up with the guest

  45. Marcus

    Was anyone else shocked that Adam knew about Ham from the Bible? He’s a pretty obscure figure for a self-professed illiterate atheist reference.

  46. poolboy

    Adam, you won the “celebrity” Toyota grand prix. Not the Toyota grand prix. Great show ace man!

  47. Matt

    Bald Bryan had the best drop of the night with Cherry Pie and the 21 year old. Freaking hilarious. And Durst was fine. You could tell he was not used to the format but maybe if someone agrees to do something, they should investigate and see what it is all about? Just a thought…

  48. Nolan

    I remember one of the reasons I stopped listening to the Hollywood Babble-On podcast was because they had 5-6 minutes of commercials at the beginning and a bunch throughout. Let’s hope the trend doesn’t start with Adam’s podcast.

    • m night
      m night06-12-2012

      ever heard of fast forward on your mp3 player?

  49. Mitchell

    Whenever Adam goes onto someone else’s podcast he out-talks and out-funnies them. He did the same here with Will Durst. DAG may talk a lot, but Adam outfunnies him by miles. Ralphie May is one who might have the goods to really keep up with Adam.

  50. m night
    m night06-12-2012

    durst is a comedian? couldn’t tell from this podcast. he had almost nothing to say all show.

  51. Yossarian

    I always dread the live shows. So forced. They can be painful to listen to,,

  52. jundokungfu

    then again..it was Will fault..he didn’t say anything..wow Will come ONNNN

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