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The show opens with further discussion of yesterday’s ‘You Are The Coolest’ music video. Adam also rants about a frustrating experience at home, and responds to a couple tweets about how few original movies are made now, and the ridiculousness of the Lotto. Alison then starts up the news discussing Santorum’s exit from the Presidential race, and how the teenage birthrate has fallen to a record low. Adam recalls watching ’16 and Pregnant’ with Lynette, and talks about irresponsible teenagers.

After the break, Adam jumps to the phones to take your calls. One caller is looking for a summer gig, and Adam complains about how teachers and firemen need to work harder. He also talks to a caller about steroid use in the UFC. Next up, Adam takes your tweets for a round of What Can’t Adam Complain About. The show wraps up with a couple more news stories: a 13-year-old who took over after his bus driver had a heart attack, and the costs of Whitney Houston’s funeral.


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Deacon Jones

Kid Driving Bus

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  1. Katie


    I’d illustrate pro bono


    <3 Katie

  2. Michael Tontimonia
    Michael Tontimonia04-11-2012

    The Revolutionary War was paid for in part with a National Lottery sanctioned by the Continental Congress, so The Founding Fathers might not have had a problem with gambling and lotteries. dam should watch the History Channel a little more before he starts assuming thing about the men who founded this country.


  3. Michael Tontimonia
    Michael Tontimonia04-11-2012

    The first settlement at Jamestown was also funded with a lottery in England, so this great country Adam believes in so much WOULD NOT EXIST without a lottery and the greed of other humans.

  4. Caveman73

    “…a mans head or a woman….” LMFAO! Oh political correctness is there nothing you can’t make funny?

  5. Redacted for SEO
    Redacted for SEO04-11-2012

    Best photo yet of the ACS team. Alison is gorgeous!

  6. Jake

    Almost no one says Obi One Kenobi and almost no one says Star Trak. The selection bias is strong in this one.

  7. Sluggh

    Good-lookin’ group!

  8. Mark

    Adam, I’m from the UK and believe me, we hate that blowhard morgan every bit as much as you. He’s a nasty piece of work, a truly hateful gobshite, but he’s your problem now. We all hope for the day we get the sad news of him being found hanging in a wardrobe, wearing womens lingerie in yet another tragic (and no way amusing) celebrity auto erotic asphyxiation mishap.

  9. Paul

    Ironically my brother won 100k on the daily # yesterday.

  10. jg323

    i want to kiss Allison’s boobies…

  11. Chad

    More and more I feel bad for Adam and his hatred of teachers. I had really good teachers throughout my life–and they worked really hard, were always available, and did great work.

    What’s more, I sincerely doubt our teachers are overpaid. Last I checked the starting salary for a teacher is an average of 40 grand a year.

  12. Steve f/Royal Oak
    Steve f/Royal Oak04-12-2012

    Closest thing I’ve seen to a full body shot of Alison. Nothing to hide there.

  13. MrMind

    Lol @ Bald Bryan

  14. Neil

    Stoked for Saturday’s hangover cure/hangover intensifier. Nice one, Aceman. Thank ye.

  15. Norm Walker
    Norm Walker04-12-2012

    Hey we still haven’t got a nice tour of the new studio! I was hoping there would be something on YouTube of Adam taking us around showing us what all of our Amazon purchases bought.

  16. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy04-12-2012

    Love how some of Adams’s favorite movies that he loves so much (the “Fast” series) happens to be a sequel upon sequels, which he hates!

  17. Bobby

    Great rant against state sanctioned gambling and for getting off your ass and working hard. That’s why we need desperately to scale down our bloated federal government (less taxes & regulation) and get them out of the way of free Americans that just want to work hard and excel in this great nation.

  18. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy04-12-2012

    What has happened to our society that we don’t close moist towel lids. We need to figure out that super specific gene that has evolved in the brain in the brain over the past hundreds of thousands of years and is responsible for opening and closing the lids and see what’s going on in there. Let’s get our top neuroscientist on this one, stat.

    And the lottery is the number one scourge of our society, responsible for more destruction, death, harm, molestation and tampering than 9/11, slavery, racism (oh wait, there isn’t really racism, scratch that one), wars, pollution, homicide, and all other societal ills combined. We really need to focus on this one people. The lottery is what destroyed the Roman Empire. It’s what also what won the American Revolution. George Washington’s real plan was to drop lottery tickets into the British Empire and disperse them amongst their soldiers. That’s the real reason Britten gave up and why they no longer have a global empire. We need to think before with let the fate of the lottery destroy our society! Why is Adam THE ONLY ONE WHO sees this?!?!?! Wake up people!

  19. DeBoh

    As someone who had sex at 16 and was in Marching Band I can only assume I was the exception to the rule because I absolutely wanted to have sex but also absolutely did not want kids. The girl I was dating was on the pill and I didn’t trust her enough to take it everyday and I still used condoms.

  20. Matt

    You know what’s wildly fucked out, complaining about how the Lotto is a tax on the poor. I’m starting to feel like this is a complaint moderately intelligent people repeat endlessly to make themselves seem smarter.

  21. Mark

    Alison, you are so god damn good looking.

  22. Dan

    Good discussion around condoms…dudes, when we where our raincoats we protect everybody!

    • Dan


  23. Bobby F
    Bobby F04-12-2012

    I can’t stand all the “up-in-arms” about how much a city pays the cops for funeral duty. We’re the idiots who take the day off work to line up to watch the body of a crack head drive by in a herse. We only have ourselves to blame for the city spending so much tax money to maintain order amongst the gawkers.

  24. Aaron


    Your son sounds like Bart Simpson. Congratulations.

  25. Nick

    Adam, I am sorry but I have to disagree with you regarding office pools. You have to participate, because you do not want to be the one asshole that does not win the lottery.

  26. Elle Lowell
    Elle Lowell04-12-2012

    Seriously irritating, totally defeats the purpose of having already ‘moist-with-cleaner’ wipes!

  27. setlasmon

    that picture is fucking adorable

  28. Elle Lowell
    Elle Lowell04-12-2012

    Raiders is an original isn’t it?

  29. FrankJaeger

    I hate Alison’s fake laugh…

  30. Gregg Scott
    Gregg Scott04-12-2012

    I love the show so this is only some feedback for the betterment of it!. The new studio looks great but the audio isn’t nearly as good as it was. Adam’s microphone now sounds like s**t. It sounds hollow and thin. Also the level and Bryan’s drops is too low. The equalization of the drops make them sound muddy and flat perhaps in contrast to the new sound of Adam’s microphone. Everyone sounds like their on a different mic and overall it doesn’t sound like you’re using any processing which would help a lot. If this were TV it would probably be fine. Bryan could be louder too. Alison also tends to speak and read the news with such low energy and volume it can be hard to hear her in ear buds.

    • Jenn

      I concur. Audio needs fine tuning.

    • Girlphnx

      I third that motion. Audio needs to be improved.

  31. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton04-12-2012

    I Pre-ordered “Not Taco Bell Material” today on Amazon by clicking-through the Adam Carolla website. I am travelling a lot in Europe this Summer and need something funny to read on the planes and trains.

  32. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks04-12-2012

    I kinda think that it sucked so bad living in post-war England that folks over there could very much relate to the blues.

  33. Jason

    Nice Show!!. Dan Dyer “High Horse” is another good song.

  34. Alan Capolla
    Alan Capolla04-12-2012

    Adam was wrong for once! Overeem has had steroid rumors forever and he’s not exactly black…

  35. Brett

    ACE – I own my own business but my wife and mother are both teachers and even in my most intense times they worked more hours per day than I did – lot more time than just class room time.

  36. Mike

    Come on Dawson and/or Gary, let’s get on the before and after studio pictures as well as the video tour already.

  37. Lou in WA
    Lou in WA04-12-2012

    I remember riding the big yellow bus and yes, they did teach us at one point about the air brake and the ignition, and if we needed to, how we should pull the air brake and then turn off ignition once the bus stopped. That was required, also once a year we would have to pile out the emergency exits upon getting to school in the AM, which was a welcome break in the 8-3 grind that is elementary school. Important stuff.

  38. Ace

    Alison you’re so pretty, don’t be afraid to show a little skin! It’s not 1912, you can proudly display your ankles and more now and you won’t be stoned for it. And get rid of those big ass boots you always wear on stage, I wanna see those stems babydoll!

  39. donnie mitchell
    donnie mitchell04-12-2012

    Great episode, sometimes its almost better without a guest.
    Adam and Allison can carry the show
    P.S. Allison is extremely gorgeous

  40. Sarah Raw
    Sarah Raw04-12-2012

    This tells you the difference between Rye and Whiskey….. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rye_whiskey

  41. Ras

    These Show Summaries and thumbnail images are getting more and more bush-league. Remember, an organization’s website might be the first gateway for potential new eyes and ears to this podcast. If the episode page looks like some junior college quality afterthought then people will pass right to Louis CK’s website. Come on Matt – get off your ass (and the porcelain) and do your thing.

  42. Ben

    Good show ACE

  43. Stacey E
    Stacey E04-12-2012

    That Adam Carolla is a handsome fellow. (and ted nugent is a twat, I thank you.)

  44. benyens

    Reggie White was the most dominant pass rusher.

  45. Tony

    Allison! I don’t think that any father, Rick Santorum included, would tell his hospitalized sick daughter to “fuck off”. Leave the jokes to Adam.

  46. Phil

    what happened to chris jericho?

  47. lawrence nelson jr
    lawrence nelson jr04-12-2012

    why don’t you just hold your hands next the entrance of the toilettes bottle and snap it off at the dotted line when you see it? problem solved

  48. dingo


  49. RAM

    To the teacher, looking for a summer job; Disneyland loves hiring teachers. The schedules work well (summers off, holidays, etc…) the pay is not great, but it’s not digging a ditch either.

    You are generally working with decent people and lot’s of hot girls there.

    Just sayin’

  50. Jeanette


  51. joe mo
    joe mo04-13-2012

    brian looks awesome in this shot!

  52. Jay

    Can you guys lower the volume on your recordings? It is almost impossible to lower the volume to the point where it is not loud

  53. Alex

    What happened to this episode? It can’t be streamed or downloaded at the moment…

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