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The show opens with Ray Oldhafer in studio, and the gang argues about the definition of the word idiosyncratic. Adam talks with Ray about the time he jumped naked off the roof of the Mulholland Club, and also recalls Sonny’s championship basketball season. Later the guys answer your home improvement questions, and talk to a caller who works at a ranchero music station.

Wayne White enters the studio next, and talks about his redneck past and how he wanted to become an artist. They talk about his early dirty puppet shows and how he ultimately became a part of Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Wayne also discusses being approached to be the subject of a documentary and explains the title and phrase, ‘Beauty is Embarrassing.’

Alison opens the news discussing the continuing damage of Hurricane Isaac along the gulf coast. The guys also talk about Tony Danza potentially running for Mayor of New York, which leads into a longer conversation about some of the guys’ favorite TV personalities from their youth. Later they chat about Seth MacFarlane hosting SNL, and the accidental release of the Apple employee handbook. As the show wraps up, Adam talks with Maxipada about a masturbation poll and the flexibility of the Dutch.


The documentary ‘Beauty is Embarrassing’ will be in select theaters on September 7th. Visit http://WayneWhiteArt.com for more info, and follow Wayne on Twitter @SeeWayneWhite.

Also follow Ray on Twitter @RayOldhafer, and listen to Ace on the House every Saturday.


Jim Nabors Singing

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol08-29-2012

    GET IT ON !

    • Chuck

      There is NO better phrase than “condescending yodel”

  2. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-29-2012

    Had no idea Kaczynski was out on parole…

    • Johnnyrocket

      Goddamn it! Straight beat me to it! I rushed on here to post this.

    • Brian

      And he’s a fucking CHAMPION at Ass Kiss Rodeo.

    HE'S IN THERE SHITTING!08-29-2012

    The Fondiler commode song is literally the best thing to come out of this podcast in ages.

    It’s a stunning piece of creativity.

    • david

      Every time they play it I sit here at work grinning like an idiot and then spend rest of the day humming it.

    • Matt

      It really is the best. It’s been stuck in my head for days. Normally, that can get annoying, but, in this case, I have no problem with it.

  4. Alfredo J. Pacino
    Alfredo J. Pacino08-30-2012

    Did everyone already get their NTBM bookplates? Haven’t received mine yet.

    • toorude89

      Mine just cam 2 days ago. I had forgotten/given up on it, but it’s coming.

    • T Money (no hyphen)
      T Money (no hyphen)08-30-2012

      He said yesterday he’s working on them

    • aceheartspie

      Got mine shortly after the book was released. “Send your emails to the porcelain punisher”

    • Mary

      I got mine about 2 weeks ago.

    • El Gordo Loco
      El Gordo Loco08-30-2012

      <- book-plate was received.

    • Paul

      Still havn’t received my NTBM bookplate.

    • TL

      Yes, I got mine over a month ago. They are probably sending them out in batches.

    • Jimbo5300

      Nope…haven’t got mine yet

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-31-2012

      What will you all do with your signed book plate? Leave it to your children along with your frescos, what’s a fresco anyways?

    • bruce

      I got mine…. delivered to Australia !
      Get it On !

  5. Geoff


  6. jw

    Wayne is a great interesting guest.

    • Anniepatra

      Agreed. Great guest and one of the better podcasts in a long while. I’m glad alison asked about the title of the documentary and that Wayne was able to talk a bit about it. Also, a lot of new ideas and thoughts in this one as opposed to rehashed material.

      Love “He’s In There Shitting” and Ray was funny too.

  7. Sluggh

    No shit. The Unabomber. Finally! Give Mike August a raise!

  8. Connard

    Although not as well known as his brother Walter, Wayne White has some very cool art (Google image search his name).

  9. nAAter

    Your showering habits ARE idiosyncratic!

  10. TIMOTH

    I wish i was Ray

  11. PodCastFanChris

    I got my book plate and it looks great. Thanks Aceman!!!

  12. Nick Easter
    Nick Easter08-30-2012

    Wayne White sounds like an angry, bitter mother fucker. He reminds me of myself.

  13. Rrrrr

    Who are these street Gents.

  14. Peanut

    Righty / Lefty

  15. whitey

    Wayne White is awesome! He hates everything!

  16. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent08-30-2012

    Who the fuck tuned into Who’s the Boss for anything other than Alyssa Milano!

  17. Gregers

    I was just starting to miss Isaac Hayes.

  18. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco08-30-2012

    “Idiosyncratic” was spoken a total of 47 times in this podcast

  19. Canepa

    How many 959s are in those pictures of Canepa’s garage? Holy sh!t

  20. Berg

    Nice to see Unabomber and Deranged Middle-aged Cherub have finally made up and came on the show together

  21. PhilPhil

    Re: The discussion about right-or-left handed wanking.

    Men who can use either hand may be said to be “ambidickstrous”. You’re welcome.

  22. John Roberts
    John Roberts08-30-2012

    At first glance i thought it said “Wayne Knight”… I was hoping for some Newman from Seinfeld.

  23. Tyler

    Awesome. Adam talks about 70’s tv hair again for 20 mins.

  24. Adam F
    Adam F08-30-2012

    Righty, Righty? ….”thats right” “thats right.” Bald Bryan rocks! JUST A WASTE OF MY TIME!

  25. Kelly

    BB needs a “Mr. Negativity” drop. How many times was the word “hate” uttered in this podcast? Adam started playing along. LOL!

  26. john

    Informal Survey: I’m right handed, use the left hand.

    This is why, growing up with Penthouse et al, you used the right hand to turn pages.
    Now with the internet, you use your right hand on the mouse.

    Plus, someone told me a lot of soccer players kick with the non-dominant foot, to give you more control.

  27. BTG

    Hell yeah RAY!!!!!

  28. Mo

    Great guest.

  29. Horus

    good guest with an actual personality. More like this please.

    • Stu Carl
      Stu Carl08-30-2012

      I agree. It’s nice to hear someone talk and actually have some measure of thought preceeding it. He was 1 – 2 – 3 about anything. Love that. I’d love to hear him on more regular-like.

  30. paddym

    great guest

  31. daddy_monkey

    I’ve married a woman who had 1 boy and 2 girls from a previous marriage. None of them can remeber to turn the lights out. I tried to institute a small fine for the kids leaving their lights on. I figured that they would be more aware if they knew they would be punished. My wife wasn’t happy with that because she is the biggest offender. She said, “what are you going to do, fine me too?” I laughed at her and said, “I don’t have to. So Cal Edison does it every time you leave a light on whether I catch you or not. They catch you every time!”

  32. 3rd Mijo
    3rd Mijo08-30-2012

    Don’t boot Ray! They should have Ray on everyday.

  33. Afee

    Ummm…the Unibomber called. Right? That guy looks just like Ted Kaczynski!

  34. Whitney

    I am pretty sure the car on the left in the picture of the turquoise maverick is actually a Chevy Nova.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-31-2012


  35. Mister Lister
    Mister Lister08-30-2012

    great show i had so much fun woop!

    i want adam to like accordions more, i wish he stared hanging out with Dropkick Murphy’s

  36. Justin

    Great guest, Ace. Have this dude back.

  37. Dustin

    They always fucking cut the Ace on the house theme before the porcelain punisher part and it drives me fucking CRAZY!

  38. goatfucker

    funny bit on the hair, it always bothered me also.
    & that shithead bj ruined mash. he sucked.

  39. Devbo

    Good to see Ray!!!!

  40. david

    Used to be exclusively righty/righty but via years of internet porn, I’ve become jerkbidexterous. Being able to turn southpaw so that the right is free to use the mouse is a LUXURY.

  41. AlKnox

    Wayne White, great guest and fellow Tennessean! Great Show!

  42. adam

    Great episode. I really enjoyed Wayne.

  43. SamuelJH

    Thank you cast and crew.

  44. Edna's Edibles
    Edna's Edibles08-30-2012

    Righty / Lefty

  45. Grendel Jones
    Grendel Jones08-30-2012

    I was delighted a few weeks back when Adam decreed “quarter round is for white trash, you hear me!” Funny, funny stuff. Well maybe only funny if you work with quarter round on a daily basis. But this listener thought it was hilarious. Imagine my pleasure when the quarter round versus base shoe debate resurfaced! I can vouch for Adam- quarter round is used solely by people who don’t value their home and contractors taking shortcuts or covering mistakes. The larger the mistake, the larger the quarter round. People who take pride in their work or home use base shoe.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-31-2012

      The More you Know!

  46. Paul

    Ray’s on the off hand Jack because he’s German & Fucked up… Any Questions??

  47. A in No CA
    A in No CA08-30-2012

    Great guest, please have him back.

  48. Fitzfan

    Wayne White invented nerd rage.

  49. Zach

    Someone please inform Adam that the chode is the same thing as the taint; the space between your balls and your ass. It sounds like he’s under the impression that it’s another name for your dick.

    • .

      I have more commonly heard it used to describe a girthy, but short, penis.

  50. Facepalm

    Man, I remember hearing Jim Nabors sing at some midwest state fair ( Illinois or Wisconsin) when I was a kid in the 70’s. He had a voice that would leave you awestruck. Gomer/ Goober gots some pipes alright. Hell, imagine if was on American Idol nowadays, You’d be laughing at his Intro, and jaws would drop when he’d start singing. “By GOLLLLLY!”

  51. Chris

    Right handed but use my left hand. The right hand is the mouse hand…

  52. Brian Livesay
    Brian Livesay08-30-2012

    Putting :55 seconds on the microwave instead of 1:00 is one of Adam’s idiosyncrasies.

  53. Sam Ross
    Sam Ross08-30-2012

    Anyone else notice that Ray looks like Danny O Day with glasses…

  54. Nick

    What in gods name does “A’s V” mean?

    • Richie

      Alison’s Vagina

  55. Off Hand Technique
    Off Hand Technique08-30-2012

    If you’re right-handed there’s a compelling practical reason to use your left: Interface. Using your left frees up your right to work the mouse. Not an issue if you’re a natural southpaw, (unless you have one of these weird lefty mice), but vital functionality for those of us with properly-wired brains. Frankly, I can’t even figure out what the hell the rest of you are doing.

  56. urlhix

    Agreed, jw, Best episode in a while.

  57. Shelby

    Lefty, Righty
    Got foreskin never bothered with lube.
    If you get caught in the shower just yell “It’s my soap I’ll wash as fast as I like!”

  58. HotBlackDesoto

    Kaczynski was a very engaging and entertaining guest and Alison was hilarious. May the lube be spread on thick tonight!

  59. Robert

    Wayne was a great guest and I love Ray. Great pod!

  60. Ace

    Righty/lefty here. Your right hand is for the mouse, I think I made the switch back in ’93 or so.

  61. jorm_valadez

    I didn’t know who the guest was. But when they mentioned TSP, the song Tonight Tonight, and the video, and he made it. It was really awesome, glad I listened today.

  62. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana08-30-2012

    I don’t like Seth. He’s witty, but not insightful. He’s a bully. That’s why I think South Park is a better show. It’s more than the fact SP has a plot and a story. It has culture, not anti-culture.

    The Happy Days pic reminded me an episode when Fonzie turned blind (temporarily — and there’s no such thing as blind “temporarily”).

    You know, despite it’s goofiness, I’m still moved by that stupid episode. Everyone played their role.

    Think about how you want things to run when you are dead.

    Is that a stupid idea? How long will you live?

    • Rex Montana
      Rex Montana08-30-2012

      Basically, I want to build stuff, and people who don’t, I consider shit. Put that on my tombstone.

  63. harry seaward
    harry seaward08-30-2012

    I found todays epp to be really good, caught myself laughin out loud a few times. Alison was great and so was BaldB. I want me some Shek soon, i hope he comes on with Warren Sapp.

  64. Izzy

    Wayne White was a great guest. He kept up with the banter, and was a really interesting, funny guy. Have him on again soon! You could tell he has plenty of stories to tell about show business.

  65. mIKE

    What happened to Andrew WK?

  66. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana08-30-2012

    Jim Nabors looks like the ponce pontificating propaganda in that Julie Trainor film, Titus Adronicus.

    A very disturbing film. You know, women have a monopoly on horror. They can measure disgusting, with a band.

  67. Jeff

    If you’re a righty/righty, what’s it like working the mouse with your weak hand?

  68. All Balls
    All Balls08-31-2012

    You pre-load the videos obviously.

  69. guy

    I’m righty and go off-hand jack

  70. Chuck

    The only time I’ve ever seen unanimous guest approval on this board (even for Ray–that guy has just enough tard in him to be super entertaining). And I’ll add to the love:

    Saw the name/picture of the guest, hadn’t heard of him, and assumed it would be a snoozer pod. Never been so happy to be wrong.

    Great to have a guest who has real and passionate opinions on a lot of the same inane subjects as Adam. It’s why we listen to the show.

    And even more so, SO refreshing to hear someone talk freely about the people they’ve worked with, esp when the people were dickholes.

    Please have him on again. And the more Ray, the better.

  71. Raynman

    Righty Righty, Lube Free, voyeuer

  72. Justin

    Does anyone know if the song used for Ray’s home improvement segment is a parody of another?

  73. Shaner

    Is it me or does Ray look like the 10 year younger version of the wizard on the wizard of oz?

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