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At the top of the show, Adam wishes Alison a Happy Birthday and hears about her upcoming plans. He also talks about a day at the LA Zoo with the kids, and complains about them always needing a gift whenever they leave the house. Alison then starts up the news talking about Biden’s apology to Obama, and a controversial Time Magazine cover. Adam also talks to a couple of callers, and Alison reads a new chapter from her fake pregnancy memoir.

Warren Littlefield joins the show next, and shares Adam’s thoughts on chicken-shit tickets for license plates. They also talk about his book, ‘Top of the Rock,’ and his experience as former NBC chairman. Later they talk about the current state of TV and discuss highlights from some of Warren’s successful programming like Cheers, Golden Girls, and Seinfeld.

Back to the news, the group talks about Community being renewed, and Warren shares some behind the scene stories from Friends. John Travolta is also in the news as he fights various allegations from his masseurs, and Adam complains about the standard system of measurement compared to metric. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about people being busted with truck nuts, and the new box office record set by The Avengers.


Pick up your copy of Warren’s book by clicking through our Amazon link.


Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Tim

    So, where is the link to this ring tone?

    • Joe Baker
      Joe Baker05-13-2012

      I agree trying to find everywhere

    • Selina

      It’s on itunes

  2. Katie


    great show as always 🙂


    • stnuntrnd

      Peddling? or selling cookies from your bike, which might then be pedalling …

      • Katie

        ped·dle (verb)

        a. To travel about selling (wares): peddling goods from door to door.
        b. To engage in the illicit sale of (narcotics)

        but pedaling bikes works too 🙂

    • Joe Baker
      Joe Baker05-13-2012

      Love your stuff Katie, good times

    • George

      Baa ha ha, as Ace-man says, “Good stuff”. Damn, you’re “a bit of alright” too.

  3. Stacey E
    Stacey E05-11-2012

    Umm, aren’t Adam’s kids expecting way too much because their parents overindulge them? I remember when the radio show was on and Adam was talking about needing to get them a playground set, because he basically “had” to. -Since when?- He and Lynette always talk about kids that feel entitled, and then turn around and basically entitle their kids. I realize they don’t want to be the parents theirs’ were, but they’re often way too overindulgent. The kids think they deserve constant presents because you give them constant presents. Send them to China to work in a Nike factory, that’ll teach ’em.

    • An Onny
      An Onny05-14-2012

      Agree. Kids need to be told before an outing: “Look, we’re going to such and such a place today, but we will not be buying toys. And if you start whining about wanting toys, we will be leaving and not coming back. ” They need to know they cannot wear the parents down. Adam and Lynette better start putting their foot down NOW at this age before it’s way too late.

    • Claudia

      Perhaps Joan Crawford was on to something when she made her daughter Christina pick and keep one present from her birthday party gifts and the rest of the gits were sent to an orphanage.

  4. Patrick

    Does Adam have different clothes? Or did he do 30 podcasts in one day, in that one shirt?

    • Cole

      who cares it’s a podcast. He’s not on television so why does it matter what he wears?

    • Piss

      Sometimes I’ll wear the same t-shirt for 3 days Patrick. It sounds like you need a job or a life.

  5. Ryan II
    Ryan II05-11-2012

    I can do the math too, but the Metric system is half way here. Let’s embrace it and move on.

  6. Gafzini

    Where’s the link for the Sonny “waste of my time” download???

  7. Reb

    Alison always sounds 12 years old when she says “my boyfriend.”

    • Poochie's Aunt
      Poochie's Aunt05-15-2012

      Agree, like she is ashamed/embarrassed or something?

  8. Cg

    This guy has an awful voice, but worse, I can hear waaay too much of what’s going on inside his apparently overly-moist mouth.

    • Bo B
      Bo B05-11-2012

      I got really distracted by the mouth, but to me it sounded too dry.

    • Piss

      An overly-moist mouth is better than a dry snatch, Cg.

    • TNelson

      God dammit that was driving me absolutely nuts!!!

      • TOTI

        I checked in to see if anyone else was bothered. I had to turn it off. It was distracting and disgusting.

    • Jack

      I never look at the comments but holy shit I needed to know if anyone else noticed how gross that guy’s voice/mouth was.

  9. CJ

    Cockpit: good name for A’s vee?

    • Joe Baker
      Joe Baker05-13-2012


  10. Peter North
    Peter North05-11-2012

    Things Adam Knows About: Cars, Construction, and Documentaries

    Things Adam DOESN’T Know About: Music and Books

    Things Adam Thinks He Knows About: Everything

    • Dave

      You forgot boxing, comedy, filling auditoriums, the entertainment industry, why LA and America sucks, human nature, radio, podcasting, …

      I’ll give him a pass on his music and books, even though sometomes he’s right about those things too.

  11. madmonk

    How do I get the ringtone?

  12. Me

    Adam complains about ” the kids” …well he’s the parent, he &Lynette are the ones who are training THEIR kids, not society. What is a problem is parents without the balls to tell their kids no, it’s easier to give in. The kids have trained the parents. Not because of societal problems, (he did say the kids were saying call mommy) it’s because his children are entitled …just wait until they are teenagers!

  13. Me

    Adam complains about ” the kids” …well he’s the parent, he &Lynette are the ones who are training THEIR kids, not society. What is a problem is parents without the balls to tell their kids no, it’s easier to give in. The kids have trained the parents. Not because of societal problems, (he did say the kids were saying call mommy) it’s because his children are entitled …just wait until they are teenagers!

  14. Kain

    Love the show

  15. bill

    More ear raping from Brian. I’m worn out, can’t take much more of this.

    • Gean


  16. MG

    Just FYI, In Japan, it is common for a child to sleep with their mom or dad, in the same bed, until J.H.S.. Breast feeding often occurs beyond age 5, often. Research it, it is 100% true.

    • Jim

      In Japan they also bath in a common bath tub with total strangers. We, in this country, don’t do that either. Nuf said.

    • Uso

      That’s BS. I’m Japanese. Maybe you were in some Japanese hippy colony.

      • JZ

        Your mom just didn’t like you.

  17. Matt in NH
    Matt in NH05-11-2012

    Adam’s boy sounds exactly like Bart Simpson.

  18. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper05-11-2012

    Glad you’re not MY dad, Carolla.

    • Jim

      I bet he is also.

    • Jake

      I’m sure he’s proud he’s not raising a kid who goes by the name “Anal Ripper” on public forums.

  19. McMichael

    Good work on not indulging the kids with the zoo toys. Nip this behavior now and they won’t grow up to collect a million dollars worth of cars that they don’t drive…Come-on Adam, treat the kids, for cryin’ out loud. They won’t learn a lesson of rationality about the amount of toys they have; but they will remember their pops being special to them.

  20. kebin

    Where can we get the Sonny ringtome? You’re just a wastin my time……

  21. Fieldengineer

    Did not realize why Adam does not like the no front license plate. Soln: Get the Legislature to write a law for an “exotic or luxury exemption w/ fee”- or move to AZ. AZ has no front license plate law . But they do not let you drive around with “dealer” cardboard – out here they date the cardboard and put the year and make of car.

  22. reb

    warren littlefield: what an insufferable blowhard. when he’s not crediting “ER” with fundamentally altering visceral perceptions, he makes that annoying saliva sound when his tongue disengages from the roof of his mouth.

  23. Juiceman6000

    At face value some fans might say ‘Warren who’ or wonder if a former TV executive is going to be a dull episode. Not at all! I really really enjoyed this and it was refreshing (from the usual comics or actors) and loved hearing these inside angles and he was a funny engaged guest!
    Actually I guess he is a celebrity of sorts too – if we all remember him as a character on Seinfeld.
    But wow he is right – A decade ago and their NBC Thursday night was a genuine pop-culture phenom and was ‘TV night’ in our house. It was a ‘given’ really. Everyone was home Thursday night.

  24. Dustin

    I hope that Iron Man got the tip he deserved.

    • Iron Man
      Iron Man05-18-2012

      The Carolla’s were very generous. Adam treated me to a personal, spontaneous rant. It doesn’t get better than that!

  25. goatfucker

    hey ace, love your input on interviews, but let littlefield talk.
    i bet he has a million stories if you would just stfu

  26. goatfucker

    get littlefield back on & just let him talk

  27. Low/slow/spit Talker
    Low/slow/spit Talker05-11-2012

    This guy is clearly super intelligent and experienced and has a lot of wisdom about network tv to impart…..but he’s a version of a “low talker” a la Seinfeld

    His mouth doesn’t stop making little salivary noises and the high quality mics at Ace Broadcasting PICK EVERY SINGLE SOUND UP!!! It sounds like he’s pushing around a load of spit in his mouth when he talks..sorry it’s just hard to listen to

    Other than that, research shows that the Pirate Ship is indeed floating

  28. SpaceCowboy

    Volvo Balls are bigger

  29. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol05-11-2012

    It’s just a waste of my time!

  30. JessMan

    whatever, you know you’d love the look of one of those long and skinny euro license plates on the front. google image search the panamera, not a bad look

  31. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.05-11-2012

    Ewww… hearing that audio screwup on Warren’s mic this episode. It sounds so gross. You can hear his saliva… please fix for future shows. Makes it really hard to listen.

  32. tyler

    Not to crap on Adam’s point, but…..

    In the Airforce I learned:
    A cargo plane has a flight deck.
    A fighter jet has a cockpit.

    Different name for different type of pilot seat.

  33. Eric

    I love that what Id expect if I were expecting bit. It realy shows how smart and funny alison is. Nice job A keep it up.

  34. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-11-2012

    ok why is this old pinhead network tool allowed on the pirate ship?

    this nebbishy little creep should be made to pay for his network crimes (cop rock for one) not allowed to come on and the ship and sell his dumb book.

    I hate hearing his voice, something wrong with his mouth, like hes being sucking lemons or his lips are all pasted together with jiz.

    Wow now hes bragging about himself. Who would have known Mr. NBC was so danged up on himself?

    Thank gawd for cable and the internet so this twit is extinct.

    I wish to god aceman would get out his Hammer of Mockery but i know he’s wont. He didnt with Danny and he wont with this fecies.

  35. Ace

    Happy Birthday Alison!! You don’t look a day over 31 and 3/8. That’s not a complisult either, you’re a good lookin broad!

  36. BW

    Did Adam tear off ironman’s dick?

  37. Donkey

    I know its from a few days ago, but i want the girl scouts to sell DOG COOKIES and I tell them that every time. THEN i would buy several boxes

  38. Xorn

    I liked the show a lot, but Mr. Littlefield’s mouth, man…just a little too much going on with all that saliva in the mic.

  39. Peggy

    HAHAHAHAHA. This guy takes full credit for all those shows. HAHAHAHA. What a blow hard. He has obviously never heard what adam thinks about studio executives.

  40. Bradley G
    Bradley G05-11-2012

    Couldn’t have said it any better tonight on The Factor!!

  41. Meh

    Sounds like Littlefield was eating Rice Krispies the whole interview.

  42. Fingerprinted

    I did not truly understand the term bastard until I coached a little league baseball team. In Ohio, Little League is 9 and 10 year olds plus the 11’s that aren’t good enough to get drafted into the next league.

    Almost without exception, the worst players on the team the ones without fathers in the home. That’s fine. But what makes me almost hate these kids is that they have the most inflated egos because their mothers were way into letting their little boys “have their moment”.

    Preaching to the quire, I know…

    Great show btw.

  43. joegagan

    warren was EXCELLENT! excellent pod. keep it up , aceman and crew. thanks guys and girl.

  44. Andrew


    Happy Birthday! Call me when your single.



  45. Bobby

    Good pod though Littlefield’s massive ego got tiresome. The best interview of Adam that I’ve ever heard is on the site “Nerdist”. Just spectacular! He goes deep into his childhood experience with his utterly apathetic parents. I highly recommend it. Episode #47.

  46. Chris urback
    Chris urback05-13-2012

    Jesus. Get Warren a spitoon. It’s like listening to a retard eat soup.

  47. Craig

    Warren must be stoned or something. He has cotton mouth.

  48. Zach

    I found the swishing sound of Warren’s saliva annoying

  49. Mooky flowers
    Mooky flowers05-13-2012

    This old bag of dicks needs to get the shit out of his mouth. Sounds like he just chugged some spunk. Red dog boners.

  50. coco

    Where is the ringtone?

  51. Paul

    Embarrassed to admit the truck balls are common in Tennessee. I think some of them are on cops’ off-duty vehicles.

  52. Still

    I’d take Warren’s voice, as awful as it was, over Alison’s irritating delivery any day.

  53. IGottaGO!GottaGetAway!

    Lenny Kravitz sucks worse than anything that has ever sucked before.

  54. Dude

    Where in the hell is the link to Sonny’s ringtone.
    Trying to find it is just a waste of my time

  55. TheMidsizeLebowski

    Great guest, great episode. Have Warren back sometime, I’m sure he’s got a ton more stories.

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