Vinny Guadagnino

Adam, Vinny Guadagnino, and Dr. Bruce

Adam, Vinny Guadagnino, and Dr. Bruce

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Adam opens the show talking about a full day’s work on a Saturday. He also breaks down an argument he witnessed at a local gas station, and talks about forcing Sonny to do karate when he’s clearly not interested. Dr. Spaz is also in studio, and helps Adam respond to a couple listener phone calls and a bit of Healthwatch News.

Vinny Guadagnino comes in next, and talks with Adam about buying his mom a new truck. The guys also chat about going from law school to the Jersey Shore. Adam asks him about the audition process, and how the role has affected his career. Alison also asks Vinny about the controversial Ronnie/Sammy fights, and how crazy the club scenes really are.

In the final part of the show, Alison opens the news with a discussion of the back-to-back Republican debates this weekend. It’s also been one year since the Arizona shooting, and the guys talk about an 18-year old widow who was forced to shoot an intruder. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby, buzz words to remove from your resume, and a bizarrely sexual movie Vinny watched as a kid.

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  1. Joe

    Get it on!!

  2. Moe

    Surprisingly good pod.
    Wanted to hate on Vinny but he was a good guest.

  3. uncle joe
    uncle joe01-09-2012

    Vinny was a weird guest because his attitude seemed “this is small fry shit” but then really loosened up towards the end, like he was having fun. Would like to see him back and get another shot.

  4. Rick

    Vinny. I like this guy. I see the Jersey shore in a whole new light.

    • The King
      The King01-09-2012

      That’s cause your and idiot!! Stop sniffing paint and read a book!!

      • kk

        “…your and idiot” And you’re uneducated with no attention to detail.

      • The King is a fink!!!
        The King is a fink!!!01-11-2012


        That is all……..dumb fink, it’s sad because you’re trying to cling to the educated viewpoint but you should really stick with huffing paint, because that’s where you belong and we all know it….it’s just you that has to accept it..


  5. StevenG

    That improv segment was fucking hilarious. “…great improv there..” – Adam

    I laughed my ass off the whole time while simultaneously embarrassed for Vinny who was exposed as talentless.

    • r

      How can you EXPOSE someone as being talentless at something when they’ve never made the claim to posses that talent in the first place? It’s not like he opened with, “Hi I’m Vinnie Doche-arino, and I’m an aspiring improvisational comic”. He’s just from fucking Jersey Shore, give him a break.

  6. Dola

    Exposed. good one.

  7. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis01-09-2012

    “Plate tardtonics”: layers of highschool humor. Loved it.

    Also, can’t get enough of Adam’s Middle Eastern accent.

    • d

      Plate-tardtonics! Snort! I caught that too. Good one Alison.

  8. Mark

    When the ball goes above the upright it must be completely inside the upright to be considered good. If any part is over the upright the kick is no good.

    The more you know…

  9. LEE


  10. Brazilana

    Anyone else getting the Ustream show of this?

    Don’t watch the Jersey Shore, but I thought Vinny was a good guest.

    • stnuntrnd

      Meaning, you ARE getting the Ustream of this episode?
      The last episode I see on Ustream is the 2011 ACE awards show.
      Nothing recent, no episodes in 2012.

  11. Dan

    This was an AWESOME show. Keep Vinny on board…he’d help guido up the pirate ship.

  12. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee01-09-2012

    Ace Man get Sonny a KTM mini dirt bike… good times!

  13. Chief Bullshagger
    Chief Bullshagger01-09-2012

    Looks like you missed Alison off the show credits. Why is this? I hope it’s not a conspiracy of some kind.

    • Carrie

      Bald Bryan isn’t there either and Adam was never on the list. Must be leaving off the talent?

  14. Sig

    Wonder if Vinny literally sees the world on a slant. Look at those eyes.

  15. Diane

    Does anyone know what’s up with ustream…are they still recording the podcasts for ustream? The last on I show was the Ace awards in December. I miss viewing the broadcasts!

    Thanks all!

    • stnuntrnd

      Yes, Diane, someone knows – they’re just not saying.
      Maybe they’re holding the Ustream announcement until the upcoming 3rd anniv of the podcast …

  16. Jr College All Star
    Jr College All Star01-09-2012

    Unstoppable Tard meets Immovable Tard!

    Great Pod Guys, Great Pod!

  17. jack

    Adam–i love your show man. thank you for getting rid of Teresa Strausser! When you on the radio in the morning i had to stop listening! She messed up so many interviews by stepping on your lines and talking over you. And that nasily voice. I see peter Tilden got rid of her too. She would do a lot better at NPR. GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!

  18. Shea

    HEY ALISON! You got the news incorrect on the story about the 18year old widow shooting the intruders. Her husband was like in his 50s. It was some backwoods Kentucky Daddy issues situation. Just sayin 🙂

  19. Lorelei

    Please do a side by side photo of Bald Brian and the Arizona shooter…. Also, I LOVE when you can hear Bald Brian laughing in the background. It makes me laugh every time! hahahah

    • Cyrus


  20. Ben S.
    Ben S.01-09-2012

    Going to go against the grain. The Dr. Bruce part was good, the Vinny G. part was a bust. I am not sure it was really Adam’s fault, but I am disappointed that Adam did not go a lot deeper with Vinny. It was obvious that Vinny is a (somewhat) bright guy with a fair amount of introspection and he is right in the middle of one of the largest cultural phenomenon of the past 10 years. I think there was a lot more there… the two Jersey Shore questions asked by Ms. Rosen was the deepest / best part of the interview.

    Anyway I listen everyday so whatevers.

    p.s. the BB line “good luck with law school” was funny

    • stnuntrnd

      At 54:25, Vinny said, ” …the day that I took the LSAT, ..( interrupted !). Maybe Vinny will be back for another podcast and we’ll find out what happened. Two “zip it c*nts” after the news – yay.

  21. donewithidiots

    Ad council does put out some anti white stupid shit. Like the alarm companies commercials. Every single home invasion or burglar is a white guy. They should have a disclaimer right before of the actual break down of who the ethnicities are that are statistically actually responsible by year and county of the ad. Brace yourself for the complaints from the real perps groups.lol

  22. Andy09

    Pretty good podcast, I was surprise to hear Vinny as a non-deuch guy, he was a pretty good guest.

  23. Julie

    I have never watched Jersey Shore so I had no idea who Vinny was when I downloaded this. As soon as I heard “Jersey Shore” I skipped this episode. No thanks.

  24. Jack

    Hopefully by now, you got Donnie’s minibikes out of the way of the International News Center.

  25. Brent

    Great show today guys! Vinny seems like a nice guy.

  26. Cyrus

    Hate JS and reality tv shows but this was a surprisingly good podcast.

  27. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese01-10-2012

    I have about the same reaction as everyone else here. I’ve never watched Jersey Shore, but have obviously heard about it and know the basic ideas. I’ve also heard that Vinny is the nice one, so I was happy that he was the one they got. He was a good guest. He was open to answering questions, even questions about how the show is run, which I imagine is generally not talked about by reality people. His improv wasn’t exactly up to Ace’s level, but when you compare it to the Real Housewife they had on a couple weeks ago it’s miles ahead. The fact that he’s taking classes and is trying to/realizes he has to prove himself as a legitimate actor shows that he has a good head on his shoulders. He did bring up the fact that he was nervous, and you could tell that he seemed that way. A bit quiet with some nervous laughter thrown in. I’m sure over time he’s loosen up, so if he’s ever on again he will be more confident.

  28. Troy

    Is says a lot about the rest of the Jersey Shore cast if this guy is the smartest one. Loved it when Bryan said, ‘Law School huh…” when Vinne had trouble figuring out how old he was when he that Devil movie came out.

  29. Gina

    I love it when I’m wrong about a guest. Vinny was more interesting to listen to than I thought.

  30. Frank Rizzo
    Frank Rizzo01-10-2012

    Just listened to podcast.. amazing improv, Vinny is a genius and I see big things for a talent like that. Awesome guest, witty banter.. keep em comin’ Ace!

  31. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore01-10-2012

    I agree with the majority here. Vinny definitely came off as a good guy. Loved the improv scene too. He seems like a really smart dude (other than the fact that he chose Jersey Shore as his launching vehicle). I wish him the best and hope he can come back on a future pod.


  32. Carlton

    It was disappointing that after having acknowledged that Jersey Shore caters to the lowest common denominator, Adam went ahead shilled for them by having this retard on the show. It is a business I understand but that does not mean you can’t have some standards.

  33. Dr. Thang
    Dr. Thang01-10-2012

    I’ve never watched the Jersey Shore (I’d much rather get a molten lead enema), but from what I’ve heard, out of the whole cast of monkeys throwing their feces at eachother and watched exclusively by narcissists to feel better about themselves in comparison, Vinny is the closest to qualifying as a human being, so maybe this won’t be so bad. If Adam had one of those other insufferable pieces of shit on the show, I might just have to never listen to this podcast again. But for someone who is always ranting about how anyone who makes less money than him is lazy and stupid, you’d wouldn’t think Adam would be a fan of someone who made millions for no other reason than being an STD experiment on a reality show for sociopathic morons.

  34. utah34

    What was Vinny’s LSAT score?

  35. Andy90

    Lot’s of funny with this show.
    Vinnie: “In my last job-”
    Adam: “Why do you keep bringing up gay porn?”

  36. mike

    around 48 minutes. What is the origin of the creepy guy laugh on teh phone that they play?

  37. GreekGawd

    that was bad…make her stop talking.

  38. Jetrin

    I hate the AD Council !! horrible waste of money.

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