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At the top of the show, Adam discusses bringing his daughter Natalia to Sunday’s football games at Happy Endings. Adam also responds to comments about the new website and app, and Alison and Bryan talk about flying around the country to do odd jobs for their eBay contest winners. Moving to the news, the first couple stories are about the death of Andy Rooney, Smokin Joe Frazier’s struggle with liver cancer, and the winner of the NY marathon.

Vanessa Branch, the original Orbit Gum Girl, joins the show next. Adam asks her how she started doing the commercials, and Vanessa reveals that her British accent is not the voice she typically speaks in. Adam also gives advice to upcoming models, and Vanessa talks about her experiences modeling in China. Adam then asks Vanessa about her dating life, and the guys play Made Up Movie, based on your tweets.

Returning to the news, the guys talk about the earthquake and continuing aftershocks in Oklahoma. Adam also complains about baseball pitchers that break the uniform code, and talks about guys with earrings. Alison then gives updates on the Kim Kardashian divorce and Justin Bieber paternity test. As the show wraps up, Adam talks about a porn star named FM Bradley, and the guys take a look through his IMDb page.

Show Credits

Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over: Mike Dawson
Audio: Jeff Fox
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director/Post-Production: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. cioffi

    Hope you guys like the new site!

    • jw

      WOW! It looks great, Mike. Thanks for everybody’s efforts on our behalf. I really appreciate how easy it is to navigate, and the little niceties like being able to see the videos referenced in the show.
      Looking forward to today’s download becoming available soon.

      • cioffi

        To be fair, I didn’t re-design it

    • Andrew

      Definitely different, but I like it. Thanks Mr. Cioffi!

    • snork

      I dont use Itunes will aceplayer be added for other Ace shows?

    • Dola

      Good Job everybody!
      Thank goodness you guys are there to help Adam with this stuff.
      Looking good and feeling good.

    • heap of tears
      heap of tears11-07-2011

      Very nice!

    • Darren

      Jacuzzi Cioffi! Is there a download link for the latest podcast on the homepage? or do I have to click through the episode menu to get to the link?

  2. Adam carolla's merkin
    Adam carolla's merkin11-07-2011

    Love it!

  3. gary

    Looks good man! I love that you finally got rid of the old player and got that standard flash player.

  4. dingo boy
    dingo boy11-07-2011

    its better than old, but there is still room for improvement.

  5. Spencer

    Website looks good. Will definitely take some getting used to though. Anyways what happened to the Amazon link?

  6. John

    I do like the site. Get rid of the damn facebook/twitter buttons following me down the page and I would like it a lot more.

  7. Yortuk Festrunk
    Yortuk Festrunk11-07-2011

    The point is this – GET ON !

  8. bobby

    Jacuzzi Cioffi!!!

    Love the Show and the app…although its only been one day of the app, can you put the pictures they post on the site per episode on the app?

  9. Kain

    Site looks great.

  10. Steve

    Hey it’s back up, get it on!!!

  11. Shar

    This new website is marginally better! AC for president!

  12. Charles

    The site is pretty hard to use. It kinda looks like wordpress hell. Work with the contrasts a bit. Fix the bottons on the front page. They are worse than the Car Show’s.

  13. Dano

    New site looks good!

  14. RonBlumpkin

    Love the new site.

  15. The Other Aceman
    The Other Aceman11-07-2011

    Surprised, Vanessa was a little bit of alright……another great podcast from the Aceman……..

    cioffi, keep doing the lords work………..

    was brilliant as usual…………

  16. jw

    I hope you continue to make the first couple years of the podcast available on DVD. I started listening to the show about 6 months ago, and it was great being able to catch up through those archives.

  17. robx46

    New site! Nice! Snazzy!

  18. Sig

    Looks nice

  19. eric-the-ded

    The new site looks nice.
    I just wish I had a better work computer. This dinosaur struggles to keep up with fancy websites.
    The irony is I work at a computer company.

  20. Benjamin

    Decent upgrade……..*sniff*

  21. TraDale

    Ack! I’m listening to the podcast right now. When I click on a picture it logs me out and I have to wait for the podcast to load again. Also when I click download, there aren’t any buttons…pause/stop etc. Just a black page.


  22. TraDale

    Great. Hit submit and now I have to reload show again. Could you guys do a pop-out player again?
    4th time trying to listen.

    And I’m not installing resource hog iTunes on my computer

  23. Bret

    Vanessa Branch, surprisingly not bad.

  24. PMD


  25. Sandy Gallagher
    Sandy Gallagher11-07-2011

    Site looks great. Bring back the big three, Perry hasn’t evenq

  26. Sandy Gallagher
    Sandy Gallagher11-07-2011

    Site looks great. Bring back the big three, Perry hasn’t blown any dudes since 1992.

  27. smokin' joe
    smokin' joe11-07-2011

    Great show as always, but Adam was completely wrong on the Joe Frazier-Muhammad Ali story. Ali accused Frazier of being an “Uncle Tom” and the favorite among white fans, the exact opposite of Adam’s description.

  28. James

    Love the look. Really miss the old player. I loved starting the webcast – you automatically placing the window in the corner – walking around my house listening – and it would automatically flip to the next episode. Also, it’s impossible to look at other things on your site without opening another window…comprehend? Moreover, if I quit a cast early one night, I could easily advance to the sec. where I was at the previous listening time, and continue on. Bring back the old player please!

  29. Tolley

    Awesome site, Love the show!!!

  30. bigjohnson

    I kind of like the old site better but kudos for all the work and late nights you guys have worked on it. The old site was simple, get to the home page and download the episode from the front page. Please include a “download episode” button on the front page of the new podcast without having to click into the individual episode and downloading it there. Great work though.

    As for the podcast, she is a little bit older but still super hot. She has a aristocratic way of speaking but maybe that because she’s British. She is interesting and i like the hot girl podcasts. You should do more of them.

  31. Mark J
    Mark J11-07-2011

    Not bad Jacuzzi Cioffi. Not bad.

  32. Jesse

    Very clean. Shit, even tasteful! I like.

    Now lets see how long it will take the idiots who post comments to graffiti all over it.

  33. John D
    John D11-07-2011

    Same Name Game…Vanessa Branch, and Deion Branch, Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots.

  34. Mike_M

    Love the new site, love the app, and absolutely love the show! Great job guys.

  35. Ken L. Lingus
    Ken L. Lingus11-07-2011

    If you want to laugh, you must listen to the David Allen Grier podcast from Friday. He is the best guest. Was rolling on the floor when he started talking about “jimmy beard guy” performing oral sex. Hilarious!

  36. Moe

    I thought the guess was going to be boring but she was good.
    And digging Alison’s new news theme.

  37. MCWhite

    Get it on! Where are the comments from everyone?! Mandate get it on!!!

  38. DES

    Congrats on the website
    Get it on!!!

  39. Joe Hammer
    Joe Hammer11-07-2011

    It is ok. I am not in love with the color scheme and navigating will take some time to get used to. I do like the twitter feed and the easy link to Amazon. I am downloading the app for Android now.

  40. Zeus

    Bring back the pop out player!

  41. Ledgewood

    Is it ok to get it on in this website, too?

  42. nate

    much better thanks

  43. TS

    100x better.

  44. Jordan

    New website is nice… but the background is hideous… this green brushed metal or whatever you’re going for makes the site look amateurish, and outdated. Just my opinion. Change it to a standard grey or subtle texture with neutral colours and you’ll be good to go.

  45. Tyler

    Well done Mr. Cioffi. I’m liking the new digs for sure. Getting it on, with a website upgrade.

  46. Scott Spiegel
    Scott Spiegel11-07-2011

    Cioffi keep up the good work you’re doing a great job, love the site see you at Kimmel

  47. Tuvan Throat Singer
    Tuvan Throat Singer11-07-2011

    Are you going to be actively monitoring the site any more or are you just going to let all our comments drift off int the Interweb?

  48. Jarviswabi

    Glad the site is finally up, I felt your pain over the weekend. Looks pretty good, but the pictures on the front page look less than optimal.

  49. Aaron

    Great job Cioffi!

  50. BRandon D
    BRandon D11-07-2011

    Very bright white! Very white. Thats says alot. wow. But yeah looks great. Love the show.

  51. ArrestedDeveloper

    I wonder if they bring up the fact that both Adam and Bryan have gone on record before and said they liked the original Orbitz gum girl better than her.

    • ArrestedDeveloper

      Nevermind, just listened to it and it IS the original Orbit gum girl.

    • nilmot

      She is the original, isn’t she? It says so in the description…

  52. Yog-Sothoth

    I liked it better with the acecast player thing. I keep accidentally closing this page, forgetting that the podcast is playing in it, and then I have to load it from the beginning.
    Other than that, the new layout is fine, it’s not needlessly complicated like when most sites change their layout.

  53. Joe Briggs
    Joe Briggs11-07-2011

    If you use the player on the site and click on one of the pictures it stops the player.

  54. Moe Hunter
    Moe Hunter11-07-2011

    Woo – good work, Cioffi, it looks fantastic!

    Sad to see Low Budget FM on its way out, but it is pretty cool to see and hear your name floating around ACE Broadcasting again.

  55. JessMan

    Hooray, the site’s back! What up BunnyFluffs?

  56. illadelphia

    I’m in love with alison rosen, gorgeous and funny, what more can you ask for

  57. PB

    The show was good today. Vanessa was really a pleasant surprise. Smart, funny, self-deprecating. What more can you ask for in a hot chick

  58. hemetmiguel

    Aceman, check out the live Resurrection Channel on 91X. Won’t disappoint.

  59. Alfred

    The new site is looking great!

    That was awesome hearing my fake movie name (Love In A Nutshell) in your segment. That really brightened my day, and you took it in a completely different direction than I had imagined! Love the show, Ace Man. Cheers!

  60. Javier

    Jacuzzi Cioffi lives!!!

  61. pfhattkatt

    Outstanding! The new site works in Chrome, LOVELY! Best website I have seen all lunch period.

  62. JoE

    I like the new app.
    But I have some concerns about your “new app” can someone pleases address the following issues:

    Why does this application need to have access to the following on my phone?

    1. Personal information such as being able to read my sensitive log
    2. access to modify and delete my SD card contents
    3. and read phone state and identity

  63. jason

    love the site , why no blackberry love for an app?
    im thinking of jumping to android or iphone

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