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Adam opens the show talking about getting his daughter to properly use a balance board. He also rants about his new audiobook and talks with Lynch and Dawson about why it’s exactly the length he didn’t want it to be. The guys then hear some backstory on Adam’s Mr. Birchum pilot, and Adam is proud to debut the entire animatic.

Urijah Faber enters the studio next, and Adam talks with him about being wired as a fighter and how adrenaline can affect your memory. Alison then starts up the news with updates on the controversial Arizona immigration law. The group also talks about the third anniversary of both Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett’s death, and Adam recalls a bad experience repurposing flowers. As the show wraps up, the guys chat about the death of the last Pinta Island tortoise, and why Adam wants to outlive his pets.


Visit http://UrijahFaber.com and be sure to get his new book, ‘The Laws of the Ring,’ by clicking through our Amazon link.


Natalia Balance Board

Birchum Animatic

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Jack

    That Birchum pilot is absolutely hilarious! That nine minute clip alone was probably the best TV I’ve seen all year after Mad Men and Veep. Good job.

    • reb

      Seems to have a ton of potential. Listening on the podcast was a bit tedious, but the animatic suggests this could be really good.

      I find athlete guests (particularly boxers and MMA types) to be a major bore, but lots of people seem to like this guy, so I’ll give it a chance, having turned it off when he came on.

    • Richard

      Tried to watch the clip but it’s removed? It sounded funny on the podcast. Big fan

      • nie

        why’d they take down the birchum clip?

    • Darek

      Really? It was everything that the Aceman has said in the podcast, so nothing new, and frankly, it was a bit boring and cliche, as if it was something that’s been made already. I don’t think I’d watch it.

      • Steve

        He said most of it on the podcast after making the episode.

  2. J

    Birchum looks great. Hope to see more!

  3. Eric H
    Eric H06-25-2012

    dang ace, your lil girl has some great balance!

    • Chris

      Hi. I’m Chris Hansen. Why don’t you take a seat right over there . . .

  4. T-bone

    That animatic is pretty damn good. I’d watch it! Good stuff!

  5. Jason

    You need more athletes as guests. Urijah is a great fighter and incredibly cool in person.

  6. maxman

    I like the cartoon ace man

  7. Dave

    That Birchum clip was really good.

    Nice Job Adam.

  8. Alaistar

    Good show. I dig Uriah Faber, he seems like a really cool guy.

  9. james

    Holy crap, that Birchum animatic is freaking awesome!!!

  10. Jonesin44

    GET IT ON. Speaking of MMA guests you guys should get Chael Sonnen on the podcast.

  11. mystady.com

    Love that animatic! Is that how the final show will look or will there be different animation?

    Not a complaint, just curious. Animated shows tend to change visually after the pilot.

    • Stan

      there won’t be a final show. Fox rejected it and Adam basically said he wasn’t pursuing stuff like it anymore.

      Looked promising, but I felt when Alan Gregory and Dynamite fell flat on their faces his animated show didn’t have much hope… sucks how the business is.

      • Hairy Seaward
        Hairy Seaward06-26-2012

        In all fairness… alan gregory and napolian dynamite sucked more than most of the fox cartoons.

  12. NicK

    Liked the animatic! Jokes worked for me, including the peanut butter running bit (by the way, I’m 22 and know what a Pay Day is…).

  13. Not Harlan
    Not Harlan06-26-2012

    Pretty decent Birchum… Birchum’s son looks just like a gayed up Harlan Williams… It would’ve been perfect had Harlan done the voice. Nice work Aceman!

  14. MC White
    MC White06-26-2012

    Adam: I applied to Taco Bell when I was around 15. I got a job. I happened to know the manager, sister of my best friend from school. She hired me.

    1) My family was rich: but I was still working fast food

    2) Jobs and applications are a “numbers game.” Just keep applying, and you’ll eventually get hired. Just because you didn’t get hired at Taco Bell, isn’t a comment on you as a person. Just the way it happened. Don’t take it so personally.

    3) I hated my job at Taco Bell; they never let me work the register, and put me on Taco Frying, WHICH SUCKED ASS!!!! Back then, Taco Bell, fried every single taco shell fresh from tortillas. It SUCKED ASS!!! Consider yourself lucky.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-26-2012

      Maybe you could get on at Del Taco Aceman if you “Just keep applying”

    • Hegro

      Taco frying…yeah.

    • Tim MacDonald
      Tim MacDonald06-26-2012

      So your friends sister got you the taco gig.

      Is your current job to sandblast away the funny from comedian’s premises until we’re left with dry tales of factual clinical psychological self realization? What a goal.

      Exactly what does that job pay?

      Does it SUCK ASS???????????

      I think it does.

      • MC White
        MC White06-27-2012

        No, my current job doesn’t suck, but you suck ass, my Frenemy.

      • atticus finch
        atticus finch07-05-2012

        lol timmy mac, funnnnny stuff

  15. Yoko Ono
    Yoko Ono06-26-2012

    holy crap, that failed pilot is god-awful.

    • Mike

      I’m in the animation biz, and that’s also not called an animatic, but a PILOT. It wasn’t that funny, either

      And Adam: what’s with telling your daughter she is special to boost her ego? What’s with telling her she has gifts from God? These are 2 things you’re going back on.

      • Wes Kanaloa
        Wes Kanaloa06-26-2012

        If you don’t see the distinction, you are an angry moron.

        Also, I’d consider it a compliment if you said anything I’ve ever done wasn’t very good.

      • assblood

        eat dick Mike

      • Robin

        I think the difference is that she’s actually doing something special, and she should be considered gifted for being able to do it. Adam has said that children being told they are special when they’ve done nothing special is a crock. I don’t think Adam has ever said that people who do something notable should be ignored, quite the opposite as I recall.

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-26-2012

      “People of Earth, How are You!”

  16. Darican

    Adam, I know that you have heard this a million times, but that Mr Birchum was a really funny show…
    I don’t know how it woeks but have you pitched it to other cable networks? Cartoon Network perhaps?
    Keep up the good work…

  17. Stretchy

    Is that a wood paneled El Camino or a Ranchero?

  18. Jeff

    Urijah who ?? Gonna pass on this one.

  19. Ramiro

    You must try Smoking Joe’s BBQ while in San Antonio!

  20. bill

    Hey, ace broadcasting, pitch your show to netflix.

  21. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans06-26-2012

    Good show, great guest. The cartoon didn’t translate so well over audio but better than I could have done. Is Adult Swim an option? Better than anything I’ve seen there.

  22. Bobby

    Great video of Natalia on the balance board. I’ve already bought “Not Taco Bell Material” in book form, today I’m going to Barnes and Noble to get the audio version. By the way, all that talk about “you are a unique individual, and nobody has ever existed with your precise genetic makeup, and what you do in this world matters, and that your life on earth is not ultimately meaningless, and that you are loved by God beyond your ability to grasp or quantify”…..these are not b.s adages, they are all true. To the “prove it ” skeptics I say just keep living and you’ll come around. When life humbles and crushes you as it eventually (and sometimes repeatedly) does to everybody, reach out and you will not be disappointed. There is no proving it. That is why faith is required. I challenge any atheist that fancies himself too smart and intellectual for such “superstition” to read “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. Or if you prefer, get the audio book version. It’s not about intellectual prowess. Albert Einstein absolutely believed in the existence of God and was not shy about saying so.

  23. Cesar Bernal
    Cesar Bernal06-26-2012

    Adam is the MAN!!!!

  24. mike

    natalia is adorable she kinda looks like alicia silverstone

  25. John Walter
    John Walter06-26-2012

    Where is the scene where you were told to go to sensitivity training?

    Why couln’t we see something like a frig full of beers…and what was the rush in opening and closing the frig? Why couldn’t we see what else was in the frig?

    A lot of people may not agree with the “junior college” comment; you’ve been making that comment for 20 yrs…I think it may offend people. Hell, one of the executives may have gotten their college career started at a community college.

    Some of the scenes don’t connect with each other; for example, what happened to the principal office scene? Why did we see that you and other guy were looking out the window, after the chat about the kids? Some of the facial expressions (if any) or movements do not synch up with the audio.

    Yeah…there was a scene witht the peanut butter-sniffing dogs, but why wasn’t that whole district-wide ban you mentioned near the end not setup in the beginning; it would have connected with the final scene, where you were eating that candy bar…which by the way, you could have shown you opening a drawyer that was filled with those candy bars.

    The classroom scenes were good; I would just add more kids. I would show the kids taking different seats, after you mentioned a potential emergency situation.

    I wouldn’t show you standing beside the guy in the office; you would both be standing outside.

    I think the executives are right about introducing the character. You gave the daughter personality and probably a minute of scene….what happened to the son?

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa06-26-2012

      This wasn’t a full episode … it’s supposed to be a “taste” of the show … jesus christ does anyone listen to the podcast. Do you listen and comprehend?

      First a guy doesn’t understand the distinction between praise for nothing and praise that is justified and then it’s a dissertation and critique over an animatic (Fuck what one of the Mike’s said – he explains that Fox wants their animatics done this way, and his animators worked to make it look more like a finished product).

  26. Kain

    Was Mr B the pilot show? I would so watch this.

  27. andy

    Birchum’s wife looks like his daughter.

  28. Paul

    LOVED the Birchum Animatic! NIce job on the B-board Natty girl!

  29. Bo B Blevans
    Bo B Blevans06-26-2012

    The thought of that Big Ben Fathead had me crying

  30. Lockstar

    ACE!! When in SA you better eat at Rudy’s no other BBQ joints in town can touch these guys!

  31. Jake

    Y’know, couldn’t you put that pilot up on kickstarter.com and promote it, and lets see if you can get an entire season on dvd/bluray funded solely by fans! If Amanda Palmer can fund an entire music album with 1million dollars, can you it be done with a few episodes of Mr. Burcham?

  32. Jared

    Can someone explain the “What part of canada are they from” joke?

    I know the guy sounds like an idiot for saying it’s only the leaders that are screwing up his home country, but I don’t get how the two relate.

    • Mary

      The premise: Canada is the country most unlike the Middle East, so he’s facetiously suggesting that the leaders are Middle Eastern but the people “must” be from some “white country,” i.e., Canada.

  33. Gottagetiton

    Woulda liked to have heard Urijah and the Ace man go a couple rounds, after you mentioned you brought focus pads.. It was like bringing a car on the show and not letting us hear you start it up… Oh well, good show anyway, good guest!!…

  34. Rachel

    Your daughter will thank you for the balance when she starts wearing high heels.

    Love the animatic, hope it gets picked up someday.

  35. Tony Chappell
    Tony Chappell06-26-2012

    FYI, for the sloth comments, there are many different types of sloths, two and three toes and others.


  36. Angie

    How did Mr Birchum not get picked up,but Bobs burgers did? You need to talk with John Travolta..

  37. remyD

    You don’t need to lie to your children, Adam. My kids are 9 and 5, and I’ve never felt the need to credit anything to a god. Go ahead, tell them it’s genetic that they have brown hair and a good sense of balance. Don’t just say it’s how god made them because you don’t want to have to answer any question they might have.

  38. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-26-2012

    That Torque shirt looks like a direct rip off of the Torco Emblem, just sayin…

  39. Ace

    The Mr. Birchum show was hilarious!! You gotta stop messing with FOX, those people are fucking idiots. Everybody knows what a godamn Payday bar is, we have them in a vending machine in our break room. Take it to Cartoon Network, they’d be happy to have this comedy gold. Oh and Billy West was great yeaterday, please have him back.

  40. Aaron

    Ok, the Birchum animatic wasn’t the funniest thing I’ve ever seen or anything, but it was definitely funny and it was definitely better then 95% of the god awful sitcoms on any network TV today. Why they’d pass on that is idiotic.

  41. Randy West
    Randy West06-26-2012

    Dawson screwed up? You mean a pothead wasn’t reliable? Inconceivable!

  42. james

    I especially liked the chalkboard gag:)

  43. Huck

    THAT was a great show. I wanna see more Birchum. If Fox doesn’t want it, just put it online.

    How bout a guest rotation of MMA fighter, pornstar, comedian, repeat.

  44. swingset

    Loved the Birchum animatic. Shame you can’t produce it as a web series and make your millions off of youtube instead of getting a tiny paycheck from a crappy network no one watches. Hint hint.

  45. Justin

    Adam should do Birchum as a Web Series.. Felicia Day manages to make money off the Guild, I’m sure Adam could spin Birchum into something that pays.

  46. TS

    Good ep. To travel back in time a bit, the ep with Billy West was great in terms of momentum. flowed together really well. Rosen was on a roll, too.

  47. Gnarlex

    She’s got her Daddy’s freakish balance!

  48. Sam

    Why is the pilot suddenly down?

  49. James

    YouTube pulled the video Aceman! >:-[ Anywhere else we can get it?

  50. Brett

    I think both your show and your daughter are O.K…

  51. Greg

    dang, it says the birchum animatic vid was removed. wonder if youtube took it down. sounded hilarious on the podcast, compared to alot of the shows on tv. definitely a show I would have watched

  52. Brian Moseley
    Brian Moseley06-26-2012

    Why’d you take the Birchum pilot down? Anyone know where we can find it?

  53. DrunktankDan

    So. . .how much would it cost a ‘DrunktankDan’ type idiot with only a few months of boxing experience to get a boxing lesson from Adam Carolla? Do I have to sell a kidney? Adam seems like he would be a great teacher (he likes the sound of his own voice, after all) and the dude has an IQ through the fucking roof so he could notice things about your form and whatnot and help you to correct your basics.
    I wonder if all of those morons that took boxing classes from him back in the day knew the incredible deal they were getting. It seems like Jimmy Kimmel did. And now, here we are.
    By the way, loved your book Aceman, and I bought one for my Dad.

  54. jim

    Hey, you took down the Birchum video? That sucks.

  55. Jared

    Maybe he took it down because some non-retarded producer saw it and there’s a deal in the works. Get it on. Fingers crossed.

  56. Black Jesus
    Black Jesus06-26-2012

    Adam, if you can talk people into it, make 12 full 22 minute episodes, leak them out on Youtube slowly. The networks may pick it up mid season. By that time they won’t have as much input and will hopefully run with it.

  57. Mike

    Great job parroting back those Fox News talking points, Adam. Keep it up!

    Arizona’s immigration law wasn’t written by private prison lobbyists who want more prisoners (aka customers) in their jails, it was about saving Arizona from dangerously lazy yet somehow job-stealing Mexicans!

    Voter ID laws aren’t about keeping the around 30% of urban blacks who don’t own photo IDs from voting in this election, it’s about preventing the .0001% incidence of voter fraud from tainting our entire democracy!

    Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  58. John Lasky
    John Lasky06-26-2012

    When you use that old script to make a porn name for yourself using the street name where you grew up with a pets name I would’ve been bud Burcham. So I go to use the urinal the other day at work and there is this guy there finishing washing his hands while I start draining the lizard. The guy doesn’t close the door when he leaves. C’mon! Use common sense! Everyone walking by got to listen to me admire dick.

  59. Pumpkin Bits
    Pumpkin Bits06-26-2012

    Wait? People on this forum thought that animatic thing was fun? Bryan and Alison didn’t bother even forcing a laugh. It is just a rehash of the things we have heard on the podcast and the Birchum voice isn’t even really different from his speaking voice… I like the podcast most of the time, but the Birchum character isn’t nearly as ANTI PC as he thinks it is and the peanut allergies in school thing is just very esoteric in its appeal to take up so much time in that presentation.

    • Robin

      It’s a lot better when watching it. Adam’s voice goes well with the animated character. You won’t get it when just listening to it.

  60. Prawn Ornament
    Prawn Ornament06-27-2012

    We have adrenaline to make us forget? Was TV invented so we could have Shark Week? Maybe we forget because we are too busy doing other things to remember? When you’re all hopped up on adrenaline maybe the part of your brain that tries to store stuff just can’t keep up.The correlation might be a good thing, but if you are going to assign intent to the value of traits why be an atheist? It’s just God doing you a favor, not a mechanism of cause and effect that just happens to benefit you.

  61. Vanquila

    Foxnews, “Arizona’s main illegal immigration statute upheld”
    CNN, “Arizona’s illegal immigration laws overturned”
    Alison, “Arizona’s illegal immigration laws overturned”


  62. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent06-27-2012

    Urijah’s chin ass alone is enough to intimidate me…

  63. Stevy

    Did anyone get a copy of the Mr. Birchum animatic? Where can we see it since it’s no longer on youtube?

  64. FU

    Great pacing on the Birchum video. Needs to see the light of day.

  65. b-real


    You have to make Birchum a web series! Great stuff!

  66. BS

    Natalia will have the balance and athleticism to work the pole nicely

  67. naman

    I suspect the show not getting picked up has a lot to do with Adam having been pegged as being a pain in the ass to work with/for. Also the demographic for the show probably skews older than most networks want to attract. I find grumpy reactionary old men funny because I am one. But I don’t watch a lot of network tv or buy a lot of Payday bars.

  68. Kevin

    Yes! Adam, you have to get CHAEL SONNEN on the podcast. He’s got a book too and that guy can TALK! Get him on!

  69. nonantumboxing

    As a boxing instructor, it was very funny to see how poor Urijah Faber’s form was when Adam was holding the mitts for him…

  70. Todd

    Hey Dumbass Carolla, why are you bitching about how all the kids nowadays are me me me and now your daughter is doing the same thing and you’re cool with it. What a piece of shit.

  71. Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell06-28-2012

    The network did Adam a favor when they passed on that show. Hostile and shrill is funny for a while but it gets tough to stomach fairly quickly. It does convey his shtick pretty well.

  72. George

    Dammit, too late for the Birchum vid. That was pretty damn funny. I didn’t like Adam’s original telling of the black people crossing the street, but it worked in here because it was making fun of Birchum, not just being racist. Someone’s gotta pick it up, it’s funny and Adam has a solid fan base that would watch it. Fox sucks, their “Faux News” does too.

  73. RacistAdam

    1. Arizona does NOT have a problem with too many Mexicans in 2012 – they are at record lows. This is a problem as fields of fruit and vegetables in the southern states are rotting on the vine. Too few Mexican, Guatemalan, Salvadoran and Ecuadorian immigrants are bad news for the profit margins of Arizona’s biggest businesses.

    2. It is actually NOT AGAINST THE LAW to be in the united states without all the proper documentation. Once you are hear, being here is not illegal. Your new right wing friends have misinformed you. It is only after commission of a crime that the status matters in that we are supposed to make their home country pay to incarcerate them.

    3. But our States run by Republicans see a new way to pocket our tax money for personal profit. How? Google “for profit prison” and maybe add “immigrant” – you’ll see lots of ties between Governor Jan Brewer and a for profit prison corporation called, “CCA” – Corrections Corporation of America. She and her friends want to make a buck off of RACISM, plain and simple.

    Ya see Adam, if you get facts then you are not mouthing off from your feelings about complicated issues… and not exposing those feelings as being RACIST. -you’re welcome.

    4. 3 Toed Sloths live up to 40 years.

  74. Miles O'Toole
    Miles O'Toole07-06-2012

    Great show Ace. But WTF is going on with Uriah Faber’s hand in the show summary picture? By the look on your face I’m pretty sure I know. But come on man, you’ve got kids. You should keep that stuff on the DL Ace!
    Love you man! But not like Uriah does. Did you two ‘wrastle’ at all?

  75. Mike A
    Mike A07-09-2012

    Does anyone else think Adam’s Mr. Birchum sounds like the head Elf in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?

  76. Mike A
    Mike A07-11-2012

    Not that anyone will read this, but I also want to add that I thought the episode was hilarious!

  77. Jake

    Loved the Birchum Pilot/Animatic. That would make a great show! Too bad it will probably never see the light of day.

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