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Adam takes a sip from a soapy cup of coffee and goes on a rant about people obsessed with cleanliness. He also talks about the double-edged sword of chap-stick and moisturizers, and discusses his day at the LA Auto Show.

Alison then starts the news with a story about Mike McQueary, who allegedly lied about reporting what he saw in the Penn State shower room to the police. Adam wonders if there will come a time when people more readily accept that certain people have a mental disorder that makes them a pedophile. The group also briefly discusses Conrad Murray’s suicide threats, as well as updates on the Justin Bieber paternity scandal. The news wraps with a discussion of celebrity reactions to the shut down of Occupy Wall Street.

Boondock Saints director Troy Duffy then comes in studio, who wants to set the record straight on one of Adam’s favorite documentaries, ‘Overnight.’ Troy argues that the doc depicts a fraudulent version of what went on behind the scenes of Boondock Saints, and tries to clear up exactly what was going on while the cameras were rolling. As the show wraps up, the guys share their love of architectural artifacts.

If you’re in the LA area on Monday, get your Boondock Saints Graphic Novel signed by Troy! He’ll be at The Grove Barnes & Noble 11/21 at 7pm.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
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Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. Paul

    Why 2 download links?

    | Download




  2. Geoff

    I’m trying to get it on, but I can’t.

  3. ryanofpdx

    Wow this guy is annoying. He must have bullied his way into the industry because there is no way anyone enjoys his company.

  4. chris

    The dude does kinda seem like an a-hole. I am sure the doc made him seem worse then he is but by no means is he a saint.

  5. annoyed as hell
    annoyed as hell11-18-2011

    Dude, you come across like an asshole in that doc, not because of your friends, but because you ARE an asshole.

  6. Wow

    “You’re gonna love this story”, “that’s because the real story is more interesting”, Adam you’re going to love this story”

    Not when it’s told by you, douchebag!

    God, i think I dislike this guy more than JoePa.

  7. HC Frick
    HC Frick11-18-2011

    David Wells is looking pretty good.

  8. Yep

    The song is “Old Dan Tucker”, not “Old Man Tucker”. Alison is right.

  9. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett11-18-2011

    Oh, this asshole.

  10. Yep

    Skip-over warning: Yet another out-of-touch-rich-guy-asshole rant from 41:30 to 51:00.

    • Jake

      Adam’s completely right. Maybe you are the out of touch one.

      • Tim

        I agree! Adam knows exactly what he’s talking about.

    • jay

      yeah i skipped it thanks

    • BIRDY

      THANKS, YEP!

    • Jfroh

      Thank you! cant stand those

    • Nick

      See, now this is a useful and informative comment. I like knowing which irritating parts to skip over. Keep these types of comments coming.

    • Michael F.
      Michael F.11-19-2011

      Agreed. Adam acts like it’s 1953; he’s completely out of touch and defiantly ignorant. Old man Jenkins isn’t driving the Rolls, some hedge fund douche who adds nothing to society does.

    • Aaron

      The ill informed poor little rich guy schtick is getting old fast.

  11. boss

    Adam nails when it comes to the class envy going on…but he lacks sufficient rage at the pedophile from Pennsylvania. As those 35 seconds were ticking by, I was thinking that would be more than enough time to beat that guy unconscious and get that kid the hell out of there.

    • Lukas Mix
      Lukas Mix11-21-2011


  12. Keston


    Screw these self entitled wuss’!

    The next generation has to open their eyes or they are going to ruin this great country…

    • jay

      You’re joking right? The older generation in this country has ruined this country. It’s completely your fault and now the young people have to pay for your horrible decisions, while you all get off easy and die.

      • McLovin

        The ones dying now are the WWII vets! The ones that fucked everything up are RETIRING… 🙂

  13. Peter B
    Peter B11-18-2011

    What is so damn hard to understand here? Let us just be honest about that this movement is.

    These Occupy twats are the product of the uber liberal, hippie reject generation and the steady diet of underachieving government schools. Most, not all, of the subsequent generations have little ability to rationalize, make reasoned decisions or see reality. They have been taught that capitalism is the root of all evil and inequality in man because the people who have created the curriculum and agenda are statists. They believe that government should force equality across the board and control the means of achievement. They come from the Kenn State and Woodstock, 60’s college socialist area. The same commune living collectivists have been breeding these unprepared drones who have been taught all their life that America is bad, free markets mean and the only the élite in government are here to make us all equals and make sure they do not face too much hardship. They are fodder for the statists, zombie voters and if their blinders are not removed, if this decade’s long propaganda machine is not destroyed, we are fucked.

    Yes there are greedy people; yes there is certain amount of inequality .That is part of humanity. It will always be there until we are no more, but it is a tiny percentage that has become the bogyman.

    No free society last lasted as long as we have and it is obvious throughout history why. Now we are at the brink. Either those who actually understand why America is unique and worth saving, stand the hell up, stop being transfixed by all the useless distractions, demand fundamental reform, a return to strict constitutional boundaries for our political class and vote in mass, the lemming mob will sink the ship. If we do not deal with that first, then we cannot lift our economy out of the mire. They are standing in the way. Picking the winners and loser, while turning us on each other.
    I don’t think I need to put a face to the leaders of this movement and why we cannot let them divide us in 2012. They have had their experiment for over 40 years or more and now it is time, to pull their E-brake.

    Now let the well thought out opposition posts flow. Tell me how wrong I am.

    • Phlogiston

      America succeeded because it understood government could not understand what is the right course, nor the people either, hence a Republic, which is non-government for the people, but it works.

      The downside is it can’t adapt. There’s a possibility China will win. I hope not.

    • Danny Boy
      Danny Boy11-21-2011

      Here here! Well said Peter B.

    • Britalian

      Nobody is going to bother reading that…………..

  14. Pike

    You guys need to get rid of Alison’s intro song. It’s an annoying song. It sticks in my head for hours. Just go back to the old Mike August intro: “Here’s the news with Alison Rosen.”

    Other than that, I love the podcast. Alison rocks!

    • JoeyJoJo

      Holy shit, I’m not the only one… the last two nights as I’m trying to fall asleep, my mind keeps playing ? Alison … Alison ?

      Fucking driving me nuts!!

      • JoeyJoJo


        Those question marks are supposed to be musical notes…

  15. Sergio Bufford
    Sergio Bufford11-18-2011

    Duffy is a bigger douche on the podcast than he is in Overnight

  16. Nate Balcom
    Nate Balcom11-18-2011

    I loooooved Boondock Saints and I also loved Overnight. It was interesting to hear Troy’s spin. I’m sure there was some creative editing to make him look more of a douche. Good interview.

    Boondock Saints 2 was horrid, bad, bad, bad. What a horrible abortion of a film. Sorry Troy, I watched it because I was a huge fan of 1, but this was super bad.

  17. Tyler

    All hail, the self entitlement rant. It was glorious.

    Ass douches…

  18. EmJayPee

    Wow Troy Duffy comes off as a raging douche-bag. He totally validated Overnight.

  19. Rich G
    Rich G11-18-2011

    Fantastic rant about the self – entitled generation in this country. I’m only 30 but can see it plain as day and it’s absurd and pathetic. The ‘everyone is special’ mentality is pathetic.

  20. Hatkat

    Love Adam’s rant. A critical line has been crossed. I now quote Aceman more than old Seinfeld episodes.

  21. Pat

    Ace, take a big, big swig of Mountain Dew each time you talk about taxes.

  22. Jimmy Olsen
    Jimmy Olsen11-18-2011

    Adam doesn’t know what he’s talking about on taxes. Taxes on the rich are much, much, lower thatn when he was a kid Even the people who want to raise taxes on the rich will leave them lower than they were.

    • Jake

      You’re retarded…if the “1%” only paid 1% of their income to taxes they would still pay much much more than you do. Adam’s right, you are wrong. the percentage has NOTHING to do with it. Go back to 3rd grade and learn basic. math.

  23. george

    i cannot believe alison in particular feeling sympathetic towards this twisted child molestor. so he’s white, worked at a university and looks like a “normal” guy. replace him with a black or poor or inner city, or southern predator and her tune would be completely different.

  24. Chiguy

    Good show, I totally agree with your idea on people shaming rich people. I’m not rich, just middle class. I would even add that Occupy Wallstreet wants a socialistic society where everyone has the same amount of pay, regardless of how many hours you put in a work day. That has worked so well for all the other socialistic countries that have forced this on their citizens(that eventually leave and flock here).

    • Afee90

      What about the bailouts!!! To me that’s what Occupy Wallstreet is about. To your argument, why did the government save big companies that were not able to keep up in this market but my friend on Main street lost her store? How do you never mention the big bail outs for these companies from Bush and Obama????? Adam’s point; if your not making a good product you should fail, no one’s gonna do it for you. Please tell that to the companies that accepted our tax $$$ when they were about to FAIL!!!!

      • Brando

        Well said! I agree this is the most important issue for the Occupy Movement….and why I agree with them.

  25. Jack

    What band is this guy from?

  26. Bobbo

    I assume ACE is referring to boomers when he refers to the “new wave” of envious assholes, am I correct? 30& under? Gen X?

    • elitor8

      just for the record…in order to be considered a member of the “Baby Boomer generation” one would have to have been born between 1946 – 1964.

  27. Purpleslog

    Re Wil Wheaton…he is tied into the whole nerd/geek culture thing. (e.g. technology, star trek, gaming) with a high profile. Those people ruled twitter at its inception.

  28. Nigel

    Jesus that guy, Troy Duffy is an ignorant condescending douchebag. Confirms that “Overnight” was actually a highly accurate of this guy

  29. Mike

    Damn good show today, very entertaining

  30. Matt

    Just downloaded the ACS app for the iPhone. Loving it! I can finally listen in the car without needing to sync my iPod.

  31. Jeff

    Adams take on the entitlement generation was right on target. I appreciate a celebrity who knows, and talks, from real world experience of working hard and succeeding. BTW, I bought 4 Mangrates earlier this year and it was money well spent.

  32. Guilia

    I suspect the documentary “Overnight” of Troy Duffy was more true than not since I have heard this interview. Troy is a super a**hole still.

    Maybe if Troy doesn’t want people to think he is an a**hole, he should never do any interviews ever again.

    Alison had great questions….Troy couldn’t answer.

  33. zoomonkey

    Troy comes across as a complete douch! Right in alignment with his doc, Overnight! BDS, good movie bro, shitty attitude. By the way, BDS 2 sucked some serious mandingo!!

  34. motoman


    • Jamesy

      If you’re opinions didn’t make it clear how dumb you are you’re all caps typing certainly would.

    • Aaron


  35. j3w

    Amazing podcast, finally someone who’s loud enough to make Adam STFU and listen.

  36. Brett

    Uhg…ACE half baked ideas of why people are upset about the economy because kids got participation trophy – not funny, entertaining, interesting – just fingernail on chalkboard.

  37. GB

    When Troy called Adam out on being drunk 45 mins into the documentary I thot Adam was gonna jab back with: “to be fair, When we were kings and Overnight are the only two docs I’ve ever seen”.. But naw.. Troy disabled Adams wit a bit… good pod..

  38. ACE Wilder
    ACE Wilder11-18-2011

    Boy Troy came locked and loaded to fight. He came off as a bigger douche than the documentary he was trying to defend himself from.

  39. E

    “It’s me acting like an asshole for two hours.” Troy Duffy
    You ARE a huge asshole. Anyone can see that.

  40. Tom

    Troy Duffy is an insufferable fool. He’s so self absorbed he’s oblivious.
    I think the Ace man knew he had a tool on board and just let him dig his own hole.
    One stupid comment at a time.

    Overnight seems dead on accurate.

  41. Kathy Shaidle
    Kathy Shaidle11-18-2011

    Boondock Saints guy ingeniously proves doc was wrong about making him look like a douchenozzle–by coming on Adam’s podcast and acting like a douchenozzle!

    See kids, THAT’S why he’s so successful.

    • bomb_tom

      EXACTLY. This guy is awful. so are his movies…

  42. MR. ICE
    MR. ICE11-18-2011

    Your the best Aceman, My Dad used to say there are two types of people in the world, those who see there neighbor get a new car and say to themselve “I’m going to get a bigger new car” and those that see their neighbor get a new car and say ” I hope he crashes” Be the 1st guy.

  43. Romerogt

    Wow, I can’t belive who is the guess

  44. Betsy

    I believe Adam’s view of OWS is spot on! Love his argument. This, from a gal who has worked all her adult life and has nice things to show for it. We should all be inspired by competition!

  45. JoE

    one of the best shows ever, please have him back i would like to hear the rest of the story

  46. DoMeNiQuE

    if only it were that ez to avoid abuse by pedophiles…what about the father/daughter deal? how could a loving caring close mother EVER have prepared a child for that situation…horror beyond comprehension!

  47. kim

    Please don’t have part 2 with this blowhard.
    Worst guest I’ve ever heard on your show.
    Can’t believe someone can talk more than you. Unfortunately not funny or entertaining.
    Douchbagery of the highest degree.

  48. jd

    Once again, Adam shows his complete ignorance about what OWS is about. Also, once again I have the overwhelming urge to kick Bald Brian in the junk. Repeatedly.

  49. ACH-138

    Aceman you’ve got the whole Occupy movement all wrong, while I think there are plenty of entitled douchebags in my generation there are just as many who are outraged over corporations using loopholes to pay zero taxes and outsourcing all their jobs to China. Are you not fucking outraged about the bankers who caused the recession and got away with a slap on the wrist? I don’t know who these kids are who think the world owes them a living but they don’t represent the movement and I think you’ve been blinded by that.

    Fuck the ass-douches who are entitled pricks, but also fuck those ass-douches that worked to put us in this situation while my generation were still in diapers. *sniff*

    • Eric

      Any comment addressed to Ace himself im sure will fall on def ears he dosnt read these things the most you could hope for is Dony 🙂 on a side note I think the Occupy thing is a step in the right direction but i dont think siting in a tent bitching is going to do anything. Some blood will have to be spilt for any real change to happen always been that way and always will be. Just look at any succesfull revolution in history.

  50. RM

    This is for Adam, so he can speak from an informed position on Occupy.


    There, now there’s no more excuses to be ignorant on the topic.

    • Fenom

      that’s a good assessment, but the thing with the occupy movements is that while the very original intent of occupy wall street was to eliminate foul play that does no good to anyone else, dumb people have hopped on the bandwagon and rioted and protested for no real reason, those people wouldn’t even understand the original intent of occupy wall street, all they do is latch on to catchphrases like 1% and 99% and conjure up their own problems to complain about

      so you have two camps here, the smart people who originally started occupy wall street with the right understanding of the siuation and right ideas of fixing it, and the mass of dumb people that’re up to no good, i don’t think camping out at parks for days is the solution the originators had in mind

      • Peter B
        Peter B11-21-2011

        One: The intelligent original occupiers who are in fact smart but ideological dangerous. Educated statists. Heart in the right spot, but solutions to the problems, dangerous ones.

        Two: The lemmings who have no idea what the hell is going on, how the system works, who is to blame for mess we find ourselves in now and have breed to be losers.

        One: The political elite who are using both groups to enhance their own power and are the true villains who have handpicked the winners in our economy through crony capitalism instead of free market competition and then invested and become the rich through their new friends.

        Two: The businesses that have gained the system with support from the political counter parts by stifling competition. They are the same ones who got bailed out by the taxpayer instead of allowed to fail which is how the actual free market works.
        Three:, They could not take advantage of this if did not continue to elect the same individuals to decades of government and then not pay attention to what they were up to. We are to blame in the final analysis because we support this activity through our vote. Hope and Change morons? Same game as before. Everyone was upset about Bush and Halliburton but the same idiots screaming then now just let even bigger crimes occur because for some reason democrats are not held to the same light. You thin republicans are corrupt, yeah you would be right, but you then think democrats aren’t worse? How about doing some actual research and see that is going on, who is profiting. Doesn’t take to long. Start with the new “green Jobs” scam. Might being educational. Then get out there and cast informed votes instead of emotionally driven mistakes based of caught phrases and slogans

  51. Gigo

    Troy Duffy is a douche !!!! great Podcast Ace Man

  52. cow12

    audi is complete shit, one of the worst cars ever made. bmw is shit. mercedes is shit. all luxury cars are lemons, except for lexus. they look nice, but when your wipers randomly turn on and off or the doors dont unlock it doesn’t matter that the engine will last forever (which it wont anyways). if you get suckered by clever marketing into one of these lemons make sure to dump it before the warranty runs out. if you dont believe me look at consumer reports, the statistics speak for themselves, 3-5 years out these things start showing their true colors.

    • Mick Swagger
      Mick Swagger11-18-2011

      All luxury cars are lemons….dude you’re an idiot. Flat out moronic and bursting full of jealousy that you’ll probably never own one…some people work hard and pay for nice cars like a BMW 735il from 1988….still pristine and runs like a dream WITH 230,000 MILES on the original engine. BMW is shit?

      No, your logic is shit and you are an embarrassment to the Ace man’s comment board.

  53. reb

    Troy Duffy: more convinced that he’s a douchebag after his explanation of why he isn’t than before it. Well done.

    • Maccaguy

      That’s kind of what I was thinking. Like Adam’s warning that the guy who seems too eager to volunteer with children is the one you need to watch, the guy that is too eager to tell you why he’s -not- a douchebag is usually the biggest douchebag in the room.

      I was willing to give Troy the benefit of the doubt, until his mouth started moving.

  54. Midwest

    Yep…Troy is a huge dbag

  55. Ben

    Wow. Duffy may dispute some of the content and message of “Overnight” but the way he came off on the podcast did more to confirm his annoying attitude

  56. IFB

    I really liked the Boondock Saints. But I LOVE Overnight. I also love that the first words out of Duffy’s mouth were about him getting himself on the show. I understand that he wanted to clear his name, but the fact is that Overnight should be used more as a learning tool. Prospective writers/directors who want to get in the business need to watch this documentary to show them what NOT to do when they get to Hollywood. He was a complete tool upon getting a deal through Miramax and the Weinsteins. He pissed on what he was given and then was subsequently shut out of Hollywood for 10 years until he got Boondock Saints 2. That’s right. Boondocks 1 – 1999. Received very well. Cult hit. Then NOTHING from 1999 til 2009. There is no secret that people didn’t want to take a chance on a douchebag who burned all his Hollywood bridges. This guy is an a-ss hat and EXACTLY the kind of self entitled d-bag Adam was talking about in the first half of this cast. Its like Adam was talking about Duffy, then he walks in as Adam’s example. Great podcasting and great listen.

  57. Mike

    I’ve never seen either the movie or the doc. But this guy comes across as a major league a-hole

  58. Good one
    Good one11-18-2011

    Awesome episode. Best in a long while. Thankfully Aceman didn’t cut off Duffy too much. Great rant on these OWS babies who want others to take care of them. Those pricks.

  59. JoAnna

    Troy Duffy is not very different from the Documentary….I don’t think it was really a misrepresentation. In this interview, he was still a douchebag.

    He needs to go and look in the mirror.

  60. tom

    when the hell is adam going to interview someone informed about Occupy? he thinks it’s only little kids protesting. love the man, but his uninformed rants are starting to make him look like the idiot.

  61. YouOverRotated

    The documentary may be inaccurate, but this interview did nothing to dispel the belief that Troy Duffy is a complete asshole. Wow.

  62. Doug

    Ive been listening to this show for a long time, and this was the first guest that was so annoying that I just skipped the last part of the show. What a douche.

  63. Billy Soy
    Billy Soy11-18-2011

    Adam, in answer to your question about being born a certain way and society accepting you the way you were born, I think it is an unfair comparison to make between being gay or transgendered and being a pedophile. Being gay or TG victimizes no one, versus being a pedophilia, which always results in victimization of children. As a society, we can very easily draw a line that says “you are free to act as you want, so long as it does not infringe upon the rights of or victimize others”.

  64. Moe

    Man, that’s great pod!
    Wish Adam would have let the guest go on with his notes.

  65. paddym

    holy shit he really is a fucking insane blowhard.

  66. Andrew King
    Andrew King11-18-2011

    I wonder if Adams crew edited this podcast to make him seem like a douche too.

    • Doug

      They didnt. He is just a douche.

  67. Miguel

    Man, this interview really proves what the documentary showed. What a blowhard!

  68. Dirk

    Troy Duffy seems like a douchier, more narcissistic version of Quentin Tarantino.

    • parrot

      Troy Duffy seems like a douchier more narcissistic version of Troy Duffy.

  69. Steve

    Step by step and nation by nation bankers repossess and assume control of national governments. Goldman Sachs had conquered Europe. The Entire System Has Been Utterly Destroyed By The MF Global Collapse. Get ready for crushing austerity here in the US. This is why they are protesting. Simple, for anyone who knows how to read that is.

  70. Ass Douche
    Ass Douche11-18-2011

    This guys is an ass-douche. I’ve got to see this true documentary now.

  71. Jake

    Occupy Wallstreet is talking about the redistribution of wealth. It’s simple…if you actually want that for this country it’s called socialism. If you don’t know what socialism is think U.S.S.R. if you don’t know what that is then hit your head against the wall. If you 99% want the 1% to redistribute wealth their are plenty of places in this world that would happily call you the 1% and then you can have your shit redistributed to them. Go suck a cork.

  72. Stacey E
    Stacey E11-18-2011

    There is a website called Castroller in case you’re missing any of the previous podcasts. Strangely, one of the most recent interviews showed up there hours before it ever appeared here. (they actually go back to the beginning)
    I still think most of the occupy people really have no idea why they’re there, apart from wanting to lay blame on anyone that isn’t them.
    It’s the reason that these same types went after Scientology, when a much more oppresive cult called the Mormon church is around. The same reason that lower class, hillbilly, truck driving half wits vehemently support the Republican party, never realizing they don’t stand for them at all.

  73. Jim

    This interview didn’t do much to change my original opinion on Duffy. The Overnight guys might not have been totally forthcoming about the direction of the movie, but how do you argue against what we’ve seen?

  74. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee11-18-2011

    This guy sounds douchey, sheeeeesh!

  75. Supertzar

    Jeezum Crow, Duffy is a fucking raging asshat. Get it on, Ace.

  76. CS

    I understand Adam isn’t going to engage in a war of words with someone who took the time to drive to his studio and do the show, but I was a little disappointed that he caved under the weight of Duffy’s aggressiveness. In no time he’s suddenly on Duffy’s side making excuses for why he liked the documentary and eventually saying “f*ck those guys” about the filmmakers. Really Ace man?!

    If ever there was a man who could go toe-to-toe with blowhard it’s Adam. Especially since Duffy seems to be one of those “male male impersonators” Adam’s described in past shows. I don’t know… Adam needed to come down just a little harder on this guy. His misogynistic comments towards Alison are always clearly just jokes and very innocent. Duffy was just an a-hole. “Is that what she’s here for?” Shut your fat face for two seconds and if you can’t, at least try and answer one of her very legitimate questions.

    I think they absolutely have to try and get the Overnight filmmakers on the show now.

    • West

      The guy was digging himself a hole from the moment he opened his mouth. Just look at the overwhelming response here. Adam, and everyone in the studio, knew how he was coming off so they just stepped out of his way.

      PS. I agree Ace can occasionally wuss out when it comes to confronting guests though.

  77. Chad

    I have aa hard time with Adam and his OWS rants. Some people in all walks of life, rich and poor specifically, are completely entitled. I walked into OWS and I know a few people protesting, and they don’t want anything directly from anyone, they want a chance at a job. One dude, who has his MBA, and lost his last job due to downsizing has been on 64 interviews, and gotten no call backs. It doesn’t seem logical to him, or me for that matter, that while he cannot land work now when 10 years ago headhunters called him off the hook, and the people who laid him off are getting record bonuses. Income disparity is something we should all be alarmed about, the protest is about rich people paying THEMSELVES more, and regular people losing the opportunity to work. This isn’t about handouts.

    Oh, and this guy was just….grating. Such a nozzle. I always thought Boondock Saints was an overratted movie, probably because it is, but now I hate it.

  78. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee11-18-2011

    After listening to the whole episode I like this guy…

  79. Just Ed
    Just Ed11-18-2011

    Adam hit on exactly where all this sexual identity shitstorm will eventually lead. Adam and Dr Drew used the term “molested into being gay” on Loveline until the gay gestapo put out their doctrine and Carolla bought into it and stopped using that term. Now that all the lemmings accept as gospel that homosexuality as much of a genetic trait as brown eyes or blood type, other sexual deviants will use this same logic to legitimize their disgusting and criminal behavior.

  80. Jack

    Adam, why did you let this asshole on the podcast?

  81. Aaron

    I wasn’t aware just how much of a talentless blow-hard Duffy is, kind of interested to see that doc about him now. Good show, though could have used a little less uninformed Ace talk on Occupy Wall Street.

  82. Justin

    Damn, what an asshole. I have been bored with a few of Adam’s guests in the past, but this is the first time I have ever skipped through an interview because the guy sounded like a complete douche. He’s still going on like this about something that happened in 2003?

  83. Ace in the Hole
    Ace in the Hole11-18-2011

    I can’t wait to hear how Adam will rip Troy apart in future episodes.

  84. Me

    Alison, bulls don’t see color so would be unaffested by that guy’s hair. Matadors use a red cape because it’s a dramatic color. In fact most of abullfight is perormed using a cape that’s pink on one side and yellow on the other. It has the same effect because the bull is attracted by movement. Not color. In the final rounds of the fight the matador changes to the red cape which is purely for effect and drama. Red is more exciting to viewers than pink.

  85. Eric

    I love boondock saints but this guy is a gaint douche, I hate the way he talks. also boondock saints 2 sucked monkey balls. The only reason he signed off on that flaming cat turd was a pay check and if he claims otherwise hes lying. Fuck that guy right ?

  86. Rick

    Wow. A lot of hate on Troy. I didn’t think much of his attitude. Not necessarily a fan but didn’t think he was that much of a douchebag.

  87. PB

    Overall Good show. But Ace’s political rants are beyond simplistic. He loves to rag on uninformed Hollywood liberals spouting off on their causes, but Ace is incredibly ignorant about what passes for a financial system here, as well as tax policy.
    Americans don’t hate rich people, in fact they worship them. Exhibit A-Z : Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, to name just a few. The difference is these people actually took risks with their own money and reaped the benefits. What Americans intrinsically understand is that the banking and financial system has been enjoying a different set rules. And ,other than Lehman, management and the bank’s counterparties never had to pay even a fraction of what you or I would have to in similar circumstances. No one has gone to jail for engaging in the mortgage origination and securitization process, which were very obviously criminal enterprises.

    • cow12

      i would disagree about securitization being a criminal enterprise, however, the breach of fiduciary duty in the housing boom is overt. that breach is at least punishable with financial penalties, not sure about jail time. of course not a single person was prosecuted. meanwhile, ex-ceo of goldman, corzine, oversees another financial blowup and blatant fraud — mf global. how many people will go to jail over this one?

  88. mal

    yeah, Duffy is very full of himself. The documentary what? 10 years ago? Get over it.
    Not a good guy, wish him zero success

  89. NJ

    Aceman had one of the best arguments I’ve ever heard about OWS. Can’t we send a Predator Drone in and wipe out all those parasites. It would be justified since there has got to be atleast one home-grown terrorist in that waste pile being called a “movement.”

  90. Kansas Jon
    Kansas Jon11-18-2011

    I never even heard of Overnight untill this podcast. Now I am going to watch it. I have a feeling it will confirm what I now think of Duffy as the kinf douche bag performance on the podcast.

    PS Great rant about the OWS.

  91. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town11-18-2011

    Hey Troy, you a BLOW HARD!!!!!!

  92. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town11-18-2011

    Yea you is….

  93. Rolling Rocker
    Rolling Rocker11-18-2011

    This duffy guy is an asshole. “it’s not my fault” “my two friends stabbed me in the back”. Fuck off dude. Take some responsibility for your actions. You are an asshole and a liar. Look at how much part two of your shitty movie made. Its not two hundred million dude.

  94. Scott Terror
    Scott Terror11-18-2011

    Troy Duffy is a angry jerk.

  95. Jason Canada
    Jason Canada11-18-2011

    Adam, why do you always get so sycophantic when you have a guest who’s pushy? Troy Duffy was an asshole you should have put in his place, or at least asked tougher questions. Plus you should have stuck up for Alison and Brian when that dick was rude to them. Alison was the only one to challenge that fool, Adam folded.

  96. Brandon


    Although individuals with NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) are often ambitious and capable, the inability to tolerate setbacks, disagreements or criticism, along with lack of empathy, make it difficult for such individuals to work cooperatively with others or to maintain long-term professional achievements.[11] With narcissistic personality disorder, the individual’s self-perceived fantastic grandiosity, often coupled with a hypomanic mood, is typically not commensurate with his or her real accomplishments.

  97. Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz11-18-2011

    Maybe I’m wrong, but Duffy more or less contradicted himself in his rant. He claimed that he had no hand in the making of the documentary, that the guys who made it approached him about it. But then within minutes of making that claim said that he bought the equipment the documentary makers used and more or less financed the thing out of his pocket. The documentarians weren’t part of his entourage one minute, but in the next they were also the managers of his band.

  98. Toonhooligan

    LOVED this episode! A little tension is always fun to listen to. Good good stuff.

  99. What?

    Adam, it’s amazingly ridiculous that you fail to see the greed of corporate American executives! You complain that 50% of tax revenue is paid by the richest Americans. But you fail to mention the HUGE chasm in the ratio of American CEO pay vs. average American pay, which is astronomically high compared to EVERY other country. And you’ve mentioned in previous podcasts that giving tax breaks to corporations would create jobs. That’s naive! Giving tax breaks to corporations does NOT guarantee job creation. Tax breaks will NOT keep corporations from laying people off, sending jobs overseas and ultimately giving top executives bonuses on top of already outrageously high salaries!

  100. nathan

    Duffy came on the podcast to set things straight about Overnight. What podcast will he go on to set things straight about what a douche he is on Adam’s show. Wow. Go back to bar tending.

    Alison – great questions. Too bad Duffy couldn’t/wouldn’t answer them.

    Next guest! Next!

  101. Juiceman3400

    I was honestly hoping to hear a guy (some years later) who was above it, past it and maybe a little self-deprecation and…. well actually he did start off with a good point: It isn’t a massive failure that he lost a deal and then got a deal to do it with his own cast. That could be called a ‘win’ in Hollywood. And…… wow, wow, just about WORSE (at least as bad) as he came across in the Documentary. Wow. Talk about hanging himself with his own whip.

  102. Nick

    I don’t think he actually gets what OWS is about…. It’s not THAT people have more money than others, it’s HOW they got it and what it’s doing to the economy. Also, it’s about the corruption of the federal reserve bank and how it has destroyed the dollar.

    No one is against rich people, because that would be a generalization since not all of them are bad. It’s the ones that make money by fucking other people’s futures over.

    It’s also about what lengths these people have gone to in order to undermine citizens’ ability to peaceably assemble.

    There’s nothing wrong with not supporting the movement, but Adam should at least do some reading first.

    What Adam has done is make an argument based on no prior information other than “Some poor people are mad at some rich people.” I love the Ace man, and will continue to listen because he’s an awesome guy, but I can’t agree with this one.

  103. Elias

    I have to agree with what most people are saying here. I don’t even know who Troy Duffy is and obviously haven’t seen that documentary, but the way he comes off on the podcast is that he is a real asshole. This isn’t going to be good for him, he is only going to lose his fans and have even more people think he really is asshole.

    I can just imagine Alison and Adam looking at each other after each time Troy went off on Alison for trying to get involved in the interview. Whether she did or did not ask an offensive question does not matter, Troy Duffy’s responses are completely inappropriate.

  104. Steve A
    Steve A11-19-2011

    Troy Duffy is an imperfect, driven, bright, fighter who has the toughness to fight the Hollywood establishment and make an original movie. That is what I learned from the movie “Overnight” and that is what was confirmed on this podcast. Like Adam, I loved the movie “Overnight” and I also loved Troy Duffy. He is not a “Saint” but he doesn’t seem to understand that he doesn’t need to be for people to admire him.

  105. HotBlackDesoto

    Ah, let’s see, we need an Irish version of Andrew Dice Clay. Troy Duffy, yes, you will do just fine, tuff guy.

  106. Crazy Troy
    Crazy Troy11-19-2011

    Duffy’s appearance on the podcast proved that the documentary was an accurate portrayal of him. His attitude towards Alison made me cringe. What a colossal DICK. Then, and now. Even if every single shot of the documentary was an isolated incident, it would still make him a gigantic loser. It was really horrible to watch, it was almost like he was having a manic episode. He deserved everything that came his way.

  107. Blank

    Never heard of Troy Duffy…IMDB’d him…that windbag blow-hard is ranting like that about something from 13 years ago???? Jack ASS. Adam, please, PLEASE don’t follow through on your invite to have him come back. This guy’s an asshole.

  108. lovemn

    the only reason and i mean the only reason adam has these opinions about the protests, is because he got his share. i guarantee allison and bald bryan were cringing when they heard that

  109. McBeene

    Cry me a river…what a douche.

  110. Rushbaby

    Hey Adam,

    Good show…but “The Seeger Sessions” by Bruce Springsteen is an AWESOME album…what is WRONG with you?

    Keep up the great work…you are one funny dude.

  111. Michael F.
    Michael F.11-19-2011

    Even Harvey Weinstein found this guy overbearing.

  112. Chris Middlebrook
    Chris Middlebrook11-19-2011

    That was some kickass pod (SNIFF)

  113. chris

    wow this guy is no different then he was in the doc….what a jagoff…..WAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  114. ChicagoBullseye

    Absolutely brilliant assesment of the Occupy Wallstreeters around the 45 minute mark. This brutal honesty is so refreshing, so freaking awesome….This is why Carolla rules. Thank you, please keep up the great work.

  115. Doctor Perry Cox
    Doctor Perry Cox11-20-2011

    Troy Duffy sounds like a real Blue Flame Special

  116. Steve_0

    I love how Troy Duffy just made himself look like a bigger asshole, and an idiot as well. He kept talking about how he, himself, put these guys in charge of his band as well as the documentary. Obviously he’s either an idiot, or he actually thought at the time that these guys were competent.

    Troy Duffy and Danny Bonaducci should get their own radio show together.

    Call someone an ass, and they will prove it every time.

  117. Rob G.
    Rob G.11-20-2011

    Duffy sounds like the ass douche to me. Hopefully the ACE man will rip this guy to shreds if he keeps trying to force the conversation on the Docu. Wotta Ass-Douche

  118. Troy Duffy
    Troy Duffy11-20-2011

    I’d like to thank Adam Carolla and crew for letting me hijack his show for over an hour. Sure I held the listeners hostage while I terrorized you guys with my meaningless ego-maniacal run-on sentences, until I crashed his respected vessel into the towers of enjoyable entertainment and hilarious listening. Thanks Adam.

  119. SteveP

    Wil Wheaton revived his career with The Big Bang Theory.

  120. Dr G
    Dr G11-20-2011

    Acting like a jerk to prove you’re not a jerk??? unusual strategy …….. and I don’t get it

  121. Wow

    Wow. Troy has no idea what an asshole he is. The entire time he was explaining why he isn’t an asshole, I was thinking “This guy is a real asshole.”

  122. Gareth Middleton
    Gareth Middleton11-21-2011

    I think the Aceman is spot on, the occupy wall street wankers don’t have an idea on how to fix this global financial crisis. Until the West can force China to float its currency we will be stuck in limbo.

  123. A.C number 1 Disciple
    A.C number 1 Disciple11-21-2011

    I think that Troy guy is a Knob

  124. Jose Perez
    Jose Perez11-21-2011

    Troy Duffy – what a huge condescending humungo A-hole! I am a little disappointed you guys in the studio did not stand up for Alison. He dissed her, and you let it go. I know it is tough while things are happening but Duffy should be ripped mercilessly for being a mega Jerk. He Troy, the worst to you and all your crappy projects. May you never get another dime. Love Jose.

  125. Heather

    Troy is resurrecting my daddy issues. Please never have him on again or discuss him or his doc.

  126. Marty

    Adam has mentioned about having a friend that says “hey dude you look and sound like an idiot” and I think Troy really doesn’t have that kind of friends…ah well maybe when Adam takes a tour of his house he can bring Dr. Drew along.

  127. Earl

    What an epic show — one for the history books. So much going on. Adam’s take on Occupy Wall Street is unique and would never occur to the mainstream media. Adam is the comic podcast version of Malcolm Gladwell. As for Troy whoever, I think Adam and Allison knew he was digging his own grave (again), and let him go at it. Good stuff!

  128. Greg

    I understand that editing can and does tilt documentaries and reality shows. But the bottom line is that the stuff that it wasn’t an actor saying those things. There wasn’t a script supervisor or writer on the set doing re-writes. It was he. On camera, (and in this interview), being a douche bag! Remember kids, all editing does is put icing on a delicious cake, or vegemite on a shit sandwich! That is all!

  129. Shea

    I really liked the Booddocks Saints, but Troy really is an arrogant deusche! He comes on the show to prove he is not the guy he was portrayed as in the documentary, only to prove he is in fact “that guy”. Also agree with comments above, should have stood up for chicky.

  130. Envious

    Yes, Adam,

    You are 100% correct. It is ALL about envy. It’s not about people wanting jobs or trying to bring attention to corporate greed. No, not all. Why should we bitch about not having jobs when 7-11 is hiring? Oh, that’s right, most people are over qualified for 7-11 and they won’t hire you.

    Yes, Adam, it’s envy. It is indeed people being envious of others who actually HAVE a god damned job.

    But why should you give a shit about that? You’re literally a millionaire.

  131. FM Bradley
    FM Bradley11-21-2011

    Just a shout out, some of my greatest work is in a move called “Fatal Passion” where I refer to Ona Zee’s rear end as “Mr. Redeye”

  132. Mike

    I skip over Adam’s right wing rants too. Doesn’t it seem like he’s stuffing more and more of those into the podcast? Alison needs to stop baiting him. My iPod can only skip backwards 30 seconds. I wish it could jump ahead 5 minutes!

  133. Ryan

    I had never heard of this guy or the documentary but within minutes I thought “this guy is a huge narcissist, what a dick” and then to find out someone made a movie about this very fact made me feel like I was on to something.

  134. Kathy

    Never even heard of the movie Boondock whatever it is, don’t care to ever see it. “Highest grossing indie film of all time”… my ass. Troy Duffy is an insufferable egomaniac. Based on the podcase, I’m guessing the documentary he came on the podcase to debunk was pretty close ot the truth. He’s dreadful.

  135. Blake

    Man Troy is an asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he never makes another movie. I always heard how great BDSaints was but when I finally saw it I just thought it was a 2 out of 5.

    I also hate Alison’s news intro. I always FF the podcast before it begins.

  136. Sean

    Carolla’s OWS rant was great.

    Duffy came to set the record straight and he I thought he only reinforced the image of himself being a giant asshole. When one of the stars of Boondock saints was on the show he only gave a half hearted defense of Duffy, likely because he knows Duffy is an asshole.

  137. Patrick

    Usually when you have to preface anything with “I’m not”…you probably are…so when this guy said I’m not an asshole…the asshole light shined through…what a dick. Ace need to start going Ann Colter on these ass tards.

  138. Steve

    I’ve seen a lot of documentaries and I would put Troy Duffy on a douche-par with Billy Mitchell from King of Kong for All-Time Doc-Douche..

  139. GREG

    this dude is rediculous….Im over-it.

  140. PCG

    Troy Duffy: Comedy. Gold.

    He’s like David Brent or Kenny Powers come to life.

  141. B

    Wow, Troy Duffy, major league a$$hole. Douche bag. He’s completely deaf to his own blathering. I want to see Overnight even more now to learn how not to behave as a human being.

  142. eric c.
    eric c.11-21-2011

    troy duffy, oh man. lol. to be fair, he should of at least written several more scripts once boondock got greenlit by miramax. instead he thought he was on easy street once he got a foot in the door and tried to play joe-hollywood. dude, unless you have several hit flicks under your belt, you ain’t gonna make it in the industry and people will turn coat quick. funny,how he was so serious about clearing his name once he got on air with ace and the rest of the gang. lol. but i can see he is desperate for work since he hasn’t done anything since the boondock sequel.

  143. johnny

    Huh, what’s funny that I haven’t seen noted here:

    Troy says that “B.S. I” did “200”, Adan assumes 200M! Troy doesn’t correct him that it’s really 200K!

    “B.S.II” seems to be like 10M.

    But please someone link to any numbers I’m missing.

  144. JYP

    Jesus Christ, Duffy, U are a giant ‘hole!

  145. sloov

    He comes off as equally as douchey on here as he did in the documentary. He’s what we called back in my home town, a jag off.

  146. Later Hosen
    Later Hosen11-22-2011

    To answer Adam’s question, Will Wheatons recent popularity is due to his recurring role on Big Bang Theory mixed with the fact that so many “twitter types” follow that show. When speaking of pop culture, it is sometimes shocking how many people choose a TV dinner when gourmet food is available.

  147. Melissa

    I was crying I was laughing so much during the reenactment with Adam and drops of his dad. OMG, I love reenactments!

  148. mg nelson
    mg nelson11-22-2011

    Why can’t we have a flat tax with everyone paying the same percentage….no loopholes….no cheating. It seems so simple…am I missing something?

  149. Hammer

    please dont have this douche, what a cock

  150. Kevin

    This Duffy guy sounded like a real asshole! Have no idea who he is and what his doc is about but I had to turn it off….

  151. .Smith.

    MY GOD PEOPLE! Please stop with the “douche”.
    I’m sick of hearing the damn word. At this point I file it with “bro” and “gay” as another shitty expression of our juvenile cyberspace-zeitgeist and groan as it rapes my ears daily.
    Next time that you get the urge to register your disgust with, “douchetard”, “douchenozzle”, “douche”, “douchebag”, “ass-douche”, “douche bell grande”, or whatever else when it doesn’t directly apply to washing out your ass for your “bros”. Please stop and think of the children and refrain from saying anything “gay”. For rizzle.

  152. Patrick

    Let them eat cake? Swing and a miss Aceman. They dont respect the rich today or 400 years ago.

  153. Jesse L. Cairns
    Jesse L. Cairns11-24-2011

    Troy Duffy is a fucking clownshoe, and I didn’t need to see “Overnight” to know that; it comes across loud and clear in his interview.

  154. Tyler

    I think the key to Troy is in his comments about not being an egomaniac. No true pathological egomaniacs believe they are egomaniacal. Yet this guy has everyone to blame but himself for his career pitfalls. The only mistake he admitted to was trusting 2 other guys.

    And how about stroking Adam up with the oven reference and store referral? He clearly came loaded with those to try to buddy up to Adam and change his mind on Overnight.

  155. Joey

    So Troy wants to come on and protest that he’s not an insufferable douche by being an insufferable douche. Brilliant.

  156. Vince P
    Vince P12-18-2011

    After listening to this episode I had to post about it on my blog. I want to see a reality show starring Troy Duffy. I agree with Adam that Overnight is one of the best documentaries ever made.

  157. tom

    Sick of hearing Adam complain about the vilification of rich people. No one is targeting you, Adam. As far as I can see you are an entrepreneur who took a huge risk going your own way, and were rightly rewarded for it. You are a self made man, who’s wealth has been gained by providing a service that people buy. Being rich is not an inherently bad thing, being a criminal is. Criminal is the only way I can describe some of the things that I am seeing right now in our country.

    Example 1: The Mortgage bubble. I blame BOTH the dumbasses who took on mortgages that they did not understand would balloon, and the Banks who allowed the dumbasses to sign up in the first place knowing full well that they would never be able to pay them. The banks then bundled good mortgages with toxic mortgages and sold them all off to mutual funds, and then bet against them. This had the effect of draining the value out of everyone’s retirement, crashing the economy, creating a glut in the real estate market, and gutting the construction industry in this country.

    Example 2: Citizens United. In 2010 the Supreme court ruled that corporations, citizens and unions could donate UNLIMITED funds to get a political figure elected. This hobbles democracy in my opinion and opens it up to the POSSIBILITY of the tyranny of corporations over the average citizen. It is not difficult to imagine a scenario where a corporation buys an election for a candidate who essentially becomes an employee of that corporation.

    Example 3: Oil Speculation. This is the reason you are paying $4 a gallon at the pump. It has nothing to do with supply and demand of oil. Crude oil is treated as a commodity and investors buy and sell it as they would a stock. The price is inflated because of these investors, and becomes a tax on everyone. This should not be allowed. It is a drain on our economy and on almost every citizen.

    Example 4: Taxes/Federal Spending. While all of this is going on the Bush administration had the gall to LOWER taxes on the highest tax bracket. Taxes are as LOW as they have ever been for the same people who got rich tanking our economy. Basically the people who perpetrated our current shitty situation in examples 1 and 3, got rewarded for it with lower taxes. Unconscionable. Meanwhile we dig ourselves deeper and deeper in debt. This is money we gave away to the highest tax bracket which we could not afford to give away.

    Again, Adam – I am not vilifying you – you are not a criminal. Im sure you got used to the Bush tax breaks and are merely saying WTF when someone suggests that they go back up again. This is understandable. It is human nature. I also agree with you that there are plenty of people who just want a handout, who are unwilling to bust their asses to get ahead. I agree with you, there are a lot of stupid entitled people in this country. I am not one of these people, I worked hard at a University and in my career to get to where I am. I am not looking for a handout. I am genuinely angry about Examples 1-4 above, and concerned for the future of our country.

  158. Jerry Barry
    Jerry Barry03-26-2012

    The screaming of David Alan Greer is irritating and unfunny.

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