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At the top of the show, Adam talks about his biological reaction to BBQ ribs and sex. Dave Dameshek then talks about tailgating in North Carolina, and Adam talks about the first 2,000-pound pumpkin. The guys then discuss this week’s NFL games, and some upcoming matches they’re looking forward to seeing. After Shek announces the Creep of the Week, the guys briefly talk about Halloween costumes and Adam’s bachelor party.

Tom Kenny enters the studio next, and Adam recalls an auction they both attended along with David Spade, who promptly left the event, forcing them to carry the weight. Adam also asks Tom about working with Tim Burton for the new film, ‘Frankenweenie’, and Tom talks about coaching one of the kid actors to impersonate Peter Lorre’s voice. Alison then wraps up the show with news stories about the sentencing of Jerry Sandusky, and a man who died after eating a bunch of pet store insects.


Hear Tom Kenny on ‘Brickleberry’, Tuesdays at 10:30pm on Comedy Central. You can also hear him in ‘Frankenweenie’, in theaters now!

Also be sure to visit http://NFL.com/Shek, and follow him on Twitter @Dameshek.


Bald Spray

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Justin

    Hate Shek!

    • Travis

      Fuck you, Shek rules!

    • Darican

      At least he is not David Wild. That’s the annoying guest…

    • Me

      Shek sucks.

  2. Grant

    Love Shek!

  3. Scott

    Shek is the man!

  4. Snake

    Have a neutral opinion on Shek!

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett10-10-2012

      Fuck you asshole!

      • ChicagoCarrollaFan

        Shek must be doin’ you up the…

    • Ainslee

      Ha! I agree with Snake. I’m neutral about Shek b/c I’m not into sports. Personality & humor-wise, Dave is fine by me. My family is from Pittsburgh, so that part makes him endearing. Plus, “Creep of the Week” is pretty funny. Keep on keepin’ on, Dave. 😉

  5. jojo

    gotta say the show is stagnating a little.

  6. Nick

    Love the Shek. He’s the man.

  7. Ron

    Hate Justin !

  8. Andrew

    Less Shek for me.


  9. Nick

    Hurry up the with DAG ringtone!

    And not just the ohhhh shit part. I want the full gamut of emotion.

  10. benjamman

    Hey Ace,

    A little explanation why such an explosion of passion fruit upon they world. It turns out there is no place where passion fruit cannot grow.

    From wiki:

    It is cultivated commercially in warmer, frost-free areas for its fruit and is widely grown in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, the Caribbean, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, East Africa, Ecuador, Haiti, Hawaii, India, Indonesia, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka, South Africa, United States (California and Florida) Venezuela and Philippines

    Sorry Ace…..it isn’t going to get any better.


  11. Bob

    Hate Shek!

  12. Hershall the Dog
    Hershall the Dog10-10-2012

    Can’t stand Shek, not downloading

  13. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams10-10-2012

    “…And then the people put Passion Fruit in the Ice Tea, but I don’t want to order Passion Fruit Ice Tea”. THEN DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jeff Tate
    Jeff Tate10-10-2012

    Love love love the Shek!

  15. henry

    anyone who hates shek is a member of al qaeda

  16. Ken L. Lingus
    Ken L. Lingus10-10-2012

    Want more Shek!

  17. Trent

    I’m definitely on the ‘love Shek’ side of the aisle.

  18. mike

    Nothing in the world smells better than a barbeque !

  19. setlasmon

    Love Shek!

    SHEK WINS! give the man a SHEK-gar!

  20. WWAD

    Shek is a good guest but he gives me dysentary when he is the host.

    Great guest though. Great episode

  21. Jacob

    Love Shek!

  22. chef boyardee
    chef boyardee10-10-2012

    In some old martial art movies the chicks would wrap their pony tails around an opponent s neck to choke them liam neeson does that with his cock.

  23. Bob Griffen
    Bob Griffen10-10-2012

    neutral on Shek!

  24. Slvrscoobie

    “The Middle” is a freeking rip off of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’
    Its a rehash, thats why it isnt popular.

  25. Dan

    Uh-oh…maybe Ace can check in with Rich Dad:


  26. Marc

    Khalid Shek Mohammed!

  27. Bob

    Hate Shek!!

  28. N8Ball666

    Hate-it-with-a-passion fruit is what it should be called Ace. How say you fish tank!

  29. d


  30. Matt G
    Matt G10-10-2012

    I just wish that Adam would address the scourge that is Passion Fruit flavored, and related products. JUST ONCE! This has been completely ignored by Adam and other media personalities for far too long. They are our voice. If we don’t open a line of dialogue about something as important as this, the Passion Fruit Terrorists will have won.

  31. Billy

    That creep of the week was all over the place! Dameshek? Love him. Very entertaining and he brings out the best in Adam.
    As for Allison: She’s awesome! I love it when she laughs, love it. Allison, I’d fly out to LA just to her you wax poetic into my ear.

  32. Rrrrr

    Skek is an new man now.

  33. patrick

    Love The Shek

  34. kevin g
    kevin g10-10-2012

    Dave isn’t bad…i just HATE hearing about sports!!!

  35. April

    Hi Carolla Show,

    Passionfruit is a real thing! You can scoop out the seeds and eat the fruit, kind of like a pomegranate. When I was a kid growing up in Florida, we loved them… they grow like weeds here. We used to pop them on the pavement because they made a cool sound when they busted open. Today they’re growing on the fence in our yard. They make incredible blooms.

    Of course they must be evil as they come from FL. 😉 Evil cloaked in pretty flowers and yummy fruit.

  36. Jason

    People who think Shek is funny are the same people who think George Lopez is funny. You’re a bunch of sheep

  37. Noonch

    LOVE Shek !!!

  38. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent10-10-2012

    Dame Sheck starts salivating whenever he smells Carolla’s ass.

  39. Justin

    Shek doesn’t like the message board insulters. Oh.

  40. 00Gonzo

    Shek is a great regular. He brings a lot of energy to the show

  41. Me

    Is the Shek love an East Coast thing? I don’t get it. He’s not funny. He’s not talented.

    DAG >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Shek

  42. Alison's V
    Alison's V10-10-2012

    Here’s the link to GLH on Amazon.com Click through Adam’s site so he can get a little love!


  43. Me

    shek… you’re such a steelers homer. fuck you and the steelers. rapelisberger isn’t in the top 5 of QBs you want with a game on the line. he MIGHT be in the top 10.

  44. Dustin

    OK here is the thing. There are literally over 25 comments that simply say “Hate Shek”, or “Love Shek”.

    To the next person that feels obligated to say the same thing as everyone else, please don’t. NOBODY CARES THAT YOU ARENT DOWNLOADING ONE DAYS PODCAST. IF YOU DONT LIKE THE SHOW, DO SOMETHING ELSE. idiots.

  45. Howard

    Compared to DAG, Shek is the Cecil B. DeMille of podcast guests. DAG is a shit stew of a personality disorder and reminds me a retarded first grader everyone told you to leave alone and just let them make nonsense noise.

  46. pay attention
    pay attention10-10-2012

    Did anyone even notice that Shek’s entire bit was about how the KC fans booed when the controversy was about how they cheered the injury?

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