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Adam opens the show discussing his busy day of book press, and a reporter who didn’t know the Richard Gere gerbil rumor. He then answers audience questions about wedding rings, cleanliness vs. talcum powder, and why car gas gauges are so awful. Next up, Alison opens the news with clips of Wendy Williams saying that Adam was the worst guest she ever had. The guys also chat about Skunk Day, rattlesnakes, and peeing in the sink.

Later in the news, Alison discusses the banning of sugary drinks in New York, and the death of Henry Hill. Another news story is about the addition of more quiet subway cars, and Adam recalls a bizarre subway experience that happened earlier in the day. After stories about pizza vending machines and a guy who attacked his girlfriend with wasabi, the show wraps up with What Can’t Adam Complain About.



Watch Todd Barry’s stand-up special, ‘Super Crazy’, premiering July 21st on Comedy Central. Visit http://ToddBarry.com and follow him on Twitter @ToddBarry.


Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Slow

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Miles L. Berman
    Miles L. Berman06-14-2012

    Do women think they’ll seem more interesting if they pretend to be way too interested/effected by things. Like in the Wendy Williams clip “THIS IS THE NEW CAMERA?”*eyes bulging too the fucking moon* Surely that can’t be her real reaction, can it?

  2. Katie


    Congrats on the book!


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-19-2012

      “Someone call the bambulance.”

  3. Jeffrey Ramsey
    Jeffrey Ramsey06-15-2012

    I was listening to the new book “Not Taco Bell Material” on audible, I stopped to listen to this episode. Ill Start-up where Ray had his Ass pointing out window getting ready to blow. lol.. I’ll finish after I listen to this episode. I’m laughing thus far, I’m waiting on the Book to arrive. Its never been this much fun for the cripple guy Tc @jeffreylramsey

  4. Jeffrey Ramsey
    Jeffrey Ramsey06-15-2012

    One more comment, but about Wendy Williams. Adam Carolla is Adam, No pretend, hes Honest and respectful, long as you are civil to him. I was blown away after I heard her comment. If shes gonna be a host, she needs to confront them then, Not go behind their back, tell them respectfully if you have a problem, right?

    • Joe

      Uh, Adam talks behind guests backs all the time. Ira Glass, Kevin Smith, The Most Interesting Man in the World, Jill Zarin, Charlie Murphy …

    • Serena

      Completely right. Also, as a style-conscious female, I think she was out of line attacking Adam’s outfit. He looked perfectly fine and not at all like a hobo. That’s really rich coming from someone as devoid of original style or good taste as Wendy Williams.

  5. Eddie Marrio
    Eddie Marrio06-15-2012

    The guys from Diggnation also think adam is a jerk, the only episode they didn’t release was when adam was on and the interviewer agreed with them because he interviewed adam in the past LOL

    Their names? Kevin Pollak (interviewer) Kevin Rose, and Alex Albrecht.

    • Geordie Gabba Mafia
      Geordie Gabba Mafia06-15-2012

      those 2 kevins are super fuckin blowhards.kevin pollak is about as funny as granny with face cancer.

      • GOD

        I agree with Geordie. Fuck the digg dudes.

  6. Badger

    Trannydar off the charts.

  7. freezercharlie

    what’s with ms piggy’s boob hanging out on the wall in the hallway in that video?

  8. Dominic

    I love the show ace but wow that metal sounding squeal from feed back or something was making my ears bleed, great show none the less though

  9. David Glaiser
    David Glaiser06-15-2012

    Guantanamera is a Cuban song and is neither ranchero nor Mexican. Also its a pretty good tune

  10. Joe

    Haven’t listened yet, but weird that there isn’t one mention of the guest in the description.

    • Carrie

      It was like he wan’t there. Shitty guest.

  11. Tim

    why is Bald Bryan sitting next to Bald Bryan?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-18-2012

      Now that’s funny.

  12. Will T.
    Will T.06-15-2012

    I know Todd Barry generally doesn’t have the delivery of Robin Williams, but he annunciated like a sleep deprived hostage for chrissakes. Crank up his mic next time or give him a line of blow. You decide,

  13. T Money (no hyphen)
    T Money (no hyphen)06-15-2012

    The comments from Wendy Williams’ fans on her website are hilarious, I encourage you to read them:


    “I knew you didn’t like Adam! I said it durring the show. I told my boyfriend, “Wendy doesn’t like Adam. You’ll see. It’ll be on the aftershow”


    Keep up the good work Ace

    • Dan Penny
      Dan Penny06-15-2012

      haha agreed

    • drifterforhire

      The comments on the Wendy Williams show board from her viewers has been taken down. There is nothing there. It says so right on the screen. Well, she took that down…and she took down her after show rant, claiming intellectual property or something. She’s obviously in over her head. I hope she takes Adam up on his offer. It will be FUN to watch that big tranny FAIL against the wit and wisdom of The Ace Man.

  14. Alex

    Wow this was awkward. Alison and Adam interrupting one another constantly. Not to mention Todd Berry and Adam never got on the same page, like he didn’t realize he was doing a comedy show.

    • stnuntrnd

      Todd took his cue from Will Durst’s recent appearance on the show.

  15. Huck

    Wow, New York fans sound way better than the Cali fans on the live podcasts. Step your game up Cali!

  16. Steve

    Hi Adam and gang!
    Love everything you do, what you stand for and how you tell it!

    When I heard about Wendy Williams I went off! So much I felt a reply to her video was needed to put her in her place [which looks like a pink, fuzzy, glitter laden man-gina hole!
    I am with you!

    My response…

    “Likewise, I wanted to like you but what I found out was I watched you with the same vigor as I watch NASCAR. But with you there’s a guaranteed wreck around each corner! You are a typical daytime TV wannabe diva with the? demographic audience equivalent to retarded cats huffing glue that don’t have the knowledge or talent to have a job during the day.
    They watch you to feel good about themselves and know that you give them encouragement by thinking that they can be something someday without having anything to offer. You basically fill the network gap by giving them something to put in between commercials so that the audience will stay? on your show because they don’t have to think.
    If they could think, they’d have a daytime job or? watch something with a little more intellect if they did have more than one spark firing in their synaptic gap [I’ll give you some time so you can look that one up Wendy] [oh, I bet you snorted there like a little pig again]. Adam can run circles around you. 5 talented [approx. 2 hours each day] podcasts every week! To boot, seven other podcasts under his Ace Broadcasting Network. What’s under your umbrella? Nothing but a empy void of sadness. 🙁
    This is where America is headed. Your show and others out there like the View decide to lower the bar of society so that the ones that find Snooky or who wore what, who won what, who f****d what is more important than actual using your gourd to do more than? cake prettiness all over it. If you call that pretty. Maybe you should listen to his shows and learn something so that you can ‘learn’ something to America and make a difference instead of continuing to spew mediocrity like you do.”

    Keep up making it great guys and know that you have another listener in your side of the ring!

    Steve Dziki

  17. Steve

    What’s up with the random question marks? OK, that one was intentional. Or not?

  18. sean

    feedback is horrendous

  19. sean

    bald bryan doppelgänger bottom right of picture

  20. May Kadoode
    May Kadoode06-15-2012

    Live show,
    Got the I-Phone and One Perfect Earbud fired up and ready to go, these live shows are not typically workplace/computer friendly episodes. Also, got my book yesterday and read chapter one on the pot this morning, Perfect turlit length chapters Aceman… Please rebroadcast the Artie Lange episode, Please! Please! Please!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-18-2012

      He will.

  21. ken

    love the mic feedback

  22. DanNJ

    Was at the show, first time seeing him live. Great, great show. Sold out, crowd into it, Ace brought his “A” game. One thing I didn’t expect was I couldn’t take my eyes off Allison – what a lovely young lady, and great at her job. Funny chick, couldn’t ask for a better 2nd banana.

  23. Taylor

    Why are tickets to the podcast at Carolines so expensive?? Hook me up with 2 free ones please? #richmanpoorman #party

  24. Rawb

    …did that dude just say ‘motive operandis’ ?? haha…. (first video @ 4:45)

  25. joegagan

    wendy is a class AAA hypocrite. she couldn’t find anything real in her bitch about adam, so she rails on his singling out of a white audience member. yet on this very same show she made two very racially charged ‘jokes’ about denise richards not knowing any black people?

    and two faced. if she was so offended, why did she kiss his ass the whole interview?

  26. Lor

    Wendy Williams is an idiot. I watched that show maybe once or twice, she’s so annoying and boring. How does she have a SHOW???

  27. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town06-15-2012

    Huh…bald brians clone sittin right there by him

  28. Ross

    Brian! Come on! wheres Adam’s dad saying “ah great” when he’s talking about man grate

  29. Seth

    Todd Barry is an amazing comedian, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to this since Adam wouldn’t let him GET A WORD IN EDGEWISE! Man, that’s annoying.

    • DrAwkward

      Maybe Todd is an amazing comedian, but every time Adam or Alison tried to throw to him his responses were mush-mouthed and unfunny. It’s like he wasn’t even paying attention.

      So Todd, what do you think about that?
      Uuuuummm, mumble.

      Maybe he switched to a new medication recently.

    • mnoswad1

      when the guest sits on the outside of Adam at a live show…….Adam forgets anyones over there…..no visual cues….when he gets on the rare rant.

      Need to move the guest to the middle………or how about produce a 5 min segment where the guest gets to talk before the news…..like on the studio podcasts. just sayin.

  30. sj

    Is baldbryan2 even wearing the same shirt as BB1?

  31. James Roges
    James Roges06-15-2012

    She’s F’ing nuts!



  33. Devon

    This episode was great! Todd didn’t really bring anything to the table though.

  34. mt

    my best response to the whole wendy williams thing is….whose wendy williams?

    • Andy90

      An even better response would be “Who’s Wendy Williams?”

      Yeah, I know it’s pedantic, but fucking up the grammar always fucks up the point.

  35. mario

    they’re following you. the hispanics want to be part of your show

  36. HotBlackDesoto

    What a fuckin dumb, boring show. GOD DAMN!!! FUUUUUCKKK!!!!



    I’m so glad I don’t pay money for this……but for free it’s not that bad.

  37. :( :( :(
    :( :( :(06-15-2012


    One example of a hard educated worker losing their job:

    Sacramento ‘Teacher of the Year’ Laid Off


  38. Alison, please marry me
    Alison, please marry me06-15-2012

    when I first saw Wendy Williams I seriously thought it was a gag, like an SNL skit. She is fake, in it for the money and nothing else. She condescends people on her show, she is a low level star fucker who makes her living talking shit about succesful people. She has never done anything on her own, and her fans are some of the worst humans on the planet…..they are the reason we need abortion legal guys, come on now. Has no discernable talent, and will not be missed when her sad, pathetic life is over.
    …..whats up with getting the shittiest guests on these live shows, this dude was horrible. a fucking construction worker or a retarted janitor would be a better guest.

  39. Brian

    The only people I could hear were Adam and Alison. I have been very happy with the podcast audio for the last couple of years, until this one.

    Hey whatever happened to Donny? Did I miss a memo on him? He just disappeared and is never mentioned anymore. Anyone know?

    • MC White
      MC White06-18-2012

      Donny and Adam had a falling out. Donny was becoming too much of a “control freak” and Adam is that way naturally, and well, you see, he does own the show. Donny got canned about 4 months ago or was it 8? Anyway, Donny remains the only person ever fired by Adam, according to Adam.

  40. mnoswad1


    skip to 15:30 mins.


    • Micah

      “Yeah, we were rich. That’s why I tried to get a job at Taco Bell. Use your brain, woman!” CLASSIC. Thanks for the link… came up empty when I looked earlier.

      • MC White
        MC White06-18-2012

        In the exact same years that Adam was looking for work, I too was looking. I lived in one of the richest neighborhoods in my hometown, we had a huge house, and lots of “toys.” My parents weren’t the type to just buy us a car, and made us work for our money. So, I landed a job at ….”Taco Bell.” I worked there about 1 year and 1/2, and bought a $1000 Sansui stereo component system at “Gemco.” (I still have the amp, preamp and tuner and use it to this day)True story. So, rich people do get get jobs at Taco Bell. Ohh, and I also remember borrowing records at the public library, dick smoker (Adam.) STFU about folks using their public library. My buddies and I were studying there, when you were out fucking off with your jackoff buddies. Just because that’s something you associate with poverty, doesn’t make it so. My family had more money than most of my other classmates. So Ruck off with your social class stereotypes.

    • Mark A.
      Mark A.06-16-2012

      Much thanks.

      Yea, I can definitely see how things ended up the way they did after watching this. From the get-go there is an unusual antagonism for a talk show. With that said, saying things like “Use your brain, woman” and “he’s going to beat the crap out of his cat”–hilarious and on-point–are great ways to leave someone talking crap about you afterward. Pretty much “F U” statements.

      Adam wins.

      • MC White
        MC White06-18-2012

        My family was rich, and I worked at Taco Bell, when I was a teen. True story. Working at Taco Bell has no correlation to wealth of the family, dummy Adam!

        • drifterforhire

          You had to come in and tell us how rich you were TWICE? Dude, WE DON’T CARE. Get over yourself.

    • rambling man
      rambling man06-18-2012

      thank you for the link, mnoswad1!

  41. Balky

    Weirdest show/real life correspondence: within 30 seconds of listening to the “boot straps” riff while driving in my car, I pull up to a stop light and the pickup truck in front of me has a big bucket in the back, and on that bucket is stenciled the words “BOOT STRAPS”. What would that even mean in the context of a bucket?

  42. Mark A.
    Mark A.06-15-2012

    Wendy Williams is definitely one of the worst talk show hosts on tv (watch her Wayne Brady interview) — Jimmy Kimmel just barely beats her.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-18-2012

      Chevy Chase set the bar.

  43. Dragos4s20

    Its funny that everyone is calling Wendy Williams a tranny, because there is a transsexual pornstar named Wendy Williams.

    • David

      I mean…I’ve heard that..from, um, other people that aren’t me.

  44. Al

    I dvr Wendy’s shows each day it’s on so I saw this episode and the main sin she committed was not doing her homework on her guests (she has a staff that could have written a page of relevant information that wouldn’t make her look so uninformed). I like her because she’s like a giant black Barbie doll come to life crossed with a drag queen (a different wig every day!)

    She should have realized that he was making a joke about the guy in the audience and rolled with it. I watched her clip trashing him and she was totally out of line (not unlike Kevin Smith who I also like but also came across as a whiny bitch instead of a mature adult). I might even write her about it (should I run out of life to live).

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-18-2012

      “Dude, are you gay?”

  45. Awezzy

    does anyone have a link to a clip where during the adam carolla radio show during the danny bonaduche days, ace and bald bryan were tricking bonaduce with the catholic guy on the phone? i think bald bryan recorded the phrase “give me a break” and bonaduce thought he was talking to the guy, but it was really just the recording, does anyone have that?

    • JoeyJoJo

      I don’t have that clip but wish I could hear it too. I was crying I was laughing so hard. It took them all a while to figure it out and even after they told Danny, Brian kept playing it and the Doucheman kept falling for it. Fucking classic.

      What’s funny is the year later after Danny got the afternoon gig, they had him on for a brief interview. Brian wasn’t working the boards, but whoever was during that interview, played “Give me a break” once, and I fucking lost it.

      PS – Adam, you brought it up again during the Dr. Drew show… PAQUIAO AGREED TO THE DRUG TESTS SO STFU ABOUT IT YOU MAYWEATHER APOLOGIST!!!

  46. Juiceman4020

    Let me say up-front: I’m on Adam’s side and have no idea who or why Wendy Williams is on television. However, can I say Adam was a dick on the show. Let me explain why:
    – Adam’s character is the ‘mans man’ working class dude. Yes, we get this. So it’s not crazy he jokes up how he is the ‘fish out of water’ on this ladies show.
    Adam has a bad habit of getting hyper-defensive about his ‘manly guy’ character and snaps at her pretty overly-defensively about the idea he’s from LA and not a ‘midwest guy’ sorta thing.
    But the ‘dick thing’ is that Adam (who is a TV guy, ‘dancing star’ and on a ladies talk show) is that he tells the working-class older dude to toss him a football. THEN in mid-toss says ‘wait for it’ and then mocks the guy “don’t you know what wait for it means?” then mocks the guy then ‘pussifies him’ saying “oh nooo.. now hes mad .. he must go home and kick his cat”.
    Adam. YOU are the Dancing Star doing women’s talk shows. YOU didn’t call the pass. (you did NOT) and HE was the older working-class mans-man who builds shlt and has a working class job. You’re lucky he didn’t put that football through your head on live TV.
    Geez… calm the eff down with the hyper-sensitivity ‘Im a man’ crap Adam. Real working class guys DON’T need to act like insecure little teenagers FFS

    • drifterforhire

      IF that big fat off screen doof had gone at Adam, you would have seen about ten seconds of action tops and the fat old guy on the deck. You think ACE can’t throw a punch? You better wake up.

  47. mr tea
    mr tea06-17-2012

    Allison, good pod.

  48. rambling man
    rambling man06-18-2012

    just watched that Wendyshow and like someone here stated: the whole farce comes across like a snl sketch. that wig wearing woman (?) picking her teeth on camera, what’s with the eyes? like the alien, before it attacks. and the other guests: Dallas cast! wouwh!
    if shit isn’t on prompter, she’s lost. of course she hates the champ, since she looked like a wannabe apprentice, applying for a job…
    she has a show, Dana Gould doesn’t …hmmm

  49. DS

    Listening to Adam and his one black female fan, they need to go back to old tech, older VW beatles had a valve like a motorcycle, you run out of gas and you flip the valve and have a gallon or so left.

  50. Maui

    Adam should quit having guests just to fill a spot…think some of these guys and gals just tap out early cuz Adam takes off on his own…

  51. MIKE

    The Wendy Williams clip seems to have been taken down. The only one left online is the actual interview where she interviews Adam on the air. Would have liked to see her turn face in the other clips, but maybe she took them down herself

  52. Calamari Lady From the Show w Todd Barry
    Calamari Lady From the Show w Todd Barry06-19-2012

    I had such a great time at the show….very suprised with my mouth full when BB shouted my name for me to read my question…..Good Times w the Aceman & Crew!!!!! I made it on the podcast!!!!!! #1 Black Female Fan!

  53. Yossarian

    Rattlesnake story for the 900th time?

  54. Jll M.
    Jll M.06-21-2012

    Wendy Williams could suck my dick if I had one.

  55. Xanax

    Hey who’s this Todd Barry guy and why is he stealing my mojo? If the public at large catches wind of this guy he’ll put me out of business. Outmode me even. Xanax takes 10mg of Todd Barry to calm down and go to sleep

  56. Steve

    Who the F is Wendy Williams?

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