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The Sklar Brothers join Adam and the gang right from the top of the show. Adam asks them about their History Channel show, ‘United Stats of America,’ and the guys joke about what that channel’s programming used to be like. The guys then remark on incredibly lazy people they’ve seen at the airport, and play a round of Blah Blah Blog, where they try to match the celebrity with their retarded online rants.

After the break, Adam talks with the Sklars a bit more about trying to make history funny, much in the way sports have become funny over the last decade. Alison then starts up the news discussing the death of Al Qaeda’s #2 guy in a drone strike. The guys also discuss Queen Latifah, a herpes law suit, and the latest updates in the Florida Face-eater case. As the show wraps up, the guys review several other news stories, including Disney banning junk food ads, the cast of The Munsters reboot, and Sheryl Crow’s unfortunate health problems.


Watch the ‘United Stats of America’ on HISTORY, every Tuesday at 10pm. Also visit http://SuperSklars.com, and follow them on Twitter @SklarBrothers.

Show Credits

Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy06-06-2012


    Old movies and television programming, torture works and why the terrorist really hate us, Queen Latifah and lineman dikes, Allred, and churros AGAIN?!?!

    • Cole

      Then don’t listen. Simple as that.

    • Mr. Rational
      Mr. Rational06-07-2012

      Let’s record you talking nonstop for 7 – 8 hours a week and see if you’re able to come up with new material on a regular basis.

    • AD

      You suck

    • Zeke

      Adam repeats rants constantly. It’s one of his many annoyances. But the funny surrounding it compensates for this annoying repetitiveness. Oh yeah, and quit being such a whiny douche.

    • Michael Pemulis
      Michael Pemulis06-07-2012

      Why do you think people tune in? Are you expecting him to suddenly start ranting about Abdoulaye Wade’s hypocrisy and questionable amending of Senegal’s constitution to allow himself to run for and serve a third term? Do you watch Sanford and Son to know about the goings on of six thirtysomething white people living in a pair of sassily decorated apartments in New York? When you buy and drink beer do you ask, “Drunk again? Get a new schtick, beer!”?

      And, do you download the free podcast just to complain? Because that’s so 2011.

      • babs

        lol, you’re funny and sound like Alison

    • Dean

      Then don’t listen and burn calories bitching

    • Tom

      It’s so horrible, yet you listened to the entire podcast. I guess the joke is on you.?.

      • Adam's Hypocrisy
        Adam's Hypocrisy06-07-2012

        Damn you’re right!!!!! I’ve been a fool. The joke is on me! Adam, you win this round…

    • May Kadoode
      May Kadoode06-08-2012

      Haven’t heard about ketchup packets for a while now though 🙂

      • Adam's Hypocrisy
        Adam's Hypocrisy06-09-2012

        That’s true. Good point!

    • freezercharlie

      oh, not another one of adam’s barrel jumping jags. . . .

  2. Hutch

    Get it on!!

  3. Katie


    Great show! Hope to see one of the live shows with you and Dennis.




    • Pumpkin Bits
      Pumpkin Bits06-07-2012

      Your art is pretty generic and it is only hit or miss funny. I just assume at this point you’re trying to be one of those people who works for free, but then Carolla recommends them for a decent job. Except Adam doesn’t read the boards, so I hope you are really just self satisfied with your “art”.

      • marco

        OH boy! You are a whiny little douchebag, aren’t you? What have you brought to the table? How many calories have you burned for our entertainment? You’re one of those pissy little fags who likes to dump negativity on others just to make yourself feel better about your own shortcomings – you fool no-one!

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle06-11-2012

        Pumpkin Bits, you are a turd in a punch bowl. Katie is just having fun and is thoughtful enough to share it with us. If you don’t like it don’t click on the link. Lighten up.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-08-2012

      This is amazing!

  4. Miles L. Berman
    Miles L. Berman06-07-2012

    Status Update: Drunk off my ass, ‘looking for a milk jug…”Top Gun’s” gonna fuck the shit out dis gravity hit!

  5. Clem

    Wait a second, Adam had a past unpleasant experience with Queen Latifah? Tell us more. We’ve never heard that story.

  6. Freddy Fish Fingers(it's UK thing)
    Freddy Fish Fingers(it's UK thing)06-07-2012

    I just pray a new species of Bass is discovered – the Large-Chin Bass – to better match the analogy.

  7. Alf

    eva longoria and tony parker are divorced. russell simmons and his ex are divorced.

  8. Mark

    Is that the Transit of Venus going across Adam’s shirt on the main photo?

  9. Meh

    I recently recommended the podcast to a co-worker, I hope yesterdays episode isn’t the first one that he listens to. Adam is somewhat right about the race stuff but please stop siting the entertainment industry for why America is not racist. Sammy Davis Jr, Nat King Cole, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Hendrix would be on top of that list if it was made back in the day……….does that mean there was no racism in the 60’s?? Learn the difference between the tap dancers, and the everyday working class black man.

    • Mark A.
      Mark A.06-07-2012

      well said

  10. angrybadger

    I love these guys!! They never dissapoint–they’re so quick and witty…..

  11. Zeke

    My two favorite podcasters on one episode! Halfway through, so far so good.

  12. DubipR

    Oh yeah Sklar Bros!

    I’ve been a fan of these gents since seeing them them at old Largo back in the 90s. If you get a chance, listen to their podcasts ‘SKLARBRO COUNTRY’ (and the new Sklarbro County!), the combination of sports and humor….its a great companion to Adam’s.

    • Carlo V Sexron
      Carlo V Sexron06-07-2012

      those guys are consistently funny. Not to play favorites, but I think i could like their podcast more. Saying that is like choosing which child I love more. I love the boy more.

  13. Meh

    And guess what, while we’re playing the ‘danger based on probability’ game (one that I completely agree with) what I’m gonna need you to do right now is get that pedophile background search since middle aged white males have the market cornered on raping kids. I could care less if your in an open area with everyone seeing you with the kids. Sandusky was in an open area with his kids, but he earned the trust of the parents, which laid the foundation for his disgusting acts later.

    • bill

      Right on. Saying Adam doesn’t need a background check is on par with other celebrities who think they shouldn’t have to pay door fees or should be treated to front row seats just because of their stature in the public eye. Its also sort of ironic that Adam of all people, who for years heard horror story after horror story hosting loveline, would pick on mandatory pedo-background checks.

  14. bill

    Show got off on the right foot, all the juices were flowing, looked to be setting up a great and hilarious episode. Then the news and game shows brought it all to a screeching halt.

  15. werthj

    As a Wisconsite, I have to humbly correct.

    Elton John played the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee, not Sturgis.

    Worse yet, it was a surprise performer situation. He wasn’t announced ahead of time, but rather a surprise to everyone in attendance at the Celebration.

    • rb

      Yes! I’m always yelling into my Zune when he talks about Sturgis.

  16. Seiha

    Hardest episode to listen to. Not only do they sound identical, but they also either talk over each other and/or say very similar things and continue each other’s sentences. Weird and irritating.

  17. Bad Hair Dye
    Bad Hair Dye06-07-2012

    Hey Carollah, the hand slapping game is called “Hot Hands”.

  18. Van Hammersely
    Van Hammersely06-07-2012

    Funniest pod in a long time.

    First time posting and I was wondering, while it was not featured in this episode, can someone explain the “Potato Gun” drop when someone not so smart is mentioned?

    I’ve always wondered this.

    • Kevin

      The Potato Gun is Deaf Frat Guy’s weapon of choice.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle06-11-2012

      Google Deaf Frat Guy Potato Gun and you can listen to it first hand.
      Good stuff.

  19. CJ

    I used to dislike the Sklars (Cheap Seats was a C-plus version of Mystery Science Theater) but they’re actually pretty funny here. The Eva Longoria-Sofia Vergara/laser disc-DVD comparison was dead on

  20. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent06-07-2012

    Stan Lee should be the new Grandpa Munster. Excelsior!

  21. Wilson

    Love the sklars, great move having them on for the duration. I second the move to change the name of “Skymall” to “What the hell is that bitch up to”

  22. Rosen's Renegades
    Rosen's Renegades06-07-2012

    Focus on my lobby……..

    Ha! Good one Alison.

    I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down sista!

    • Plain

      Despite her occasional embarrassing efforts, Alison couldn’t come close to hanging with the quickness of Adam and the Sklar brothers.

  23. RocketJohn

    Katie, your stuff is funny keep up the good work… The comments about this podcast from past shows are way too negative and have way too much hate for a show that’s free… People need to relax, enjoy the show and focus on the positives…

  24. timmy

    Where is this passion fruit at everywhere? I’ve been lucky enough to not have run into it when I order tea in Chicago, NYC, Philly, and Phoenix. Is this an LA thing?

  25. Matt Mitchell
    Matt Mitchell06-07-2012

    It’s great that a self proclaimed semi illiterate person can lay on his floor and talk about his life then call himself an author then go on his own podcast and hammer Sendak about being a shitty hack writer. Love Corolla

  26. I can do this all day
    I can do this all day06-07-2012

    These guys are funny.

  27. Jason

    Great guests! Very funny podcast today.

  28. James

    Best pod this week!

  29. Listener

    Quick, hilarious guests. They brought it.

  30. Joe

    “Weren’t you on a late night show with Queen Latifah?”

    God dammit, Alison!

  31. Jesse Jackson
    Jesse Jackson06-07-2012

    This was a great episode.

    Adam, please replace David WIlde with the Sklar brothers.

    David Wilde sucks.

    • Ooh

      Amen! Can’t get enough sklars

  32. Bowlsworth

    Someone please let Adam know that Elton John never played Sturgis… He played the Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary event in Milwaukee in 2003… which is still a very odd choice, but at least it was a corporate sponsored one…

  33. kennywc

    The name of that game is “Hot Hands”.

  34. Stan

    The podcast is usually solid, but the P…..izadora and this cast have been tremendous… keep it up guys

  35. fer


  36. JessMan

    good pod. that was like yes and yes and

  37. Keeg

    Great show really enjoy those guys.

  38. Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker06-07-2012

    Best episode ever. Can’t wait to catch an episode of their new show.

  39. the point man
    the point man06-07-2012

    This show is number 1 as per usual in comedy on i-tune but now ace on the house is number 1 in education! Get it on!

  40. Jorm_valadez

    Lol @ the top gun ad. Reminds me of Jackie Chiles, the shady attorney from Seinfeld. “Ridiculous, preposterous, outrageous!”

  41. Joey

    Does anyone know the context of Alison’s “Noooooo?!” drop? I can’t place it.

    • Blake

      The Alison “Noooooo” drop is from about a month ago. I think I remember Adam asking her to say no with an Asian accent.

    • Huck

      isnt it from her impersonating Adam’s central american nanny?

      • Zeke

        Yeah it’s from his nanny Olga saying “Noooo!” after Adam beginning a statement with “I don’t like to talk about myself, but…” or something along those lines.

  42. Alan Celica
    Alan Celica06-07-2012

    blowhard is jumping the shark again? ive been disappointed in the guests lately. Last good one was Christopher Madsen and his infant son but that was so last week.

  43. dolantrack

    Awesome show today! The Sklar bros. are about the only guests that can keep up with Ace. Make them a regular thing. Great week of shows-no T. I want my own drone………………………………

  44. Big Larry
    Big Larry06-07-2012

    Ah, American Standard I used to think the same thing when I installed those back when I was a plummer. Good times.

    • Zapoli

      How the hell do you get a plumber’s license and not know how to spell “plumber”?

  45. Brett

    This episode is what makes ACE great – pair him up with a good guest (or two) that roles with his improve strength and this is a great podcast! Keep it up ACE (stay away from boring politics).

  46. robert

    That was some good back and forth. They should be back

  47. Nolan

    I can’t remember the last time I laughed so many times during a single episode. Adam should have the Sklar Brothers on more often.

  48. maxman

    good guests!

  49. George

    Love me some Sklars. They’re great when they’re on the Jim Rome show too. My favorite Cheapseats is when they ripped into the National Spelling Bee, with the one nutty chick that needed a “talking to”. Adam and the Sklars together was every bit as good as I’d hoped and Blah-Blah-Blogs was the best so far. Great job guys!

    • Zeke

      I always wondered why I never saw Adam on their show or visa-versa. I figured it would be awesomeness!

  50. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III06-07-2012

    And it was good!

  51. terrilynnh

    Love you guys, never change! 🙂

  52. Ken Shabby
    Ken Shabby06-07-2012

    We arent as tall as we used to be as the Latin Americans are bringing us down! Not many tall Mexicans.

  53. TML


  54. Blank

    The Sklar bros. try so hard to be soundbyte worthy…everything about them is so contrived. blech.

  55. Okker

    Am I the only one who expects Bryan to play joe walshes “weren’t doing the news?”

  56. daniel gallie
    daniel gallie06-08-2012

    Those two never fail to deliver the annoying and hope that tomorrow’s show will be better.

  57. Mark A.
    Mark A.06-08-2012

    Good energy on this one. Everyone is talking and keeping a flow going. The line of the night “I’m gonna order a drone strike on myself” is being certified classic status. It can be followed with “so I don’t have to listen to your stupid crap any longer” for an insult.

  58. Alan Corolla
    Alan Corolla06-08-2012

    Good guests today, fun show.

  59. Josef

    Raul Garcia a Maxican, that was damn funny stuff.

  60. SubDude

    THIS was a good one. Stay away from Prager and stick with this kind of podcast. There was some good humor in there. “I don’t think you being able to suck your own dick is going to help yourself in the octagon” There was some excellent back/forth on this episode.

  61. JJ

    The brothers were solid on the show. Great listen!

  62. Rob

    I knew Sklar’s would be on top of their game, that is kinda what they do. They spend time on their comedy & schtick, earn every penny they get I’m sure.
    I’m glad they were on because I knew about their podcast but not the TV show, now I’ll check it out.

  63. Gottagetiton

    Awesome! Guests were funny and in sync with Adam…

  64. Kelly

    Where is T?

  65. zero1media

    Great episode! Adam should have on more guests that can keep up with him comedically.

  66. Steve-o

    The Adam Carolla Show and SKLARBORO COUNTRY are the only two podcasts I’ll listen to. Keep it up aceman and punch a waterfall HENDERSON!

  67. lookout

    Easily in the top 5. I actually listened to this twice…

  68. sharon2015

    These guys were just as funny as Adam. Will be subscribing to their podcast.

  69. Pawtucket

    Sklars seriously need to be on a minimum of once a month. They have impeccable comedic timing and are perfect banter companions for Adam. Maybe they could have an extended sports segment?

    Anything really, they’re universally loved by fans of the podcast

  70. Jesse

    Don’t listen to the haters. That was one of the best shows I can remember, the guests were fantastic!

  71. Yossarian

    I want the Sklars back once a week!

  72. Phineas


  73. Pete McSwiss
    Pete McSwiss06-24-2012

    Am I the only person who thinks the Sklar Brothers are not funny? Never heard one amusing comment come out of their mouth. How do they continue to get work?!

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