The Complete Lotzi Tapes

The Complete Lotzi Tapes

The Complete Lotzi Tapes

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Happy Thanksgiving! Adam plays the complete recording of his grandpa Lotzi. Based on an interview from over three decades ago, listen as Lotzi talks about escaping the Nazis and ultimately making his way to America.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

  1. Sluggh

    Lump of coal.

  2. Tolley

    Awesome guys!! Been waiting to hear this whole thing in it’s entirety………Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

  3. Mike L
    Mike L11-24-2011

    Thanks for this, so interesting. I’m a San Diego native getting my MBA in Budapest. Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Purpleslog

    Is Adam the kid in the photo?

  5. Chad

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. DoMeNiQuE

    Truly inspiring life story, thankful for freedoms here in USA, great gift today!

  7. Sarah

    Thank you for playing the Lotzi tapes in its entirety. I loved listening to your Grandpa today.

  8. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana11-24-2011

    “The Complete Lotzi Tapes” — I was expecting “Woof, woof, croak”. But this was good.

    Please have DAG on for Black Friday, and Hillary Clinton and Emelda Marcos, you never have them on.

  9. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana11-24-2011

    I like the “I look up to people who everyone looks down at” quote. It’s very Will Rogers. And I agree. Anyone swimming cross-current is a good swimmer.

    But there’s some unavoidable condescension. I look upside down on anyone who’s upside down, same as I place women on a pedestal high enough to look up their skirt. (who said that?)

    Point is, we’re handing out medals for our own Olympics.

  10. Allan

    Such a great inspiring immigrant story, thanks Aceman.

  11. ki18

    Yes, very inspiring story. Is Lotzi from Adams mothers side?

    • kilo

      @ki18 – Yes, on his mothers side. If I recall correctly, Adam’s maternal grandfather died before Adam was born, and his maternal grandmother remarried Laci. So while not blood relatives, it’s the grandfather he grew up with.

  12. Scott

    Wha happened to the book he mentioned he wrote but had no published yet?

    I would read it.

    Thanks lotZi.

  13. Vladimir

    Another listener from Budapest. The name should be spelled Laci, which is the common nick name for Laszlo. Hungarians pronounce the “C” like the “ts” in Tsunami and the “a” sounds like “aw”. Always the emphasis on first syllable.

    Btw, his family name is Görög, which is Hungarian for Greek.

  14. kilo

    My favorite quote from the interview is:

    A: “The economy is terrible because of the Jews”
    B: “And the bicyclists”
    A: “Why the bicyclists?”
    B: “Why the Jews?”

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