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As the show opens up, Adam announces that our scheduled guest, Ben Folds, had to drop out… but as long as the keyboard is set up, Chris Maxipada is stepping in. Teresa Strasser is also in studio, and the guys talk with Chris about a cross-country bus trip he once took with 15 friends. Adam also goes on a long rant about a misunderstood joke on the back of his new book, and even takes some listener calls to see if they get the joke. Later, Lynette Carolla calls in to rant about Twins Day at school, and all the other confusing events that their school organizes.

After the break, Teresa jumps in with her Parents of the Week segment. The guys talk about animals who kill their young, a mom who killed her child’s father over a greeting card, and security footage that shows parents putting their kid in a washing machine. As the show wraps up, Adam talks about killing a spider with lighter fluid, and discusses the time he was the angriest he’s ever been on the air.


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Washing Machine Kid

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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Alex

    I prefer the older player! Bring it back Adam!

    • Peter

      Agreed. It was much easier to find your place on the old player if you listen to the cast in multiple sittings.

  2. JarvisW

    Its not your problem Ace, its the problem of PRONOUNS!

    Maybe you could rant on that a bit..

    • Ken

      I Get the joke as it is printed.

      In BB defense – it is technically not written correctly concerning Pronouns.

      I think the caller who brought up the Mexican pronunciation of “hezuz” deserves a Mangrate for that interpretation!

      Adam is wrong about using “I” in his joke because the whole back cover would then need to be in the first person – describing himself. The sentence above the picture was in third person.

      Great Podcast – keep up the good work.

    • JimD

      I think that rather than complaining and polling the listening community, Ace should maybe consider that the Carpenter/Jesus joke was just not a very good one. I know he’s reacting to the ineptitude of the producers who constantly crap on everything, but If 9 or even 7 out of ten people who hear the joke don’t get it, it doesn’t work. Happens to everybody.

      • Steve

        Agreed. The point is many people will not understand the joke. Regardless of Adam’s point, once people have to spend that much time thinking about the meaning behind the joke, the joke is lost. Definitely not Adam’s finest moment.

    • wileyhall

      Hey Adam, let me help… Adam was just like Jesus except he didn’t gouge the elderly… in the ass with a pitchfork.

    • Marcus Wilson
      Marcus Wilson05-25-2012

      The joke just wasn’t funny. Perhaps, “But, Jesus didn’t panhandle” would have been funnier.

  3. greg

    lol it doesnt work if you put “I” either!!! adam is gettin old!

  4. greg

    all if you have to do is keep whats on the back of the book in the picture and take “he” out and replace it with Jesus so it reads as if adam, not jesus gouged the elderly

  5. greg

    when you replace “he” with “I” its still refrencing adam and adam not gouging the elderly! yall are all retarded!

  6. r

    Bring Chris L on the air more often. Today the show almost reached that family vibe that Howard has managed to cultivate on his show. It’s fun to get to know the staff.

  7. Dave

    It was Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, that bought his way onto a bunch of Italian Champions League teams even though he was awful. It was a hilarious segment from Real Sports on HBO.

  8. RMS

    Uh, Brian’s interpretation of the joke was 10 times funnier. Saying that Adam purposely gouged the elderly is funny because it contrasts with Jesus being a good guy. But the other way, Jesus gouging the elderly, is just a complete pull it out of your ass joke (or non-joke because it has no connection or relevance to anything) a baby could make. Adam is losing it.

  9. Takeda

    I initially took the joke as a reference from an atheist to televangelist-type preachers, who primarily target the gullible elderly, insinuating that Adam, all else being equal – they both being carpenters – was better than Jesus, but I get the absurdity angle that was the joke’s intention. However, it is clear that, in the joke’s original form, as proposed by Adam, the word “he”, capitalized or not, refers to Adam, and that the true absurdity of this joke is that a man who was warehoused in LA County schools, throwing clay to eke out a diploma, has a more comprehensive grasp of sentence structure than professional book editors.

  10. Matthew SHARP
    Matthew SHARP05-23-2012

    yo , whats with this thing not playing?

  11. Mike

    GET “T” ON!!!!

  12. J

    Have you guys changed something with the player again? I can’t get any of the new shows to stream on any of my computers, or on the smartphone. Worked just fine yesterday. Lame.

    Most of us prefer that those things which are not broken do not get “fixed”. Please to advise? Thanks.

  13. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson05-23-2012

    Are you fucking kidding? Get some funny guests for fucks sakes!

    OK I’ll listen now and see if she’s funny.

    • Duck Manson
      Duck Manson05-23-2012

      She was funny.

  14. Katie


    Great show! As a fellow bitter Los Angelo I always nod in agreement with all the LAPD rants. Drunk illegal ran into the side of my car while I was at a red light, when I gathered myself to get his info he spend off onto the freeway, when police arrived I gave them his license plate #, a photo of his car I got with my phone the direction he was heading and a description of the driver. They inform me I need to call the Glendale police because my car was hit on the other side of the traffic night…. Then left… Sigh….

    Anywho I’m back to drawing yay


  15. E

    Im conflicted, I’ve been listening to Adam for 17 years and I’m finally at the point where hearing the same jokes over and over again (I.e. the Jesus joke) I’ve heard this joke countless times. Adam is just being a lazy comedian. I know it’s tough coming up with so much material a day but I rather have quality than quantity. Maybe it was the restrictions radio gave him that made him have to think more, thus funnier.

  16. Katherine

    Always thought the joke about Jesus gouging the elderly was a reference to Jesus being Jewish (Jews being stereotypically cheap, etc). So I guess I never got it either, but I always laughed.

    • Katherine

      Like the Satchel Blue one. Sooooo funny

  17. Joshua

    Assuming you get past the confusing grammar I think the problem is the true joke’s is very simple. The problem is that because it involves a complex and nebulous component like Jesus the mind starts trying to make links that aren’t needed. When I first heard the joke I understood it properly – pronoun wise – I also immediately grasped the obvious; Jesus didn’t gouge so that’s the joke. But then I dismissed that and started trying to figure out a deeper meaning.

    The worst thing is the original “lives with his partner and adopted boy blue” was really funny.

  18. Elias

    That kindergarten twins day… Is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. Whoever comes up with these ideas needs to be slapped. Same thing with the assholes who tell you to find your own partner. I’ve dealt with this bullshit all my life up to my last class in university.

    It’s inconvenient for students to find their own partners. It just doesn’t work for people who have more or less than the exact number of friends needed. More is a problem and less is a problem, especially when dealing with children who are sensitive to being left out (TS for them, right?). It’s also inconvenient for the instructor to have to assign students into groups, whether you’re going off the roster or head count (assigning numbers to everyone standing in a line). Inconvenient in the sense that you have to actually do it.

    The students vs the instructor: more often than not, guess who is going to get it their way?

    If you are an instructor who has ever asked your students to self-organize, fuck you. Seriously, fuck you.

  19. Kelly

    Satchel Blue was much funnier. One of the callers made me think: Comedian Adam Carolla in is early days as a carpenter. He was just like Jesus, but he wasn’t a Mexican.
    Love the show (and network). Listen every day.

  20. Mike

    i did not get it, and even when he explained it was not that funny. go back to the original.

  21. Melinda Bourn
    Melinda Bourn05-23-2012

    A few days ago Allison mentioned “bathtub gin”, then Adam brings of Phish, (or vice-versa). Dawson must have been biting his tongue-

  22. TIMOTH

    Should have stuck with the Satchel Blue joke.

    • Zapoli

      Because the Satchel Blue joke is so hilarious … “The author is gay lol.”

    • dave


  23. JessMan

    T! milf!

  24. mia

    i got the joke at first glance. you didnt even need to explain it (although the discussion was very funny). i dont know how people were confused. best of luck with the book- cant wait to read it!

  25. Tim Holmes
    Tim Holmes05-23-2012

    Hey voters – do as I did (absentee ballot) – write in Adam Carolla to be the next U.S. senator from California. Wouldn’t you love to see and hear him rant on the Senate floor about such crucial issues as cranberries in oatmeal cookies, and irrelevant PSA’s? Show a little love for the Aceman, vote Carolla (and spell his name correctly, morons!) for U.S. Senate!
    A devoted fan,
    Tim Holmes
    West Sacramento

  26. Tim

    Ace, you made the Jesus joke in the first Dennis Prager show in Redondo Beach. It was the only time Dennis seemed uncomfortable.

  27. djnc

    maxipada turned out to be a very cool guy lol

  28. Jeff

    Teresa Strasser is like a fine wine — she just gets more beautiful with age.

  29. DonnySac

    They’re saying it’s obvious that Jesus didn’t gouge the elderly, but Adam’s constant bashing of religion doesn’t make it all that obvious. One thing is obvious – it’s not funny.

    No matter how many people say they don’t get it and it’s not funny – Adam insists it’s perfectly obvious and how couldn’t people think it’s funny. It’s like Sonny thinking he can hit a ball to the moon – despite evidence to the contrary and what people may say, he still thinks he’s a great baseball player and nothing is going to change his mind.

    • Justin

      Totally agree. The religion angle was tough to wade through.

      The other problem (other than grammar) was the carpentry/gouging relationship. Carpenters gouge. Everyone. Even if Jesus didn’t. So the reader is required to think about carpenters and their treatment of clients, rather than the absurdity of Jesus’s implied immoral behavior.

      Funnier to write — as Adam and AR ad-libbed — “except Adam didn’t commit arson” or “except Adam wasn’t a kleptomaniac.”

  30. Neil

    This would all have been solved if they put “except Jesus didn’t gouge the elderly”. Although as someone who is a) unfunny and b) probably doesn’t get the joke… I don’t know why I’m writing this.

    • Neil

      Actually that would totally change the focus of who the joke is about. Fuck it. Sorry.

      • MC White
        MC White05-24-2012

        Yes, Neil, neither do we, because you are def. mixed up.

  31. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-23-2012

    Chris “Maxipada”? is that a fake name. Botched funny.

    • Sean

      You haven’t listened to the show very long, I assume.

      His name is Chris Laxamana (See, right there under Technical Director toward the top of this page).

      But Adam consistently screws up names, so he would flub the heck out of it, until he came upon maxipada, because it gives you a little chuckle. One of those construction worker jokes that people probably don’t care about…

  32. Rrrrr

    I love the Pod cast when T is here!

  33. Captain Kidd
    Captain Kidd05-23-2012

    Strasser is on. Guess I will take a day off.

  34. Billy

    The old player was way better.

  35. AceFan!

    The back of the book is now a meta joke. Aceman is a genius. He takes lemons and turns them into footballs.

  36. Chris C
    Chris C05-23-2012

    Working in Pocatello, Idaho this week and guess what they have here Aceman … flashing yellow arrows for turning left!!!

  37. Euclid

    I understood the joke immediately. I knew the joke was that Jesus was the one gouging which is the crux of the joke since Jesus didn’t gouge people. We’re sympatico!

    • David

      Part of qualifying as a joke is that something be funny. There’s no humor to be found there.

      • Sean

        Agreed. The point is, the joke isn’t an exaggeration of a reality, and isn’t related to anything one would typically assign to Jesus. Has he said something like,

        “A carpenter like Jesus, except he never had a nail gun incident”, then maybe.. maybe.

    • Just Me
      Just Me05-24-2012

      “crux” of a Jesus joke … good one.

  38. mj

    best show ever!… oh yea.. Allison is sexy.

  39. Rick

    Adam, remember if you have to explain the joke, it doesn’t work.

  40. sycophant

    gorgeous, teresa.

  41. TS

    With BB and Teresa on this one. Easy to read to much into the joke. People are thinking you’re trying to be edgy in some Bill Maher way. Better to use a more extreme/absurd thing like arson, kleptomania etc.

    Also more clear in the alternate version proposed by Lynch.

  42. MikeD

    I get it, it just isn’t a very good joke. You can do so much better Adam

  43. Cal

    hahaha. Sign in the back says “Junior Wash”. hahaha

  44. Dervorbote

    Have to admit I looked at the picture before hearing the discussion and I thought I was missing something. Religion is already has a reputation for scamming money so it doesn’t hit you as absurd at first, it sounds like a reference to something.

  45. mnoswad1

    Jesus was a carpenter that gouged the elderly……..made perfect sense the first time I heard it. Not confusing at all.

    These effing people don’t get irony?

  46. Freedom Williams
    Freedom Williams05-23-2012

    The best part of today’s show was when I skipped through the entire Jesus joke issue.

  47. Mo

    Is it just me or is that lawyer ad kind of obnoxious. I don’t really mind it when adam does the ads but for whatever reason that guy is bad news.

    • Victor Herrera
      Victor Herrera05-23-2012


    • MC White
      MC White05-24-2012

      I’m so glad it is at the beginning, and I ALWAYS skip it.

  48. rosemary

    ha I loved it when lynette called in… i can see how her & adam get along. ok go…..
    PS i watched “the Hammer” and i really liked it. sorry you lost money on it carolla.

    • Rishi

      Agreed! It was so cool to hear them with each other haha especially when he starts arguing with her going on for hours

  49. Jack

    What the hell is wrong with everyone? How can no one get the jesus gouges the elderly joke?

    Is everyone retarded? How could Bryan not get it?!

  50. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks05-23-2012

    I think Dixon’s swimmer’s body take on the back cover joke was hilarious.

  51. Jack

    I’m as pissed as Adam about this. What the fuck?! WHY DOESN’T ANYONE GET THIS JOKE.

  52. ScottV

    Great joke Ace Man. Don’t worry if the mental midgets can’t get the absurdity of Jesus gouging the elderly.

  53. Daniel

    Good jokes don’t require 10-15 minute explorations. Whether it was just poorly written or just senseless, the Jesus joke was not good. How bout for fun, toss out a Twitter “caption this” contest where people throw in their own joke for the picture, winner gets (something).

  54. angrybadger

    Didn’t get it……Even if it were properly written out, it just wasn’t funny.

  55. Big T
    Big T05-23-2012

    Bald Bryan is right about the joke, it makes more sense the other way.

  56. Eric H
    Eric H05-23-2012

    I got the joke immediately Aceman, and I thought it was funny. Good show.

  57. danaconda

    did I just watch a fuccking kid drown? I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but jesus god this feels TOSH.O esque in disregard for morality. Also, who the FUCK puts a ceiling fan right in front of the surveillance camera.

  58. awildermode

    Hey, they spelled your name right on the back cover of your book.

  59. setlasmon

    That SI photo shoot was just a waste of Sonny’s time!

  60. Kevin

    I am totally diggin the piano, a little background music seems to fill a void I didn’t know was there.

  61. setlasmon

    before I even listen… Adam’s angriest on air moment? had to be Joel McHale’s pool rant right?


    • JessMan

      agreed. wish they still had that drop

  62. Joel M
    Joel M05-23-2012

    Maybe Adam should just realize that his joke is not that funny.

    • MC White
      MC White05-24-2012

      Yes, but Adam’s ALWAYS RIGHT, so he must be right about this…

  63. Sy

    Chris Maxipada just earned himself more airtime. Nice job filling in for Ben Folds.

  64. Balki

    The joke isn’t that good Adam. Get over yourself.

  65. goatfucker

    jesus fuck, i get the joke & its funny

  66. DJ

    Adam, I love ya man. BUT…that joke, even once it does make sense, it simply is a shit joke and you should let it go. If 95% people aren’t getting it, it can’t be that good.

  67. Lynn

    The joke is funny! I got it right away.

  68. Phil

    The joke doesn’t work because it is written not spoke with sarcasm.

  69. DirkM

    Shocked people couldn’t understand the joke. Seems pretty simple to me.

  70. Jamie Gillis
    Jamie Gillis05-23-2012

    Am I the only one that got Adam’s carpenter joke right away, with no explanation required? Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian?

    Also, how did Lynette find time in her busy work schedule to call in?

  71. Brian in New Orleans
    Brian in New Orleans05-23-2012

    It was Gadafi’s kid (Saadi Gadaffi) that tried to be a soccer star. Comedy gold.

  72. dusty

    How could so many smart people not get the book cover joke? I got it on the first listen and it’s hilarious. This is why the viewership for NBC’s Thursday night comedies is so low, too many people can’t wrap their brains around subtle humor.

  73. Chris

    Love T-Bone 😀

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-24-2012

      Good name for T’s V.

  74. Pete

    Who the hell doesn’t get this joke? It’s the same this as saying Jesus ran a cock fighting ring or was a mass murderer. But you use gauge the elderly because carpenters gauge the elderly. I looked at the picture before ever playing the podcast and had no trouble. Errrrrrr

    “In order for Jesus to wash away our sins, Jesus will become….a rapist.”

  75. ohhhjohnny

    I just don’t think it’s that funny of a joke

  76. Brian in Campbell
    Brian in Campbell05-23-2012

    Ace man, the problem is the double negative: Adam didn’t do something Jesus didn’t do. So the confusion is what is done? The joke should be, how would Jesus build a house and how would Adam deviate from that? For example:

    Comedian Adam Carolla in his early days as a carpenter.
    He was just like Jesus,
    except he didn’t install hot and cold running wine.

  77. Afee

    Lynette, You are sooo right. They are all about not bullying children or making anyone feel left out and then they do some random twins day that ensures someone is left out. Really, dress like the principal? Just write loser with no friend on your forehead. My son goes to school in Santa Monica and they have all the same sh#*! Then, to Adams point, I must be the only mom in Southern California that works for a living. My husband and I both work. What a concept! Yet every school function is, 11am to 2pm. Really? My son is the only one in danger of not having either parent there on any given “talent show” or “constitutional reading day”. Why is my child being punished for having two parents that work. Can we not make one event at….6pm?

    • Sam

      You pay the OT.

    • AngelAdamFan

      it is so the teachers don’t have to work at all past their work day.

      • ross

        Yeah, cuz teachers never work past 3 pm. Those hundreds of lessons and assignments plan and grade themselves!

  78. Chuck

    The joke is better if it reads “except Jesus didn’t gouge the elderly”.

    • Ken

      Very true – would not alienate a potential “non – fan” and might sell more books at the brick and morter bookstore.

  79. James Boomer
    James Boomer05-23-2012


    Great job! You are a good sport, and in my opinion, the best part of the show today. Hope you are more a part of the show in the future.

  80. Ryan M.
    Ryan M.05-23-2012

    I am stunned that so many people had trouble understanding the Jesus joke… Wow.

  81. Elle

    For the record, I totally got it. Obviously Jesus didn’t gouge the elderly.
    The funny part is, neither did Adam. lol

    Keep it up Adam, if you have to alienate some listeners/fans, so be it. More for me!

  82. Manny

    love me some Teresa Strasser!

  83. Blimey

    Here’s the problem with Adam’s joke. There’s no obvious connection between Jesus and the elderly. If Jesus had spent a lot of time tending the elderly it would have been obvious that Adam was saying he wasn’t tending, he was gouging. A better joke would have been to make some reference that people know. Jesus spent some time defending prostitutes. So the joke could have been, Adam is just like Jesus except that Adam didn’t spend so much time with prostitutes. or perhaps Adam didn’t frequent prostitutes.

    • Zapoli

      Adam was a carpenter. And Jesus was a carpenter. So Adam is just like Jesus. As if! But wait, there’s more. Some carpenters gouge the elderly. (Remember, Jesus was a carpenter — this is important.) But Jesus was really, really good. And Adam is the douchiest douche who ever douched, right? See where this is going? Well, get ready for the old twisteroo … A world gone insane … An upside down civilization that Can. Not. Be. Real!

    • Most Funny Man in the World
      Most Funny Man in the World05-25-2012

      Thank you Blimey, hilarious 🙂

  84. Chuck

    The reason the joke (as originally written) does read well is because of the ambiguity of the pronoun.

    By identifying the subject of the second part of the sentence it becomes clear:
    “except Adam didn’t gouge the elderly”.

    Now this has been waaay-too over-analyzed and therefore not funny any more.

  85. Crazy Chris
    Crazy Chris05-23-2012

    Kid in Washing Machine happened in “lovely downtown Camden, NJ” Police are still looking for the parents of the year.


  86. robert

    it was a bad joke. move on

  87. TT Boy
    TT Boy05-23-2012

    Wow, Lynette had to deal with Twins Day? Life must be pretty rough. Maybe we can all hold a fundraiser for her, so she can get through all this trauma.

    • MC White
      MC White05-24-2012

      How’s the post Porn career going, TTBoy?

  88. TS

    Really liked today’s episode, btw. Good stuff.

  89. James

    That joke is terrible ace, I get it, it’s just bad.

  90. Dan M.
    Dan M.05-23-2012

    Teresa looks good with that baby bump goin’ on!

    • dmb

      coming here to say the same thing…get it on!!

  91. Kain

    I love T’s look of come hither in this picture.. (queues up the taboo 2 music)

  92. Brian

    I think there were two ways to interpret the Jesus joke: 1) The way Adam intended it – Jesus never overcharged old people for carpentry work; or 2) The way Adam’s editor interpreted it – a criticism of religion i.e. the Catholic Church tricks/guilts old people into giving it money. Considering Adam’s feelings on religion, I don’t think it was that surprising that anybody would interpret the joke as #2.

  93. cow14

    totally tedious joke discussion

  94. Lor

    Waaaaay tooooo much talk about the joke on the back of the book.

  95. Errmergerd

    Oh my god enough with this! Adam, YOU ARE NOT A SCHOLAR. That sentence has the WRONG syntax and you’re making fun of people for reading it incorrectly. I’ve been a fan for 10+ years but when you’re wrong, you’re really wrong and it seems to take you 25 minutes to establish some sort of justification that you are indeed right.

    The subject of that sentence is “Adam”, therefore the “he” refers to Adam, NOT JESUS. Simple sophomore high school english.

    Cmon what a waste of pod.

    • Errmergerd

      *Reading it correctly. Bald Brian gets the rare victory on this one, he read it right as did EVERYBODY else. How can you not accept that. There is a right and wrong way to phrase that sentence. YOU PHRASED IT WRONG.

      • Errmergerd

        SOLUTION: “Adam was just like Jesus, except he gouged the elderly”

        OR: “Jesus was just like Adam, except he DIDN’T gouge the elderly”

        I can’t believe you guys are still on this topic, it’s ruining my morning at work because it’s so simple!!! I saw this podcast was longer when I downloaded it, but sure enough it’s filled with inane arguing and inconsequential insights from dullards.

        • lANCE

          you fail at comedy. it is fine as written in the picture.

          • lANCE

            let me (Lance) explain further: Adam was not saying the he(adam) gouged the elderly , he (Adam) was saying he (Jesus) gouged the elderly. It (the Joke) is funny because he(Jesus) didn’t gouge the elderly. He(Adam) was being sarcastic, just like I (Lance) am with the excessive use of parenthesis. It’s (the excessive use of parenthesis) funny because it’s (the excessive use of parenthesis) is ridiculous.

        • kebin

          you missed the Joke Errmergerd. Dumbass!

        • the point man
          the point man05-23-2012

          You are still not getting it. It was Adam who didn’t gouged:
          “Adam was just like Jesus, except Adam didn’t gouged the elderly” (but Jesus, like most carpenters, did – that’s the absurd joke).

        • Balky

          That would be a solution if you didn’t get it backwards. Both of your examples imply that Adam is gouging the elderly. Adam stated that the joke was supposed to imply that JESUS gouged the elderly, not Adam. You’re just as confused as the rest of them.

        • Aaron

          Errmergerd, you are wrong, and you probably should have continued to listen to the podcast. Adam intended to say that Jesus gouged the elderly. The way you read it, is the way he intended it to be read.

          For some reason people didn’t get the joke because rather than recognizing it was silly on its face, people were trying to think of biblical references to understand why Jesus gouging the elderly is a joke, and were coming up empty.

  96. slowtimer

    I figured out the problem with the joke. It’s not funny.

  97. Kyle

    I read ( and got the joke) before I listened to the podcast. What the hell is wrong?

  98. Twinning

    The twin day and rockstar day and all that crap is from high school, I graduated in 04 and we called that spirit week. Each day, different stupid theme: 80s day, nerd day, etc….

    How old is their teacher or whoever is organizing this? Guaranteed they did that in high school. They mean well but that stuff should be for high school when students can organize it their damn selves.

  99. Ken

    I know how to solve your kid dilemma – send them to PUBLIC school.

    As Adam says – you get what you pay for!!!

    I think it is funny as hell – that Well off Parents are so concerned about how they look with the other Well off Parents that they stress out to the max.

    Keep up the good work!

  100. Bobby

    Are Adam and Lynnette going to make it ?? I’m hearing a lot of hostility and not much love. I hope they do for the sake of their children.

  101. David

    Brian is so right about the Jesus joke. It makes much more sense his way. Adam’s way made me wonder if there was some bible story I forgot where Jesus took advantage of the elderly.

  102. Joe


  103. Bobby

    Theresa looks absolutely beautiful in the picture with the pink headband, so feminine, sweet & glowing. On a different subject, if we don’t get rid of our disastrous government monopolized public educational system we are in deep trouble as a nation. We will once again quickly lead the world in educational quality if we introduce private competition, rewards for excellence, penalties for failure, (for students & teachers & schools).

  104. jamfu

    Totally get the joke.

  105. danny

    Thanks for 30 minutes discussing a shitty joke

  106. da.awful.truth

    I don’t agree with Adam, that “joke” is not funny thus we must not have the same funny bone. I agree with Bald Brian, the jokes takes to much to explain thus not making it funny.

  107. lANCE

    I want to work for adam carolla, I am funnier than all the people he surrounds himself with. Jesus Christ, people!!(see what I did there). Jesus was a carpenter, carpenters gouge the elderly, Jesus does not, the dichotomy was been established. I made a similar joke a few weeks ago. I made some cabinets for my laundry room, took a picture of them and attached the caption “I’m like Jesus… The carpenter, not the Jew.”

  108. Burro

    I get the joke, most of the mouth breathers don’t get it and Adam is surprised?

  109. Cody

    The Lockerbie bomber passed away recently. How has this not been a news story as many times as Adam has ranted about him?!

  110. Jose

    I got it, but it was not funny. I like Satchel Blue!

  111. Dale

    That’s golden Aceman, the people who didn’t get it, should stop drinking the bong water.

  112. Charley Waite
    Charley Waite05-23-2012

    After 10 minutes of hearing about the joke on the back of the book, I finally gave up and went to see what was on TV. That’s the first time I could not finish listening to a Podcast.

  113. Dave

    JESUS CHRIST The joke was that for the last 2 thousand years people have used Jesus to get donations from the elderly classic fear of death leaving life savings to a televangelist.COME ON ADAMS a fricken genius

    • Ian

      He clearly said this wasn’t the joke.

  114. Brad

    Just listened to the podcast, and as far as the confusing joke goes, if you have to work that hard to explain a joke, it’s not a great joke. Sorry to be a wet blanket.

  115. Victor Herrera
    Victor Herrera05-23-2012

    “Jesus” could have also been the illegal immiagrant from Mexico.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-24-2012

      That should have been the joke.

  116. Eric

    As to the parents with the kid in the dryer…. Proper examples of Darwinism is for your 2 stupid asses to climb in the machine. Great litmus test for being allowed to reproduce. If your on foot and don’t have your own washer and dryer, NORPLANT til you’re poven able to NOT stick your F%$#ing kid in the dryer.

  117. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis05-23-2012

    This one’s going to hit Adam pretty hard: http://news.yahoo.com/eugene-polley-inventor-tv-remote-dies-96-160944363–finance.html

  118. Donny Lee
    Donny Lee05-23-2012

    The Jesus joke is too opaque and is not particularly funny, turns out.
    Nice try though.
    I do like Teresa and Alison together on the show.
    Good stuff overall.

  119. tom williams
    tom williams05-23-2012

    Adam, have I ever told you how much I love TERESA STRASSER ?

  120. Fabian

    Here’s a way to change the joke that DOES include a religious reference:

    “He was just like Jesus, except he wasn’t in to cannibalism.”

    On the surface this could be seen as just a ridiculous statement like Adam’s version intended, but it could also refer to transubstantiation (i.e. “body and blood of Christ”). I too made the mistakedn connection (weak, I admit) that Chris did, to televangelists using Jesus to get money from old people–which isn’t very funny. Obviously there’s enough people taking this joke in the wrong direction that it should be reworked.

  121. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac05-23-2012

    Wow! Great Pod today! The “Seinfeldian” over analysis of a joke was clever, the school hell discussion with Lynette was priceless, and Laxamana on keyboards was a right bit of genius! B,T and A were fabulous as usual, and Adam did not have any hypocritical rants exposing his ill informed world view. A delightful podcast all around that can be listened to more than once!

  122. Mark A.
    Mark A.05-23-2012

    I had a bizarre interpretation of the joke in that Adam got such low pay as a carpenter that it made Jesus look like he gouged the elderly.

  123. Sam

    The antecedent for the second “he” is Jesus. Eliminating pronouns, the sentence reads:

    Adam is just like Jesus, only Jesus didn’t gouge the elderly.

    I think it’s funny either way. I knew what you MEANT, and also what you SAID. Adam’s ghostwriter should have locked this down.

  124. RWS

    I usually have your back Adam, but this “I can always find a way to make myself right” is getting old. If it is in the least way confusing and you have to explain it, IT IS NOT FUNNY! So work on it and make it funny.

  125. Micah

    I, for one, enjoyed the inanity of the joke discussion. I also reject the general notion that “if you have to explain it, it’s a bad joke”. If you have to explain it, people are idiots.

    But, let’s not lose sight, here. Blame the editors. The Satchel Blue thing was easy-breezy.

  126. HR Puff 'n' Stuff
    HR Puff 'n' Stuff05-23-2012

    People in the name of Jesus do gouge the elderly.

    A prominent symptom of Aspergers is not being able to let something drop,
    and to have atypical levels of frustration over things that most people could shrug off.

  127. Carl

    should of went for the jugular and said “except Jesus was a black homosexual.”

  128. WesKan

    How did anyone not get this joke?

  129. Cody

    The problem wasn’t the joke but rather the pronouns.

  130. OvieTheGr8

    It’s pretty ironic that Adam insists his joke is clear/funny when given all of the confusion over the interpretation, it is obvious that it isn’t considering all he does is bash Sonny for thinking he’s good at baseball when he can’t even hit the ball off the tee. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    Besides that, good pod.

  131. jj

    Its just not a good joke. Funny is funny. No one in the room laughed, and everyone was confused, theres your answer. I think its the word “gouge”, maybe you shouldve said “rip off”.

    The Satchel Blue was funny.

  132. glane

    I think deep down Adam knows that the joke sucks. I think now that its going to grace the cover of his book for eternity, he feel compelled to justify it to himself.

    I also think it was obvious that BB, A, and T thought that the joke sucked, but seemed scared to say so. Adam must be laying the smack down around there to justify the ass kissing.

  133. zero1media

    More piano playing in the background, and funny road stories from the Filipino Laxamana!

  134. crowTrobot

    “In order to be like Jesus, Adam has to become….a rapist”

    This sounds weird but having Maxipada fill in for Ben Folds was actually great. lol

  135. Silent Running
    Silent Running05-23-2012

    I remember hearing the Jesus joke on the Adam Carolla Project (I think as footage from Jimmy’s show) and got it immediately. I even remember thinking that you could run with it and establish a whole genre of Jesus-as-white-collar-criminal jokes (Jesus the Tax Cheat, Jesus the Forger).

    It’s actually pretty astounding that so many adults didn’t understand the joke on a technical level. I think the take-away lesson from this is that the Aceman has abysmal luck, at least when it comes to other people.

  136. Dan

    That Satchel Blue joke was hilarious. The other one not so much.

  137. nagging wife
    nagging wife05-23-2012

    i never realized that there were so many comedic writers that post on this board… i guess we should all be on the lookout for your guys’ 1 hour specials coming out soon, huh?

  138. Ken Shabby
    Ken Shabby05-23-2012

    Schools cant hold activities at night as that’s when the teachers rape the students.

  139. GregM

    Love Adam. I got the joke, but totally understand why it was confing to many people. One reason is that it was written poorly. The main reason, however, is that it s not funny.

  140. MC White
    MC White05-24-2012

    At first listen I did not get the book Jesus joke. I wish I had read it first, to see if I would get it. I agree, any joke that requires too much “backward” thinking, that is, obvious statement, back to absurd statement, etc, won’t be funny. I didn’t get the “gouge older people” reference, even, as I wasn’t thinking about carpenters price gouging, I was thinking about how did Jesus gouge anyone? I wasn’t even thinking about the price, I was actually thinking of “physical gouging.” This is a mistake of poor grammar, and Adam’s self centralized, not too much travel when he was a kid, etc. way of looking at the world, which works well, often, with his sense of humor being so high, but not in this case. He uses a lot of “local referencing” even in his movie, which does not translate well to “all” people’s understanding. Even the name of his book, is very good, but somebody in Canada even, might not get the title humor, and thus not pick it up. I think one of his guests, didn’t get the “irony” of the book title. Adam does this a lot, and acts annoyed, when others don’t “get it.” Sad, because he’s insulting them, without even trying to do so, when, in reality, he’s reacting to his own insecurities, and it has NOTHING to do with the other party.

    By the way, I worked at Taco Bell, as a kid, did not even apply to “MAC Donalds in the neighborhood” and thought the job SUCKED, if its any consolation, Aceman.

  141. MC White
    MC White05-24-2012

    “except Adam didn’t gouge the elderly.” Forces me to think, ohh, so Jesus did gouge the elderly? What, that’s redicu….oooh, so funny, So absurd, it’s funny! That would have been the way I wrote it.

  142. DonnySac

    Buzzed joke writing IS drunk joke writing!

  143. thedecade

    Actually Joseph was the carpenter, not Jesus, right?

  144. ross

    I agree w/ others that people didn’t get the joke cuz it wasn’t that funny. Maxipada’s interpretation that old people are known for being religious and paying money donating money to their church etc. was actually funnier than what Adam meant, which was just kind of a non-sequitor

  145. Ian

    The first joke was hilarious. The jesus one isn’t funny at all, get over it.

  146. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen05-24-2012

    Your joke percentage is off the charts Adam, but if you have to take five minutes–much less half an hour of the podcast–to explain a joke, then your gut instinct should tell you to drop the joke and move on. Your initial thought to go with the gay angle was very funny. I wish they would’ve let you use that. That aside, I’m looking forward to buying your book next month.

  147. Paul C.
    Paul C.05-24-2012

    The problem with the joke is that it refers to “The Elderly” right after Jesus – it makes you think a biblical joke is coming. “Retirees” would have worked better.

  148. Casey Man
    Casey Man05-24-2012

    I got the joke; obviously it’s ridiculous to think that Jesus would gouge the elderly, hence the funny. However, the first place my mind went in regards to Jesus and gouging the elderly was this passage from the book of Luke:

    [21:1] As he looked up, Jesus saw the rich putting their gifts into the temple treasury. [2] He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins. [3] “I tell you the truth,” he said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others. [4] All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on.”

    So, yes, the idea of Jesus gouging the elderly is absurd, but in light of this passage the whole thing takes on another layer. The jump from “elderly” to “widow” might be a little tenuous, but it still kind of shows Jesus as favoring taking someone for all they’re worth. Since no one seems to interpret this passage as Jesus endorsing gouging an old widow, casting it in a new light is very irreverent and kind of funny. Kind of…

  149. Andy90

    Nice work on the keyboards, Maxipada!

  150. Dick Face
    Dick Face05-24-2012

    Do you know what I love about MF?, you can order all the pedals and gear you want and try them out for a few weeks then send them back with out any hassles and they don’t even hassle you on promotions or discount codes they just give you the savings…that’s why I’m a happy death metal guitarist and I love Musician’s Friend.

    Jesus Christ!…I’m starting to sound like Carolla!!!

  151. bert88

    If Mike August had come up with the book joke about Jesus Adam would have called it confusing and ended the conversation by saying that five intelligent adults don’t get it so it sucks. Adam only likes the joke because he came up with it and thinks he is smarter than everyone else.

  152. Adrian

    Not a good joke. Just not funny. Dixon’s was better.

  153. joe

    WORST RANT OF ALL TIME _ leave that stupid joke alone please – Teresa is awesome

  154. maxman

    Hey aceman you know how you don’t care about other people’s kids. Well we don’t care about yours.

  155. Vinny

    I want to see the starter fluid video

  156. Mike P
    Mike P05-24-2012

    Joke wasn’t that funny, nor that bad. It is just a little back of the book quip like “Oh, Adam, making the jokes”

    The 40 or so minutes spent on explaining the joke were extra not funny.

    But that is okay because I stuck it out and got to laugh at silly rich white school and spider burning so I guess it all worked out?

  157. Bob Buttface
    Bob Buttface05-24-2012

    When I heard the joke, I chuckled at the thought of Jesus gouging the elderly, but I wasn’t sure that was the way it was intended. I thought I was missing something.

  158. Most Funny Man in the World
    Most Funny Man in the World05-25-2012

    I’m going to explain why people were confused by the joke, and why they didn’t find it funny. Hopefully this will end the discussion.

    For the record, I got the joke the original intended way, I thought it was interesting, not laugh out loud funny.

    The joke is a bait and switch that replaces an expected finish with the unexpected. The joke refers to two people, and uses ‘he’ as the pronoun in the final sentence, so the joke can be interpreted both ways. The punchline is ‘gauge the elderly’.

    Problem 1) This can be funny, BOTH WAYS. It’s funny if we’re saying Jesus gouges the elderly, because that doesn’t seem very virtuous, AND it’s funny if Adam is poking some fun at himself by saying he did a little gauging of the elderly in his day.

    We don’t have much history on either one. We don’t know that much about Jesus’ life between when he was an adolescent, until his 30s. Also we don’t have a history on how Adam invoiced as a carpenter 🙂

    People are going to be trying to determine which direction the joke is meant to go, rather than laughing.

    Problem 2) If you’re going to reference Jesus, that can be a loaded topic, people may expect a reference there, more than just him being a carpenter. They are going to burn calories searching for the reference, rather than laughing.

    I can’t believe no one got these points in 30 minutes of podcast, or on this board so far. I found that a tough bit of pod to listen to.

    A funnier version of this joke, as Blimey stated above, is “Adam is just like Jesus, except that Adam didn’t frequent prostitutes.”

    – Funny because: 1) We have reference to Jesus frequenting prostitutes 2) It pokes fun at Jesus’ virtue 3) It suggests a slight misunderstanding of religion by Adam.

    Adam, please read the bible, I’m not pitching you religion, I’m saying it it loaded with comedy, and you could make better Jesus jokes. You’re an atheist, that should be your thing.

    • Most Funny Man in the World
      Most Funny Man in the World05-25-2012

      Whoever is in charge of this board, please make a way to bump/or like important comments so we don’t have to read through the entire board.

    • Most Funny Man in the World
      Most Funny Man in the World05-25-2012

      Blimey’s joke is also funny because:
      4) knowing that the joke is on Jesus not Adam, the joke now also hints at Adam’s purity, which could be funny.

  159. reb

    network executives are imbeciles when they insist on using an unfunny joke; adam is the only sane, intelligent person when he does the same

  160. Kevin

    The worst thing about the jesus joke is that he will be bringing it up for all eternity. Hey Adam, you know your philosophy where if 28 out of 30 students don’t do what the teacher thought she asked then it’s on the teacher? Same applies. Leave it alone.

  161. Me

    so when is Ben Folds on!?

  162. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese05-25-2012

    Was Adam serious about Chris Maxipada not playing the piano well? I thought he did a great job. They should have him on more.

  163. Low Budget Seating Apparatus (plural)
    Low Budget Seating Apparatus (plural)05-26-2012

    I think this is a job for Occam’s razor: The first blade sets up the joke, the second blade states the punchline and the third blade bitch-slaps anyone who tries to read too much meaning into it.

    WWJD? He wouldn’t gouge anyone. It’s just a silly joke. Not Monty Python silly, just polar opposite silly.

    Some subjects are just comedy black holes: fear and seriousness are the only things that escape.

    Now if Adam can get people to think as deeply about his words without being conflated with an established deity he will be on his way to becoming one himself.

  164. Cindyinspain

    I was looking for a video ot the flaming aerosol can. ???

    Also, as for your Jesus carpenter joke, as a fairly new podcast listener, if I didn’t know you, I would not have gotten the joke (potential fans). Knowing you, I totally get the joke.

  165. Mike

    Almost 25 minutes of completely disecting a joke and then wondering where the time went?! Are you kidding Ace?

  166. Casket Glory Hole
    Casket Glory Hole05-27-2012

    “Survival of the fittest” does not refer to the strongest, it means the species most fit for the environment. On another note, how does a guy who claims to never, ever read come up with words like ‘vitriol’ and ‘ducats?’ Do they come up in conversation on the jobsite a lot?

  167. Steve

    I think the back ‘o the book blurb should have been: “He was a carpenter, but in order to become more like Jesus, Adam had to become…..A RAPIST!!!”

  168. DutchLuv

    After watching this Youtube video, it made me think of how necessary it is for our society to have PARENTING LICENSES. Not everyone should have the right to produce offspring. How F-ing stupid does someone have to be to tempt fate like that. At the very least, please pass an IQ test before you considering not pulling-out.

    Also, Chris Laxamana, keep up the good work on the keyboard. Maybe y’all should have a reoccurring music related segment.

  169. Bartenational

    yea, I have a rule with my kids
    if they make a joke and they have to explain it
    “it ain’t funny”

    Much like Jesus, Adam was a carpenter,
    the difference being
    Adam never got busted ripping off the elders in Galilee

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