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Adam opens the show discussing his recent trip to New York, which was incredibly quick. He also talks about passing on a private flight with Phil Rosenthal, only to be assaulted with a ridiculous first class breakfast menu. Adam then breaks down the Celebrity Apprentice Finale, and some of the action that went on behind the scenes.

Taylor Hicks enters the studio next, and Adam talks with him about life after American Idol. Taylor talks about writing a book with David Wild, who is also in studio, and the guys talk about how the rules of Idol changed the year after Taylor won. Later he discusses embracing his grey hair at age 16, and the guys analyze the competitive drive that celebrities have.

Alison begins the news discussing the death of Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees. They also talk about a guy who has 30 kids with 11 women, and Adam says he should be castrated. Also in the news, the defendant in the Rutgers Webcam Scandal has been sentenced to 30 days in jail, but Adam says that society is focusing on the wrong part of the issue. The gang also talks about an incident involving Will Smith at the MIB3 premiere, and the show wraps with Adam ranting about the continuing problem of traffic in LA.


Visit http://TaylorHicks.com for performance dates and more information on today’s guest.

You can also follow David Wild on Twitter @WildAboutMusic


Will Smith

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  1. joe

    Love the show. Bald bryan, please get the drop of Mary Careys mom saing “what?!” You had adam confused. Classic

  2. E

    MORE NEWS!!!!!

  3. SubDude

    I decline to listen to any episode that David Wild is on because he is boring,,,, squared.

  4. David Johnson
    David Johnson05-22-2012

    David Wild ruins the flow of the show. He needs a pile on “yes…and” waterboading. He is torturing me and I want revenge. 🙂

  5. Rick Thompson
    Rick Thompson05-22-2012

    Did you change the availability of your podcasts away from iTunes? First time visiting your site (probably why the change) and hope to see you at Book Revue in Huntington, NY on June 13th. Long-time podcast fan -and way back further than that-love me some Ace Rockola!!!!- Rick

  6. anthony in Ireland
    anthony in Ireland05-22-2012

    Please get Adam to comment on the Lockerbie bomber dying this week. He was released years ago cos they thought he had cancer.

  7. Buster Cherry
    Buster Cherry05-22-2012

    Let’s leave the joking to Adam
    And let’s leave the comments about bullying to someone who know’s what the fuck he’s talking about and not someone who’s making excuses for a guy who was doing damage control in a TV interview.

  8. Balki

    David Wild; still not that entertaining.

  9. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol05-22-2012

    Golf and Porn

  10. Peter North
    Peter North05-22-2012

    What, David Wild mentioned someone famous that he met? I better sit down; the room is spinning.

  11. Ras

    Ace – if a douchebag videos Natalie giving him a BJ in the future secretly – will you be cool with it? mean it is just a joke right? This whole incident was a missed opportunity because the media and everyone focused on the gay issue. I think the issue is privacy. Kids will be having intimate encounters in dorms all the time. We can not be permissive about video in secret when this happens. The gay rights ppl derailed this whole discussion because guys like adam think this is something that only happens to gay depressed guys. No. college age guys will video anything in secret and someday you might see natalie’s vag in HD unless we send a message that respecting PRIVACY matters

    • Matthew SHARP
      Matthew SHARP05-23-2012

      well put

    • Ken

      AMEN Brother!

      The invasion of PRIVACY was the main offense!! Imagine it the Gay Student was so outraged that he “outed” Mr. Ravi for breaking the Dorm rule of privacy invasion. Mr. Ravi should have been expelled from the Dorms.

      Nobody has the right to video people with these micro cameras in Private Areas: ie: Hotels, Dorms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, etc.

      If Mr. Ravi was disturbed by the Gay Student’s actions he should have worked with the Dorm Admin people to work out the problems.

      The conversation got lost on the “Bullying” witch-hunt.

  12. Jim

    Will Smith should have gone all out. That was a weak bitch slap haha!!

  13. Elle

    Dharun Ravi wasn’t spying on his roommate, watch that dateline.
    He didn’t seem to have compassion because he knew he didn’t do anything wrong. If he had feigned compassion that he didn’t have for his roommate, we would have known he was lying and he would have taken the plea. That’s how you know he wasn’t lying.
    And Ravi was right when he said that just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s fragile.

  14. Johnny

    Love the show.

  15. Juicefest3200

    This is a strange post considering Adam was actually part of The Celebrity Apprentice and I did nothing more than watch it on TV, however: The Final Task has no ‘winning team’ in the sense of earning exemptions (as with all the other tasks) but instead is one last chance to impress before being judged on their entire season.
    In this particular season a little less importance was being put on sheer donation figures (the issue with 1 or 2 ‘whales’ ensuring winners)
    So, including the last task and all previous tasks AND even their performances as ‘staff’ on winning OR losing teams- Arsenio gets the overall nod. It’s not based on only the last task.

  16. Dave

    Spank du Jour: Eileen Daly

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-23-2012

      She’s a little too creepy for me.
      …nice cans though.

  17. Bobby

    I love Adam and agree with him on 90% of his rants, but he has never sounded as dumb as he did talking about letting the government sterilize people. He said when others say “then what’s to stop the government from doing it to others if we give them that power” then Adam says “they won’t because it doesn’t make sense”. It doesn’t make sense?? So that reassures Adam that there’s no threat of tyranny if we give government unconstitutional power. Adam’s instincts are usually very good but he really need to educate himself on the long, long, history of tyranny of the few over the many. Our founders were brilliant historians and they thus tried to construct a document to protect a free people and make us the lone exception in human history that didn’t soon loose liberty and fall into bondage. Adam please don’t make these astoundingly ignorant offhand remarks about giving the federal government huge chunks of our individual liberty just because of some offensive idiot who can’t keep it in his pants. You don’t solve this problem by running to government and saying ” you take care of it daddy and here’s some of my freedom and liberty to do it. Many Americans do not understand how precious a gift (individual liberty & freedom) they have inherited and how we stand in stark contrast to the entire history of human civilization, and how easily it can be lost. Come on, Adam.

    • Voltaire

      @Bobby You must not live in a place like Southern California where uneducated welfare losers and bums start churning greasy kids out like cockroaches at age 15 and don’t stop. They do it generation to generation. I think that once you are relying on public assistance/government for support, you forfeit some rights.

      These people are stupid, but there aren’t enough consequences for their actions. Why should they stop when their parents did it before and their cousins and friends all do it now. They get by on social programs and their benefits increase with each piece of human garbage they produce. So yes too much government intervention into our lives is bad, but if you start to rely on the government and non-losers to pay for you… those rights should be taken.

  18. AceFan!

    Whateverthefuckinstan! Aceman is the man.

  19. fattkamper1

    I thought Taylor Hicks was supposed to be on this show.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-23-2012

      I hope you are sitting down for this but Ace wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise.

  20. wayne

    Please stop doing that long sniff thing you do when you’re bragging. I know you think it’s funny but it’s actually seriously gross.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-23-2012

      No, it’s funny.

    • danaconda

      and irritating sniiiiiiiiiiifffffffffffffff.

  21. Jessica

    Taylor Hicks is better looking now than he was back on Idol. Handsome.

  22. DonnySac

    Fucking stupid – describes not only Desmond Hatchett but the women he sleeps with.

  23. Ace

    When are we going to get an update on Larry Miller?! It’s been teased a few times but Adam always ‘forgets’. Seriously, what’s up? Can we get even a little indication as to what Larry’s condition is? I’m afraid that he’s in real bad shape because it’s been almost two months now and it sounds like he’s still in the hospital. He’s been in there wayyyyyyy too long for this to have been a simple bump on the head. Did he fracture his fucking skull? Is he brain damaged? Is he in a coma? WTF is going on!?
    Thx, GS keep up the good work.

    • wayne

      Try listening to Larry’s podcast for updates.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-23-2012

      There are five levels of concussions.

  24. Joe

    Alison: I think Ravi sort of comes off like an asshole.

    Adam: No he doesn’t. Find a clip of him on 20/20, you’ll see he comes off well.

    *Clip of 20/20 gets played in which Ravi comes off as an insensitive asshole*

    Adam: *moves on as quickly as possible*

    I agree with Adam’s take on the Rutgers situation, but if you read up on it (particularly the New Yorker article Alison mentioned) it’s pretty clear that Ravi is kind of a douche.

  25. Sgt. Pepper
    Sgt. Pepper05-22-2012

    Whatcha’ doin on your back? Awwwww:(…

  26. mike

    did they even talk to taylor?

  27. ABM

    Besides David Wild who was on the show? It’s says someone named Taylor Hicks but never heard him speak

  28. matt

    is david wild part of the crew now? he’s on every other episode it seems like.

  29. reb

    Jokes and rants with the “i’m rich” subtext are fast becoming as tiresome as anything that begins “As I’ve said before” or with a vague lament about “society.”

  30. Morgan

    Taylor Hicks seemed cool but I think he was overwhelmed by Adam and his takes on things.
    Wild takes on more of a co-host role when musical guests are on, steering the conversation back to them and their products. Did the same with Joe Walsh and Chris Isaak. Actually works out pretty well since Alison is more laid back than Teresa was when it comes to refocusing Adam.

    Also Hicks is cuter than I remember…

  31. Yakov

    Does anyone know if that Adam and Artie book thing will be released as a podcast as well? I must know!

  32. Jamie Gillis
    Jamie Gillis05-22-2012

    Can David Wild go more than 30 seconds without saying something sycophantic?

  33. Here'sthething

    Is Taylor Hicks an interesting Guy with unique viewpoints and opinions? What has he been up to lately? We will never know, because no room is big enough for anyone else due to the massive size of Adam’s ego. Wow. Would have enjoyed hearing Taylor be able to get a word in edgewise. What is the use of having guests if they all seem to kowtow to the incessant and often nonsensical rants of Adam? Adam is a very disrespectful and rude host. His ego knows no bounds.

  34. Chuck

    getting tired as shit ace. first class, endorsing (“i was only joking! i’m not a nazi!” apology) nazi ideals (go ask Latzi how fun that was)……….snore.

    good guest relegated to a 5 minute interview with 30 minutes of lame stories. burn more time on guests instead of you berating alison.

  35. L

    David Wild is a great addition to the show.

    • David Wild
      David Wild05-23-2012

      Thanks for saying something nice about me. I didn’t know that was allowed in a comment section, but I support your brave decision!

      • Randy Salle
        Randy Salle05-29-2012

        I think youre great David. Very insightful with your stuff. Hang in there.

  36. Miguel Cruz
    Miguel Cruz05-22-2012

    To this day I can’t get Taylor Hicks and Taylor Swift straight. When he announced Hicks was coming on, I thought he was talking about the blonde girl and was struck by how odd that booking seemed.

  37. khaw

    I can’t believe that no one commented about BG’s Sat. Night Fever being one of the top 5 (if not #1) worst albums recorded in the 20th century. It still stinks up everything that is exposed to it.

  38. Pdaddy


    Have listened to every podcast since the first day and the show continues be great as it continues to evolve. Not sure why so many of the douchiest douches that ever douched post on comment boards but really feel you and your crew warrant an appreciative post. To everyone bitching about the podcast, its FREE – quit yer bitchin. I like Wild and think he with his vast knowledge of music and its artists is a great weekly addition. Big Mahalos to Alison, Bryan, and the rest of the crew for providing reliably good daily entertainmnent.

  39. Boring, Oregon
    Boring, Oregon05-23-2012

    skipped this podcast because Dave Wild is on again.

    Funny there is a Dave Wild who works in my office and he is boring old fuk too.

  40. Jimmy

    Sorry, I like got cheese.

    • Jimmy

      Goat cheese

  41. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac05-23-2012

    David Wild is a great weekly guest, and the “Music Monday” thing they usually do is terrific. This week the wheels came off the wagon because Adam had to do, yet another, boring 32 minutes and the perils of first class flight. There was no time for Taylor to speak, for the song break down, and Adam had to regurgitate his mediocre point of “never mind that Ravi was a douche, the gay kid was clinically depressed”. At best this is a nothing story cloaked in over sensationalized (anti) bullying national rhetoric. Today was “phoned in pod”.

  42. Buzz Bisinger
    Buzz Bisinger05-24-2012

    Always strikes me as funny how Adam adds a ‘g’ to the word ‘pancakes’ to make it ‘pangcakes’.

  43. Christyle

    Adam is funny and has a quck mind, but he uses the f word so frequently that it’s numbing and interferes with his communication. I wanted to hear David Wild talk about his experiences with entertainers and Taylor Hicks talk about his life after Idol. Hicks is an interesting guy and I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say. Please have Wild and Hicks on the show again.

  44. Roflcopter

    I SAY…

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