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Rob Schneider


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show complaining about an awkward exchange he had with an old guy at a stop sign. He talks about the major miscommunications that people have on the road when they try to direct traffic on their own, and also talks about backing into a bunch of garbage cans after Lynette didn’t help …

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Bryan Cranston


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show with a rant about sunflower seed (peanut) butter. He also talks about the reviews that have come in after The Car Show premiered, and Alison even reads one out loud. She then goes into the crowd for Q and Ace, where Adam talks about TV shows he wishes he could appear …

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Patrick Warburton


Patrick Warburton & Jim Shaughnessy talk to Adam about a rocky relationship with Jay Leno, shitty Rolling Stone polls, and the greatness of Pearl Jam. Adam also talks about the time he was most scared in life, and comments on Alison’s news.

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