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James Gunn


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary As the show opens up, Adam talks about the wide media landscape, and how important it is for listeners of the podcast to spread the word about the show. He also rants about his morning radio tour, and discusses his recent appearance on The Talk. Later Adam takes a call from a listener looking for …

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Rich Roll


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam comments on a recent Dove commercial he saw about self esteem, and gets into an intense discussion with Alison and Bryan about how you would tell your obese kid to get in better shape. The guys also play a round of Made Up Movie and break down some Kenny Rogers classics. Ultraman Rich Roll …

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Bryan Cranston


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show talking about his name’s appearance on a recent episode of Jeopardy. Alison then jumps into the news discussing Super Tuesday, and Oreo’s 100th Birthday. The guys also discuss even more fall out from Rush Limbaugh’s comments, and Adam suggests that people are especially upset because they don’t like Limbaugh in general. …

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Made Up Movie


  DOWNLOAD HERE Show Summary Adam opens the show discussing his super long day of doing press for an ebook that mysteriously dropped off iTunes. He also talks about the argument he got into the moment he walked in the door when Lynette couldn’t find the remote control. Alison then starts the news talking about the random body parts found …

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Vanessa Branch


Vanessa Branch, the original Orbit Gum Girl, joins the show. Adam asks her how she started doing the commercials, and Vanessa reveals that her British accent is not the voice she typically speaks in.

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