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Adam opens the show sitting down one-on-two with Susanna Hoffs and David Wild. Adam talks with Susanna about an old house party at Molly Ringwald’s, and David shares his love of Susanna’s new album. The guys discuss their personal musical tastes, and Susanna talks about the beginnings of The Bangles. Later they talk about experiences on the road, and what it was like performing once the band had a big pop single.

Next up, Adam and Susanna invite her guitarist Andrew Brassell to the studio, and she and Andrew play a live song off the new album. They also talk about smelly microphone covers, only liking a band for their radio hits, and what it was like interacting with Prince. As the show wraps up, Adam talks to Susanna about her relationship with her husband, director Jay Roach.


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Also be sure to follow David on Twitter @WildAboutMusic.

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  1. DLV

    When I see David Wild’s name in the title of the show, I truly understand how Michael Scott felt every time Toby walked into the room.
    Thanks for ruining everything you touch you ass-kissing, cartoon weasel.

    • Daniel

      Toby (David Wild) is the worst! Noooooo God Noooooo!

    • Justin

      I can’t stand David Wild…its just annoying and boring…. I actually think I would prefer watching THE VIEW instead of listening to him articulate some obscure hipster band..or when he kisses someone’s ass either on the show, or his goofy (probably not true) name dropping stories. “Yeah this one time I was in the bathroom, and in comes David Bowe, we then shared some toilet paper and I kissed his ass blah blah blah”

    • jpg

      He’s always a “huge fan” of every guest and the album they are promoting is their “best album”…

    • cole

      The last 4 times David Wild has been on with a musical guest he has said that their newest CD is their best CD to date. I hate it when people on the message board bitch about guests but the only reason he’s on here is because he’s able to get guests to come in with him.

      • chris


        Wild is there to get other guest to come with it. Have to take the good with the bad.

        But really the only part of him that really annoys me is the fact that the newest album is always the “best”. I know he has to promote the new album to get the guest to come on but really do you have to lie that much lol.

    • TraciLane

      Best-description-ever. Hit the nail on the head, I feel the exact same way.

  2. Philth E. Enward
    Philth E. Enward10-07-2012

    AC Podcasts about music are akin to having a horrible disease… oh wait… that’s how Alec Baldwin describes Adam’s book…. well then I guess they’re more like getting dry anal rape. Nobody win’s except for the guy who’s full of sh*t.

  3. Peter North
    Peter North10-07-2012

    David Wild again? Could Adam get Pia Zadora as a recurring guest instead?

    • James

      Are you insane? HELL NO!

  4. matt s
    matt s10-07-2012

    how did adam’s agent let this pic get posted? he looks horrible!

    • Stache

      i really do not think adam needs his agent to let him green light a pic on his own wensite. one of the mikes or chris must take the picture and just upload it to the site

  5. Murph

    Susanna Hoffs is 53….. Wow. She is….stunning.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-08-2012

      Susanna Hoffs…back in the spank bank.

      • mnoswad1

        dude, she never left.

    • Daniel

      For sure.. I would argue that Susanna Hoffs looks as good now (or maybe even better) than she did 20 years ago. Whew! Beautiful…

  6. Michael

    fuck you guys, David is part of the pirate ship, get a fucking life or die!!!!!

    • "Rhetorical Cocoon"
      "Rhetorical Cocoon"10-10-2012

      Then he needs to walk the plank.

  7. douchebagel

    Damn.. susanna’s hot as hell for 53.

    • daddy_monkey

      Correction – Damn.. Susanna’s hot as hell. (No qualifiers needed.)

    • Mike

      for 23 even.

  8. Sink Slash Urinal
    Sink Slash Urinal10-08-2012

    matt, what do you Expect from Old Man Carolla

    2mil garage, 150k studio


  9. Tim S
    Tim S10-08-2012

    Love, love, LOVE when David Wild is on with a musical guest. Their talk about flipping the album over or sitting back and studying the album cover brings back so many memories. Their talk on deep cuts is so true. There are so many deep cuts that people never get to.

    Adam and David Wild has introduced me to a lot of music I would never have gotten to as well as old stuff I missed.

    Thanks, Adam!

  10. Mr Writing III
    Mr Writing III10-08-2012

    She’s still very attractive.

  11. Jerry

    I don’t agree with David Wild on to many of his music choices, and even less with Adams lame choices. That being said this is the best show ever, I love music, and love hearing Davids stories and getting a little insight on some of my favorite musicians. David Wild is great

  12. Tom

    Susanna Hoffs is still hot at age 53, and based on this picture is apparently only 4 1/2 feet tall.

    Those who bag on David Wild are missing the point. He brings in high-quality guests that Adam can’t get on his own, and they tend to be guests who keep Adam engaged enough that he doesn’t go into his unlistenable blowhard political rants. We all win.

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett10-09-2012

      I would hate to see your record collection.

  13. Dan C
    Dan C10-08-2012

    Why all these interviews without the rest of the team? I much prefer the whole gang together.

    • daddy_monkey

      To mix it up a little. A lot of people like these. And if you don’t like these then your anticipation for the regular show is building and you will enjoy it that much more when it comes back on.

  14. Jesus H Chris
    Jesus H Chris10-08-2012

    I have nothing positive to say, at all. But I have plenty of free time to post of on a message board. Some would call me negative, but my sense of mindless self assuredness allows me to ignore those people. Only my opinion matters and I wont be able to sleep tonight unless I share my two cents on this message board.

    • Tim

      I agree or disagree with you, and I will check this message board over and over to see if you’ve replied to my incredibly witty reply to your good or bad opinion.

  15. Nigel Tufnel
    Nigel Tufnel10-08-2012

    David Wild looks great

    • Feetsthss

      I was going to say the same thing but I decided to scroll down to see if anyone else had already said it. End of story.

  16. Teen

    If you don’t enjoy the show-don’t listen. There’s no need to get personal and attack people. People need to lighten up and if you have a critique to make- do so, but have some decorum and decency about it! I Love Adam’s show, FCOL is hilarious and Alison is awesome too! Keep up the great work!

  17. Britaliano

    Shame, I wanted to listen to Susanna.

    Got to 5:30 and couldn’t stand to listen to David Wild any more

    • HR

      LOL…Adam fails at most interviews. This one was particularly worse because in between his many, many, many obligatory “WOWs” after each sentence the guest says, he’s so clearly infatuated with this chick that he’s actually trying to impress her with his knowledge of carpentry and woodworking — “I knew all the codes” — “I will challenge any celebrity in a build-off” — “There’s a difference between being handy, and then knowing the nailing schedule of sheer-wall.” — “Gotta use 10-penny ring shanks.”

      His low self-esteem and over-compensating blow-hardiness was hitting the red line in this one.

      • Jesse

        You dont sound like a fan is it that your self esteem is so low you just post on random message boards so you can feel like sombody who isnt a total douch. Also everyone bagging on David wild, if you dont like him dont listen but dont try cut him down because you dont agree with him.

        • Fieldengineer

          You missed his point.
          HR was being Ray.

          Ray would have called Adam out on his subconscious flirting.

          Good day sir!

      • Jesse

        By the way the zac galifanakis pic also shows how much of a giant douchbag you are he is a terrible actor that can only play one basic charector that annoys the crap out of anybody he comes in contact with.

  18. daniel gallie
    daniel gallie10-08-2012

    Also, where the crap is Larry Miller?

  19. DDunnIII

    How does Hoffman look like she’s in her 20’s when she’s actually 53 going on 54? Is she a witch?

    • princessbuttercup

      I venture to say she’s had some work done. She looks damn good…so it was good work.

  20. Barrett S
    Barrett S10-08-2012

    david wilde shows are by far my least favorite……now thats positive feedback

  21. david r
    david r10-08-2012

    David Wild and Dave Damashek are ruining the show

  22. Phoenix

    Why all the David Wild hate? He’s brought on some awesome guests, has the chops in the music industry. He’s not an entertainer so don’t expect that. Wondering if it’s some anti-semitism going on. Great show with Susanna.

    • daddy_monkey

      David Wild does bring some great guests. I don’t hate his shows but he’s not good and I can see why some people do not like him on the show. It’s not anti-semitic. It’s just a matter of people wanting good entertainment and David is simply not delivering it (in some people’s opinion). Also, please don’t endorse a victim mentality in Jews. We all know that Jews have been victims of horrible crimes throughout history and have every reason to act the victim, but so far they don’t (in general). They perservere through dire times and they carry on and are successful. A mentality of victimhood gives you an excuse not just to fail, but to not try.

    • DLV

      And I’m wondering if those who say “David Wild is great” are people who enjoy having their ass kissed and constantly surround themselves with Yes Men.
      I agree that we shouldn’t judge him on his merits as an entertainer (good for him, because he’s not entertaining), that only leaves his merits as a music critic. When everything is “the best”, then nothing is the best and all critiques are moot.

  23. Harry Seward
    Harry Seward10-08-2012

    Love David Wild. I think he is great on the show.

  24. Dustin

    As a dude, why do you care about what another dude looks like? Do you think he cares? Strange

  25. mark lofquist
    mark lofquist10-08-2012

    sold! i bought her album and will listen to it through the way it was intended 🙂

  26. Caveman73

    I don’t get it…. If most of you jackkasses don’t like the podcast, the guest, ect… Then why listen? I f*cking hate Fox News, guess what I do? I don’t watch it you morons.

    • Jesse

      i completly agree

  27. Patrick

    No hotter 50 year old on earth.

  28. Rane

    Is that 5 days in the same shirt? lol!

    • Pasadena Fats
      Pasadena Fats10-08-2012

      Just noticed that too! Must be one hell of a shirt! lol

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-08-2012

      How many times do we have to go over this.

  29. Mocha Gypsy
    Mocha Gypsy10-08-2012

    I like David Wild, but he’s on way too much. Once in a while is a treat, once a week or so… tedious!

  30. Justin

    Ugh, David Wild again, I actually didn’t even download the episode or bother to listen- I used to just fast forward through his 30 minutes of boring, but now its not even worth it…I don’t understand where this guy came from or why he’s considered an “expert” on music? I find him not only just downright boring but the name dropping, I get it , its “his thing” its just stupid. His music is usually just obscure and fairly “hipster”. PLEASE WHY DOES HE KEEP COMING ON THE SHOW. Get DAG on here more often or something….

  31. Adam

    No more David Wilde. Please Ace. Enough is enough.

  32. scott

    The lovely Ms. Hoffs joins Adam today! Adam shares stories about buying used cars!
    I’d like to wipe a booger on Adam’s shirt.

  33. TL

    MILF. That is all.

  34. Allen Corrola
    Allen Corrola10-08-2012

    “Hmm, I think I’ve heard him use that phrase before…”

    Play along while you listen with Adam Carolla Bingo cards. Get yours here. Yes, they’re free. http://bit.ly/RKtfDf

    • Ryan S.
      Ryan S.10-09-2012


  35. Jason

    Wow, all these negative comments, you’d think Dameshek was on. I’ll take Wild over Shek anyday….

    • David

      At lease Shek is funny and brings something compelling to talk about. Wild brings nothing to the table, and is boring on top of it.

  36. Zeke

    Still just over David Wild. I have stopped downloading those episodes unless there is something in the show other than him that sounds good.

  37. Al Dorman
    Al Dorman10-08-2012

    Hi Adam!
    I hope you or Mike reads these message boards, but I’d like to pitch a show idea:
    You used to have on psychics for Halloween episodes and have a really entertaining interview with them. Could you please do that with the latest such star, Long Island Medium? I loved those episodes on Loveline. Thanks!
    Al in Balitimore

  38. F M Bradley
    F M Bradley10-08-2012

    Who is that in the picture? I thought David Wild was a short, bald, fat dude!

  39. Good Gravy !
    Good Gravy !10-08-2012

    Love this music show format Team ACE.

    What is interesting about Susana is that she must have graduated from High School young, perhaps skipping grades. Anyone who graduates from UC Berkekey at age 20/.21 is ahead of the curve. Combined with her show business sucess she is definately a smart lady.

  40. Good Gravy !
    Good Gravy !10-08-2012

    BTW, love David. He realy compliments Adam on their back and forth.

  41. state your name
    state your name10-08-2012

    The show is reaching new lows. What are we doing here? We don’t come here to listen to mediocre musicians, discussion about mediocre music, and tangents about mediocre music and mediocre musicians. A chimp could easily be taught to play two or three chords for those live reads, and would have an equal chance at creating the mood you’re looking for, Adam. You might even try organizing a whole band of chimps. In a few years, you could talk about their “really good songs” vs their “really shitty songs” (the same analysis you use for every musical artist on the planet). At least that Ben Folds guy knew what he was doing. You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel now. It’s bound to happen when you spend too much time bringing in musicians and talking music. That’s not a strength for you, Adam- it’s a weakness. Either way, we don’t come here for music, and you’re trying to give us way too much of it.

  42. Rick


  43. SusannaSux

    Susannah might be hot, but she has a gross old lady personality and her stories are boring and gross.

    Adam, also, David Wilde is getting pretty stale. The music conversations SUUUUUCK.

  44. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    More Wild… I like to read the cry babies whine about him.

  45. ChicagoCarrollaFan

    ?More Wild… its a great time reading the cry babies whine about him.

  46. All Balls
    All Balls10-08-2012

    David Wild is JV bros. Such an unctuous toad. How can any musician take his compliments sincerely when he refers to all musicians who will talk to him’s album as “the best (blank) he’s ever heard.”

  47. Clutch

    David Wild > Dameshek

  48. David

    Huge Adam Carolla Fan – I’ve seen his stand-up, his podcasts, I’ve bought both his books and his e-book, and his Mangria (delicious) but DAVID WILD SUCKS. As soon as I see his name in the title, I make like Bill Simons and DELETE, go pats.

  49. boo wild
    boo wild10-08-2012

    skip todays podcast and listen to ace on the house instead. David wild is such a little gnome turd. Bring matt atchity back as a regular guest.

  50. Joe E Tata
    Joe E Tata10-08-2012

    Shut the F up, David Wild.

  51. Admiral Kent
    Admiral Kent10-08-2012

    Susanna Hoffs used to make me go all Mutiple Miggs on myself…just thought I’d throw that out there.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-09-2012

      Do you use Evian skin cream?

      • Admiral Kent
        Admiral Kent10-10-2012

        Nuthin’ but the best…then it goes right into the basket.

  52. HR

    Nice to see a new side of the Aceman — STALKER-WEIRDO. He must’ve been crushin hard on the Hoffs lady. He was talking 1,000 mph and would never shutup. He and DW were hyper-ventilating over this gal. Funny stuff.

  53. spiro agnew
    spiro agnew10-08-2012

    david wild is neither here nor there. preferably both.

  54. Hialeah Gringo
    Hialeah Gringo10-08-2012

    I can’t get over how hot Susanna Hoffs looks. I am barely old enough to remember The Bangles, and she is still smokin’!

  55. wasafan

    Looking for a new voice.

    BALLS ON CHIN10-08-2012

    wow she is still hot
    and david wild still blows

  57. Willem

    It’s just a waste of my time!

  58. Lew Mack
    Lew Mack10-08-2012

    I agree with Murph. Nice (not just for 53 but period)!

  59. Jon

    There must be something good in the Mangria, ever since this delicious beverage
    has rolled out, the last couple weeks of shows have been great. Adam has had on
    really great guests, and most importantly has been letting them speak. Nice
    pacing, slowing down and making the show about the guest. A couple glass of
    the Mangria has been good for the show. Get it on!

  60. Alcoha Presents
    Alcoha Presents10-08-2012

    Love the message board- makes me laugh as much as the show. I like David Wilde, but good point about the “last album being their best,” comment. At least David Wilde doesn’t yell like the hobgoblin and DAG. Wow! Susanna Hoffs still looks great. As for Adam Bingo, great idea, get it on! LOL.

  61. Rick Gerlock
    Rick Gerlock10-08-2012

    “You look like you were built to be abducted”. LOL

  62. Maui Tom
    Maui Tom10-08-2012

    I liked David Wild…for like one show….I mean…I love Joe Walsh…Analog Man is decent…think it sold 6 copies…..

  63. chuck

    the david wilde shows are borning WHERE THE HELL IS LARRY MILLER?

  64. princessbuttercup

    If Susanna Hoffs wasn’t cute Adam wouldn’t be so far wedged up her ass complimenting her mediocre music. The Bangles were a fun 80’s pop band, David and Adam are behaving as though they were the damn Beatles. Does Adam think because he likes Joe Jackson, John Hiatt and Hoobastank he’s a music authoritarian? Stop it.

    • Fred

      I agree, and wasn’t Adam saying in a recent show how much he hated Prince? He wrote “Manic Monday” for the Bangles. Why doesn’t Adam call it a “piece of shit” like he does with most 80’s songs that people have actually heard about?

  65. heather

    Less Wilde More Dameshek!!

  66. Lou

    Looks like Crazy Uncle Adam in that photo with guests…gravity is not kind. Lay off the mangria and hit the gym Carolla. wow.

  67. Fred

    I wonder how Alison and Bryan feel about being kicked to the curb when they finally get a big name celebrity to come in? I would like to be in the room when Adam announces to them “We won’t be needing you tonight”. Ouch!

  68. SubDude

    Susanna Hoffs was actually a pretty interesting guest. I had forgotten all about “Hero Takes A Fall” and had to look it up on Youtube. I remember it now, long before all of their other hits that were bubble gum, top 40, pop 80’s stuff. Liked her then and at 53, still like her now.

    Just can’t get over David Wild though. He really doesn’t need to be there on air? Baby Doll Dixon isn’t in every podcast with AC. So, why is David Wild? He doesn’t bring much to the program besides the guests. He seems to be kind of a glam hog.

  69. Sasso's Calves
    Sasso's Calves10-09-2012

    Wow. Susanna Hoffs and David Wild. Two ends of the spectrum of human aesthetics.

  70. mh

    I agree that too much wild is bad for the show..the guy has a few interesting things to say but at the end of the day its a lot of name dropping.
    and to all those DD/Shek haters out there Fluck you..he’s the man. I’m one of those guys that does not even come close following sports and find ’em entertaining as hell…so fluck off

  71. capitalG

    Good god she still looks sexy as HELL! still in love with her

  72. Rick F.
    Rick F.10-09-2012

    Screw the haters, I like David and what he brings to the show. A weekly fix of musical guests and Adam’s interview is a nice diversion. I *always* leave more informed than when I came in. Good times.

    Fuck off!

  73. jah

    holly damn she aged nicely….or had lots of work done

  74. Come on Dawson!
    Come on Dawson!10-10-2012

    Holy vocals dude. Susanna’s level was WAY hot brotha! I know she wasn’t wearing cans, but man… Weren’t you on the board?… I thought you went to that engineering school?!? :-/

    (Gotta give you a little shit)

  75. evicious

    Susanna is so adorable. omg! . so cute. so smart. and still sooo hot.

  76. kyle

    How can people not stand David Wild? He brings all the A-Listers to the show!

  77. Wildcat Fan
    Wildcat Fan10-10-2012

    Really?DAVID Wild is ruining the show?
    Canadian, PUH-LEEZE!

    David Wild at Heart, David “Go” Wild, David Wild Boyz, David Call of the Wild, David Wild Wild West,

    Oh and Suzannah is a total GILF!!! Evidence of that can be seen by shining a black light on my laptop keyboard.

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