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Adam, Bald Bryan, and Alison Rosen

Adam, Bald Bryan, and Alison Rosen

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Show Summary

Adam and the gang welcome everyone back from a long holiday break. Alison talks about the procedure she had, and Adam describes some of the new renovations at Carolla One Studios. Later, Adam discusses the changes that have been taking place behind the scenes of ACE Broadcasting, and tells a couple stories from his weekend in Lake Tahoe.

In the second part of the show, Alison opens the news discussing the winner of this year’s Rose Bowl game. The guys also talk about the LA arson being arrested, and Adam complains about the logo on the WHPD car. Alison also brings up the Katy Perry/Russell Brand divorce, and Adam rants about all the ridiculous pre-nup discussions between rich people. The show wraps up with some celebrity New Year’s resolutions.

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Researcher: Gary Smith
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Sam

    I luv these guys.

    • Tim

      Ok, I haven’t listened to this episode yet but it seems that Donny got the axe. I normally don’t do this but all of you people gloating about his being gone are ass hats. I met him at a live show where Adam was inaccessible as far as pictures and what not. Donny was absolutely awesome, approachable, and polite. He treats perfect strangers really well, what better yardstick is there for people?

  2. crowTrobot

    Hell yeah! Get it on!

  3. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac01-03-2012

    Thank you!!!!

  4. Chad

    So happy this is back. SO happy.

  5. LFC

    Glad to hear Adam talk about what happened with Donny so openly and honestly. Now, just hire Logan back so we can get the Film Vault back on the network!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-03-2012

      me too, I was surprised to hear about Sandy also, they said on the Car Cast that he was doing other things behind the scenes, not a lie…

    • Dudical


    • Sky

      Please don’t bring back the Film Vault.

      • JP

        Jesus please no Film Vault. Unless they can get someone who knows anything about movies. Bryan is clueless. Stick to the drops and cut his freakin’ mike.

  6. Aaron

    Yeeeeah get it on! Welcome back Ace Man!

  7. John

    wow first Logan now Donny WTF!

  8. MPG

    I’m on your side 100%, Ace. Last year Donny and/or Sal pulled two 2-minute Youtube vids that I made of 1) your father playing trumpet and 2) you riding a unicycle without even notifying me first (now I have two copyright violations against me). I wasn’t trying to make money on the vids — what would I make anyway, 50 cents? It was an unnecessary thug tactic, and it pointed to a certain territorial paranoia in them.

  9. Oh my
    Oh my01-03-2012

    agha I knew Donny was gone! hahhahahahahahahahaha

  10. mia

    oregon has new uniforms all of the time because the founders of nike started the company at u of o. phil knight is a HUGE ducks fan and basically funds the athletic department.


  11. brandon

    If Dawson wants some help call screening, or if you need someone to drive a prize patrol van, send me an e-mail. I would like to start at the bottom and get a leg up into broadcasting. I am very good at handing out stickers.

  12. Nick

    Holy crap! Natalia looks like Ace WAY too much!!! Cute kid!

  13. Ian

    Is there really no more ustream? I am going to be severely bummed if so….

  14. Adam

    Glad A’s V is ok. She’s awesome.

  15. davevsdave

    FYI – The audio player you are using doesn’t work on Firefox… it’s because not all web browsers support same HTML5 features. I’d switch back to flash player until HTML 5 is fully supported. If anyone else is getting the “x” when you press play, you can still listen by using a different browser, using the download link on this webpage, or going through itunes.

  16. Dave

    Happy new year!

    For my first ‘Spank du jour’ of 2012: Katie Perry’s knockers

  17. Guy-On-The-Internet

    Some good pod today guys/girl.

  18. Scott

    No loss with Donnie gone. He seemed like a pothead and I fast forwarded whenever he started to chime in. Good call, Ace.

    • JP

      You sir are an idiot.

  19. Tyler

    Dude and chick name that is spelled the same way: Taylor.

  20. Cyrus

    Tracy and coincidentally Morgan are both guy/girl names that get spelled the same.

  21. Ron Reagan
    Ron Reagan01-03-2012

    Well, I’d just like to say thank you to Mr. Carolla for explaining how I was right about trickle down economics the whole time.

    • Ron Reagan II
      Ron Reagan II01-04-2012

      And thanks also for omitting to remind us that it has never worked.

      • Cyrus

        Thanks for trolling and not having a life!

        • JP

          And what, exactly, are you doing?

  22. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.01-03-2012


  23. Mike Acierno
    Mike Acierno01-03-2012

    Hello is ustream sill available for 2012 ??? Let me know if i can sign up luv to listen but i like the vidio of the show THX……..Mike

  24. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks01-03-2012

    Wow, talk about full disclosure. That was quite a lengthy and frank discussion of the weaz’ departure. BTW I had my honeymoon in Tahoe and ran a red left turn arrow in ace’s honor.

  25. Balki

    USA USA!! Also fuck Donny.

  26. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle01-03-2012

    Did Donnie hit Ace in the face with a pie when he left?

    • Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales
      Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales01-03-2012

      THAT was funny, sir.

  27. Chuck E
    Chuck E01-03-2012

    Great episode. Best in quite a while.

  28. KBH

    Would someone please tell me what happen to Donny. I haven’t even heard his name mentioned in months.

  29. Ras

    Ace, much props to you for making such a difficult decision regarding Donny. I am sure this was a devastating decision – I even recall you talking about the Weez back in the Loveline days over 10 years ago. I think what impressed me the most was your awareness and admittance that taking care of the business end was not your or Donny’s forte. I really respect people who can openly admit what they are NOT good at and willing to pay people to fill that void. That is very self-actualized and smart. Seeing the truth about one’s own capabilities and limitations would have stopped The Situation from thinking he can do comedy.

    I was laughing out loud when you stated you would most likely be getting raped by Wesley Snipes in the joint if you allowed just anyone to be manning the steering wheel on the business front. Much luck and prosperity in the future and just know your Carolla army stands behind you!

  30. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town01-03-2012

    HAHA, I knew it, a couple of days ago I said I haven’t heard from Donny for a while and I didn’t miss it!!!
    Sounds like Adam don’t miss it either!!! LOL

    • Ron Reagan II
      Ron Reagan II01-04-2012

      Calling Sacramento Sac Town doesn’t make it any less of a dump.

      • Cyrus

        Calling yourself Ron Reagan doesn’t make you any less of a troll

        • JP

          Why do you keep trolling and bashing people about the very thing you seem to be doing. “Pot calling the kettle black?”

  31. Alen Perry
    Alen Perry01-03-2012

    Im glad Adam cleared the air about Donny.I kinda thought this would happen but i pictured the argument being Donny I want have of Ace I buil the site had the idea and Adam saying my name i built the career brought the fans and money Ill give you 12 bucks an hour and 50 for the live gigs and 65 k and benifits for Sandy cause hes the webmaster

    • Jr. Bob Dobbs
      Jr. Bob Dobbs01-03-2012

      Clearer words were never written.

  32. Russ (Yea, Russ)
    Russ (Yea, Russ)01-03-2012

    refering to the Donnie situation, YES there is a lesson to having friends work for you. Whether you’re doing a radio show or shit shoveling business or fixing roofs. “You only hire people you can fire.” if you can’t see ever having the ability to fire the person, maybe you should hire them. It’s hard but it needs to be understood there’s a friendship and then there’s a working relationship. This reminds me of how Howard Stern and his Posse can be disfunctional. He always trys to avoid the office conflicts.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee01-03-2012

      yeah, would Ronnie even be employable without Howard?

  33. NW fan
    NW fan01-03-2012

    As a father almost the exact same age as Adam ( just a couple weeks) with kids much older, it bogles my mind how most people raise their kids. Maybe it is just rich guys. We told our kids “NO” all the time. They can take it. Actually they grow up as better people.

  34. big j
    big j01-03-2012

    whoa Alison got a new top, finally.

    • Tamsies

      I’m sure the top is purely for comfort as she just had surgery.

  35. James

    I just noticed that Brian is the best dressed person on this show. Well… him and Larry Miller.

    • JP

      Yeah, cause how you dress on a podcast means so very much!

  36. JessMan

    we’ll miss ya donny. sail on, pirate ship!

  37. Dan

    Adam’s wife sounds a little too willing to waste Adam’s money.

  38. AV

    Do not miss Donny a bit! Always found his point of view immature and off-track.
    More time for Alison and Bald B…Now those two I enjoy!!!

  39. Alex

    Do you think Donny got his mini bikes out of the garage before leaving the network?

  40. brandoneus

    Tough call Aceman. I tried looking up Donnys new web site but couldn’ind it. But what did he really do for the show other than provide hours of semi entertaining arguements? I hope the pirate ship continues on track

  41. Doug

    Get it on!

  42. Dan

    Adam always says he doesn’t like parades and segmentation… but he LOVES the feast of San Genero thing he puts on…

  43. gmurch

    Sounds to me like Donny got f’d. Yes, this is Adam’s podcast and he is the talent, but it would not be what it is if it were not for Donny and his ideas, time, and hard work. If Donny wanted Mike out, then Adam should have listened to Donny out of respect for their partnership and friendship.

    • I can do this all day
      I can do this all day01-04-2012

      Remind me never to go in business with you.

  44. John Hails
    John Hails01-03-2012

    Sorry to hear about your breakup with Donnie. Is there a custody battle over his mini bike / Bronco collection stored at your warehouse?

  45. rushbaby

    Great show. Glad to hear you guys again.

  46. Brad

    Dick pass, good name for A’s V…..

  47. stnuntrnd

    Holiday week repeat episodes were not posted to Ustream;
    OK, that makes sense.
    But why isn’t this new episode (State of the Union)
    available on Ustream?

  48. Jessiey

    Almost heartbreaking to hear about the Donnie situation. I keep hoping this is just a really long, dramatic round of “Donnie Shits on Adam’s Point….s”. Interesting sidenote for today’s show: the foreign release of Taboo 2 loosely translates to “Good Dick, Nice Mom”.

  49. Fenom

    you’re a good man, ace man, spending your holidays working as opposed to going to some stupid island

  50. Martin

    Good Pod ! Let’s get Dameshek back on now….

    • Adam

      Second that. Maybe he can do the sports at least once a week.

  51. Pulseczar

    That’s a bummer about Adam and The Weez. Hopefully they can patch things up sometime soon.

    • Sluggh

      I know, right?

  52. steve

    Sad about ol’ Donny. I’m going to guess the whole thing went down like this: Adam understood the need for a business manager who could be the ‘bad boss guy’ and crack the whip a little with the employee’s. It’s a necessary step for any growing company to have an authority figure who isn’t opposed to enforcing basic protocol and business practices, ie: don’t slack off, don’t show up late, stay on point, or their will be consequences. It’s no fun to be the bad guy but some people have a tendency to walk all over you if they can.

  53. James

    Anyone know how long it’s been since Donny has been gone? I never even thought to notice until I heard this episode. The more I think about it, it seems like it’s been most of 2011 at least.

    • Record Player
      Record Player01-05-2012

      Agreed. There’s people I’ve worked with that I don’t even notice they’re gone until somebody mentions it.

  54. RocketJohn

    I noticed an absence of Donny and Sandy about the same time from Car Cast and the Main show… I figured there was a falling out, or some new venture they were off creating. This isn’t really surprising and I bet they’ll be back in the coming years, once they realize what they had.

    I was nervous that Ace was going to tell us he was too busy to do the show or some other bad news for 2012. This is just a bump in the road that will eventually sort itself out.

    Great to see Alison is back and healthy. Good to see Bryan is back for 2012.

    Excellent episode to kick off the new year!

    Thank you Ace Broadcasting Team, Thank you Adam.

  55. Chris urback
    Chris urback01-03-2012

    Hey Adam, I know that you have America’s tire get your slicks, but that’s a pretty nice mount and balance set up you have there!!

  56. Ron Blumpkin
    Ron Blumpkin01-03-2012

    Firing someone always sucks, especially when it’s someone you’ve employed for years. Props for having the balls to do it, many can’t stomach it and suffer for it greatly in the long term.

  57. DiggyD

    I liked Donnie a lot. Always considered him as much a part of the show as the ACE himself. Sad to hear he’s gone. Screw the celeb interviews… the best material came out of the back and forth with ACE and his buddies and all the story telling.

    I for one will miss Donnie…. I’m with martin – Get Dameshek back on the show for an update. He owes his fans an update. Far too long Mustard man…

    Once the air clears, have Donnie back on the show to promote his new venture… he helped you build your ship Aceman…

  58. Jim

    Donny, that pot habit just cost you a whole bunch. If you were a little more aggressive and alert, you’d still be on the pirate ship. Good luck on your new job.

  59. Paul

    It seems like Adam is trying too hard to defend himself in the parting ways with Donny. I don’t see why he needs to. We’ve all lived or worked with somebody like who he’s describing and we all know how miserable it is. As far as I can tell, Adam gives opportunities to everybody he knows well and keeps it real with all his friends and family whether they deserve it or not. When they can’t hack it, they turn it around on him and the friends of his that can hack it…..we all see it….no explanation necessary.

  60. Steve

    “like two dogs barking at each other”…….best line today! Thank you guys for great entertainment.

  61. Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales
    Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales01-03-2012

    Has Ace ever talked about Dameshek leaving? I still don’t know why and I miss all of his hooey and applesauce.

    • Berb

      “‘Maria Conchita Alonza Quesadilla Hernandez Luis Gonzales”

      Best name ever.

    • Anfernee

      Listen to the current Film vault podcast with Dameshek and all is revealed there…

  62. McLovin

    I don’t know Donny, but I’ve listened to Adam for fifteen years and know him about as well as I could know somebody I’ve never met. He’s a reasonable guy, so I guess Donny must not be 🙁

    Hopefully now that things are sorted they can un-fuck the Basic Cable Commentaries: there’s no way to buy them!

  63. Bunker

    I know this wasn’t all revealed so we could shit on people, but Sandy was the reason I stopped listening to the Car Cast. Time to re-download.

  64. GuyDudeBro

    Hell ya, time to Get It On

  65. Kathy

    Bummer about Donny. I think this is bothering Adam more than he’s letting on. Yes, he gave Donny plenty of chances, letting him go was the right thing to do, and Adam can sleep at night, but I would guess this is a big loss for him personally. It’s pretty obvious after listening to him for 20 years, hearing his stories, knowing he’s still in touch with so many of his childhood friends that Adam values friendship very highly ahd he’s a very loyal man. Professionally things will move forward like they always do, but it’s sad. I’m sad for Adam and I don’t even know him. Donny too. I bet he misses Adam. They need to make up.

  66. Vegas_Mat

    I miss donny. sucks stuff went down.

  67. George

    Donny goes back to childhood with ACE and therefore did not see him as a real boss. You could tell by the way he argued with ACE and how ACE would tell him to do things and he simply wouldn’t. Mike August does exactly what he’s told and knows who signs the check. Past time to grow up Donny.

  68. rob

    Tough call Ace, I couldn’t stand when Donny came on the air and argued some indefensible point until I was blue in the face (kinda like Baldy) But obviously one of your oldest and best friends. Sorry, man. Bring back the Thunder!

  69. Sig

    I’m gonna make this brief *goes on for half the show about it*

    Did anyone really care where Donny went? He checked out of the show air time wise a LONG time ago and whenever he chimed in, it was just Adam yelling at him for 30 mins. Donnie sounded like such a pain in his ass, and so it’s not shocking that he was a punk about who they worked with when he isn’t the boss in the first place to have these demands he had, which is the problem. When you’re rich best buddy employees you, you are in danger of starting to think that you’re the prince of the castle and can do whatever you want.

    As much as Ace liked him and they were friends since high school, Donny always sounded like a pain in the ass and a brain fried stoner. Seriously, the arguments these guys would get into, Donny would always turn out to be such a fool. Ace has become more successful in life and can’t have old stoner buddies acting like babies about shit. Good call Ace, but, yeah, that went on for too damn long. Speaking of…

  70. wre

    California divorce laws are made by stay at home chicks with too much time on their hands.

  71. daveyboy

    state of ace was a good pod cast to start off the new year. Every time I’ve heard Donnie on the pod cast he comes off as whiny cry baby, not surprised they had a falling out. one thing carolla, stop campaigning for father of the year with your cute kids stories. in 50 years we’ll all be chicks 2 for guys he can’t hang out with he should list guys who don’t STFU about their kids.

  72. Rich

    Co-workers come and go, but the relationship between Donnie and Ace is different. These are two lifelong friends that grew up together. That can never be replaced. I don’t know what I would do in a situation like that but I feel bad for the position Ace was in. This podcast would not exists if it wasn’t for Donnie. I remember the first few episodes and can easily tell how motivated Donnie was to build this into something bigger than a podcast. Of course Ace would have landed on his feet, but there would be no network without the Weez. This hole thing is just heartbreaking to hear. I know the Aceman said he isn’t losing any sleep over this but I think we all know how emotional and caring of man he is. This is probably going to eat away at him slowly. Friendships are supposed to supersede business. It just never works out that way though

  73. DJ Young
    DJ Young01-03-2012

    Good decision on Donny. Now let’s get Dave’s of Thunder back on the air.

  74. DPAT

    Tails don’t wag Dogs, I hope Donny and Sandy are fortunate enough to find out for themselves now that they are in business for themselves. In my business, when things are good everybody thinks they deserve to be equal partners, but nobody has ever stepped forward to share in any losses in income or reputation even when they are the cause. After they have had a taste of this first hand they might understand. Of course I suspect we are more likely to see them take the litigation shortcut to success and be seen pleading thier case on TMZ. But like Adam said, ” I’ve got all the e-mails” . I’ve got a feeling that we are hearing about this now because the the bonus checks got written and guess who ain’t getting one. I hope we only hear about it again if it is bacause they worked it all out and can continue as “Lifelong” friends. Not holding my breath—

  75. Basil

    The Erin Brockovich show on Dec. 20 is the last show to have Donny’s name on it.

  76. Jeff714

    Maybe when that tumor reappears and Bald Bryan becomes Belated Bryan Donnie the Dummie can come back and run the sound board.

    • the casul observer
      the casul observer01-04-2012

      i dont think “belated” means what you think it means.

      • Anfernee

        ‘be-lated’ is ‘be’ is short for become, ‘lated’ means gone or dead. So be’lated needs an apostrophe but I think he used the right word, no?


    Donny leaving coincides with the ID3 tags on the mp3s not being categorized or labeled. For months now. Anyway thats no big deal. But get on it Fondelier.

    Too bad about him leaving though.

  78. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen01-04-2012

    1. Donny needs to chill out and smoke a bowl. 2. Adam will just have to accept that Lynette was never brought up to be as frugal as he is, therefore she has the ‘money spending’ gene, not the ‘money saving’ gene.

  79. Lisa

    So glad you guys are back!! I was sad to hear about the fight with Donnie. Butt loyalty to an old friendship or family relationship doesn’t override everything else. You have to draw the line at some point. Thanks for sharing what happened with your fans. I think it was a situation that many of us could identify with.

    Looking forward to a GREAT podcast year!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

  80. christian

    Sucks about Donny and Sandy (and Dameshek). Anyone notice a pattern here? Adam’s ego is, perhaps, insufferable. But I think changing the website might have been the last straw. I’m sure Donny resisted this. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Things have gone downhill since they fucked with the website.

  81. Ellis In Culver
    Ellis In Culver01-04-2012

    This Donny info is a lot more satisfying than the typical Radio disappearance. Someone quits showing up on radio and you feel like you’re in a twilight zone segment. Everyone acting like nothing has changed and you know damn well a major change has happened.
    Ideas are cheap. You only get so much cache by being the idea guy that pushes a talent like Ace into doing something that takes off.

  82. rik

    All this talk about Donny and hardly any talk about how hot A looks in that pic.

    • Bidet

      I don’t know – too me, she looks wildly tribal (and I don’t mean African) in that shot.

  83. Mike

    After listening to Donnie’s arguing style over dozens of shows, he seems to act like a bulldog making sure his point is explained to the bitter end. I can see how this could end up being a falling out. Adam just wants simple over complicated.

    What’s Donnie’s website? Anybody know?

  84. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper01-04-2012

    Sounds to me like Donny wasn’t getting the point. The man handling the business part of it is just doing things related to administration / business / tax / acccounting, etc.. If he stays out of the creative side of it, as the Aceman says, where’s the harm?

    Like it or not, this is a business, and the last thing I want is Adam Carolla ending up on the front page of my newspaper, or the podcast going belly-up, ‘cuz he didn’t pay his freakin’ taxes or something. Donny wouldn’t have been able to handle any of that. You need a professional for that stuff.

    C’mon, Donny, love ya, pal….but open your eyes, dude!

    • JP

      Whose ideas was the podcast exactly? And how about getting a business guy that everyone can get behind? Why would that be so hard. The show is less and less funny over the past year and all the changes do not seem to be helping all that much. Maybe hearing the same rants repeatedly tickles your funny bone, but the Theresa and Donny era was just better.

  85. Bartenational

    Adam, my ex-wife used to do this to me all the time, we would go to a deli and my son would somehow find shrimp or lobster on the menu… now keep in mind I live in Ohio, 500 plus miles from any salt water.
    So any crustaceans had to be flown in by lear jet flying first class of course …
    If I said anything I got glared at then she would tell the kids how bad of a father I was. They didn’t have to lift a finger to pay for anything and got to the point were they had no concept of what I have to do to make a single thin buck ….

  86. Bryan

    I feel for Donny as he doesnt have time to share his views of the exit. He built this network as much as carolla did, and it was his idea. Poor guy.

    Im sure Mike A could easily have been replaced.. It looks like Carolla just had a power trip, and/or cannot lead a team properly.

    was it Mike A that brought in Alison rosen?.. thats a fireable offense.

    • JP

      Yeah, why did it have to be Mike August? No one else avaliable? Power trip comes to mind.

  87. Dave

    Couple of things now that I’ve listened to the pod,

    Allison said, ‘…squirted yellow stuff out my ass.” – I LOVE YOU Puss ‘n Boots!

    The whole Donny situation was inevitable. Classic example of business breaking up a perfectly good relationship/family. That’s exactly what happened w Aceman and Donny. They’re more than just best friends. Aceman, I salute you for making the best decision only in the business side of it all! However, here’s my only advice for you, drop your ego before it gets too big and make it up to Donny and his family in a big way now. I don’t know how but you know them best so you make it up to them big time. If and when you do, do it because you love them and don’t expect anything in return.

    This other Dave’s gotta change his name.

  88. Bob

    I miss Donny and hope that he and Adam can work it out. You can’t be that close for that long and let such a thing ruin a friendship. For the love of god, you slept on the same futon.

  89. Solstice2181

    Sad to hear about Donny and ACE’s broken friendship, but from what I’ve heard on air over the years Donny’s pride and logic is absolutely baffling…that being said, my wish for 2012: MORE DANA GOULD!

    • racingracist

      HERE HERE!

  90. joegagan

    adam’s honesty is refreshing, and is the cornerstone of his popularity. it was very good to hear his thoughts on what went down. not a lot of ego here, a pretty fair assessment, rare for a show biz person.

    anyone who has ever owned a business and hired long time friends could see that donny was taking advantage. it seems he misunderstood his role in the hierarchy.

    i respect the fact that it was donny’s idea to start the podcast, and that he put in tremendous amounts of work to make it fly, but he lacked the insight to grow with it. sorry donny. good luck.

  91. Fats

    Adam eluded to Donny starting his own podcast. I’ve searched all over my internets and can’t find anything about it. Does anyone know anything?

  92. nick

    Dameshek has a pod and column at NFL network. Pretty sure daves of thunder paid very little. Now he’s on staff at NFL net, probably getting a nice salary and more exposure.

  93. donewithidiots

    I can understand the office politics. Some personalities are too immature to negotiate and compromise. Telling the kids no is not hard unless one parent is bent on being the weak leak. I know a lot of people like that who love to over compensate.

  94. JB

    Too bad about Donny, but sounds like it had to be done. Now for all you who want to bring back “Daves of Thunder”…that show sucked. Doesn’t matter what happened there. Shek isn’t funny, he’s annoying and stupid and his show did nothing. Glad that none of my money/support to the ACE broadcasting pirate ship will never land in the hands of Dameshek. That show really sucked. Seriously.

    • Anfernee

      Dameshek wasn’t the reason to listen to Dave’s of thunder it was all for Feeney and the fan interaction. Check out the latest Film Vault podcast with Dameshek to hear the truth about why they left the network. More shitting on Donny by all involved…

  95. James

    Adam is very good at having to make tough decisions on firing people when necessary. John Salley on the Car Show didn’t fit in and was let go. Danny became a pain on the radio show and was shown the door. Unfortunately for Donny he wasn’t keeping up with the demands of the business and his attitude wasn’t fitting in so he had to go. I’m sure the website upgrade (which took a week to fix) was the last straw. Unfortunately at that point he and Sandy were over their heads.

    It’s not Adam’s fault or his ego. He has a team of people and they all need to do their job and all get along.

    Good luck with the expansion!

  96. I Need A Job
    I Need A Job01-05-2012

    Good stuff Ace man! Let’s keep this pirate ship sailing!

  97. Peggy

    It happens in every start-up. Growing a company is hard.
    It’s so weird, though, because I only realized when there were no Donny fights on the Ace Awards that Donny hadn’t been around! Weird and sad.

  98. Neil

    Adam and my wife had a similar conversation about the name Kelly/Kellie/Kelley, when we met him after a Live Show. Good to hear the updates on the podcast.

  99. Bud_Smoken

    I gotta respectfully disagree with the donny haters…. fuck august….how tuff is it to dig up another asshole ex-lawyer? DONNY!!!!!! SIGN MY BONG!

    • JP

      Yes. Toss the new guy, the one who did not come up with the pocast idea in the first damn place and get another business guy. Wow, that would have been hard.

      • Anfernee

        JP have you listened to the latest Film Vault podcast with Dameshek yet? You will get to hear why both Dave’s of Thunder and in some part why the Film Vault left the network. Donny was way over his head…

  100. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace01-28-2012

    would like to check out Donnys homepage, though, see what he’s up to. But no results on google, any clues anybody?

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