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Adam welcomes Larry Miller, right from the top of the show. Adam teases his assistant about his shoes, and explains how only one of his kids knows how to improvise. Alison then opens the news discussing a controversial moment during the Super Bowl halftime show. The guys also talk about the guy who won $50,000 after betting the first score would be a safety, and Adam analyzes a crucial Super Bowl play.

Today’s guest is Shawn Hatosy, from the hit series Southland. Adam applauds the show for it’s quality, and also for the way they deal with racial issues. Adam also talks to Shawn about working with Nicolas Cage in a previous film, and what it means to be a method actor. Later, Adam takes listener calls about proposals, pregnancies, and jobs that result in the least amount of hookups.

The rest of the news opens with PETA’s plans to take Sea World to the Supreme Court for keeping their Orca whales in captivity. Alison also follows up on another sexual abuse scandal, and the guys take guesses at how many surgeries Joan Rivers has had on her face. The show wraps up with a discussion about Megan Fox’s thumbs.


Halftime Controversy

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  1. Cyrus

    Those shoes are porcelain white.

  2. Cyrus

    I’ve always said that blurring out middle fingers only makes them stand out more…..and WHO KNOWS what’s behind that wall of deception!?!?!

  3. Cyrus

    Nova Scotia’s a 4 hr difference btw

    • Darren

      ACE Man,

      4-hour time difference from Cali, I am originally from Nova Scotia and lived in Newport Beach for 5 years. I hope all is well and look forward to seeing you live again. I am back in Canada, any tours planned?


  4. Nick

    Change the subject Allison!

  5. big jim
    big jim02-07-2012

    One word comes to mind when I see that pic of LMFAO: longevity. I don’t know who these class acts are, but we’ll no doubt be hearing more from them for many, many years to come.

    • Javier


  6. BlackTexJapan

    “Staying Alive”- great timing B.

  7. Jayson

    my wife has thumbs like megan fox… I call them nemo thumbs.

  8. Claudio

    You know when there’s 2 people, and you tell both of them they look like each other and they both get disgusted?

    Allison – “Yeah I know something about that”


  9. Jeff Tate
    Jeff Tate02-07-2012

    Yo, great show! Here’s an idea for the podcast: how about “Rant Roulette”. Set up one of those big spinning wheels with various subjects on it (Mexicans, Neighbors, Celebrities etc.) and have Adam spin it and whatever subject it lands on, Adam lets loose. Cheers!

  10. schleprock

    wouldn’t it make sense that MIA was giving the finger to the censors as they could edit her song, but not her hand gesture? they did occur at the same time…

  11. Vito

    Holy shit, Ace! A different shirt and hat combo?

  12. eLHom

    Speaking of Isaac…there’s a high school kid from here in Minnesota that plays football named “Isaac Chef Hayes”. Look it up; he recently signed to play for the Gophers – he’s an offensive lineman. It’d be awesome if Adam shared his thoughts on this kid’s name.

    • Boner Sling
      Boner Sling02-07-2012

      Child abuse. Parents should be prosecuted.

  13. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle02-07-2012

    “Man-eating Swan,” good name for A’s V.

  14. Ryan

    Adam, what did you think of the new Chrysler commercial with Clint Eastwood that aired during the superbowl?

  15. Andygirll

    Shawn is a talented actor and good guest 🙂

  16. Joel M
    Joel M02-07-2012

    For the Patriot Act huh? Fuckin retard. For a guy that has an above average level of common sense, your neck is thicker than Corky’s. Sure lets let the government have the ability to lock people up without charging them or giving them a trial. Thats brilliant cause I’m naive enough to think that our “brilliant” government will ONLY use this “Patriot Act” to put REAL terrorists behind bars. Yup, whatever the government says must be true. This is a great tool they have in their box. Join the queue with the rest of the retarded sheep in this would. Moron.

    Keep the good ideas comming “Ace” man.

    • Bobby

      I love Adam but he is painfully wrong about his general philosophy of “if you’re not a terrorist or criminal then you don’t have anything to worry about with the patriot act or other government intrusions into individual American’s liberty”. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Free people that want to stay that way had better never fall for that kind of reasoning. We must always keep our government on a very short leash of direct accountability to We The People. Having never experience life under tyranny many people think it can’t happen here. Think again. Read “Liberty and Tyranny” by Mark Levin. Great book.

    • Cody

      Don’t forget about the black helicopters. Big Brother is always watching you.

    • Cyrus

      Don’t look to a fucking self-made comedian for serious political insight.

      Much of what Adam says is tongue-in-cheek or situational for a laugh.

      It’s entertainment….take it for what it is. It’s not a fucking poly sci podcast.

  17. Isaac

    ask either one: “Are you guarding a door?”

  18. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll02-07-2012

    A variation of Alison’s story appears in the original animated YuGi-Oh series with the twins Para and Dox. She should bring it in and show it to the guys. I totally understood what she was saying because of those episodes.

    • Hoggle

      Just watch Labyrinth, it would probably be more A’s time frame, no less nerdy though.

  19. Joe Santos
    Joe Santos02-07-2012

    How does Lynette feel being married to a man who has completely given up on dressing well?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-07-2012

      His check-book still dresses well.

    • Jeff714

      She compares that to marrying a man who makes less than a million dollars a year and thinks, “Gimme the money!”

    • Kwak

      That’s hilarious. I was looking at the last 3 episode pics and all I could think was, “For a guy his age, Carolla needs to start dressing better.” He’s starting to look like Homeless Dracula.

  20. Ralph Burris
    Ralph Burris02-07-2012

    OH The HUMANITY! No road trip with Larry. Tragic. The only thing Larry is good at…

  21. Juan Delatorre
    Juan Delatorre02-07-2012

    matts shoes are awesome

  22. John

    Thank you for finally changing your shirt. I love the new color flannel.

  23. JessMan

    it’s so easy to make fun of matt f.

  24. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks02-07-2012

    What’s with the Bad Lieutenant hate? That movie was a crazy good time. Don’t deny Cage one of his rare good movies. Also, I don’t think it was supposed to a remake, I think Werner Herzog just liked the title.

    • No

      That movie sucked out loud.

    • Alison's merkin
      Alison's merkin02-08-2012

      Not since Snakes On A Plane has the line between film and Internet meme been as confused as it is with Werner Herzog and Nicolas Cage’s remake of the Abel Ferrara shocker Bad Lieutenant. When the project was first announced at Cannes, it immediately triggered reaction along the lines of “What kind of crazy train wreck is that going to be?” And once the insane teaser trailer went viral, it turned into, “Oh, that kind of a crazy train wreck.” Over a career that’s spanned 4 decades, Werner Herzog has shown little interest in genre films, and Bad Lieutenant has the half-assed procedural elements of a straight to DVD thriller. Herzog’s evident boredom may explain the genesis of a bizarre “iguana-cam” sequence. Herzog claims he’s never seen the original film, and there’s little reason to doubt him: Other than Cage’s rank in the police force and a laundry list of abuses that include gambling, theft, cocaine and heroin addiction, and sexual shakedowns, the two films have little to nothing in common. The themes of Catholic guilt and redemption at the center of Ferrara’s version have been replaced by an attempt at an explicitly comedic shaggy-dog detective story that tours the Katrina-ravaged neighborhoods of New Orleans.

  25. Dick Face
    Dick Face02-07-2012

    ROFL! Al Plankton -Civil Right/Social Justice Activist…Fucking funny as hell, Ace

  26. Internet Troll
    Internet Troll02-07-2012

    Gotta agree with Alison on the thumb thing. After I got a look at Megan Fox’s thumbs instead of being the chick I could never get in a million years she became a hot chick with thumb related self-esteem issues who might be attainable to anyone (provided they could stand looking at her thumbs)

  27. Anal Ripper
    Anal Ripper02-07-2012

    Dear Mr. Carolla,

    Kindly just read our ads and quit screwing around. We know that life is a big joke to you, but we’re trying to run a freakin’ business over here.

    Respectfully yours,

    Adam and Eve.com

  28. Ipswich

    Nice show. Shawn Hatosy was a good guest.

  29. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco02-07-2012

    If Brady threw inside to Welker he would have been annihilated by the Giants safety, if not had it intercepted. Also, 8,000 Butterfinger Candy Bars were delivered from a Denver Pawn Shop to Copley Square in Boston in homage to Welker..that’s SWEET!

    • big b
      big b02-07-2012

      He was wide open dude. Wasn’t a safety in sight. Why is not ok to blame the golden boy? He made three huge blunders Sunday. The first play, the interception and the horrible pass to Wes.

  30. Jimbo

    Allison was on fire today! A number of funny, smart zingers. Ya, one fell flat sure, but what a ratio!

  31. APKurt

    The nursing student guy really needs to get a paternity test! Strange “coincidence” that his former long-time girlfriend contacts him for a date, has drunken sex with him while using protection, and miraculously gets pregnant even though the condom didn’t break. More likely scenario: former girlfriend gets knocked-up by a stranger at a party, want’s to keep the baby and still has feelings for Mr. Nurse, think’s he’d be a good father/husband, calls Nurse up for a date so they can have sex, and tells him the baby is his. Seriously. I’m surprised that the clairvoyant Aceman didn’t pick up on this one.

  32. josh

    By proxy, he does not play by most people’s rules. Good stuff Aceman…

  33. go-t-bone

    First the Kevin Smith controversy…..now the Dad’s shoes controversy……tiger vs swan…I can’t take all of this controversy. Mangria Aceman…Mangria.

  34. Dessie

    Love Brian…’Do you think Aaron makes his victims watch the Hammer?’ lmfao

  35. donewithidiots

    I guess all the “Shirt Homosexuals” are rubbing their manginas now that Adams wearing a different shirt. Ohhhhh the horror. The horror.

    • Pike


  36. Sex n pizza
    Sex n pizza02-07-2012

    How often do we get to hear the ”Isaac Hayes and the lying closet lion” story?

    …mmmm sometimes.

  37. Joe Hammer
    Joe Hammer02-07-2012

    Alison step it up. Swan? come on!

    • Alison's merkin
      Alison's merkin02-07-2012

      You’ve been drinking too much hatorade. Alison is hilarious.

  38. Amanda

    Alison, ON FIRE! Rape trellis, man eating swan…. and dead on right about the wedding. Perfect balance on the show right now. Good Times!

  39. Arlo

    Adam just ruined that undercarriage guys life.

  40. 3rd or 4th time posting
    3rd or 4th time posting02-07-2012

    Hey, what a surprise that it’s a white baby!

  41. con

    Good Lord! He finally found his other shirt!

  42. Harry Paratestes
    Harry Paratestes02-07-2012

    Why do they call Matt “the porcelain punisher”?

    • Martin

      Adam pointed out that, while next to him, he noticed that Matt pisses so hard that he “punishes the porcelain” – and it grew from there…. …

  43. Gina

    I looked at the pictures before I listened to the pod, and my first reaction was “hey my dad has those shoes.”
    Hand to God.

  44. Peggy

    I love hearing adam say “ahhhhhhhmonds”

  45. Ross

    What kind of contract did Larry Miller sign to be on the show twice a week? No disrespect, but he is not the right fit for this show. He’s gotta go.

    • daddison

      I couldn’t agree more. I fast forward through every one of those hypothetical road trips. I am surprised I don’t hear others saying the same.

  46. Riggz

    The 2 twins in the Lions cage thing was totally screwed up… at least get the answer correct. Man eating swan??? Not clever, totally missed the point of what Adam was saying… hey chubs, please leave the jokes to Adam.

  47. Shew

    Bald Bryan’s Sound Drops: More Harm Than Good?

  48. WildlyUnnfunny

    Of the best shows yet.

  49. SubDude

    One of the best AC shows I’ve listened to in a while. Adam was frickin hilarious, he kept off his soap box for the most part, Allison was throwin bombs (don’t call them seamonkeys) and Bryan was finally on his game with the drops. Even Larry Miller was bangin on all cylinders. The show was almost so good that the guest didn’t have to interject anything at all. And, he kinda didn’t say much towards the end? He was a good guest but, it was obvious that he was getting quite a bit of entertainment out of the show, just like the rest of us.

    More please, guys! Stick with what you know, HUMOR. You do it well, very well. The divisive political nonsense just gets old and makes me shut your broadcast off before it’s over.

  50. Harry Seaward
    Harry Seaward02-18-2012

    Those shoes don’t look so bad, where can I cop a pair…

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