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Seth McFarlane and Adam talk about massage boners, his 9/11 close call and Seth does some Family Guy voices. Original airdate 3-17-09. For more classic Carolla check out adamcarolla.com/archive

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

  1. Sluggh

    The Mylibsyn Pirate Ship! Uh … wait.

  2. Adam

    What the fuck. Re-runs? I guess I cant complain i have gotten 100s of hours of entertainment for free.

    • craig

      At least they’re doing reruns and not a clip show where each clip is indroduce by Adam saying something like “Hey, Alison remember that time we joked about male nurses.”

  3. Josh

    Does this mean the Pirate Ship is going away? He usually does things for a few years and then dumps them, right?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-13-2012

      OMG Josh! What will you complain about besides your mom’s meatloaf being to dry.

      • attack_crows

        “Your Mom’s meatloaf is dry” sounds like you’re talking about something other than meatloaf. All the same, Josh’s Mom’s meatloaf is dry as shit.

    • R

      Did you put any thought into that comment? What has Ace ever “dumped”? Shows have been cancelled, he’s been fired…but I don’t think he’s ever voluntarily given up on a project, especially one so big and groundbreaking as this…dumb comment.

  4. Ninja

    This picture must be from Adam’s RUN DMC phase.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-13-2012


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-14-2012

      My Adidas
      Walked through concert doors…

  5. Matt

    I love the show and I hate to be a complainer but my issue is instead of giving us bonus episodes on Sundays with Dr. Drew why not bank them and use them this week instead of giving up replays of old shows. I understand everyone needs a vacation and have no issue with that but have the foresight to bank some 1 hour evergreen episodes that could air during the vacation

    • Jenn

      Totally agree. Can barely keep up with 6 eps a week (not to mention all the other ACE broadcast shows), thus a week of reruns with no forewarning is just unwarranted.

    • Nathan

      Its so they can plug the archives. What better way than to play some best ofs

    • AnneCann

      Yeah, I’d be pissed if I actually PAID for archives…..suckers!

    • T Money (no hyphen)
      T Money (no hyphen)08-14-2012

      why don’t YOU bank the bonus episodes and stop complaining

      • marco

        that makes too much sense. I’m exstatic they’re taking a week off, now I can catch up on all my other podcasts

    • attack_crows

      “I understand everyone needs a vacation and have no issue with that”….hahahaha – how gracious of you. I’m sure the Aceman appreciates your approval and blessings.

    • reb

      great idea. i love getting those bonus episodes; but the ritual of a new episode every weekday morning is a stronger urge. it would be easy to compile 5-10 extra episodes just by appending 10-15 minutes onto the regular interviews.

  6. Ribbit


  7. gpax42

    aceman ropes in the celebrity marlin, goooooood shit

  8. Hugh Gashol
    Hugh Gashol08-13-2012

    GET IT ON!

  9. Nature Boy Ric Flair
    Nature Boy Ric Flair08-13-2012

    classic carolla?….thanks for my monday morning corndog.

  10. Aaron

    Man, I can’t believe how Donny kept trying to but into the conversation. He thinks his opinion is worth a shit when two intelligent people are talking. It’s adorable, yet infuriating.

  11. DionRidesBikes

    Well, I heard this re-run a few times already; it’s a good one if you haven’t heard it. Good thing I have 20 hours of Joe Rogan I haven’t listened to yet.

  12. Steve

    If you’re doing best ofs, can you replay the Kevin Smith episode from February?

  13. Scott

    Quit complaining, It’s called a vacation, yes they are allowed those. They even did it back in the Loveline days.

  14. LQ

    Good time to check out Ace on the House; or any other of the fine podcasts on the network.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee08-13-2012

      I’m glad to hear Adam’s taking a vacation and that’s a great idea LQster, get caught up on some of the other shows.

  15. rosemary

    ok people everybody deserves a vaca. zip it____!

  16. damien

    he said it will be reruns all week.

    oh well price is right

  17. Simo1001

    I saw them at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club on Saturday, they said they were taking the week off. Their 1st week off since the show started – amazing!

  18. Mittens Lovey
    Mittens Lovey08-13-2012

    Under Romney-Ryan plan, Mitt Romney would pay 0.82% tax rate

    …. No wonder Mittens is a fan

    • Ribbit

      You must be asking yourself, “Why DO I still listen?” Don’t worry, once you move out of your mom’s basement, you’ll start seeing the world differently, too.

    • Sean

      I don’t like all the hyper-conservative blowhard stuff lately either, but where the hell does this comment even come from? Don’t try to shit up the boards with political stuff when it has nothing to do with anything.

  19. Rork

    Oop, is that the ghostly voice of Donny Misraje I hear from beyond the grave?

  20. José

    Love it! What happend to donny?

  21. Brett

    Nah. I think this is to remind everyone there are some great guests to listen to in the archives. Which would require you to buy them……This is an hour long ad, lol.

  22. Thuh Hammah
    Thuh Hammah08-13-2012

    He told us this week would be re-runs if you were listening last week… I’m just bummed because I *just* listened to this one a week ago!

  23. Brazilana

    It’s that time of year again. Hope everyone at Carolla One Studios has a good vacation – it’s well deserved.

    • tony

      A vacation from what…..complaining for an hour daily ??????

  24. CoreyL

    Great stuff. Love the show. Enjoy your vacation!

  25. BW

    Didn’t Adam just say last week how he didn’t like vacations? How his home is better than any hotel he could stay at?

  26. TonyMonterey

    I see the tents going up by the Wharf in Monterey, Yachts filling the bay, and Semi-trucks and low-boys filled with old cars clogging the streets… Took me twice as long to get to work…. AGGHHHH… you stupid 1%ers… Oh, cool a Ford GT40!!!

  27. Fanucci says Eeeeh
    Fanucci says Eeeeh08-13-2012

    I, for one, appreciate the re-runs since I only started listening two months ago.

    • Just Me
      Just Me08-13-2012

      Pretty new here, too, so I’m happy to hear vintage pods as well.

      When I saw Adam’s photo with Seth I first thought — Wow, Adam looks so refreshed! No wonder, it was taken three and a half years ago.

  28. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee08-13-2012

    Howard’s on vacation this week also. Do you suppose Adam and Howard are walking through the Ferrari Paddock right now sipping champagne and talking about cars? 🙂

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle08-15-2012

      I am imagining Beth and Lynette…

      Oh my.

  29. Sacto Aaron
    Sacto Aaron08-13-2012

    Jeez, let them take an effing vacation!

  30. TS

    Any chance for a Alison / Bald Bryan episode, sans Carolla?

  31. Rick

    These early shows were the ones that got me hooked to the aceman. I miss these free forum one on one’s. The shows now seem like they try way too hard to keep some sort of schedule/format that kinda sorta works sometimes. Love Alison and Bryan though.

  32. Stone Gun
    Stone Gun08-13-2012

    Seth’s 9/11 story made me think of a great What can’t Adam complain about….

    9/11 Commission reports “hi-jacker Alghamdi buys a Leatherman Wave multi-tool.”

    You cant complain about the amount of uses a leatherman has. Wire crimper, scissors, screw driver, nail file, making NORAD run drills identical to your exact method of terror attack nearly down to the hour rendering our entire air defense useless, and I’m sure the soulless covert operators that set up a near flawless thermite assisted controlled demolition had to file their nails after a grueling day of structural steel future cutting construction (non-union). You cant complain about a Leatherman, because in the right hands it can do fucking ANYTHING!

    Some day when we get a new boss, as in, not the same as the old boss…
    Ace Man for King, President, Complaints Tsar, and stupid traffic laws / other fucked up nonsense abolitionist. Mandate: Revolution / Swear Ace Man in / Begin shovel ready coast to coast Autobahn construction (no Honda Pilots or middle aged Harley guy with loud pipes permitted) Imagine it, vintage datsuns and warehouse queen Italian sports cars unleashed without fear of registration, smog, or speeding tickets, and huge salvage yard electromagnets to promptly remove any broke down piece of shit off the road. Made up movie “Judge Ace” a Judge Dread remake that doesn’t suck, and cleans up the streets with fucking magnets,Guilty! *SNIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFF*

  33. Inyoface

    Poi is good!!!! I don’t know why Adam keeps bringing it up, must’ve had a life changing experience with it.

  34. MIKE

    Glad that Donny no longer has a speaking role on the show.

    • Justin

      Or any role, since he was canned.

  35. Zach

    Probably my favorite episode of all time. Hope they play the Brad Garrett one this week too.

  36. rusty

    Maybe next time guys tape a State of the Union show in advance before a vacation. I know you do those at the beginning of the year, but I still think it would be a nice treat and would be evergreen… Also Check out Alison’s show if you haven’t yet, its fantastic.

  37. frank

    Some of you people are amazing, complain when he does shows and bitch when he is gone. I wish all the people that said they would never listen again when right wing du jour was on would do what they say. Im willing to bet they are the same people bitching…

  38. Arlo

    I don’t understand all the complaints about the re-run. This is one of Adam’s best podcasts. Makes me miss the old days when it was so pure, and the advertisers hadn’t gotten their grubby paws all over it. Going to have to break out the old Year One DVD when I get home from work.

    Enjoy the much deserved vacation Aceman.

  39. jj

    Good episode. Thanks for the replay,.

    • jj

      By the way….love the original format – just Adam and the guest.

  40. A2theK

    I like the rerun actually, since I am a newcomer to the podcasts and they are all reruns to me. If its new to you, than it is still interesting and fun, like a twenty year old classic movie that you have never seen. Its not like this show is based on current events. But I appreciate the complaining of fans because that means you want more Ace.

    I love both of these guys, but were they trying to say they are too cerebral to enjoy sports? I would opine a large part of your enjoyment of sports is nurture and not nature. If you were born near Green Bay, Wisconsin and all of your friends and family love the Packers, than chances are you will grow up and still like the Packers your whole life. Especially if you happen to also really like football. I find having a team that you feel is your own and you are part of makes all the difference. I follow my college sports teams, even the sports I don’t give a crap about….

  41. DG

    How many people have heard EVERY episode of the podcast? I finally heard the One Year Anniversary podcast after signing up for the archive which had been my white whale…

    • Wil C
      Wil C08-18-2012

      Started downloading the podcast segments back when they became available on the morning show.
      Grabbed up every one and every single episode since.
      My hard drive and my MP3 player have an impacted ass full of the Ace Man.
      I’m one slippery step behind Giovanni.
      What I’m gonna need you to do for me right now is, Get it the fuck on!

  42. sexual refugee
    sexual refugee08-13-2012

    Well why Adam and the gang are on vacation I hope he signs my book covers?…

  43. haasmiller

    Can’t wait to hear the rants of what pissed him of during vaca. They are always epic. Enjoy the well deserved time of guys.

  44. Juicefest020

    You’re smart. No, you are the smart one. No, you are so smart you could be an atheist. I am. Me TOO. We are just more evolved. Our brains are superior products. Oh what a curse it must be. We are victims of our own brilliant highly-evolved brains. We’re drinking and will miss work tomorrow with hangovers. BECAUSE of our genius brains. Let me rub your creative brain. I dare not. Its so great. How do we do it? how do we do it? Hugs.
    This is a repeat? How did these two brilliant highly evolved brains not erase this? I guess their brains are too powerful to have bothered.

  45. Nate

    Oh good! I was on vacation last week and fell behind, so now I get to catch back up without having to devote more of my life to podcast listening than I normally would.

  46. Jared

    Is Adam ever NOT dressed like he has the flu?

  47. guy

    “oh Seth you’re sooo smart” ……..”no Adam you’re the smartest”….”it must take forever for your brain to slow down”..
    Hope you boys used a condom.

    • McMichael

      Exactly! Seth can’t sleep because his job allows him to get a full night’s rest, and his schedule to slip…to .sleep at 2:00 am, to work at noon. When I go on vacation, I find it harder to dose off. I must be a genius during this time off from work.

  48. sloozen1

    Good chose to re-run eventhough I have heard this show 29 times at work from youtube. But enjoy your vacation anyway….

  49. Shannon

    Kiss already.

  50. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town08-13-2012

    Donny and his dumb questions….I sure remember why this podcast is so much better without him!!!!
    GET IT ON!!!! Less Donny of course!!!! +_+

  51. Dave

    Bring Back Donny

  52. ShampooIsBetter

    I understand it’s part of Adam’s persona, but sometimes you gotta learn to SHUT THE F UP. Seth is right in the middle of talking about what it was like on 9/11 to almost be flown into a building and murdered with 3000 other people and Adam interupts him to talk about Pam Anderson being late on loveline. Seth talks more about that day, but he NEVER gets back to the moment of waking up after the first crashes and realizing he had a ticket for one of those planes.

    I would have loved to have heard what he had to say. But we get to hear about Pam Anderson and loveline instead.

  53. Larry Love
    Larry Love08-13-2012

    Atlas Shrugged!

  54. Tim MacDonald
    Tim MacDonald08-13-2012

    Kind of felt sad for Adam to hear Donny, i know that was a tough break up, but also was reminded how he added nothing. I think the current line up is the best line up, but it’s nice to listen back once in awhile too when the show was a little more amateur and possibly was secretly just meant to be a demo reel for the next gig on radio or tv.

  55. Hope Luck isn't a bust
    Hope Luck isn't a bust08-13-2012

    I have to say I agree with the ‘best of episodes’. Everyone gets vacation time and they don’t pull the bullshit ‘take the whole week off for 4th of July, Thanksgiving, President’s Day, etc’….. and the popularity of the show has grown so much in the past 2 years….this is probably an episode that most of us hadn’t heard and we never would have tried to go back 2 1/2 years to find it. So I will still enjoy my drive to and from work listening to Adam’s nasally drone this week.

  56. guy

    THE Family Guy…why he can’t just say Family Guy, I’ll never know

  57. Rrrrr

    Thank you! Love it!

  58. Nostalgia

    It was so weird hearing Donny chime in and be an idiot. Like old times.

  59. 866-901-ADAM

    What’s Carolla Digital? does anybody know? just wondering

  60. vah jai nah
    vah jai nah08-13-2012

    you should take more vacations. your stuff was getting stale like a blowed out stink box.

  61. Orange Drank
    Orange Drank08-13-2012

    DONNY! Miss the Wheeze. Enjoy your week off, we’ll be anxiously waiting your return to GET IT ON.

  62. Mike

    Nice to hears Donnie’s voice again… Hopefully that friendship isn’t totally a write off…. Get it on

  63. Hugh

    Yes. As a new listener I love hearing classic Carolla.

    Never heard a proper interview with Seth before.

  64. Dano

    Notice how Donny’s name was edited out of the send off at the end…

  65. Dive

    So great to not have to hear non sequiturs from the news girl.

  66. Dan

    Referenced FloJo on this show (2009) and just last week (2012). Love me some memory loss.

  67. Francis

    Holy shit !!! The ace man without hit hat. Its been a while since ive seen his hair 🙂

  68. jordan

    i was annoyed at the re-runs but its been so long since ive heard these episodes, they might as well be new.

  69. Mac

    Whatever happened to Donnie anyway? I was a listener when the podcast started for a while, then i went on hiatus for a couple years. I’ve recently come back and noticed Donnie isn’t around.

    • LouE

      He and Adam disagreed with the direction of the podcast. Adam wanted smarter people to come in and do the work Donny said he could do. Donny then disagreed with Adam suggestions and he basically pushed himself out the door since he was laying down ultimatums. Donny’s off doing another podcast or whatever.

  70. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson08-15-2012

    I love how Adam is trying to convince himself that he’s smart like Seth. It’s hilarious coming from a guy that can hardly read.

  71. Bondosan

    Bitches be whining. This a great best of and I have a subscription to the archive just in case he needs time off. We can’t expect our ace-man to be his best as a burn-out. Shut the fuck up and appreciate all we get from him. FOR FREE.

  72. Susie-Q

    Very entertaining and hilarious! Enjoy your vacation, Adam, looking forward to your return 🙂

  73. Adrian Larson
    Adrian Larson08-24-2012

    I don’t care what religion you subscribed to. I really don’t. Just don’t sell me on it. I don’t want it. If I wanted it, I’d get it. Legally.

    If you REALLY wanted to sell me on religion, not only do you have to have a nice car, a hot wife, and a big house, but you need something big in history to call your religion on.

    If everyone on the 9/11 planes and everyone in the Towers were convicted criminals and sex offenders and rapists, claim it as work done by your religion. I’d think about that.

    On another note – these are awesome.

    Bryan Cranston, Jimmy, this. Love them all.

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