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Adam opens the show signing sketches and talking about some big Celebrity Apprentice news coming tomorrow. Alison then opens her news discussing that Navy sailors are going to be tested for alcohol. The guys also chat about fast cars and the different trends of colors for each model. Later, an old football player from Adam’s past writes in, and Alison reads stories about Lindsay Lohan and an inappropriate shirt being sold at Sears.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ joins the show next. Adam explains that he’s never had conversations about money with anyone in his family, and how weird it is that it’s not taught in schools. Robert explains the story of how his friend’s dad taught him how to use money, and why Monopoly is such a useful game. Robert then shares his love for Adam’s ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’ eBook, and also talks about writing with Donald Trump.

Next up, Adam jumps to the phones and talks with a caller struggling to tell his Christian parents that he’s an Atheist. The guys also watch the Jeopardy clip that Adam was mentioned on last week. Alison then reads news stories about John Lennon, Lady Gaga, and an important decision regarding the LA school system. The show wraps up with a bizarre conversation about tumescent monitors.

Click through to Amazon and purchase Robert’s books: ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ and ‘Midas Touch.’


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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Pork Chop
    Pork Chop03-12-2012

    Such a shame about celebrity apprentice. Adam tipped it off in the Seattle show on Friday. The show is a lot worse off without him.

    • Real Intresting
      Real Intresting03-12-2012

      If he spent more time trying to get the job done and less time trying to prove to everyone else that they were wrong, Trump would have kept him around.

      Blame Adam’s Asperger’s for this one.

    • Danakey

      Did we learn anything from this guy?

    • What an idiot !
      What an idiot !03-12-2012

      This moron proves you don’t have to be smart to be rich ! “The hardest working people, PAY THE MOST IN TAXES,”said idiot!

      Oh gee really? mitt the twit romney can sleep in his bed for a year, and will make 21 million and pay 15% IN TAXES!

      Definately this moron proves the rich ain’t very smart . THEY WON’T FIGHT IN ANY OF OUR WARS but they will bitch about 5% in taxes. Those men and women die for the rich, not the poor. Pat Tillman is the only exception . F off !

      • Roy

        how is he an idiot? you are agreeing with him

      • mike

        Who is the idiot? Romney paid over $10 million in taxes last year. How much did you pay? That is Adam’s entire point when he bitches about how much he pays in taxes. If you do not understand how much people like Romney pay in taxes in real money then you have no clue. I guess its easier to hate rich people than deal in facts.

      • John

        If I read your comment correctly, I think you are mistaking what Robert is actually saying. I have read several of his books and he always points out that the RICH pay much less taxes than the working middle class does. People who are self-employed pay 15% tax (Social Security) plus whatever other State and Federal Taxes then apply to the income. He points out that Rich pay much less in taxes because of Capital Gains and other tax breaks that only business owners can get. You might have to read one of his book to understand what he is trying to say.

  2. Jesse

    I can’t believe they kicked adam off celebrity apprentice

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-12-2012

      Thanks for the heads up, I can delete the show now from my TiVo

    • benyens

      who cares?

  3. Joe Katavaki
    Joe Katavaki03-12-2012

    Sorry Alison, Calvin does not piss on Hobbes, that would be tigerblasphemy. Chevy, Dodge, Ford, religion, all the rest is acceptable.

  4. Reality Check
    Reality Check03-12-2012

    Great, is this going to be another ranting “leave rich people alone, lazy middle class scum” shows with absolutely no educated reasoning behind it?

    • Badger

      Yeah it must blow being lectured to by self-made millionaires while you sit around your mother’s home office in your Che Guevara suit wondering why you’re not a winner.

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee03-12-2012

        Do douchbags like “Reality Check” and “Badger” get the “posting to often” comment too? Because I’m about fucking done with this whole bullshit “Podcast Willy” Ace Man experience!

    • Chad

      I don’t know why Adam feels this way–but I agree, it is cringe-worthy and false when Adam gets high and mighty about being rich. I assume it has something to do with his success, and he resents having to give up money, via taxes or otherwise, because he feels like it’s punishment for his hard work.

      He does, however, assume sadly that everyone who isn’t as rich as he is isn’t a hard worker, and should pull their own weight all the time. People often choose careers which aren’t as lucrative, or take much longer than show business to be so lucrative.

      • One Citizen Speaking
        One Citizen Speaking03-12-2012

        You don’t get it. Adam was dogshit poor and worked for everything he got. Now that he has a few bucks, he does not see why he needs to support those who won’t get off their lazy butts and work as hard as he did. Pretty much aimed at government wealth redistribution than individuals who are working and trying. Besides nobody likes to have their pocked picked to support the bum who lives off the government teat and does little or nothing to serve the public.

        • jimjohnson

          news flash, adam would still be building doors if he didn’t meet kimmel, luck does not equal hard work

          • Jll M.
            Jll M.03-13-2012

            You’re an idiot.

          • Mr. Brightside
            Mr. Brightside03-13-2012

            Lots of people have met Jimmy Kimmel. Are they all millionaires?

          • mike

            I guess it’s easier to attribute all success to luck. That way you do not have to face your own shortcomings in life. If you know anything about Adam, it is clear he has busted his ass and made himself a millionaire. Kimmel was a local radio show sidekick when he met Adam.

          • Dean

            Opportunity meets preparation.

    • GOD

      must be hard to type with that penis in yo’ mouth.

    • Stupidity check
      Stupidity check03-12-2012

      Nice job. Your crippling greed, envy and hatred for people who have more money than you has kicked in before you even listened to the show! Show me the reality where taking by force from people with more money than you and giving it to the government has EVER made your life better.

      • Marv

        Stupidity check, not sure the commment was referring to taxation but rather mobility through social classes. Your crippling bias and polarity, much in line with the rest of the “non-thinkers” in this country who get all of their information from one source and take it as gospel, probably clouded your ability to think outside the usual talking points of the talking heads you listen to.

      • Andy901

        Is ‘taking by the force’ the same as enforcing tax laws?

        As far as an example of Government making your life better, well there’s Mortgage Interest Tax Relief, Medicare, Roads, Prevention (or at least reduction of the risk) of being poisoned by our upstanding chemical and oil corporations, Pell Grants to help get educated, an Army, Navy, and Air Force, etc.

        Here’s something to think about for all you tax-dodgers. The average person pays in 86,000 dollars to Medicare in the course of their working career – but the average person costs Medicare over 200,000 dollars. Are you going to stay away from the clinic when you get to 86,000 dollars in bills, or are you going to keep going back? I think I can guess which way it’s going to go, future deadbeats.

    • Michael Pemulis
      Michael Pemulis03-12-2012

      I hope so, if only so we can read a hissy fit from you, later.

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside03-12-2012

      Boo hoo, socialist.

      • Marv

        Don’t think you understand socialism. Your definition also probably stems from the bias definition of some talking head you’ve subscribed to.

    • Check Yourself Reality
      Check Yourself Reality03-12-2012

      Then don’t listen.

    • Thank you
      Thank you03-12-2012


    • mike

      Why don’t you listen and find out?

      • gmac

        Haha, I love all the guys in here backing up the millionaires. Reminds me of the lackeys in high school backing up the quarterback, praying that he’ll throw them a little pussy when he’s done with it. Yeah guys! Keep plugging away, one day you’ll be a millionaire just like Adam!

  5. BD

    Buick is searching for a market desperately. The execs had to pick the women’s team – otherwise they would appear sexist, and are afraid of alienating women buyers.

    • Dan Carrol
      Dan Carrol03-12-2012

      Interesting …you may be on to something

    • I can do this all day
      I can do this all day03-12-2012

      I think you’re on to something.

    • Mark

      It was obvious what they were searching for was someone to parrot their stupid bullshit back to them. They weren’t interested in someone actually trying to sell their piece of shit. Think about this; they were selling a full size V6 sedan that only had 180 horsepower. What the fuck? Is this 1995? All V6’s now have over 200 hp. How fucking embarrassing.

      Buick – the car to buy when you are just waiting to die

    • Joe

      I really got the feeling that this was the only reason Andretti was even asked on the show. I think they wanted a back door way to get the Andretti name when they planned out the season and the Trumps just assumed it would work out.

      Also, the idea that you can simultaneously be upset that he wasn’t running the show or at least the center of attention and then be disappointed and critical of his performance when he was out there is ridiculous. Do you think they’d have been at all happy if he took the project manager position and then just directed from behind the curtains? How about if it was a 20 minutes snooze-fest? Ace was dead on (as usual), the show seemed good, at least from the edit on TV, and the rest is just sour grapes.

  6. Sluggh

    Tia Carrere is studying to play the role of Imelda Marcos. And Arsenio has AIDS or some shit. The Aceman outclassed everyone on the show. I’m tumescent. It’s a big word. Google it when you get home.

  7. Ed

    The Apprentice is a platform to sell product placement. That’s how Trump Productions makes it money. When Trump looks at Andretti all he sees is a big sign over his head that says “POTENTIAL AUTO MONEY.” Actual celebrities bring in the viewers, but a name like Andretti brings in the advertisers.

    • Mexican Jew
      Mexican Jew03-13-2012

      Well said, Sir.

  8. Connard

    Poor Aceman. No surprise though as I did find it suspicious that he was back in his LA studio 2 weeks into the 6 week Celebrity Apprentice shoot.

  9. mia

    i am so sad about Celebrity Apprentice. I was really enjoying the show… but it is unwatchable without you. I honestly thought you would win the show because you are the only interesting person to watch.

  10. The Gooch
    The Gooch03-12-2012

    Buick wasn’t trying to appear “sexist,” they were PISSED that Michael Andretti was NOT the project manager, and that Adam was. Buick was already on board for this season and was told that MARCO Andretti was to be on this season; unfortunately, this was not to be (albeit, at the very last second). Buick obviously wanted the ANDRETTI name attached, so they begged Michael to take his place (Mario would have been their first choice, but there were already two 60-year-olds on would become Team Unanimous). I mean, why would NBC allow a very nice man with a very low profile (and not much personality) onto a show with all of these other personalities? There wasn’t another race car driver with personality that they could get? Oh, because they didn’t have the “brand name” of ANDRETTI. Oh, well, there’s two hours of my Sunday nights that I can claim back! And Adam was awesome in this “defeat,” as he was himself, he was truthful, and he gave it his “110%.”

    • Mexican Jew
      Mexican Jew03-13-2012


  11. phil landers
    phil landers03-12-2012

    Oh I am so happy he sorta steered clear of another rich/poor guy taxes, uninformed economy analysis bollocks that has been creeping up FAR too frequently recently.Thank you for being so merciful

  12. Andrew

    Cannot wait until tomorrows show!!!! DIE TRUMP DIE!

    Great show! Much different guest than normal, but still good.

  13. Listener

    Just want to say I’m glad you have capitalists on the show. Socialism really has become a force in our culture, and it ain’t about Obama.

    • Marv

      Do you understand socialism? Do you know how far you have to go to start claiming people are “socialists”. If you are claiming Americans are becoming a culture of socialists then it is a VERY watered down form of socialism. I love how everyone just drops “socialism” like they completely understand the complexity of what they are saying. It’s like the overuse of words like “amazing”, “unreal”, and “awesome”. People use them, but the definition of the words fit in a watered down meaning of what the user intended.

      • Listener

        Political science degree, I work as a business analyst, have traveled the world, have friends who’ve lived under the Soviet system… I have about as realistic a sense of what “socialism” is as other Americans do.

    • Marv

      In fact, I know you don’t know what socialism means because you seem to be claiming it is the opposite of capitalism and it isn’t…

      • T Money (no hyphen)
        T Money (no hyphen)03-13-2012

        You suck, Marv

      • Mr. Brightside
        Mr. Brightside03-13-2012

        Marv, where can we subscribe to your badly photocopied newsletter? Or do you just use this message board to promote your tired leftism as if anyone here actually cares?

    • Drusz

      As a Canadian, I am proud to say that I belong to a strong Social Democracy, and can get away with claiming to be a socialist. Your ignorant use of the term offends me to no end, but I’m far from surprised that you don’t know the proper definition; being a byproduct of the American education system.

      • Listener

        Thankfully, my capitalist parents could afford a quality education for me. I’m not a product of government schools. If I were I might have more socialist leanings…

        (actually, I used to have socialist leanings, in high school, before interacting with the real world and the marketplace)

  14. Juice4000

    Really disappointed in Trump tonight – The guys did better. Adam was the appropriate Team Leader. The Buick people simply blew it. Or as suggested – they just went for the wife market and thought this would help them. Adam was GREAT as long as he lasted so let’s all just be thankful for that. But wow Buick was just plain wrong on this one.

    • Josie

      Bummer to see Adam leave Celebrity Apprentice. Ivanka Trump even got choked up! Buick and Trump got it all wrong. Michael shouldn’t have been fired. Adam was a good man and fell on the sword. He had some amazing analogies, statements, and hilarious jokes…no reason to continue watching.

  15. Jason in the 410
    Jason in the 41003-12-2012

    What’s up with the Android app? I know I can download from here, but still…

  16. James

    Episodes aren’t even on the app OR iTunes. Shame, it was a nice app…

  17. GreekGawd

    i will no longer watch The Apprentice….sad.

  18. Justin

    Is anyone else having trouble with the App not updating with the new shows? This thing worked great for months and then at the end of last week I started having troubles. Thurs, Fri, now today. I can’t get this week’s Carcast or ACE on the House either on the app.

  19. MR. ICE
    MR. ICE03-12-2012

    Ace – Why don’t you do a GPS voice over like Snoop Dogg. People would love to hear your voice giving them directions.

  20. Wade

    Adam got fired because he refused to bring two back. Mostly because no one under 60 buys a Buick and as welly in part because of Penn’s novel idea that scared producers of the show to their core. That being said Mark Burnett has jumped the shark (If that term hasn’t cannibalized itself). To fire one of the most popular race car drivers in the world and the most downloaded pod-caster in order to have Lou Ferrigno be PM in the next episode is practically asking for celebrity apprentice to be canceled. By the way… when Adam rebutted Trump’s son for his naive view of Andretti’s knowledge of cars; as evidenced by Brian Herta on Loveline. Did that lead to the double firing? Apologies to Bald Bryan if I spelled Brian Herta’s name wrong.

    • Wade

      well as*

  21. Dr. Thang
    Dr. Thang03-12-2012

    Oh no, is this guy another narcissistic elitist like that insufferable prick Grant Cardone with severe contempt for anyone who possesses less money than him? In case Adam goes off on another wildly ignorant “you’re poor because you’re lazy and I’m rich because I’m better than you” rant, for anyone else who is as sick of it as I am, read this article:
    Adam is especially guilty of #5, his entire argument is based on the mentality of “The only reason I have a hundred times more money than you is because I work a hundred times as hard!”, and the article points out every reason why every single point he makes in these rants are completely wrong. The article covers every view Adam has on the matter so closely that I’m almost certain the writer listens to this podcast.
    I don’t know this Robert Kiyosaki guy enough to be certain that he is not one of these annoying assholes who made a fortune writing obvious self-help books in which he claims to know secrets on how to get rich even though his only secret is writing a stupid book preying on desperate poor people, but just in case he is, I’m gonna skip through his segment anyway.

    • Zapoli

      The guy who wrote that Cracked piece would be a good guest to have on the show. And it will never happen.

    • Marv

      That article is great. Thanks for the link!

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside03-12-2012

      Why are you listening if you are so insecure about your leftist worldview that you need to cite a badly reasoned article from Cracked magazine, of all places?

      • Dr. Thang
        Dr. Thang03-12-2012

        Haha, cute. These newbie Glenn Beck transfers are really not fitting in well are they?

        • Mr. Brightside
          Mr. Brightside03-13-2012

          That’s not an answer to my question.

    • Dean

      Thanks for the link, Dr. I dug the article. It does seem like the fella who wrote it listens to the podcast…

  22. Danof Sac
    Danof Sac03-12-2012

    The men’s commercial was superior, the Buick execs were humorless stiffs, and Adam “showbizzed” Trump! I applaud Adam’s integrity though; he is not going to do the “back stabbing weasel thing” just to stay on a reality show. Also, I am thankful I don’t have to watch Celebrity Apprentice anymore; I hope others tune out too now that Adam is no longer competing and the ratings plummet.

  23. HC Frick
    HC Frick03-12-2012

    If only Ferigno would have dressed up as The Hulk they would have won for sure.
    Doesn’t Adam know that “Everybody loves Lou Ferigno”?

  24. Patrick Greene
    Patrick Greene03-12-2012

    First, Grant Cardone, now this guy Kiyosaki. Sheesh. I, along with many, would rather have no guest at all than these snake oil salesmen. Adam and Co should have a little more respect for their audience and not book guests like this. They are SCAM artists. It’s embarrassing for us, Brian and Alison, and anyone who else has ever read a book. Please, I don’t mind differing opinions. I enjoy Dennis Prager. I disagree with him on pretty much everything but at least he is intellectually honest with the audience. These two bananas are looking to take advantage of dumb people who think they can get rich by buying their book. You should be ashamed of yourself for propagating this scam.

  25. Al Dorman
    Al Dorman03-12-2012

    Shame on Buick, shame on the clown Trump. You and Andretti were robbed, but the way you handled it made me respect you a lot (as always)!

    Kiyosaki is a scam artist (google him), but I’ll be listening anyway.

  26. AngelAdamFan

    wasn’t able to download today, it saved as a link, not a file

  27. greg

    Fuck buick and fuck trump, that shit was uncalled for.
    Trump was clearly pissed off he couldn’t get the product endorsement from Andretti even though the guys team nailed the presentation. What a fucking joke.
    I’ve never been so pissed off from a reality tv show, never watching that shit again.

  28. Huck

    Anyone notice that NBC did not show Trump interviewing the Buick execs to find out who had the best presentation? Probably because the conversation was “Trump, you promised us that Andretti would be project manager, you must fire him now!”

    I’m done with the Apprentice after watching nearly every episode to date. I will never consider owning a Buick either. I suggest Adam lead a campaign for donations to Andretti’s charity since he was screwed by Buick.

  29. gg

    Again, no download available on the ACE app.

  30. Tony Bologna
    Tony Bologna03-12-2012

    Sorry to see you go on The Apprentice. You tried to fall on your sword but Trump wasn’t going to let you get off that easily by knocking out Andretti (who i’m sure you respect) and keeping Lou who’s suggestion for every task was to dress up like the Hulk. I’m sure you can’t talk bad about that car, but it looked like every mid-low priced 4 door sedan and for those two execs to act like making this car was some kind of labor of love just enforces my opinion that GM sucks. Did those two bailed out execs take their private jet to NY and waste some more GM (or should I say US taxpayers) money so we can bail them out again?
    I usually watch the Apprentice for the whole season, but now that you’re gone, I’m done. I hope Penn wins.

  31. danaconda

    Way to go out like a champ list night ace man. also, “Nice shot Oswald” was easilly the funniest thing that could be said in that situation.

  32. JB

    My thought is that Trump and the show’s producers sold Buick on Mario Andretti helping sell their car and when Andretti wasn’t as dynamic as they wanted him to be they were pissed. Trump and the Execs were a little overly upset that Andretti wasn’t the project manager. Class act for Adam to fall on the sword. I like Penn and Lisa and will still watch the show a bit, but it’s not going to be near as good with Ace out.

  33. Nathan

    Wait, Buick still makes cars?

    • Brad

      No. We’re talking about the Buick app for the iPad.

  34. DtD

    I don;t know why this episode made me laugh so hard. I woke up my girlfriend at 6am listening on my headphones while getting ready for work because I couldn’t stop busting up. The buttplug jag was awesome. Allison has been such a good addition to the show. She is hilarious.

  35. Purpleslog

    Kiyosaki s a con man/Liar/Scammer.

    Reference: http://www.johntreed.com/Kiyosaki.html

  36. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town03-12-2012

    Hey, who’s that runt in the photo with Adam??
    Oh wait, it’s Sandy Vag right??
    GET IT ON!!!!!!

  37. Kain

    On the plus side of Adam getting kicked off at least now I can remove the horrible show from my DVR.
    Adam was the only reason to watch that god awful show.

  38. bb

    Another guy that was born on 2nd base and thinks he hit a triple when he makes it to third.

  39. CNS

    Great move standing up to the Trumps and the ridiculousness of that show. I removed the timer from my DVR within a minute of Adam getting fired.

  40. Rossco

    Of COURSE it was a strategic move by Buick. The women’s presentation was categorically AWFUL, and even the women knew that, as they were completely shocked when they won. But who was driving the car in the Buick commercials during the breaks? Oh that’s right, a chick, with some hipster band I’ve never heard of. I still don’t know how Buick is ever going to salvage their image, though. Even if I could get over immediately thinking “ugly old person’s car” when the name comes to mind, their designs… still look like ugly old people cars.
    Oh well, at least I no longer have a reason to force myself to watch that giant ball of flippant narcissism that is the women’s team, aside for maybe Penn…

  41. Mark J
    Mark J03-12-2012

    Great episode. Best line: “Don’t say nip.” -BB

  42. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco03-12-2012

    Something is rotten in Denmark. If Buick has some sponsorship for Celebrity Apprentice, the show may have been upset over “Andretti” not being tattooed onto their new car, and Trump made the call to punish the men’s team, who clearly beat the other team that mispronounced the car name, had no theme, and couldnt answer questions about the vehicle

  43. chris

    whats the deal with the app? Is anyone else getting episodes a day late now?

  44. geezogeeza

    I remember at work this one time when one of my co-workers screwed the pooh, lets call him Adrian, and someone else got blamed for it, so Adrian came forward and took responsibility and asked to be fired and instead of just firing Adrian, the boss decided to fire both Adrian and the first person he accused, even though he didn’t have any reason to, because he was mad at Adrian for taking responsibility for his improper actions, and coming forward in a move of integrity and taking the blame. My boss wanted to be dramatic that day I guess, so he fired two people.

    Boy was that exciting.

    Oh wait. That never happened. Because in the real world, THATS CRAZY!

  45. Josh A
    Josh A03-12-2012

    The thing Adam and Robert ignore is that not everyone can own property and have employees. Some folks don’t feel the need to bow down before the altar of the almighty dollar; actually doing something they love, whatever it pays. Take Robert’s rhetoric to its theoretical conclusion and it all breaks down. It’s just the same old tired bootstraps argument trotted out by the wealthy when the working class start to question why they’re getting screwed so hard. He’s an entrepreneur trying to sell his book, not facts.

  46. MrMind

    Buick execs were just pissed because Andretti didnt promote their brand himself, thats why they picked the women’s team. I thought the Men’s team did a good job.

  47. MrMind

    That is the last episode i watch btw, i was just watching because Adam was on the Show.

  48. Max Maxwell
    Max Maxwell03-12-2012

    I thought it was well known that this author is a charlatain and that his book is actually full of “mis-truths”. People have asked for years on the details about his rich and poor “dads” and he has never been willing/able to give any details. Can’t wait to listen to the podcast though, maybe he has finally fessed up that the book is just a story and not semi-biographical.

  49. Jay

    What? No openly weeping by Adam on the Apprentice? How could he not be distraught over leaving? Seriously though it looked like he was happy to be done with it. No offense but I’m glad he is off because now there is no reason to watch.

  50. Jay

    It was funny that Buick wanted Andretti to utilize his multi-million dollar brand for basically free on the Apprentice. I’m sure he could care less about a Buick and didn’t want to attach his name to it as part of a tv show rather than for big ad bucks.

  51. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle03-12-2012

    June 2022…
    Natalia: “Daddy, I’d like you to meet my date for the prom.”
    Luscious: “How ya doin’ Mr. Adam, I would like to prolapse the anus of your daughter.”

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee03-12-2012

      You’re getting so dark Pooch, is it the “posting to much” comments? It’s making me pretty pissed off!

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle03-14-2012

        “It’s getting to be re-goddamn-diculous.”

  52. Kevin Edgar
    Kevin Edgar03-12-2012

    Can’t download this podcast. Anyone else having the same problem?
    Also, watched CA last night. Shit!

  53. Lorelei

    Too bad Adam was kicked off but at least I don’t have to watch that shitty show anymore! Plus Adam was different then I thought he would be. He was funny of course, but seemed so calm like nothing really pissed him off…. Did anyone else notice that??

  54. Allan

    What’s disappointing is that i can’t download the mp3 from the webpage. Right clicking to save as keeps giving me an html page.

  55. Jonathan

    Anyone else having trouble getting this one to download? It didn’t look like it was on iTunes, either.

  56. Jon P
    Jon P03-12-2012

    Donald, his kids, and the Buick reps inability to move away from their initial thought of Andretti pitching the car for Adams better presentation than could have EVER been done if it were led by Michael is a perfect example on how deep pocketed, shallow thinking, uncreative people, are insulting the average “thinking person” who TRY to enjoy TV, Radio, and movies.

    The guys team did a FAR FAR better job than the women. I hope Adam flat out told Trump he was a clueless fuck, and the “tape” of this is out there somewhere.

    Oh and its real nice of Buick to quickly throw out $30,000 of their bail out money so easily.

  57. Mose

    It’s another episode when a seemingly interesting guest doesn’t get a chance to speak.

  58. Mr_SKIA

    For the love of God, Adam, I love your stuff, but your sample size of your friends is not representative of this country’s demographics. Most of our rich aren’t entertainers. Go down to any investment house, and take a look at those people; while there are some who don’t come from money, an overwhelming majority do. Money begets money. That’s not to imply there’s anything wrong with that, but contrary to your experience, most rich aren’t entirely self-made.

    • jpmoneypants

      That is completely untrue. PEW study just came out that 75% of those worth over a million, parents were not. I’m sad for you as you seem to feel you are disadvantaged in some way by being born in America.

      • Mr_SKIA

        Your comment is just tired, right-wing BS: Anyone who points out inequities in our system must be an America hater. By “coming from money” I didn’t mean millionaires, and perhaps I should have clarified, but rather people whose parents went to college and have enough money to send them there as well. At every investment house, almost all of those people come from that situation.

        And before you get into your too-bad-for-you personal attacks, both of my parents hold advanced degrees, and I’ve done well myself. This is by far the greatest country in the world, but I believe that in part because my perspective is tinged by the advantage I had because of my parents; I don’t think I hit a triple just because I was born on third base.

        Knowing this country isn’t perfect doesn’t make you unpatriotic; in fact, I would argue that it’s your duty as an American to try to make it better. So don’t make ridiculous assumptions about those on the other side. You just end up looking like a douchebag.

  59. TCWNY

    He clearly wanted off the show, he could easily have saved himself and chose not to

  60. JessMan

    stop saying hawaii in there!

  61. chris

    Adam was the only person worth watching on this season of Celebrity Apprentice, it is a shame. ALTHOUGH Adam fired himself, he should have known Trump would chop any head that willingly lays on his block…

  62. Leon Carter
    Leon Carter03-12-2012

    Adam should’ve given a 110%. Maybe he would still be on the show. /s

  63. eric. B
    eric. B03-12-2012

    Why are we all not ridiculing Adam more for losing a car challenge to Debbie Freaking Gibson? Not only did the Ace-man deserve to get fired but he should have been forced to turn in his testicles along with his Trump Tower hotel room key.

    • Brad

      Because Debbie F. Gibson is both cute and cool. [Source: Debra Gibson]

    • Jessiey

      keyCARD. I don’t agree with you though.

    • Trump is a douche
      Trump is a douche03-12-2012

      I really hope you’re joking. If not then you have no idea what is really going on in that show. If you are joking then it’s a really dumb joke. Either way you look silly.

    • Sig Et
      Sig Et03-12-2012

      Ha Ha yea brah what a tool.

  64. OC

    Never watched Celebrity Apprentice until Adam joined the cast. Now that he’s off, I’m out…. Adam’s on Ellen? I thought he hated Ellen and she was a horrible person?!

  65. Alison is my new best friend
    Alison is my new best friend03-12-2012

    Adam Carolla; the Donald Trump of Mexico

  66. John

    Scuttlebutt is the name of a bar by the Navy base in Everett, WA. Gay bar? Not sure.

  67. Connard


  68. Yortuk Festrunk
    Yortuk Festrunk03-12-2012

    Sad to see Adam go!

    So, how do you think Penn will do?

    I think Penn and Adam have set the standard for rational behavior. They do not betray. They do not self-implode.

  69. Matt Cortese
    Matt Cortese03-12-2012

    I agree with the others who’ve never watched Celebrity Apprentice (or regular Apprentice) before, and won’t now that Adam is gone. I feel bad because they didn’t lose the challenge because their presentation was worse, they lost it simply because Buick wanted Andretti to be the front man, even though their complaint about his stage presence should have shown why Carolla was the leader on that one. I did like Carolla’s insistence that he wasn’t going to bring anyone in to be fired. Good leadership quality there. Lou should have been the first gone, then George, then Michael, then Dee. The other 5 were all good and should have survived.

  70. Richie

    Really? If it weren’t for tax breaks, there would be no housing?

  71. poorjavier

    One vote for “Don’t say nip.” One vote for a Carolla GPS app. Send Trump a butt plug.

  72. Geo

    Suicide by Trump.

    Watched Celebrity Apprentice last night and was surprised at the outcome. Seems like after Adam’s team lost he wanted off and worked the system to get out without having to quit.

    Adam was a valuable team member, and they will surely miss his talent. With all of Adam’s talk about football and playing for the team it seemed uncharacteristic to leave them like that.

  73. Jesusgarza31

    Adam I respect your Integrity! On The Apprentice

  74. Brett

    Interesting guy- but still has that bad after taste of the only measurement of a successful person is how much money they have. So Noble winning scientist – which have PHD’s (“Poor Helpless and Desperate”) are really just losers because they are business owners. Or Doctors are just losers because they pay so much taxes – they should all just quit and build apartment complexes – too bad sick people. It is just one dimensional. I appreciate his telling us about how to work the system to make money – just tired of the rich guy line – “your stupid because your not rich like me”.

  75. A in No CA
    A in No CA03-12-2012

    Martha Stewart went to prison for securities fraud & obstruction of justice. Also senators serve for 6 years, not 4.

  76. big jim
    big jim03-12-2012


  77. Terri

    Okay…you got f’ed by Trump hereafter I will recall it as trumped by Trump. Hate to say it but I didn’t love either presentation completely but the guys were far more informative than the girls. As far as Trump goes, Adam, you just don’t show the deference the egotistical bastard needs shown. Good for you. If you have to kiss ass, then kiss someone’s ass that you respect. I have watched the show off and on but I am done. Not that I don’t support Lisa, Clay and most certainly Penn but if Trump is going to change the basic guidelines as it suits him then Desperate Housewives, here I come. I think you did the right thing and didn’t get sucked into the nasty crap so many fall right into. I am begging you…please don’t bring Aubrey on the show. I can’t stand her. Adam, would you consider less news, more games and guests.

  78. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco03-12-2012

    The sad part is when I think of cars, I think of Adam Carolla. Maybe because I drive, an 85′ total Corolla, but because Adam owns like a thousand cars, frequents Jay Leno’s garage, races, and has a podcast called “Carcast” F You Trumps you crybabies

  79. Pike

    Adam was a man on the Apprentice. He did a fantastic job. I only watched the show because of Adam, but now I have no interest in the show. 🙁

  80. bill mackrell
    bill mackrell03-12-2012

    how come the show isn’t showing up on iTunes early in the morning like it used to? Seems like the last week or so its not available until mid-day. Kinda screws up my morning commute.

  81. Jersey

    Aceman– You clearly were the better team. You definitely were perfect as the PM, Andretti , like you said is not a performer. He admitted it himself. I will never watch Celebrity Apprentice again!!!! You , sir , are an honorable man. Come back to North Texas , we would love to have you back..

  82. Will T.
    Will T.03-12-2012

    It has to be great to be take shit from the Trump kids.

    They are the classic American success story. Raised forty stories above and miles away from the mean streets of NYC with little more than seven figure trust funds and chauffeured their way straight to NBC primetime.

    If I ever want advice on which silverware to use or polo mallet to swing I’ll call you. If I want advice on working hard I’ll call your live-in maids

  83. Stephen

    rich celebrity, poor celebrity: Celebrity Apprentice

  84. Juice4000

    Is it possible that Adam was ‘taught a lesson’ regarding this ‘if you work hard you get rich’ idea?

    It’s been argued here 100 times and Gladwell has written ‘Outliers’ to try and prove this idea that you DO have to work very hard – however – the hard workers who get to the top are chosen mostly by ‘random chance’ or even ‘luck’ and by forces outside their own ‘grit, determination, righteous work ethic’.
    Is Celebrity Apprentice a perfect example?

    Adam worked his ass off on the show and the project! He worked plenty hard doing as much or more than anyone else. Debbie Gibson did too. Andretti also worked hard. He is very mellow and quiet yes – but he was the guy who drove that car, met everyone, got on stage etc.
    But Debbie Gibson earned success.
    Adam was fired.
    What? But wait.. if you work your ass off? And I nearly believe everyone watching knows the men did better so WTF?
    But this is a microcosm example. There was no debate you work your ass off to be prepared for the external choice – but that is determined NOT BY the hard worker. In this case it was (I think we all agree) something where Buick wanted that female market for this car. Buick wanted wives.

    Or look at it this way:
    At the reunion show Debbie Gibson is going to explain to Adam (in smack-down manner) how it was this simple: She worked her ASS OFF on that project. Then teach Adam that by working your ass off you get ahead!

    (by the by.. Andretti really did need to up the enthusiasm. ‘I like this car’ and ‘i liked driving it’ is nearly a recommendation against the car when one expects “I’m Andretti and I LOVED this car and my family is going to love OURS” kinda thing.

    Anyways, well I guess Debbie Gibson worked her ass off so….

    • Pike

      Great post!

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside03-14-2012

      “Is Celebrity Apprentice a perfect example?”

      If Celebrity Apprentice had anything to do with reality maybe, but it doesn’t, so no it isn’t.

  85. Nick

    WOW!!!! This dude is not very bright! I assumed he would have some smarts when it comes to finance, but not so much!

  86. Nick

    Senators serve for six terms dipshit

  87. Nick

    Excuse me. One term of six year. Six, one year terms when you think about it.

  88. Patrick Dobrinen
    Patrick Dobrinen03-12-2012

    Sorry you got fired from The Celebrity Apprentice. I thought you did a brilliant job with the time & talent you had available to you. You were the logical choice for the project. Too bad Buick & Trump didn’t see it that way about Andretti. You made the right choices.

  89. Chet

    You can only hypothesize where the onus lies; however, one cannot call the ‘Buick Verano’ the Verona on multiple occasions in front of a live audience and expect to win a marketing contract. In addition, the female presentation, on the plus, was light-hearted and witty in the beginning, but one presenter pulled the E-brake on the presentation’s flow when the air bag features were presented (the same one who called the vehicle the Verona) – extrememely poor. It snowballed from there when not one of the presenters can articulate or elaborate on any of the safety ratings.

    Aside from the “You suck” heckle, the male presentation was more balanced while being more informed; a far superior presentation to the female’s

    I can understand how some aspects of a reality show can be staged, but to stage the results is unacceptable. Also, as a result two charities were adversely affected. I will no longer patronize the show.

  90. Conurtrol

    Thanks for that great link Dr. Thang. I think Adam is one of the top 5 funniest guys in the world and i listen every day. He’s also very intelligent and insightful on everyday type things and stuff he has personal experience with. He’s painfully wrong on most economic issues that he rants about and if you follow that link from Dr. Thang you’ll see why. Top Five- 1. Norm Macdonald 2. Artie Lange 3. Adam Carolla 4. Louis CK 5. Bill Maher. Sixth Man – D.A.G.!

  91. Ras

    Alison is a prettier but less intelligent version of Teresa Strasser. I swear Alison does not seem to know more about what is happening in the world beyond what Google News tells her.

    Alison – you need to be more informed!!!!!

    • Nocarters

      Whatya mean, she knows about Full House, The Bachelor and Sex and the City!

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside03-13-2012

      Which Teresa were you hearing? Well informed?

      • Ras

        Teresa Strasser – she used to be Adam’s original news girl – very smart!!!!

  92. Alisons old best friend
    Alisons old best friend03-12-2012

    yeah, I dont get how the Aceman keeps getting duped by these money grubbing idiots that want to sell books on his show. Come on Ace!!!!! stop fucking ripping on middle class people…….we buy shit on Amazon and make you rich, but from the looks of the ratings the last few weeks I think people are getting sick of this right wing, uninformed way of not looking at things. This dude is no different than Jim Baker, he is selling lies and laughing all the way to the bank……..dont fall for it Ace, you are too smart……or maybe used to be to smart. stop dogging on your fans dude!!!!!!

  93. Pork Chop
    Pork Chop03-12-2012

    Adam seemed to have the same attitude towards Celebrity Apprentice as he did with Dancing with the Stars. “I want to do it, I will put in just above minimum effort, no big deal if I lose, I can always say I did it” mentality.

    He could have easily saved himself if he gave up Mike A, Trump was essentially begging him to do so. But he self sabotaged and got fired. Part of me thinks that part of him just wanted to get back home to LA and have an underwear dance party with the twins.

  94. Tim

    Sorry Adam. There is already a bestselling book filled with only Twitter comment’s. It’s called “Shit My Dad Say’s”. CBS turned it into a short lived TV series starring William “I can’t believe that fucker is 80 years old” Shatner.

  95. Kristina W.
    Kristina W.03-12-2012

    Like Doug Benson said at the Irvine show — Adam being fired from Celebrity Apprentice would be bittersweet because it would be sad for Adam/his charity but it would mean that we wouldn’t have to watch C.A. anymore. YESSSSSSSSSSSS Of the 4 episodes this season, the one that was the most boring was the 2nd one, when Adam wasn’t on (due to the wedding). Thar doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season! Not that I care because I’m no longer watching. But yeah. Suck it, Trump!

  96. Bob

    Kyosaki is a major bullshitter, but has a good attitude.

  97. Ben S.
    Ben S.03-12-2012

    Ok here is the situation, i have inside sources.

    Robert Kiyosaki flew a private jet from Arizona to LA for a Podcast that nominally promoted his book. Who was the co-writer of the book, Donald Trump.

    This is bogus, Kiyosaki is Trump’s bag man he came to LA to meet with Adam to plead for him to not completely trash the Apprentice after Adam got thrown out.

    By taking responsibility for losing a competition that by all rights he should have won Adam made Trump and company look like the bad guys (and fools.)

    If on Tuesday’s podcast Adam comes out all weak and is like “well the best team won” etc. then we know the fix is in and ACE got cash under the table to shut up. (Beats doing back to back shows in Albuquerque)

    If Adam comes out guns blazing, then we know he turned the money down and sent Kiyosaki packing!

    Go ACE Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. PB

    Ace was great last night. Trump and Trump, Jr are clowns. The guys were clearly better. Lou F is completely awful. Adam was super strong by not playing Trump’s game of bringing two people back. Obviously Adam, was sick of being there and wanted out; I don’t blame him.

  99. BeauDuke

    One things clear, I will never buy a Buick. Clearly they have their heads up their asses!

  100. emmett

    I didn’t even get to see Tiger Woods. WTF!

  101. von spiel
    von spiel03-12-2012

    Ace, fell on his sword, like the double-block man would do. Jumped on the grenade for his men…So Big Lou could do the full makeup and what did Trump Caesar do? Double the plank Yarrrrrr. Had fun, but I spent more time with celebrity apprentice this year than the complete Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Nothing about Paul’s acting? Nothing, that was freaky!!! that is the kind of stuff you block out. Great TV, I haven’t been this upset since Vegas wouldn’t let Tom Brady win the the Super Bowl

  102. ethan


    Adam you owe your listeners a explanation.

  103. matt

    Bitter sweet as Benson mentioned.

  104. Listener

    More disingenuous leftists as guests, please! I don’t like hearing winners speaking frankly about how they won.

  105. adam is funny, usually in a good way
    adam is funny, usually in a good way03-13-2012

    LMAO “thats manly”

  106. stnuntrnd

    Seattle FRI,Spokane SAT, Portland SUN: how did Adam manage to also do the Kiyosaki podcast on SUN??

  107. riggz

    This guy is a phony and a known fraud. A complete scam artist. What a boring Podcast. Stick to the funny, BRING BACK DANA GOULD! I hear a commercial for Alison’s pointless podcast… she has Dana Gould but Adam is stuck with this scum bag? Please give Alison these lame guests so I don’t have to hear them. Seriously, do we need an Alison Rosen podcast? Her news segments are lame enough, her jokes always fall flat and she has a weird accent or something.

  108. RoBC

    Please don’t invite this fraud on the podcast again. He is all smoke and mirrors. Has no concrete advice and is full of shit. He just keeps calling everyone socialist and it seems he is likely violating the tax code (I pay zero percent). He is a waste of broadband or worse.

  109. Handsome Man Discount
    Handsome Man Discount03-13-2012

    Wow, this dude is a bad ass. For him to dig Adam is crazy cool. I dont think Adam realized what a big deal he is and what a compliment it is for him to like Adam’s style.

  110. shakas

    It was odd that the guy was from hawai’i, yet seemed completely oblivious as to the way hawai’i is pronounced in hawaiian.

  111. George

    Celebrity Apprentice is going to see a noticeable drop in ratings. How many people watched it just to see Adam and will now stop? The good news is that we all have two extra hours in our weeks. Way to fall on your sword Ace-man. When all is said and done everyone knows you were a stand-up guy who put that above being on some lame-ass show.

  112. Mexican Jew
    Mexican Jew03-13-2012

    Worst guest ever.

  113. Cheap Seats
    Cheap Seats03-14-2012

    The way most people wouldn’t know about how Hawaii is spoken is the ‘w’ is pronounced like ‘v’. It Also has an ‘accent’ mark between the ‘i’ s…Hawai’i. but I’m not sure the exact effect it has.

    Adam and crew are way funny but I’m getting kinda sick of the class warfare bullshit. Can’t he just admit he won the lottery and stop acting like all the other hard working people are doing something wrong. Giving yourself and your friends a pass while harshly judging strangers is just weak. Saying it louder doesn’t make you correct.

    Like Paris Hilton earned every cent and Van Gogh was a bad person(why else would he have mental illness) lazy painter(actually he produced 1000’s of works) who never created anything of value(besides being in all the Art history books his works have sold for ~100million dollars).

    More like the lucky sperm club versus a guy who arrow found it’s mark long after he was dead. Wealth does not equal hard work any more than hard work equals wealth.

    • Mr. Brightside
      Mr. Brightside03-14-2012

      Of course Paris Hilton didn’t earn every cent, but Conrad Hilton did. And he is far more typical of the American wealthy than his great-granddaughter (despite your ridiculous assertion about “lottery winners”.)

      As for class warfare, Adam is only responding to it – not instigating it.

  114. kirk

    Alison was so great this show FUNNY

  115. Marc

    Ok Bald Brian we get it, you’re a metrosexual that doesn’t like cars. Let the talent (Adam) say what he has to say without the move it along drops every few seconds because the topic doesnt interest you.

  116. Franco

    Haha did anybody else hear Kiyosaki say “I dont do that shit” under his breath when asked if he says Ha wa ii?

  117. Brian

    I always laugh when Adam gives shit to guys that make like 65K-75K a year.

    Where I live, that’s good cash and you can live quite comfortably with that, especially if your significant other is making the same.

    I can maintain a nice house and some nice cars with a yearly vacation, maybe a boat with $150K household income.

    • Mexican Jew
      Mexican Jew03-15-2012

      “Where I live…” operative phrase. In SF bay area, that income will get you an annual trip to Disneyland, tops, and only if you drive there.

  118. Pablo

    Does anybody know the name of the song they played when Adam joked about going to a gay bar called the scuttle butt?

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