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As the show opens up, Adam offers some closing thoughts on yesterday’s podcast and also makes fun of his assistant. Later he complains about people who stay in your blind spot and get upset when you try to pass them. They also jump the phones to talk to Craig’s List sellers during a round of Who The F*** Sells This S***.

Today’s guest is Robert Kirkman, who talks with Adam and the gang about The Walking Dead on AMC. Adam also discusses a theory regarding best actress winners and their shitty follow up films. Alison then jumps over to the news, and talks about a disturbing case of child molestation. Other news stories revolve around Mitt Romney, the Soul Train creator, and the problems with glitter. The guys watch a classic Man Show clip, and the show wraps up with a discussion of the most desirable women of 2012.


Visit http://www.Skybound.com for more info on Robert, and all of his titles.

Romney CNN

Romney Glitterbombed

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Andrew

    I love this G-D podcast! Love me some Adam, Alison is damn hot! Baldy you rock.


  2. madmov

    this solidifies it, Who the F sells this S is the greatest bit in Podcast History!!!!!

    please more kind and gentle Ace Crew

  3. Moe

    Would have loved more Walking Dead talk, still great pod.

  4. Tim Owings OneManBand
    Tim Owings OneManBand02-02-2012

    Love the Ace Man!!

  5. Boomer

    Does Kirkman know he is hugging a 3 day old shirt?

    • Jeff714

      He found that out as soon as Aceman had him sniff his pits.

    • Friscokid

      HA! Good call.

    • marco

      Three shows does not equal three days genius – do the math.

  6. Andrew

    My Amazon review of the best callers book and former wife of the great Stevie Woods:

    At first look of the book, I thought this was about the missing member of the band Heart. Little did I know it was really about the cousin-in-law of the greatest actor from the 80’s hit show Miami Vice that didn’t have a 11 inch beer can. Great stories about prison sex. I wish I didn’t have to pay $35 for this book, but then again I guess I could still find O.J.’s book for $5 somewhere. I recommend this book!

  7. Ledgewood

    Who the F sells this S was effing hilarious. Reminded me of how much I loved the radio show.

  8. Huck

    Anyone know what the deal is with Ace wearing the same shirt in every picture? Is it a joke?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-02-2012

      Huck, I’m going to let you in on a little secret, Ace does more than one show in a day.

      • Berk

        True, he does more than one show sometimes, but look at the undershirts, they’re different. I’m guessing he just wears the same top shirt multiple times a week, but if he does who cares.
        Plus some of the stories Alision does (again, not always) are recent news so they can’t tape more than an episode or two in advance. 1-on-1’s can be taped well in advance though I think.
        Can’t imagine it’s a joke, switching undershirts but wearing the same top shirt is a lot of wasted calories and time, doesn’t seem like his style.

  9. Donny Sac
    Donny Sac02-02-2012

    Adam almost runs into two cars and guess what, it’s not his fault. Can you see why he couldn’t reconcile with Kevin Smith?

  10. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-02-2012

    It would be nice if we could see before after and like this, ongoing pictures of the studio transformation. Some of us schlubs in the construction business would apreciate it… just saying

  11. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-02-2012

    406 comments yesterday, wow! Kudos to Poochie’s Uncles comments yesterday.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-02-2012

      “I lost a lover and I lost a friend” – BaBaBooey. I’ll give O&A a shot Pooch…

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle02-02-2012

        …for those days when it’s a “best of” Howard and Adam has a lame guest. You might be surprisingly entertained.

  12. Dan

    Good guest…too bad Adam didn’t let him talk. Stop having people on if you aren’t going to let them crack wise with you.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-02-2012

      Have you listened to the show before? When has Adam ever stopped talking.

    • Ryan

      Love the show and never miss an episode, but I gotta agree. I watch the Walikg Dead and was looking forward to Kirkman being a guest. If it hadn’t been for Alison jamming some questions in and Adam dropping the word “zombie” in every 10 minutes, I wouldn’t have known he had a guest. Guess he’s making up for Kevin Smith talking over him for 2 hours yesterday!!!

    • Eileen Eulich
      Eileen Eulich02-06-2012

      Yeah, I couldn’t believe Kirkman was going to be on the show. Two of my favorite things. But Adam was especially dismissive or obsessed with himself on this one. The only way you even know Kirkman did comics was from Adam talking shit about geeks reading comic books…

      And Adam doesn’t always steamroll over guests like this. If it’s something he’s interested in, he’ll talk them to death (think Albert Brooks or any number of actors he respects). He didn’t really ask Kirkman anything about who is he or how he got there. Just made some lame zombie jokes. Kirkman is an incredible success story with a lot of parallels to Adam, but he didn’t even go into any of that. All I found out was that season 3 starts on Sunday.

      Still love Adam but I don’t think he even gave Kirkman a chance to tell his story,,, Just treated him like some comic book dork. And maybe ‘cracking wise’ isn’t Kirkman’s strong suit — which is where a good interviewer steps in and makes things interesting…

  13. Bobman

    Having never seen him, for some reason I expected Robert Kirkman to look more like Kurt Sutter or something. No idea why.

    Also…. Kate Upton. Just… wow.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-02-2012

      Kate Upton is definitely going in the spank bank.

  14. David Kay
    David Kay02-02-2012

    GREAT EPISODE – Adam was as sharp as usual, but Alison and Bryan were super quick and funny in this one (again, always good, but especially good tonight). Man Show bit was very funny.

  15. Nick

    My uncle is an architect and he’s a delight. I have never heard of an evil architect. I don’t think thats a thing. They might be demanding on their employees in some cases.

  16. Dave

    Thank you! People who ride in my blind spot major pet peeve!! …. I wish I were driving an M1-Abrams tank and have them try that crap then …

  17. rusty400

    i love listening to this show, but every time i hear adam talk about tax rates for the rich i want to throw up. it’s not that you’re paying more. that’s fucking obvious you dick. you make more therefore you pay more. that doesn’t mean you should have more breaks. it’s the idea that the people who benefit or, more to the point, take advantage of the american way of life should be pay more back almost as an offering for their success. i’m all for doing well and makes tons of money, but just don’t bitch about having to pay more than everyone else because of it. you benefit more than everyone therefore you should pay more back. it really doesn’t take my ph.d. to understand this. maybe it’s a little bit of empathy, which isn’t really apparent on this show. other than that, i love this show.

    • Scott S
      Scott S02-02-2012

      People who get paid too much for the things they do believe that they deserve way too much. Being famous is enough reason to be given lots of money and free things.

      Which sounds like a good Rich Man/Poor Man: people giving you things.

    • Jonesin44

      “it’s the idea that the people who benefit or, more to the point, take advantage of the american way of life should be pay more back almost as an offering for their success.”
      You’ve never worked a day in your life buddy.

      • JR

        Oh, so you know him…

    • adamsunibrow

      Ace never complained as a recipient of the welfare state. He only complains of present recepients.Even our hero Ace started as a lowly recipient of welfare and food lunch program, as he acknoledges. But, he wants to pay the same percentage rate as i do………Rich guy problems. Our regular guy hero has fallen from grace…….Don’t sweat it…Jimmy”s still doing fine….

  18. Eileen

    Why is there no link to see the ‘Adam dates his mom’ clip? looking for it on the web only brings up that it can no longer be played because of legal/copyright issues by a Stone Company or something like that……

    • KoreJ

      106 Drinking
      July 21, 1999
      Drunks Do The Darndest Things
      The Man Show Hall Of Fame (Scott Baio)
      Household Hints From Adult Film Stars (Serenity)
      Adam Dates His Mom
      Audience Q & A

    • KoreJ

      That’s what wiki said…another source says The Man Show > Season 1 > Episode 7> Title: Drinking
      Air Date: July 21, 1999

  19. Ima

    What’s with Adam wearing the same shirt in like the last 4 pictures of him with his guest? Those pearl button western shirts may be back in style but they shouldn’t be…..

  20. DRM

    “Death Row Madam” actually seems to have some good reviews on Amazon, hah.

  21. Doug

    On the main page of Yahoo Finance today…


    Good work Aceman!

  22. mr guy
    mr guy02-02-2012

    Adam is beginning to lose all credibility with me due to his terrible arguments on taxes…the only way for taxes to be fair is to have everyone pay the same percentage. Adam argues that it’s ok for rich people to pay a lower percentage in taxes as long as they are contributing a larger total amount – this is just garbage logic, and Adam comes off as a greedy, bitter rich guy who has lost all touch with reality. Using Adam’s logic: if a poor person pays 200 dollars in taxes, it’s ok for a rich person to pay 201 dollars…according to Adam, this is fair because the rich guy paid a larger amount. Adam’s logic is so flawed on this issue yet he continues to argue it over and over…any reasonable person would say that a flat rate for all people is fair…Adam just comes off like a spoiled rich guy who’s trying to hold onto every penny he can….so he’s trying to twist logic in order justify his own greediness. He’s coming dangerously close to pandering to right wingers at this point. It’s starting to feel like Adam is so desperate for popularity that he’s just saying ridiculous things in order to get right wing listeners on board…Adam is getting way to close to making himself into a right wing mascot…it’s sad, it’s fake, and it’s me not want to listen anymore.

    • Pander jones
      Pander jones02-02-2012

      Wahh!! I am filled with envious greed and someone richer than me wants to keep the money they earn! Government is all that is good and holy. All of everyone elses’ money should go to government, because we know it won’t be wasted and life will be perfect if gov’t just had a bit more. Wahh!!!

    • ClubontheHouse

      it’s funny when Adam complains like this and assumes that the rich white guy next to him will agree…Obviously Robert felt differently and stated that fact.

      Great moment!

    • steve

      He just said recently that everyone should pay the same percentage. The thing he’s always complaining about is when people keep calling for progressive tax rates.

    • Joe

      We’d likely have a flat tax already if the left didn’t act like the sky is falling whenever it’s brought up. Also, he’s not paying a lower rate because he’s rich. Like it or not, the lower tax rate on capital gains was put in place to promote investment and benefits anyone who invests, not just the rich folks.

      Your logic that Adam is somehow gaining popularity by alienating the leftward leaning portion of his prospective audience is a bit flawed. He hasn’t changed his stance. It’s just coming up a lot more because every 5th story from Allison is about Romney being too rich.

      Not pandering to the left is not the same thing as pandering to the right.

    • moviejunkie

      Adam has long been a proponent of a flat tax. Just as many Republicans have such as Steve Forbes, Mike Huckabee and many others. That is the only truly “fair” tax. However, the left has always shut that down to maintain what we currently have, a progressive tax plan. Adam mentioned this on the episode where Alison originally read Mitt’s tax return info. She also happened to leave out that he donated over $7 million in charity in 2010 from the $21 million he earned. I am surprised, that would have given her another opportunity to lambast rich people by saying “I think the only reason wealthy people donate to charity is for tax benefits”. That lame statement from several episodes ago still bothers me.

  23. Ralph Burris
    Ralph Burris02-02-2012

    How to avoid those right-rear tire assholes:


  24. MikeA

    Hey Alison, it’s “else” not “elts”.

  25. Neo

    Adam wouldn’t exist if his own parents followed his advice and didn’t have kids because they couldn’t afford them.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-02-2012

      …or if his dad came on her tits.

    • Sig

      He also wouldn’t exist if it was another sperm.

    • Tatianna

      True point! Adam has huge hypocritical, blowhard tendencies. I’m sure he wasn’t on a tax crusade in the 80’s when he wasn’t as he constantly reminds us “rich”. He should stay away from topics like government, social reform and music he often sounds out of touch and ignorant.

  26. MannyRey

    “The Right Hook” Classic!!!
    You guys are doing a great job! Keep it Up! Get it On!!

  27. Rapebank

    Adam’s tax rants are getting sooooo old. neeeeexxxt!

  28. Hot Nikks
    Hot Nikks02-02-2012

    That was great at the end there. If they skipped the broken record bullshit rant about taxes and applied that time to extend the not-quite-proud parent bit, I’d have probably passed out w/laughter and not been angry at all during the ‘cast.

    • Hot Nikks
      Hot Nikks02-02-2012


  29. JessMan

    for all of those who complain about hypothetical road trip, who the f sells this s is so much worse. who the f wants to hear what these crazy assholes have to say? shut up, lady, jesus!

  30. Zack

    Glitter, the herpes of craft supplies

  31. Brad

    At 71 minutes in there is a great discussion going on about taxes. Adam rants on one side, Allison presents a rational side, the guest puts out a few bits nervously. Meanwhile, Bryan is flailing around on annoying drops like a retarded kid banging his head against the wall for attention. Bryan is under the illusion that he controls the agenda of the show instead of Adam.

    It really is time to drop the morning zoo format of the podcast. Joe Rogan was right when he said it’s kind of sad and misses the point of having a podcast in the first place. It doesn’t allow for organic conversations because they’re always hurrying along to the next “bit”. Adam is a great interviewer and can pull something interesting from almost anyone. A whacky Stern-wannabe radio format totally wastes that.

    • Zapoli

      Yeah, no.

    • Wes Kanaloa
      Wes Kanaloa02-03-2012

      Right, four hours of stoners pontificating is so much better; I feel like the show pace has gotten a bit tighter and attribute that to perhaps Adam having a better time now that the changes are out in the open.

      The tax stuff – eh, if I could throw bones to the neo-con lapdogs to keep them around or benefit financially from it I would.

      Stringing along conservatives and/or religious whackjobs is easy money.

  32. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-02-2012

    Hey Adam,
    How Dare You! “Wood Peckers” are the bottom feeders of the construction business! When we “metal guys” show up to the job are guys are fully equipped w/safety, equipment and the tools to do the job correctly. The “Wood Peckers” show up with a trailer, a generator, 10,000′ of extension chords, a couple nail guns, a worm gear saw and a half dozen meth-head carpenters. Snnnniiiiiiiiifffff!

  33. First Time Post
    First Time Post02-02-2012

    I never post, but I was so completely annoyed with Allison this show I had too. She is not funny or clever. Anyone can read the news, please find someone who is at least moderatly entertaining.

    • Mike B.
      Mike B.02-02-2012

      I didn’t think architects had time to write on message boards.

    • michael

      someone had no discerning taste….you

  34. Dean

    Bald Bryan nailed it this episode!

  35. Brett

    Good episode until ACE slid into the very tired rant of rich people paying too much taxes! OK we get it you hate how much more taxes you have to pay than other people – now move on!

  36. Aaron

    You know, Adam keeps complaining about Natalia’s behavior and how annoying it is that, “everything is the parent’s fault these days”, but isn’t he the one who thinks that parents should have to do jail time if their kid does something crazy like shoots up a school?

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-02-2012

      Good point.

    • yeah

      yes. adam has said exactly that. Reason #405 why you should remember this is comedy podcast and why you shouldn’t take anything he says seriously or as serious social critique. Hopefully, as his kids get older, he’ll realize that kids can’t be programmed like computers and that in spite of amazing parenting and ideal conditions, some kids are inherently screwed up.

      • Poochie's Uncle
        Poochie's Uncle02-03-2012

        Better point.

  37. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-02-2012

    Good Pod w/Robert Kirkman today. Dana Gould tomorrow, hopefully some Huels jules. Get It On!

  38. chantall

    “I don’t want to be on this show anymore” Hilarious!

  39. chaoboy

    The last 30 mins of this episode was pure gold.

  40. J Blatt
    J Blatt02-02-2012

    Great show,

    Alison, I don’t care if Kirkman seemed uncomfortable don’t interrupt Adam like you did during the first part of the interview and ask stupid questions like “What’s Kentucky like?”

  41. Nick

    The mayor of Bell, not a union position, ask the city of Bell about that.
    Teachers would be, and have been, fired so that pensions would not be payed out.That was in the past. I agree this guy should lose his pension, and will be sued for everything he has left. However, if my district wanted to fire me after 20 years for any reason, however arbitrary,they could, but I earned the pension. Adam, you are wrong.
    Our schools suck. Guess why? The students come in further and further behind to begin with and have little to no support from parents to further their education. Meanwhile, the standardized tests get more difficult, thus the kids look worse than ever. In reality, they are just a little worse than ever. In actuality, becoming a teacher takes more education and interning then ever, thus the new teachers are insanely prepared to do the work.

  42. andy90

    Great guest. Great show. The riff on Zombies from their point of view was very funny.

  43. Pronunciation Police
    Pronunciation Police02-02-2012

    @Bald Bryon,

    “lithe” does not rhyme with Sith…..rather it rhymes with “writhe” as in writhing in agony on the floor after hearing Bald Brian (I mean Bryon) prounounce it lith…

    which immediately conjured up images of a skinny Sith lord….

    • michael

      says the man who cant spell a name properly, even when it has two alternate spellings! “Brian” “Bryan”

      • Pronunciation Police
        Pronunciation Police02-03-2012

        Bryon was a joke spelling of the name, (because so many people spell it ridiculous ways and Adam has riffed on it) if you’d read that with half a sense of humor you might have realized that…..and being in my 20s, I think I can wrap my mind around the concept of Brian being spelled different ways by now, but thanks for pointing that out

  44. d

    Appreciation to Alison for “Circumcising the ears.” That was hilarious.

  45. Big B
    Big B02-02-2012

    Allison really came out of her shell in this one. Kind of disappointed Ace didn’t let Smith have it.

  46. Sy

    Rod Stewart’s song “Passion” is stuck in my head… and so is that image of him in a speedo.

    • Sy

      Thanks Ace.

  47. N

    What’s the song in the “Who the F Sells This S” intro? It’s an awesome song but I can never find out what the name is.

    • John-O

      “Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish.

    • Shinster

      It’s “Sell Out” by Reel Big Fish.
      One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands.
      Love the new intro too

  48. Dustin

    I love Alison, I love the tax rants, I love that Kirkman was uncomfortable, and I love long walks and hot coffee.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-03-2012

      I love Alison’s boots.

  49. Hyperbole Asshole
    Hyperbole Asshole02-02-2012

    It was nice of Robert Kirkman to come all the way down there so he could hear Adam talk nonsense about how rich people dont need to pay taxes. Alison kept trying to ask him questions and all the Aceman did was interrupt and act not interested at all……now I guess we can see why Marc Maron gets all the good guests, and Rogan and Mohr get all the ratings…..the time of the Aceman is coming to an end, and he has no one to blame but himself

  50. John

    Alison !! I’m an architect !! We arent that bad ! We have a love-hate relationship with others in our industry, but it goes both ways ! Engineers and contractors frustrate us too, but we all work together.

  51. Gabriel

    I appreciate it whenever Alison attempts to bring the topic back to the guest whenever Adam goes off on those tangents. With the present format, sandwiched inbetween the bits and news, the guests don’t have that much time to begin with.

    As a fan of The Walking Dead, I would have liked to hear more from Kirkland about his show. I’ve heard the rants about black actress winning Academy awards and the mom Manshow sketch many times before on the podcast. After making the trip to the studio, I think the guests would like a more in depth interview that focuses on them rather than being an audience for his rants.

    • Kestrell

      I agree. Wholeheartedly.

  52. Josh

    Obama and Biden are both against gay marriage I wonder why they never get glitter bombed. Great show

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-03-2012

      Glitter bombing Obama would be racist.

  53. chu

    how old is that shirt adam ?

  54. WikiWiki

    Thank you Alison for BRINGING THE SHOW BACK ON TRACK. Jeebus! It’s SO annoying when Adam gets fixated on the dumbest things.

    Good work Alison. Seriously.

  55. Bob

    Loved the Who sells…but the guest was a dud, real people are so much more interesting.

  56. Reno

    A real taste of “loveline” era pure funny.

  57. Evan

    Hey Ace I had to drop by and submit a rich man/poor man I just thought of

    Rich man’s home walls are covered in wood panels.

    Poor man’s home walls are covered in wood panels.

    In between these two social classes we rarely see the wood paneling.

  58. BubbaJesco

    Hey! Love the show Aceman! Dude get it together! Robert Kirkman is a fixture in the comic book business, the Walking Dead was a comic. Whoever prepped u guys for the show did a terrible job! But nevertheless, he was a good sport though. A lesser man would have been insulted but oh well. Ignorance is bliss. I blame Bald Bryan for dropping the ball on that one. Love the show! Late!

  59. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town02-02-2012

    Yay, no more Donny… I’m still so happy about that!!! I can not contain myself…sorry +_+ GET IT ON!!

  60. Rex Montana
    Rex Montana02-02-2012

    “Ashes to Ashes” is a good show… I was surprised. Kind of like 24, with a metaphysical twist (and don’t dwell on the twist), which is what Keifer is doing next — haven’t seen the show, but I’m guessing that’s the genesis.


  61. Ron Blumpkin
    Ron Blumpkin02-02-2012

    Aceman, I just went to amazon to buy some stuff and when I was checking out I remembered about your click through. I emptied out my shopping cart, clicked through the banner on your homepage and then bought my things. Keep the pirate ship a float and pirellis on the lambo!

    CHARLES BRONSON02-03-2012

    In the Deathwish movie series, bronson played a vigilante ARCHITECT! When did it start going downhill for them? Well you know what they say, “All road’s lead to rome!”

  63. John in PDX
    John in PDX02-03-2012

    Who is it loading the podcasts I wonder. One thing you can say about Donny is that he got them put up just after midnight most of the time… How about it? Last night it took till 1:30 am and tonight its 1:15 am and still no podcast? isn’t this the sort of thing the aceman can get automated. I mean, I guess its understandable because who’s up after midnight to pod these things up on time. But Donny got it done most of the time… I’m just sayin

  64. Andy R
    Andy R02-03-2012

    The Who The F*** Sells This was great! please do it once a week

  65. Poochie's Uncle
    Poochie's Uncle02-03-2012

    The Walking Dead is the best show on TV.

  66. McNutsack

    Alison is right about architects. Architects don’t build anything…they draw impractical pictures and expect someone else to build it.

  67. Mose

    Allison put forth a good effort at trying to keep things on course by asking the guest questions when ace was going off the rails, as usual. I love the show, but he only lets certain people talk and every time Bald Brian plays the “Next Story, Next!!!” drop I want to punch him in the face.

    • DionRidesBikes

      Punching a guy with a brain tumor is no bueno.

      • Mose

        Good point, but he is still an “Ass Douche.”

  68. Ricky

    Just saw the pic, didn’t recognize him from hearing him! why didn’t he do his “hot pockets” thing?

  69. Jerry

    you have the creator of the best show on TV and you don’t ask ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THE WALKING DEAD?! Has nobody on the podcast seen it? Why have him on? The first and last episode of Season 2 were the best episodes of TV I”ve seen since Six Feet Under and not a word about it?! Come on Ace, the rest of the podcast was great! http://www.IamAFatLoad.com there is a bad ass podcast there in the vein of Carolloa. you should ceck it out.

  70. Later Hosen
    Later Hosen02-03-2012

    Wow, the first lady from “wtf sells this s” was more interesting that many of the guests. I wish Adam would have actually given her a little more of a chance to flesh out her story. For that matter, why not bring her in for a partial segment? This reminded me of the show with Erin Brockovich…where he only gave her a couple minutes to tell her story…and then went on to the news for the bulk of the show. Frustrating.

    Back when this podcast started, most shows were dedicated to the guests and their backstory. I’ll bet if all listeners were asked, this is what the majority would prefer. Ken Jeong, Sammy Hagar, and Clay Aiken come to mind as knockout shows. But the current format is just cake…and not pie.

  71. Gavin

    Adam! How could you not know who Miranda Kerr is!!!?

  72. donewithidiots

    Good stuff. I love everything said about the teachers, unions, and all that shit. Should’ve given it a nice long epic sniff at the end. Eat it libs! Too bad this’ll probably get censored out. Good show anyway.

  73. Uhhhh

    Adam, stop going right to the news. This guest probably would have a lot of interesting things to say if they kept the topics in the realm of TV, zombies, or the life and other works of the guest. In this ep, like many others they sit the guest down, say a few words, and then jump to the news where the stories are awkward and the guest is confused and says little.

    Save the news for regular guests who expect it, or let the guest fizzle and be boring before using some news to restore life to the show. Or at least start with something light, not something horrifying or political that would be difficult for a stranger to comment on.

  74. Pike

    Great show – as always! Adam and Alison rock!

    Btw, who cares that Adam wears the same shirt? Big whoop.

  75. Amanda

    Who the F sells this S was pure gold babydoll, gold! Adam was right, we should do this every week.

  76. Stretcher

    Sillykake… This is why I love Alison!

  77. Mike

    Bryan more annoying than usual today with the drops. How about giving the “whoooo?!” drop a rest for awhile?

  78. Big Fan
    Big Fan02-14-2012

    I wish Adam learned how to interview. He needs to shut up every once and a while and actually listen to interview someone. Robert Kirkman is an interesting guy and a terrific writer, but Adam just can’t wait to talk about his bad childhood for more then three seconds. I wonder why he has guests on at all sometimes. I think the show would be better for it as well. Also Allison is so freaking hot and smart. Please give her more to do (and please post some more pictures of her as well!). Dr Bruce rules!

    Okay, back to my complaining. Basically Adam (typically) has guests on and then spends the entire podcasts whining about cops, his mother, his father, his cars, how it sucks to be rich (ass), how its a great time to be poor (really I’ll trade with you), dropping names of people he has met at Kimmel’s and talking about how stupid everyone is. Did I miss anything?


  79. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-27-2012

    big compliment to whoever researched “who the f sell this s”! was possibly the best of the series, great characters!
    And Miss Alli on fire, she is coming out of her shell…

  80. L'huomo d'Ace
    L'huomo d'Ace02-27-2012

    only thing on the show missing for me: EVIL ADAM – if you just got him into a members’s only jacket…

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