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Adam and Rob Schneider

Adam and Rob Schneider

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Adam opens the show complaining about an awkward exchange he had with an old guy at a stop sign. He talks about the major miscommunications that people have on the road when they try to direct traffic on their own, and also talks about backing into a bunch of garbage cans after Lynette didn’t help him guide the car. Alison then goes into the audience to take some questions for Adam.

Rob Schneider comes on stage next, and comments on a jag Adam goes on about celebrity ball-sacks. The guys discuss the lengths to which men and women go to become attractive, and talk about merkins and merkin salesmen. Later, they discuss who has the biggest calves in Hollywood, and Rob talks about the worst drivers in the world, which he recently encountered in China on his honeymoon.

Moving into the news, Anthony Weiner has officially resigned. The guys make fun of a Weiner photo, and discuss whether or not sexting counts as cheating. The conversation then becomes about why guys want to get married if they really want to be alone. The guys also talk about Larry Flynt’s offer to hire Weiner for Hustler, and the riots in Canada after the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.

Adam accidentally spills his beer, prompting Rob to jump into a killer Lovitz impression, chastising Adam for the party foul. The guys then discuss the ‘treasure hunter’ who is on the search for Osama Bin Laden’s body, and the new LACMA art display that’s actually a giant boulder about to fall over. As the show wraps up, the guys talk about the failed war on drugs, the next evolution of pot, and the Schwarzenegger scandal.


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  1. The Offender
    The Offender01-02-2012

    I like Rob. Not everything he has done is great, but he is a good interview and you never hear about him being an a-hole. Good start for the new year.

  2. Jim

    Looking forward to another great year on the pirate ship with the Aceman at the helm.

  3. JimmyK

    I love the haggling over the boulder. That was classic and funny.

  4. Doug

    as an industry insider, i can attest that Schneider is one of the top power bottoms out there.

  5. GuyDudeBro

    I wonder if rob schneider would ever have visited the show if you knew all the shit ace said about his and sandlers shitty movies

  6. Glynn

    So my beef is with what Adam say about the names Glynn vs Austin. As you can see from my title above my name is Glynn. My younger brothers name is Austin. I’m 31 and he’s 25 and when I was his age I was much further along in life. I’m an electrical engineer and he sells used clothes. So now your theory has been disproven. Also why does your auto spell say “disproven” is misspelled.

    All the love been watching/listening to you since you were broadcasted.

  7. Rob

    Schneider does an awesome 1920’s tough guy accent.

  8. Joseph

    Schneider was very funny. I expected much worse after seeing a few of his movies.

  9. david

    Umm , this was recorded in 2011.

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