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As the show opens up, Adam wonders why bad 80s music has become the de facto music for just about everything. Recently he re-heard the song ‘The Cisco Kid,’ and goes on a rant about the band War. He also talks about having to read a shitty kid’s book to his son, and complains about the hacks that write these things.

Riki Lindhome is on the podcast next, and talks to Adam about her appearance in the Clint Eastwood film ‘Million Dollar Baby.’ Adam says that he hated her family in the film, and Riki talks about scoring the part after Eastwood saw her in a play. Adam also talks to her about her musical duo ‘Garfunkel and Oates,’ and discusses her recent break-up as well as life as a single girl.

In the last part of the show, Adam and the gang jump to the phone lines to answer your relationship questions. Calls range from someone dealing with a rough long distance relationship, to a guy whose pregnant wife doesn’t want him to drink. As the show wraps up, Adam watches another hilarious music video from ‘Garfunkel and Oates.’


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Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
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  1. Drew

    Garfunkel & Oates >>> Josh Gardener

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-13-2011

      DFG = funny.

  2. God's Twitter
    God's Twitter10-12-2011

    Another religious experience ruined by sex.

    • The Offender
      The Offender10-13-2011

      I usually find sex is ruined by a religious experience.

  3. Connard

    Today’s topics include bad 80’s songs and Adam’s hyper vigilance. I think Ace’s month off will be good for everyone. Maybe he can come back with fresher topics.

    • Graham Wellington
      Graham Wellington10-12-2011

      Yeah, because it’s totally unrealistic for a guy who talks for 90 minutes every day to repeat himself occasionally.

      • Connard

        Occasionally? I’d like to see your definition of occasionally. Guest is good though.

        • Graham Wellington
          Graham Wellington10-13-2011

          You know you can just fast forward to the guest portion? You always have the option to fast forward through portions you don’t enjoy. No need to come on the comments section and piss and moan.

          Less podcast listening should make you more productive at whatever night shift job you’re currently blowing off

          • Connard

            Brilliant. Thanks I didn’t realize there was a FF option on my player.

            I also didn’t realize that this is NOT a discussion board where we can discuss the relevant show. And BTW as I noticed your pissing and moaning yesterday, I now realize that only you is solely entitled to gripe about the show and that privilege is not reserved for others. Thanks for pointing those facts out.

            Also FYI, you should realize that not everyone who listens to the show is necessarily in the western hemisphere. See, this thing called the internet spans the entire globe. So when someone is blowing off their nightshift in the US, someone else may be blowing off their dayshift somewhere else.

            Thanks for showing up, asshole.

          • Anonymous asshole
            Anonymous asshole10-13-2011

            At least get creative with the rants, change wording, timing,subjects, bad pronunciation, blah, blah, blah..

            Although the show has been a staple of my morning listening more and more it’s getting shut off about 15 min. In……sucks

        • r

          Someone should introduce Conrad to Conrad Murray

      • Leafyman

        Occasionally?? Someone find me an episode where he does NOT repeat himself. How about just within a one week span? I try skipping episodes for long periods of time hoping I missed something that would be new for me…but it never works….when I come back its still the same stuff.

  4. Kay Madoodee
    Kay Madoodee10-12-2011

    Which will be more repetitive today, Adam’s rants or the complaints on the message board?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      Good point Fake Kadoodee

  5. flyfishinJam

    Kids listening to classical music tend to have caring parents with big houses, nice cars and fancy degrees on the wall. It’s the equivalent of saying 5 series BMWs and up make kids smarter.

    • mr freeze
      mr freeze10-13-2011

      that is probably the smartest comment ever posted on any of the carolla podcast comment sections. and besides that, it has been proven that music in utero has no observable effect on babies after birth.

  6. Anthony Z.
    Anthony Z.10-13-2011

    Mainly I just listen to podcasts and then complain about them.

  7. flyfishinJam

    Good show/guest if you start at 26 minutes or so when Ace’s rant against some kids dinosaur book ends.

    “Yeah, because it’s totally unrealistic for a guy who talks for 90 minutes every day to repeat himself occasionally.”

    State of Shock was what? Five days in a row? More than occasionally.

  8. boinkity

    Riki Lindhome’s giggle is almost like porn.

  9. Epic Irony
    Epic Irony10-13-2011

    I find it epically ironic that Mr Wellington likes to complain about complainers who are complaining about Adam’s complaining.

  10. Kerry

    I loved this show. New big fan of Riki. I even liked Alison today. She’s gaining confidence. As for Adam’s rants-I wish the complainers would shut the f— up! Adam doesn’t have a bank of writers. I love the rants! Adam is a genius.

    • Leafyman

      Whatever new guy

  11. Tony

    “Don’t let no one get you down” and “Me and baby brother” are great songs by War. Adam stop being such a fag…Elvis Costello is just a pussy.

  12. fart whisper
    fart whisper10-13-2011

    War rules.

  13. DanofSac

    John Hyatt is Jimmy Buffet.

    • Ledgewood


      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-13-2011

        Speaking of musicians, how was your gig Friday Ledge?

        • Ledgewood

          It was good times. We like to party. There was dancin’. I took a cab home cuz I was too drunk to walk.

          • May Kadoodee
            May Kadoodee10-13-2011


  14. Ryan II
    Ryan II10-13-2011

    Dog & Butterfly by Heart is a shitty song that deserves a weeks worth of complaint.

  15. jim

    Ace your observations of music include only one thing. Your opinion. Guess what Ace John Hyatt sucks! He cant sing, and not a good guitar player

  16. Matt

    Just to sh*t on your point, like you usually do, Adam… “What’s So Funny About Peace, Love & Understanding” was not written or originally performed by Elvis Costello. It was written by Nick Lowe.


  17. Steve from Sac town
    Steve from Sac town10-13-2011

    John Hyatt BL0W$ A$$ BIGTIME!!!!!

  18. mark

    read the mystical, majical, coat. the art is great and the story is flows nicely.

  19. Empty Box
    Empty Box10-13-2011

    What the thing is is this. I mean I’m right, right? Am I right?

  20. Ledgewood

    I’d like to take her go-karting…

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-13-2011

      I’d like to pollinate with her.

      • Ryan II
        Ryan II10-13-2011

        Ha! I’m surprised Buzz Bissinger hasn’t swarmed in to comment.

  21. Tyler

    Holy friggin crap you people are depressing.

  22. Cunter s Thompson
    Cunter s Thompson10-13-2011

    I agree when Adam says a song sucks but then he says play something he likes like Costello or Hyatt (don’t care if I spelled it right) and it sucks just as much. He is comparing shit to shit.

  23. JessMan

    where’s kate??

    • Empty Box
      Empty Box10-13-2011

      Kate my coochie?

  24. Flatulator

    I would like to munch on Riki’s cherry pie. I know she would be disgusted by that statement, but I need to express myself.

  25. Harry

    Does anyone know what Adam is doing in NY?

    • Page

      Celebrity Apprentic???

      If so, I am going to curse Adam to hell for making watch that piece of shiat show!

      • Page

        ApprenticE… sorry

    • Ledgewood

      Well the Yankees were very disappointed with their first-round playoff exit, in particular with the non-clutch play off Alex Ridriguez, so the Aceman is showing the Yanks what he can do at the hot corner.

  26. Anon

    The show is slipping……..

  27. nater

    Trolls like to complain about the same things for this reason: It is gratifying to have someone respond to their posts as they tend to get very little human contact.
    They KNOW it will get a response. Not responding and letting the board echo back like the empty room they are sitting in, would stop the behavior.
    Hard to resist though.

  28. T-Recs

    I wonder if Adam knows that Elvis Costello didn’t write that song. Totally agree with Cunter S. Thompson.

    • justin

      I keep waiting for Nick Lowe to get recognized for it. Adam said he liked Lowe two weeks ago.

  29. nater

    Why can’t we un-friend?

  30. Dirty harry
    Dirty harry10-13-2011

    Tiki is much much hotter then Sandra locke

  31. Dirty harry
    Dirty harry10-13-2011

    I mean riki

  32. Dr. Doctor
    Dr. Doctor10-13-2011

    The Aceman judges music by the lyrics, which makes sense, because he is more about words. He talks for a living. Music is more than words though. That should be your secondary criticism. Aceman your music critiques are Outta Place Man. Damn I’m good.

  33. zippy

    ‘What’s so funny’ may have deep lyrics but the tune is damn repetitive.

    Adam, not every song needs to be a classic. I’ts just a fucking song.

  34. Bobman

    My podcast app has a 2-minute skip button which has been getting a workout lately, but I find I enjoy the podcast a LOT more if I can just skip some of the more repetitive / ridiculous rants (music & kids books in today’s case). The interview with Rikki was great (and god damn is she pleasant). I recommend the folks who constantly complain consider doing something similar. Either don’t listen or skip the parts you don’t like. There’s obviously a reason you still listen so just seek it out.

    • Leafyman

      I need new ipod, the fast forward is wayyy to slow

  35. JimmyK


    Stop ripping on songs you don’t like. Songs reach you where you are at the time.

    Bryan is the reluctant conscience of the show.

    Prince is legendary. You don’t get him. That’s fine.

    I think you would say that Elvis Costello is legendary. I don’t get Elvis Costello, you do. That’s fine.

    There is no accounting for taste!
    You are smart enough to know that.
    But to your point, your outlandish remarks are why people listen.

    Keep on Keeping on.

    • Farmer Ted
      Farmer Ted10-13-2011

      Re: Bryan. He seems to be challenging Adam more then usual the past few weeks. I like it.

  36. khaw

    Did you say War was an 80’s band? Cisco Kid came out in about 73. Wikipedia says 1974 for Why can’t we be friends.

    Article in paper in San Diego had lab’s as about the 2nd or 3rd highest number of dog bites, which was surprising. Maybe it’s because so many people have them, which skews the statistics.

  37. screwjack

    there’s only one elvis, and it’s not costello

  38. Farmer Ted
    Farmer Ted10-13-2011

    I dont mind Adams repetition. Nor do I mind the message boards repetitive comments about Adams repetitions. Most people use the message boards to determine whether the show was liked or not. Mission accomplished.

  39. Eric

    here is a good childrens book

  40. sarah

    Please, someone let Adam know that Danny and the Dinosaur is what is called a Reader. The function of the book is for kids to learn to read, it is not meant for the adult to read it aloud to the child. Therefore, there are short, simple words and simple plots to make it more accessible for children to learn to read.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      in Adams case… “Yeah It Is!”

    • Ryan II
      Ryan II10-13-2011


  41. machineman

    i know this is going to come off as a complaint, but why were we able to hear the entire war song and evlis costello song, but not the guests?

  42. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-13-2011

    Cuishma Riki and Alison

  43. JimmyK

    I love the CHERRY PIE bit! Keep it coming.
    It works everytime!

    • asdf

      I agree, don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the Cherry Pie bit

  44. nilmot

    Riki was adorable all around…let’s go go-carting some time!

  45. Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy
    Perfectly Normal, Perfectly Healthy10-13-2011

    I’m digging the fresh new rants on today’s show!

    • Steve Hatchett
      Steve Hatchett10-13-2011

      Good one.

  46. Smid

    What a grump.

  47. PB

    Except for the usual rants (which get fast forwarded) the show was good. Ricki was very easy on the ears. And I agree with the poster about the Cherry Pie bit. I LOL every time

  48. machineman

    anyone notice how dark alisons lara logan joke was?

    Lara logans from south africa and she can’t handle to whole situation by herself

    [adam rant]

    Especially not now.

    Dark and clever

  49. Tyler

    Riki was awesome, great show. Should get Garfunkel and Oates in studio.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      I agree, Riki has a hot chick stoner laugh, lovin it…

  50. John Tompson
    John Tompson10-13-2011

    super hot chick. I want to have sex with her.

  51. RingRing

    I like when you interview hot chicks on the podcast. Especially when they’re as cool as her.

  52. TheDuuude

    Great show.
    For how much you seem to hate these songs you rant about, you sure do like to listen to them a lot, like everyday, for ten minutes a podcast.

  53. Ian from Baltimore
    Ian from Baltimore10-13-2011

    Love Riki. Super hot and super talented. She’s been on the Nerdist Podcast as well as Doug Benson’s. Garfunkle and Oats are totally awesome!

  54. flaco

    Bryan: “Who’s Sondra Locke?”

    Really? The Outlaw Josey Wales. Every Which Way But Loose. Any Which Way You Can. Married to Clint Eastwood! Never seen any of those movies, and you host a movie podcast. WTF dude.

    • Ryan II
      Ryan II10-13-2011

      Also: Gauntlet, and she was in at least one of the dirty harrys she kills the gang of gang rapers that gang raped her gangly sister.

  55. flaco

    “Former partner of Clint Eastwood (1975-1989). They never married.”

    My bad. Still though, never heard of her. C’mon man.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      Brian could have been being ironic, something comedians do.

  56. The World Is
    The World Is10-13-2011

    This episode was awesome, the calls and especially Riki Lindhome brought out the best in Adam.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle10-13-2011

      Adam was very smitten with her. He’s going to get an earful from Lynette tonight.

  57. Jim

    Adam should avoid talking about music because he only likes 3 artist and hates everything else… Sorry your taste in music sucks Adam Ant.

  58. Harry

    Seems weird Adam would criticize a book when he can barely read himself and wouldn’t know high culture literature if it hit him in the head. I mean it’s a KID’S book for christsakes. Sorry for criticizing, I know it is frowned upon here. Feel free to tell me to stop listening. But I won’t.

  59. Declan McManus
    Declan McManus10-13-2011

    Although everyone (including Adam) is entitled to their opinion, the fact that Adam calls Prince’s music “shit” shows how narrow-minded he is. It may not be his cup of tea, but he should be intelligent enough to realize that some of Prince’s music is significant, influential, and pretty fucking good. Not everyone can be as “good” as John Hiatt.

  60. zappo

    Good callout,Sarah!

  61. pdx97

    it’s a hit

  62. Matt

    I think Adam can be very funny, but I could only last about five minutes into this one. Enough with the same old recycled music rants. I’m not saying I’m a fan of WAR or anything, but for a guy who thinks Mr. Stinkfinger is the greatest thing since sliced bread it gets a little tiring hearing these critiques. So I guess all of the Carolla sycophants can now jump on me for having an opinion.

    • Jamie Gillis
      Jamie Gillis10-13-2011


      1st Row: John Hiatt / Chickenshit Tickets / Lynette Spending Adam’s Money / Flying First Class / Heavy-set Woman of Color

      2nd Row: 26½ year-old Chick / Alison Asks Stupid Question During Live Podcast / Mayor Retardo / Nanny Problems / Skipping Rope

      3rd Row: Sid And Marty Kroft / Taxes For Rich People / FREE SPACE / Larry Miller Makes Reference From 1972 / Dropping a Digit

      4th Row: “Know What I’m Saying?” / Ray Peeing On Someone / Parent’s Apathy / Dancing With The Stars / Bryan Shits On Adam’s Point

      5th Row: Hospital Gowns / Maneater / Immigrants / Adam Complains About People Who Hate The U.S., And Then Explains Why He Hates LA / Joe Jackson

    • Paul

      I agree….Mr. Stinkfinger is kinda funny but its no better than most of what Weird Al does…..

      On the other hand, I always cringe when he starts talking about good music because I know he’s going to force us to listen to it while he sings along…..thats the worst.

      • John

        I like hearing Adam sing. Not because it’s at all pleasing to the ear, but because it isn’t and he knows it. My dad did the same thing in the car all my life (only he never knew the words) and it was hysterical!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      You should have hung in there matt… see I just gently fell on you, didn’t jump at all…

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee10-13-2011

        Garfunkel and Oates is much better than Mr. Stinkfinger, right?

  63. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee10-13-2011

    “hit a coin star first” – Alison Rosen, too funny

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      WTF! WTF!

  64. nodz

    I like how Carolla complains non-fucking-stop about how he grew up in a joyless house, but then goes on to shit all over the dinosaur book his kid asked him to read as being “artistically fucked out”. History repeats itself I guess…

    • TTBoy

      Whatever happened to Adam Carolla Bingo?

    • Empty Box
      Empty Box10-13-2011

      “History repeats the old conceits
      The glib replies the same defeats”

      Elvis Costello

  65. jbot

    Can we please stop with the music rants every show? No one likes WAR, but Adam has the worst taste in music ever.

  66. Dick Face
    Dick Face10-13-2011

    ITS FOR KIDS!!! NOT MEAT HEADS!!! Relax already.

  67. JessMan

    war sucks, lets party

  68. Why Can't We Be Friends
    Why Can't We Be Friends10-13-2011

    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned but about War’s “Why Can’t We Be Friends” intro piano, just three second into the song, the guy hits a bad note. THREE SECONDS IN! They couldn’t stop and restart?

  69. jerk

    One of the best episodes yet. Once the guest came on it was great.

  70. Jessica

    Riki is very cute and has a great personality, but for some reason the interview was a snooze. I think because we all tune in to hear Adam Rant our complain or be funny or whatever, and when he’s interviewing someone else, the topics become about that guest, and that’s not why we’re tuning in.

    • Tanner

      I’m so damn confused… half of the people on here complain how boring the interviews are because Adam won’t jump all over them and then the other half of you complain that Adam never shuts up and doesn’t let the guest say anything.

      Point being… shut your fucking mouths.

    • Leafyman

      If you still tune in just for the rants, you must not have been listening for very long. You would know them all by heart by now.

  71. nard 2112
    nard 211210-13-2011

    All of you rubes make me laugh. Whining about music and children’s books. We should be debating Tort reform or Occupy Wall Street. Don’t be a yokel and try to make any jokes or correct my spelling. This is serious stuff.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      There has to be other web pages to complain about “serious stuff”?

  72. Dew

    What’s so funny about peace love and understanding, is a good song, but the dude singing it couldn’t carry a tune if his life depended on it. he is so out of tune it isn’t even funny!

  73. H Douglas
    H Douglas10-13-2011

    It seems that most guys are intimidated by Riki. When they see her show and how funny she is, they realize she’s totally out of their league!

  74. CarpaccioFreak

    Bryan rocked it with “Teressa Strasser’s husband”

    • Mexican Jew
      Mexican Jew10-13-2011

      Tru-dat. BB, Teresa, and sometimes even Allison are great with a quick quip. Like Allison, but miss Teresa. Wish they both could be on at the same time.

      Driving to Florida is fucked out.

      Adam the music and movie critic is fucked out.

  75. jorm_valadez

    Loved the guest, she’s so easy to listen to, for some reason >_>

  76. J.WHITE

    Riki was great! Everyone was great. Great show…….. Great.

  77. joe-schmoe

    I find it funny whenever Adam repeats rants he ranted about days before, the conversation always begins with him saying, “So I was working on my book with Lynch and….”

    I’ll just assume that Lynch is a total brown noser, always agreeing with Adam. I blame him not telling Adam to shut up every once in a while.

  78. Peter North
    Peter North10-13-2011


    1st Row: John Hiatt / Chickenshit Tickets / Lynette Spending Adam’s Money / Flying First Class / Heavy-set Woman of Color

    2nd Row: 26½ year-old Chick / Alison Asks Stupid Question During Live Podcast / Mayor Retardo / Nanny Problems / Skipping Rope

    3rd Row: Sid And Marty Kroft / Taxes For Rich People / FREE SPACE / Larry Miller Makes Reference From 1972 / Dropping a Digit

    4th Row: “Know What I’m Saying?” / Ray Peeing On Someone / Parent’s Apathy / Dancing With The Stars / Bryan Shits On Adam’s Point

    5th Row: Hospital Gowns / Maneater / Immigrants / Adam Complains About People Who Hate The U.S., And Then Explains Why He Hates LA / Joe Jackson

  79. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.10-13-2011

    I wish the music complaining would stop. Complaining is only funny when other people agree with you completely, and the majority of these songs are just “whatever, who cares?”

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      As my dad would say, “wish in one hand, sh!t in the other and see what you get first”

  80. cow12

    awesome guest!

  81. Ned Ryerson
    Ned Ryerson10-13-2011

    I was watching the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode last night and I just don’t get it. The low talker is ridiculous. You would just tell that person to speak up and then the whole puffy shirt thing wouldn’t have happened. And if you did somehow end up committing to wearing a puffy shirt you would just back out of the agreement at the last minute instead of embarrassing yourself on TV. This stuff would just never happen like this.

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee10-13-2011

      take a couple puffs and watch it again – Good Times!

  82. Paul

    Adam’s view on everybody else:

    -if you’re poor, then you are a lazy complainer and you need to get out there and bust your ass and work hard like he did.
    -If you’re rich, then you got rich by being a talentless hack.

    Its amazing that there is just enough middle ground in the world for him and his friends.

  83. ben

    I love Adam, but Jesus, does Elvis Costello suck. Prince is ten times the musician that Costello is.

    The fact the Adam can’t understand why people like Radiohead also makes him a music simpleton in my book.

  84. Aaron K.
    Aaron K.10-13-2011

    Adam is at his best when doing Loveline-type calls (talking to stupid people). Great episode.

  85. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-13-2011

    Ace, or someone who reads this please take it seriously about music complaining…..its getting to the point of where the show is almost unlistenable. this isnt a bunch of fringe people complaining about it, its almost everyone I talk to…..the ratings are gonna drop and we need the Aceman. plus it is ‘a lazy copout by hacks” (to quote the Aceman himself) to bitch about crappy music all the time. Good music has rarely been popular in history, be proud that you are in the underground. This rant is as stale as comedians complaining about airplane food………PLEASE ACEMAN!!! IT IS RUINING THE AWESOME SHOW!!!! the guests are ignoring it and you can tell people dont want to come on anymore

    • Dud Of Life
      Dud Of Life10-13-2011

      But I like the music rants. Maybe you don’t actually speak for everyone. But go ahead and complain about the music rants. I am pretty sure it would be easier for me to live without them than it would be for you to live with them based on your pathetic plea for their demise.

      • jim

        Speaking about dinosaurs, Ace, how about talk’n about music from this century. I agree with the Dude; I’ve had enough rants about music 30 years old.

    • Snausages

      let me get this straight..you want for adam to stop doing what adam does best-stop complaining?
      Are you a fuckin 13 yo girl?No one who listens to this podcast or any other,enjoys every moment.
      I was a Howard Stern listener since he first came to LA and didnt love all the shit he whined about..still,greatest show (on radio) ever.
      You should just go away and cease to leave any further comments-cunt

      • Jim

        Great reply. Thanks for setting us straight.

  86. joel

    Probably been mentioned already, but Elvis Costello didn’t write Peace, Love and Understanding, Nick Lowe did. That is Elvis’ version, but Ace sounds like a dipshit without mentioning it. Also, bitching about the story in an I can read book is pointless too, as it is supposed to be read by kids just learning to read, so, you know, the word’s are simple and the word count is low. Otherwise, Adam is still entertaining when he gets lathered up, although you’d think his music library stopped with Graham Parker, John Hiatt and Elvis Costello, oh, and apparently ICP.

  87. The Dude of Life
    The Dude of Life10-13-2011

    hey dud, I said “almost everyone”, not “everyone” I talk to alot of idiots with small, smelly diseased weiners when your mom is bringing me my 80 percent cut after a hard nights work. trust me there are alot of fools in the world like you……..thats why I have to clarify…….almost. Like:you were almost an abortion, but it was one of your moms many, many fuck ups…….so here you are, breathing our air, using our resources

    • Dud Of Life
      Dud Of Life10-13-2011

      Wow, way to take it to a super personal level and work in vicious insults. My mom actually died from breast cancer when I was two years old. But I will let you get back to your angry protests about the great injustices perpetrated against your ears by this podcast. You are doing the lord’s work.

      • turkey neck
        turkey neck10-13-2011

        Mr Dude. You are sad and have very few friends. When you say “almost everyone” you must be talking about the three fellow pizza delivery guys that still associate with you, correct?

    • The Dud of Life
      The Dud of Life10-13-2011

      Wow I haven’t seen such a hard core slam down (and nonsinsical use of ellipsis) since junior high. I will see you at recess where we shall settle this with a mad game of tetherball.

      But in all seriousness I am very sorry if I used any of your air. I know you need more air than most to carry that obese body up and down the stairs at your office where you are undoubtedly curing cancer.

  88. mal

    love Riki’s “Pregnant Women Are Smug” song…
    totally cool Garfunkel & Oats.

    TACO BELL MATERIAL10-13-2011

    War has 1 original member, 3 are cousins of former members, and the rest are contest winners.

  90. BenR

    Fucking awesome episode!!!!! I’m super in love with Riki Lindhome even more than I was before if that’s even possible. Alison I hope you were taking notes on how to be a smoking hottie with a bubbly personality like Riki, you could learn alot from her. Just notice how dead focused Adam was on her, like a head seeking laser beam aiming right for her stink pouch.

  91. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett10-13-2011

    I cry when I read books like Danny and the Dinosaur. I am a sad little girl trapped inside a balding fat man’s body

  92. BigFan

    HUUGE FAN…been listening since day 1. I love damn near everything ACE does, BUT I’m over him ripping on music. MOVE ON, ACE. Popular shit doesn’t climb the charts on accident.

  93. Redlegjs

    Hilarious today. good work. THis was a very funny episode. Riki was a great guest. Adam, Alison, and Riki had a great back and forth. Great Pod Dude

  94. Jo Ke
    Jo Ke10-13-2011

    love the music rants you are 100 % correct

  95. The World Is
    The World Is10-13-2011

    Did anyone see the Ustream? What were the other’s reaction to Adam saying he couldn’t imagine being able to work with autistics, from lack of reaction in the podcast it seemed like the others would have been able to answer that question.

    • God's Twitter
      God's Twitter10-13-2011

      It was so ironic no one could think of a joke.

      It’s like in the Boy Scouts, you know.

  96. Anthony Z.
    Anthony Z.10-13-2011

    When I’m not complaining about podcasts, I think mean thoughts about them as I go through my daily routine. I get angry at comment boards and I take that anger into the real world.

  97. BoBo from Hoboken
    BoBo from Hoboken10-13-2011

    I guess im the only one who didnt think this woman was attractive. Sweet girl and very charming but jesus fucking christ Adam and the rest of you assholes act like you’ve never seen cooze before.

  98. middleclasswhiteguyproblems

    Hate the music rants cause it’s lazy when it just keeps going on and the point has been made but continues to be made for some reason. No need for it when Alison and BB are there since they are funny and can fill time. Like Mick Jagger more harm than good is being done.

    This was a good show though. Riki was funny, funnier than me and I’d be cool with that. Glad Alison and BB were there.

  99. duke lacrosse
    duke lacrosse10-13-2011

    great show as per usual. keep em coming guys

  100. Graham Wellington
    Graham Wellington10-13-2011

    How is Dude of Life even on here so late in the day? I thought public libraries close off free Internet access by 8:00 p.m.

    • The Dude of Life
      The Dude of Life10-13-2011

      Ha ha. Very funny. My mom made me shut down the laptop when she caught me looking at beastiality videos. She’s passed out drunk now so I am back at it.

  101. Chuck

    her laugh is intoxicating.

    and so hot.

    (no not alison)

  102. Big T
    Big T10-13-2011

    Aceman I could tell you were sweet on this chick when you got all mad, railing on stupid people and their out of control dogs. That was good stuff, about time someone called out those people.

  103. Dano

    Yeah, “Why can’t we be friends?” is no “Mr. Stinkfinger”….

  104. Harv7979

    Adam, the world does not revolve around you. Childrens books are intended for children to improve their word recognition and their overall reading abilities. You calling any childrens book a piece of shit is ridiculous. You of course are entitled to your opinions but please look at this situation through the eyes of a child, Children enjoy books like ‘Danny and the Dinosaur’ because it appeals to their sensibilities, not an adults. As a regular listener who throughly enjoys the show I hope to never hear book bashing again. Good day sir…

    • God's Twitter
      God's Twitter10-13-2011

      Children can become fluent in a foreign language in a matter of months. Their brains are energized — everything is a question and there’s no such thing as “fact”.

      The market for children’s books should be small. Soon after being read to, children should be reading. It’s ridiculous that Dr. Suess books are in schools.

      Children deserve rich, wildly creative literature, like Roald Dahl, et al. And really imaginative TV, like The Clangers.

      Yes, it’s the kind of thing you’d read or watch when you’re high, but when you’re young you’re high.

      (And when you’re high, you’re young. At least you think so.)

  105. Fresneck Freddy
    Fresneck Freddy10-13-2011

    Aceman, please with the music critiques.
    Music is like art and very personal. Not everybody loves your semi rock folk music.

  106. Stoam

    Honestly i loved adam carolla in the loveline days but the last few podcasts kinda made me realize how much of a dickhead he is now. its almost like adam carolla is trying too hard to be adam carolla..

    • Fresneck Freddy
      Fresneck Freddy10-13-2011

      Sadly, I agree. Aceman has morphed into a massive
      a-hole and egomaniac.

  107. Stoam

    the whole dinosaur book rant pissed me off too, you’re an adult, you dont exactly fit the books demographic numb nuts. adam thinks everything should be tailored for HIM.

    • Stan

      your comment would make a whole lot more sense if he didn’t spend several minutes addressing the exact point about it being for children and how it’s even insulting to children.

      • An Onny
        An Onny10-22-2011

        I don’t think Adam fully comprehends the VAST difference between what a 5 year old can read and comprehend and what a 9 or 10 year old can.

        I wonder if the reason Adam says he “never learned to read” was because his own parents refused to let him read “silly” Dr. Seuss type books and thought he’d just adapt to reading books made for kids much older?

  108. DRUNK Report
    DRUNK Report10-13-2011

    i didnt think she was cute till Ace told me to think she was cute. now i do

  109. Scott S
    Scott S10-13-2011

    The comedy has all fallen into Alison and Bryan’s laps., Adam isn’t really very funny anymore. I hope A and B get their own podcast while on hiatus, their show without Adam was good stuff.

  110. flyfishinJam

    “Sadly, I agree. Aceman has morphed into a massive
    a-hole and egomaniac.”

    But he’s ahead on this, usually takes till one is 65 or so.

    “You calling any childrens book a piece of shit is ridiculous”

    Actually with Adam, I remember this book and agree but 55 years after it came out why is it entitle to 26 minutes?

    For better reading someone tell Adam about “In a people house.”

  111. Yossarian

    Wait, did we miss a day bitching about the Michael Jackson / Mick Jagger song??

  112. joelzwilliams

    The part about Puerto Rico was hilarious and so true (live in a truck tire, can’t see the end of my land)

    and the part about any guy who works around food. (office that used to be a mop closet, has a drain in the floor, the same tile.)

    it never ceases to amaze me how Adam just rips these off the top of his head!

  113. rushbaby

    My favorite children’s books are Ahoy, Li’l Buccaneers and Giddy Up, Li’l Buckaroos! Adam can’t complain about those two books!

  114. Holly

    Do guys get as annoyed as most women do when chicks do that cutsey-giggle? The guest did that throughout the entire interview – it was like nails on a chalkboard. It’s the sound equivilant to batting your eyelashes and looking coy.

    • Chuck E
      Chuck E10-14-2011

      Most guys just thinks it’s hot.

  115. Blake

    Why do you listen if you do not like Adam? There are many lame ass shows that you can listern to. The smart people will continue to listen to Adam’s podcast. The rest of you morons can stop now!

    • Marcus

      Smart people? Have you read the comments on this board? These are written by the average listener. Also, generally people who feel the need to say (or imply) they’re smart aren’t always that smart.

  116. Jared

    has Adam read a Dr. Suess book beyond the basic reading comprehension ones?

    The Lorax, Horton Hears a Who, The Sneechs, etc. are the Pixar of childrens literature.

    Even his beef with the likes of Hop on Pop are difficult to agree with. The guy writes just about everything in a poetic pantameter, and the illustrations are always imaginative and fantastic.

  117. Shay

    Adam loves to rant on people like Syd and Marty Croft who are profiting on shit that is 30 years old, yet Adam spends every podcast on songs from 25 years ago and books from 50 years ago. Lets bring the podcast into the 21st century ACE!

  118. Dano

    The Oates and Garfunkel girls are talented and funny, but both look like alien chipmunks…

    • Brando

      lol….good point they DO look like alien chipmunks…never thought I would say this but…I want to bang alien chipmunks

  119. Levelheadsteve

    I love everything Adam does…however, fucking joe Jackson does not “rock.” Adam always rocks out and tries to get people to get into John Hiatt and Joe Jackson…and Elvis Costello. Talented musicians yes, but they do not rock. They barely “pop.”

  120. Nick C.
    Nick C.10-17-2011

    This is my first time posting here – a silent fan of the show. Let me just say this about the kids books: agree or not, Adam is consistent.

    So I looked up Syd Hoff. Couple things:
    – he is a “humorist” … which Adam has ranted about previously as being code for unfunny
    – the weak book may actually be a result of an unfunny chick who was the editor then VP at the publishing company (Ursula Nordstrom). Sound familiar to Adam’s rants about the unfunny VPs at Comedy Central and other television networks? Hang with me a sec…
    – I dug a little deeper and on the late Syd Hoff’s website, they have posted letters from her giving critique of the book. She actually does the “not this, but something like this… you think of it” approach. Exactly like Adam has complained about. Check it out: http://www.sacreddoodles[dot]com/SydHoff/pages/dannythedino.html

    As far as the content of the actual book – the guy was a cartoonist and did the artwork. Clearly the writing was secondary (and ruined by that unfunny chick).

  121. juanhernandez

    20 minutes on a kids book is a bad sign for the aceman. How do you have 20+ minutes to dedicate to that pointless ran, but you have to cut out the guest’s song. How many times have we heard mr stinkfinger? How many days in a row has he ranted about music that he thinks is crappy. I blame whoever is producing the show. Or not producing. I know its free.

  122. Hollie P.
    Hollie P.10-17-2011

    ADAM ADAM ADAM ADAM ADAM!!!!! PLEASE!!!! Enough with the dinosaur book is crap already! of COURSE it is crap! it is a book designed to teach children how to read, it is not really meant to stand the test of time as a classic of children’s literature. This is why the story and words are simplistic. the ‘Beginning Reader’ circle on the cover of the book illustrates this. As the numbers in the series go up the stories and words get harder. i agree with you 100% that most children’s books are crap, and so is Danny & the Dinosaur, but it is crap for a specific purpose. Children do indeed respond to Charlotte’s Web as an example of great storytelling, but you can’t give that book to a kid who cannot read at all and have them just figure it out. They have to start with crap like Danny & his stupid Dinosaur.

    • An Onny
      An Onny10-22-2011

      AGREE! I was in fact just coming on here to say the exact same thing. My son had all those Syd Hoff books and could read them himself when he was 4. Same goes for the Dr. Suess books. The simple words, repetition, colorful simple pictures all have a purpose, and that is not to entertain an older person, or even an older kid. Charlotte’s Web is a 5th grade level reading book for goodness sakes! Poor Sonny – probably embarrassed to even try reading these simple books his dad makes fun of!

  123. Prince

    If Adam wants to bitch about music, he needs to at least reference non-crappy bands. Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson and John Hiatt BLOW ASS. There’s a reason they’re not on the radio – they’re not any good. Jackson and Costello each had one decent song and Hiatt sounds like a retarded version of Bob Dylan. I get that War sucks, but that Elvis Costello song made me want to blow my brains out. He’s like that guy we all knew in high school who hated Nirvana because they were popular.

  124. Stevie

    I am so sick of adam talking about shitty music. HE did the State of Shock Routine like 7 times last week. Enough about the Rolling Stone poll it is designed to get reactions like that! If Adam had actually listened to any new music in the last 10 years I might give a shit about what he has to say on the topic.

    • An Onny
      An Onny10-22-2011

      Agree. I had not even THOUGHT about “State of Shock” in all these years. Now, thanks to Adam, it is now burned back onto my brain and I’m actually starting to hum along when Adam insists they play it yet again. Argh!

  125. Stevie

    I missed the State of Shock routine today, I thought it was going to be in every single episode, that shits got legs Carolla next musical guest please repeat it

  126. Jojo


    Adam was successful, so he thinks he can do no wrong, doesn’t need program directors, doesn’t need input, etc. he knows everything.

    So here we are, a mediocre product, a burrito reheated 300 times in the microwave.

    This guest was hilarious, but I can predict what Adam will say before he opens his mouth. Too bad Adam knows everything, so he will just call this post “retarded” and me an idiot, because of course he will disagree.

  127. rambling man
    rambling man10-18-2011

    lovely guest!
    haters: take it easy on the champ! so there is some repitition, everybody does that.
    On Stern and there is nothing but the sameoldsameold “dancing with the stars, my lovely wife, bababooey is dumb, Robin has big cans” (and is also 60)
    so whatcha gonna do? listen to Beck,Limbaugh, Heidi&Frank?

  128. Dub

    Loved the reading. I want Alison Rosen reading to my/our kids

  129. Roberto Duran
    Roberto Duran10-18-2011

    Great Show, Awesome guest, the hand job song was too funny, have RIki on again & again….

  130. TomK

    Does anyone really think Adam gives a damn about what any of his listeners think of his show? He is making money and has no boss. He is living the dream. The show is entertaining and he does get stuck in rant ruts. Deal with it or cruise past those parts. I find myself doing that more often now.

  131. rambling man
    rambling man10-19-2011

    great guest, entertaining. the song “it’s a hit!”

  132. Mike

    Wow, Adam is totally stuck with his favorites from 30 years ago. Like anything done today? I like stuff from the 60/70’s, but I’m not locked in for life.

    Tell us more grandpa Carolla!

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