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The show opens with another ACE Anywhere contest winner seated in studio. Adam and the gang chat with him about all the people he helped signed up, and also his work in construction and computers. Alison then opens the news discussing the overturning of Prop 8. Other stories involve the latest updates of the Miramonte sex scandal, Donald Trump’s son-in-law attempts to purchase the Dodgers, and a funny Super Bowl-related gag gift.

Richard Schiff then joins the show, and Adam talks to him briefly about the new Superman movie. They also discuss Richard’s roots in NY, and Richard shares his elation at the Giants winning the Super Bowl. Adam then jumps to the phone lines to give relationship advice.

Alison returns to the news discussing Roseanne Barr’s announcement that she’ll be running for President. The guys discuss some interesting ways to resolve the debt crisis, and the idea of having a more practical politician. Alison also mentions a Facebook protest revolving around breastfeeding pics being taken down, and the guys share intimate stories about trying breast milk. The show wraps up with a discussion of how adrenaline impacts your memory.


Superbowl XLII

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Cyrus

    Gov’t shouldn’t be involved in marriage at all. Leave the religious ppl their ‘marriage’ (the word…that’s what this comes down to), and then anyone else, same sex or not who wants to get a civil agreement for property rights (the only justifiable reason for government to be involved in a relationship between two consenting adults…for if they split up). It’s a win win. But it’s also reasonable, so it’ll never happen. Keep bitching back and forth about semantics!

    • Mike

      Who gives a sh*t what people want to do or what they want to call it. How can anyone (even government) oppose anything that does not affect them at all. Who cares?!?!?! Just let them do what they want. Opposition comes from some deep seeded insecurities from past issues or repressed homosexuality

      • May Kadoodee
        May Kadoodee02-08-2012

        I heard that the only reason Prop 8 came about in CA is because of all the Mormons in AZ who tried and succeeded in overturning AZ gay marriage during the same election period. However, the AZ ruling would not be legal unless Prop 8 was also successful because the AZ gay marriage law is somehow tied to Sacramento and CA ruling??? This is what I heard. HBO was supposed to do a story on this but I never saw it. Apparently, less than one percent of Californians are Mormons but what I heard was that the Mormons spent 40 million dollars in CA on advertising and campaigning for Prop 8… btw more LDS churches per corner than 7-11’s in my neighborhood, Yikes!

      • Cyrus

        That was my point. Way to ignore it just for the sake of being a dick.

  2. Richard Grayson
    Richard Grayson02-08-2012

    That was so 72 Normal 0 false false false.

  3. Cyrus

    Adam’s strip club dj never gets old

    • cg

      Ugh. Only part of the show that I always fast forward past. Hackneyed and done to death.

  4. rushbaby

    Anybody know the name of the disco song that Bryan kept playing?

    • tony

      Who cares?????

      • Cyrus

        obviously he does, hence why he asked, douchebag.

        • tony

          Bite me, Cyrus….and stop using hackneyed phrases !!!!!

          • marco

            Like “bite me” , douchebag?

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-08-2012

      Long way around, the song was in Boogie Nights, don’t know the name though…

      • $ten

        Machine Gun by The Commodores

    • Boogie Nights Fan
      Boogie Nights Fan02-08-2012

      Machine Gun by the Commodores

    • BRAD

      Machine Gun by the Commordores

      • rushbaby

        THANKS…got it!

    • UrbanAchiever

      it’s “Machine Gun” by The Commodores

  5. Howard

    Amber Heard should be on the steps!!

  6. Mike Lehman
    Mike Lehman02-08-2012

    I want to thank you for the “cops and teachers aren’t heroes” comment. I spent 5 years in the Navy as a doctor. All of them were stateside as a pathologist. But when I would be in my uniform walking around Jacksonville, people would say “Thank you for your service.” It always made me very self-conscious. I wanted to tell them “I’m not the one in Bora Bora, sniffing out roadside bombs, I drive to my hospital, sit in my chair and look in my microscope all day. You most likely have a greater impact on our freedom than I do.” I usually just said thanks.

    • RobK

      Bora Bora? Haha.

  7. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-08-2012

    Adam’s wearing a shirt today and probably underware…

  8. Michael Pemulis
    Michael Pemulis02-08-2012

    Mattress in lanes.

  9. Mark

    Richard Schiff? More like Richard Snooze am i rite?

    • Nana

      Yeah this guy sucks as a guest

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-08-2012

      You are right.

    • tony

      I coldn’t have said it better!!

      • Stephanie

        Are you kidding me? He was a great guest, of the best recently!

  10. J Blatt
    J Blatt02-08-2012

    Adam was definitely jealous of Jeff Ross in this one.

  11. Germajesty

    As if the whiney Pats fans are angry about Welker. Shut up, Massholes. You lost. Again. Deal with it, don’t oust one of your best players.

  12. Midwest

    god this dude is boring.

    • tony


    • Mark

      Richard Schiff dusted off the improv technique “no and…, not only no, but…”

  13. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-08-2012

    Matt “the post punisher” D’Andria doesn’t like manual transmissions because while growing up, instead of sitting on his father’s lap and steering the car like us normal kids, his father placed his arse firmly on the shifter and used his head like a shift knob… the more you know, doo doo doo doo… just finished a delicious glazed cake doughnut…

  14. Boutross Boutross
    Boutross Boutross02-08-2012

    making fun of retarded kids Aceman.


  15. Daniel

    worst guest ever! shits on adam’s points, awkward responses, ruins sponser reads. god, never have this guy on again, please!

    • May Kadoodee
      May Kadoodee02-08-2012

      So funny Daniel, Richard thinks the advertisers are his parting gifts, wake up dumb dumb, give him a Man Grate Ace and a swift kick in the keester when you kick him out…

  16. JessMan

    LOL’d so hard at “some crazy t-shirt with a bunch of wolves howling on it”

  17. Nate

    Great show. Mr Schiff was hilarious. Hoping to hear Rob Lowe’s response to the SMS.

    • tony

      Yes, about as hilarious as a 45 pointing at your head!!!!!

  18. stnuntrnd

    Wish Adam and Alison would talk more about how the guest thought Dr. Drew was a female psychotherapist.

  19. Tim

    I just joined my local chapter of Americans Who Want To Piss On Kegs (AWWTPOK)

  20. Brett

    Liked Richard as a guest – have him back soon.

    • tony

      Why……so you can get back to your nap?????

  21. May Kadoodee
    May Kadoodee02-08-2012

    Poochie U,
    Did you listen to Howard today? If you did, do you remember why Courtney Cox & Christa Miller called in because I can’t get by them laying in bed together with Courtney in a little red teddy that barely covers her underwear and the girls discussing their grooming techniques… wow that was steamy!

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-09-2012

      They were just promoting Cougar Town.

  22. Lara

    So human milk makes everyone grossed out, but consuming cow’s milk in it’s liquid, solid, melted, and frozen forms several times a day is not…okaaaaaayyyyyy????

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-09-2012

      It depends on who the human is.

  23. Bo B Blevans
    Bo B Blevans02-08-2012

    “That’s where the candle meets the paper plate” Awesome Ace

    • tony

      What in the F***k are you talking about??

  24. brad sherwood
    brad sherwood02-08-2012

    “so her name is Ling?”

    nice one Alison, some of us were listening.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-08-2012

      I’d like to be “under Alison.”

  25. Brazilana

    Really enjoyed this one. Good guest. Didn’t know he was married to the actress from Cameron Crow’s ‘Singles’.

  26. Good Gravy!
    Good Gravy!02-08-2012

    Great pod today. Richard was groovy great. Bring him back often.

  27. J

    Richard schiff and david wild from a couple days ago were surprisingly good podcasts.

  28. El Gordo Loco
    El Gordo Loco02-08-2012

    Speaking of Gay Rights, coincidentally the poster couple for Gay Marriage are getting divorced at maybe the worst possible time. Robin Tyler filed for divorce from Diane Olson on Jan. 25. They couldnt wait till this crap blew over?

  29. Guinny_Ire

    Imsomnia is a thing of the past after this podcast.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle02-09-2012


  30. Erina

    Great guest! Enjoyed the show.

  31. J Pete
    J Pete02-08-2012

    This guest has no sense of humor whatsoever.

  32. Jeff714

    Adam needs to check out this website, where quite a large number of reviewers claim the grilled Dodger Dog is the best baseball park hot dog in America:


  33. Ras

    West Wing forever!!!!!! TOBY!! TOBY!! TOBY!! TOBY!! TOBY!! TOBY!! TOBY!! TOBY!!

    • Morgan

      Hell Yeah!! 2nd best character on the BEST SHOW EVER!!!!

  34. ran

    jesus, when i first opened the page i thought that was stephen spielberg

  35. Sig

    Shitty guest, low talker. And one of those that refers to the sports team he likes as ‘us.’

  36. tony

    Aceman, today’s guest put me to sleep….major snoresville.
    Also, please let Alison finish for once……your are becoming an ogre.
    Lastly, no more football talk!!!!!!!!

    • Cyrus

      Don’t fucking listen if you’ve got so many problems with the show. All you do is complain and then troll the shit out of everybody’s comments. Go fuck yourself.

      • tony

        May you get a flea in your jockstrap!!!

  37. Sex n pizza
    Sex n pizza02-08-2012

    This show should be called “beat off into a ladle”

  38. HotBlackDesoto

    What’s wrong with Bald Bryan???? Adam said “COME ON” “COME ON” “COME ON” like fifty times and not one Larry Miller COME ON drop.

    Ohhh, but let Adam say “stripper pole” and he’s all ready with the fucked up cherry pie song.

    Jeez, Bryan, get with the program

  39. Pitts

    Had to laugh at the Rick Rosner reference; I went to CU Boulder at the same time he did, and lived in the same dorm. He was a minor celebrity on campus at the time for the news articles about his IQ and caveman lifestyle. Adam must know him from the Kimmel connection.

  40. donewithidiots

    Not a fan of global superman. Superman was supposed to be for the American way. Bet the producers went to Vancouver for the cheaper tax rate and costs of non union labor. Hate Hollyweird.

  41. Bob

    Bad guest.

  42. JD

    I thought Richard Schiff was an odd but somewhat entertaining guest. He seemed a bit straight and confused by what was going on, but then I couldn’t tell if he was just fucking around with his particular style of dry humor. I kinda liked it!

  43. Brian

    Richard is a pompous dick and a boring interview. His wife was good in “LOST” though.

    • monky


  44. Kathy

    Richard Schiff was a great guest. Unexpectedly great. Excellent political discussions between Richard and the AceMan. Have him on again.

  45. Chris

    Discussions about drinking breast milk do not pass the lasagna test.

  46. Shew

    Bald Bryan’s influence on the show: More Harm Than Good?

  47. DonnySac

    Mai Ling has a new challenger.

  48. Pat

    How the hell could he have not heard of Dr. Drew??? Or even seen him before?

  49. monky

    That guy was the most boring %#$@#$$% I’ve heard in some time. Not even Adam could save that stiff.

  50. Luke

    I’ve tasted breast’s milk. I dated a lady who had recently shat out a kid. It was really sweet tasting

  51. Jenn

    Love Richard’s dry wit! Surprised me with his humor.

  52. RobK

    I’m with Bald Bryan on this one – have Richard Schiff back as often as possible. Great guest and a cool motherfucker.

  53. Jake

    This “Podcast Winner” is a real loser! He doesn’t know how long he’s been in the construction business? And can’t even answer a simple question like “what’s the plan? Other than getting out of the construction business?”
    What an idiot!

  54. Jake

    Also, I couldn’t agree more with Adam on the whole “War on drugs.” It’s a losing battle and we are just giving money to the drug lords and “real” criminals. If you aren’t bothering anyone, then you should be able to ingest whatever the fuck you want! Same with prostitution, if two consenting adults want to have sex and one wants to pay for it, then that’s their business and no else’s.

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