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Adam opens the show talking about how recently Sonny and Natalia have switched their views of Adam. Now Natalia seems to love everything he does, whereas Sonny could care less. The guys also watch part of Adam’s winning race at the Toyota Grand Prix, and go through the list of worst airports in the nation (LAX is number 2). On the phones, Adam talks to a cop about profiling, and gives another caller advice on following up after a first date.

Richard Grieco steps into the studio next, and Adam asks him about his journey to stardom. The guys discuss playing college football, working with Johnny Depp, and watching the recent remake of 21 Jump Street. Alison then goes through the news, with stories including David Alan Grier’s Tony nomination in Porgy and Bess, Jessica Simpson giving birth, and a man suing BMW for giving him an erection. As the show wraps up, the group talks about a guy who tried to sneak turtles into the US, and Richard’s TV series, ‘Gigolos.’


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Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix

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Producer: Mike Lynch
Producer: Mike Dawson
Audio/Voice Over/Post-Production: Mike Dawson
Newsgirl: Alison Rosen
Sound Effects: Bryan Bishop
Associate Producer: Gary Smith
Technical Director: Chris Laxamana
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler

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  1. Silent Running
    Silent Running05-02-2012

    I really hope Grieco is giving an ironic douchey look, rather than a right-on-the-money douchey look.

    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-02-2012

      It’s not easy being pretty.

    • Chuck

      I think that is just how he looks… Check out the pic on his IMDB page

    • Raul


    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-02-2012

      It’s probably because of the hairstyle guys with bad hairplugs tend to wear – it’s so thin in the front that they grow it out long and brush it over for the illusion of more hair, but it just looks like a weird bird perching up there.

    • Paul


    • Serena

      You read my mind!

  2. Katie


    Great show. Only seen a handful of hobo cats in my life but the most memorable is a rat / cat / dog trio that all sit on each other and walk around Santa Barbara. Didn’t quite know how to react to that one.
    Anywho, enjoy the daily drawing that has nothing to do with that!


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-02-2012

      Bad kitty!

    • DW

      You need the backwards hat!

    • Tim

      Very funny drawings. Made my day.

    • clausha

      Love your art! Great to see a cool visual of the day’s pod.

  3. jw

    Holy Moley! Well, it just shows that you could have a couple yards of burlap remnants as a a guest, and it’s still entertaining.

  4. Patrico Suave
    Patrico Suave05-02-2012

    Grieco has sort of a “Bob Schimmel in a wig” thing going on.

    • Jane Moore
      Jane Moore05-02-2012

      Except without the being dead part.

  5. Vincent Fletcher
    Vincent Fletcher05-02-2012

    Grieco looks shook, as they say here in Ireland.

  6. Bob

    Aceman…keep the A-listers coming!!

  7. Al Dorman
    Al Dorman05-02-2012

    Worst rant ever, Adam. You really lost me there. “Dicey” is a judgment call, and these people can’t make that. Half of them are criminals themselves. You let me down in that interview.

  8. Jarrett

    Adam – We are some sort of quarterback that won the Heisman, got drafted first, was a complete fucking bust.
    Brian – A Tim Couch or David Carr?
    Adam – A little more like JaMarcus Russell
    Alison – mmhmm. Sports

    Love Alison!

    • Still

      Should someone who anoints herself as a “pop culture expert” really be openly boasting about her complete lack of knowledge pertaining to professional sports, which is, you know, a part of popular culture?

  9. Dean

    I get the issue with Los Angeles but I promise you…spend any time in San Francisco and you’ll want to put a bullet in your head or try living in any shithole in the Northeast…ugly, huge taxation, pothole like you can’t believe, people are huge dicks and rude and traffic is worse than Los Angeles. Move to Boston and you’ll be packed up and back in Los Angeles in a years time. Same fucked up issues but shitty weather 11 1/2 months a year.

    • jd

      Ugh. Living in Boston makes me want to eat a gun. Least friendly women in the United States, the bars close at 2, but public transportation stops at 12:30. The Mayor has pretty much let all of the colleges run rampant, attendance has risen 500% over the last 20 years, but he hasn’t demanded they build more housing. This, in turn has forced the students into working class neighborhoods. The ” apartment management companies” then buy apartment buildings in these neighborhoods from the people that own them for a song, and then turn around, kick out the working people that live in them and jack up the prices 3 or 4 times their original price because they know that mommy and daddy will pay any amount to have lil Timmy or Buffy live near their college. So now the people that actually have to work for a living are priced further & further out of the city. Fuck Boston.

  10. MCC

    I can’t tell if Greico is doing Magnum or Blue Steel.

    • David

      They’re all the same look. I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!

    • Kirston

      Magnum or Blue Steel,,,That’s hilarious!

    • Gary Lee Grah
      Gary Lee Grah05-02-2012


  11. Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton05-02-2012

    NY sucks as much as LA…if not more.

  12. Mike

    I ran into these two gents within the last 3 days, one spit on me.


    • Poochie's Uncle
      Poochie's Uncle05-02-2012

      You’re lucky that’s all he did to you.

  13. Tom

    Yeah the dude with the Japanese name Is importing turtles for pets, not food….

  14. David Straitharn's Calves
    David Straitharn's Calves05-02-2012


    1st Row: John Hiatt / Chickenshit Tickets / Lynette Spending Adam’s Money / Flying First Class / Heavy-set Woman of Color

    2nd Row: 26½ year-old Chick / Alison Asks Stupid Question During Live Podcast / Mayor Retardo / Nanny Problems / Skipping Rope

    3rd Row: Sid And Marty Kroft / Taxes For Rich People / FREE SPACE / Larry Miller Makes Reference From 1972 / Dropping a Digit

    4th Row: “Know What I’m Saying?” / Ray Peeing On Someone / Parent’s Apathy / Dancing With The Stars / Bryan Shits On Adam’s Point

    5th Row: Hospital Gowns / Maneater / Immigrants / Adam Complains About People Who Hate The U.S., And Then Explains Why He Hates LA / Joe Jackson

    • ponyfarts


    • CB_in_ATL

      Add “I’ve said it a million times” and Steve Miller’s Abracadbra to the bingo card and we’re all set.

    • Poochie's Aunt
      Poochie's Aunt05-04-2012

      Awesome! Love the Bingo! Great job.

  15. Josh

    Come on BB!

    “I’d blow off my friends, I’d blow off my fucking family, I’d blow off everyone at anytime, anything. And we all know we would.”

  16. Adam's Hypocrisy
    Adam's Hypocrisy05-02-2012

    Listening to the sound of people watching videos is great pod.

  17. Ingo B
    Ingo B05-02-2012

    That Kevin Bacon improv bit was hillarious. Bryan is awesome.

  18. Aaron

    Quote of the show – Alison: “…Sports.”

  19. Steve Hatchett
    Steve Hatchett05-02-2012

    Wow. Richard Grieco. Down to earth and interesting. I continue to live and I continue to learn.

  20. CosmoCon

    Why does Adam keep talking about black people in a negative light “Every” podcast now? I guess he cant talk about Asians anymore, so black people must be his go to. He needs some new material. . . . . .

    • swingset

      Honkey, please.

    • Veronicas

      He’s a rich white man who makes it crystal clear that he is pissed that the world no longer kisses the ass of the rich white men.

      Some of Adam’s observations about societal ills are relevant but most are uninformed, xenophobic garbage. If you like the podcast you can have to take the good with the bad.

      • Hot Nikks
        Hot Nikks05-03-2012

        I think there are tons of places that aren’t LA that kiss rich white dudes’ asses.

    • G

      Totally, he’s got to get off that crap. If it comes up naturally, that’s one thing, but it seems like he’s looking for ways to throw them under the bus.

  21. halo909

    great podcast today.

    1. Love when Adam does comedy based of of the callers

    2. love Allison’s attitude today. Confident, relaxed, and super high energy.

  22. MG

    Great show!
    Alison, you have come into your own.
    Not sure what kinda of meeting you guys have had, but the creative “synergy” has reached the next level. Synergy is not a word which I use, but it feels appropriate for how the show has progressed.

    I gotta think it has a lot to do with Lynch and Dawson taking a more predominant role in the cast. Thanks guys, you are definitely getting better.

    Happy Golden Week from Tokyo.

  23. Trevor Corey
    Trevor Corey05-02-2012

    Why, for the love of Pete, would you have a guest like this?

  24. steve

    I thought Adam was a atheist but he gave credit to God for the topography,which is it Carolla a little consistency please.

    • Derek

      nah, it’s one of those phrases that’s lost its meaning, like “bless you” after sneezing

  25. Chad

    Is Grieco a smoker? I don’t remember him sounding like that in the past, and he sounded wheezy.

  26. Awesome Joe
    Awesome Joe05-02-2012

    Grieco looks like he sired the entire cast of Jersey Shore.

  27. Jessica

    the Priapus conversation was hilarious! I was in tears! Great show!

  28. CSN

    This is a comment that just kind of made me laugh given how many Carolla rants we’ve heard on the rich, poor, etc. It was said by George Carlin, a brilliant, funny guy.

    “Conservatives say if you don’t give the rich more money, they will lose their incentive to invest. As for the poor, they tell us they’ve lost all incentive because we’ve given them too much money.”

  29. Uncle Spooge
    Uncle Spooge05-02-2012

    Would BB still be there if he didn’t get cancer? The sound drops are so out of place and far to often drown out the conversations.

  30. Jll M.
    Jll M.05-02-2012

    You could do a lot worse than Ed Asner, Allison. He’s very charming!

  31. CACAHD

    Hey Adam! The Natalia liking you thing, I would be careful if I were you.

    Do you remember your wife taking the rubbing compound out and your “spidey

    sense” was tingling? Well this Natalia thing has the same smell. My guess is

    she’s getting alotta attention at school by her friends saying “I saw your

    dad on tv last night that’s pretty cool” It’ll die down eventually. Are you


  32. Listener

    “It looks like a ram’s horn/door knob.”

  33. A's V T's A A"sTV T"sATVin VT
    A's V T's A A"sTV T"sATVin VT05-02-2012

    He looks like Joe Chemo with a wig on. I actually kind of feel sorry for this dude, he never had any talent…..worked with Depp and now everyone just wants to talk about Depp. But hey, he got a free ride in life for a while. Totally still want to bang Alison……..slow, low and dirty

  34. HotBlackDesoto

    I loved Grieco’s response to Adam about playing football as if he really wanted to convince Adam that he was football savy: “Yeah, when you play football you have tunnel vision in that when you see the running back with the ball you try to hit him, or if the quarterback has the ball, try to hit him.


  35. John

    I’ve been a huge podcast fan and listener since the radio days. I’ve purchased many of the products enorsed by the Aceman. I purchased several mangrates 2 years ago and the only change I’ve noticed is the increase in my propane consumption. The mangrate doesn’t grill anything better, it just takes longer.

    Sorry, Aceman, on this one, I’ve got to ‘get it off.’

  36. jman

    Christ! Someone give Bald Bryan an Emmy already, or a raise.

    You should pay him in rolls of nickels now Adam, he deserves it.

  37. nAAter

    Super rich liberal blowhards go to Europe because “liberty” is easier to express when you are super-rich.
    In the USA rule of law applies to EVERYONE with some glaring examples of its failing to do so.
    Europeans still enjoy a wide swath of fuedalism.

  38. Duck Manson
    Duck Manson05-03-2012

    Quite nauseating to listen to when he’s trying to camouflage playing that race as being something about his kids. Riiight. Good try. Well done blocking half the race though. Like a girl.

  39. TipCT

    Awesome bingo board, David’s Calves!

  40. phil theejoo
    phil theejoo05-03-2012

    Mexicans are destroying LA!!! mexicans have been in LA for over 600 years. Then they got kicked out. Some how I don’t think they are responsible for the real pollution.

  41. Macaroni and Cheese
    Macaroni and Cheese05-03-2012

    That Bald Bryan bit about calling as Kevin Bacon was sheer genius. May have gone on a little too long, but the timing of the inital “call” was hilarious.

  42. goatfucker

    i was surprised, god interview & he seems like an ok guy…but check out the gallery on his website… nothing but douche photos

  43. Brad

    Bryan coming in on the call as Kevin Bacon was epic.

  44. security

    Mr. Grieco sir, what im gonna need for you right now is to go ahead and show me that vendors license for the Vowels you keep trying to sell right now. You should also be aware right now that trench coats need to be screened thru this x ray right quick, and any Vowels larger than twelve ounces cant be sold right here in this Sesame Street Airport terminal right now. Sir what I’m gonna need to do real quick is let you know that this conversation has been brought to you by the number eleven, and the letter S. Go ahead and step into this here elevator, and we’ll be on our way to where the air is clean..

    Right now

  45. blindedwithscionce

    Good work Ace! Time to go pro.

  46. Ivan

    Classic show! Adam was in the comedy zone.

  47. JerryY

    Lol the kevin bacon love rejection call was hilarious!

    They need to do more situational impersonations haha

  48. Elle

    wow Grieco looks terrible!

  49. ChelseyY

    Mothra and the giant moth that eats Liev Schrieber’s face off in Phantoms are pretty terrifying. IJS

  50. Scott A
    Scott A05-06-2012

    What a douche!

  51. Wally Zebco
    Wally Zebco05-06-2012

    Who ever this tool was he added nothing.

  52. Elle

    When ladies who are borderline “fat chicks” get pregnant, they get bigger faster. Sometimes you see one and think she’s about to pop but she’s only 6 months. That’s why it seems like Jessica Simpson was pregnant for so long, she looked like she should have had the baby 6 months ago. Next to someone like Gisele, who if you weren’t told she was pregnant you would just think she ate too much for lunch that day.

  53. bleh

    I know I’m a little late on this podcast…..but Adam’s take on the Flying Turtle gay move had me rolling!

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